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Cherry Episode 1

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 5/9/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian Feature

Director/Writer: Kay Brandt

Cast: Judith Thompson (non-sex role), Riley Steele, Celeste Star, Sinn Sage, Ann Marie Rios, Nina Mercedez, Vicki Chase, Ash Hollywood, Lux Kassidy, Raylene (non-sex role), Zoey Holloway (non-sex role), Diamond Foxxx (non-sex role)

Length: 170 minutes

Date of Production: 12/21/2010

Extras: The special features is on a separate DVD. The highlight of this package is the forty-five minutes section of the very good and highly informative Behind the Scenes footage. We meet Judith "JuJu" Thompson who stars in the lead role of Cherry. She is a mainstream actress who is appearing in her first adult film. The rest of the cast members are interviewed too. There are rehearsing moments between Riley Steele and Sinn Sage. We also see some of the actors receiving instructions about their scene from Kay Brandt. A nice looking photo gallery and slide show are also provided. Several trailers are included too. 

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital. A Blu-Ray disc of the film is provided and people will be quite satisfied with it's higher quality.

Overview: Cherry is a film from the mind of Kay Brandt. The story is about Cherry (Judith Thompson), an all-female strip club owner, who is infatuated with her female dancers to the point where she sleeps with them eventually. Her eye for the beauties creates a rift  between her and her at-the-moment lover Harlow (Riley Steele). It appears that she is falling in love with Cherry. In the meantime, there are two main sub-plotlines in this movie. One occurs with Winterlynn (Sinn Sage) who wants to dance at the club, but the regular strippers do not like her. The other storyline has girlfriends Avory (Zoey Holloway) and Catherine (Diamond Foxxx) in a plan to get their married friend Marina (Ann Marie Rios) involved in some sort of sexual lesbian tryst at the club. The script and direction by Kay Brandt are quite refreshing. On a personal note, I was so happy to hear that Digital Playground had hired this talented woman because she will raise this studio's lesbian films to a higher level of ecstasy and creativity. 

Scene One: While Judy Thompson is in bed feeling her own breast, her two blonde female playmates are in the bathroom making out. Standing at the tub, Riley Steele rubs Lux Kassidy's snatch from behind her. Meanwhile, the lighting and Riley's soft kisses on her back are quite effective in making the atmosphere personal. Next, the other woman is on her knees while running her hands up and down Riley's sexy legs and ass. Her applied soft kisses also create good heat between them whether they are applied on her breast or on her lips. Afterwards, Lux rubs her partner's beauty spot with solid passion. The scene becomes more personal when she focuses on the blond's chest, titties, and tummy with her tender lip action. This same tempo continues while she is pleasuring Riley's vaginal love spot. This constant gesture makes the blonde beauty hyperventilate with delight. Their kissing moments are hot and it would be a blast for the audience to see these two hotties perform a long kissing scene. It would definitely generate so much heat that I probably would have to remove my shirt while watching it. Next, Riley is licking her partner's sexual plaything in a determined and joyous manner. The scene ends with the ladies kissing sweetly. I love their eye contact at the end. It feels like they definitely have feelings for each other or, at least, are developing them.        

Scene Two: Riley Steele is taking a shower. The blonde cutie wets her feminine playground and plays with it while Judy Thompson is looking on. Moments later, the dark-haired woman is fondling the woman's nude and wet ass. In the meantime, the atmosphere feels steamy. As a matter of fact, my nose was getting plugged by the chemistry of the two ladies on screen. Moreover, Riley continues her self-pleasuring behavior on her own vaginal womanhood as Judy has her hands on her body.      

Scene Three: After some playful antics by Celeste Star towards Sinn Sage, the ladies make out. Suddenly, Sinn gives her roommate a lap dance. This scene is a very good spotlight for the wannabe's stripper's hot ass. Later, their lip lock activity garners good heat as well as their active touchy feely behavior. Some rough play occurs by Celeste as she slaps her friend's breast and bites her nipple. The passion between these two brunette beauties is hot. Sinn does a wonderful job in turning Celeste on while she focuses her heated actions on her breasts. Their eye contact is great as well as their vocal comments. The titty biting moments will linger in the audience's mind. The viewer can tell that they have solid chemistry and a connection. Later, Celeste's pussy stimulating behavior on her pal gets her off well. More passionate and playful behavior occurs by them including the humping and pussy pleasuring moments. Their dirty talk comments enhance the personal connection that they have for one another. I love this lengthy fun-loving performance by two of the best girl-girl performers in the business. Sinn's pussy workover of Celeste is phenomenally amazing. Celeste gets off amazingly well that I could not stay in some seat. Later, she really gets her partner's pussy so juicy. Overall, this girl-girl performance deserves an award nomination.

Scene Four: Nina Mercedez gets to romp around with yummy blonde Ash Hollywood while her stepmom Veronica Hart watches on. However, the Latina takes her time by caressing the young lady in order to make her comfortable with the situation. It's a sweet moment. She kisses her arm, neck, and the side of her face. The heat level rises proportionately to their performance. Once they kiss, I felt a tingle. It's another sweet moment. Then, the activity moves down to Ash's sexy legs where Nina runs her hands along them. She also kisses her right leg. Suddenly, the woman is behind the birthday hottie as she caresses her breasts. At this point, the heat level continues to simmer nicely. After they kiss, the brunette sucks on her tits gently. The semi-dark room gives off a personal and sexy atmosphere. The viewer will forget that the setting is at a strip club. Nina's soft kisses on Ash's body are hot. The pussy pleasuring delivery are quite steamy as the Latina goes down softly on the woman's sensitive vaginal playground. While she is sucking through her panties, Ash squirms momentarily. I love that the sexy mood lasted throughout the scene.

Scene Five: Once Vicki Chase shoves Sinn Sage's face into her crotch, she leaves for her dance routine. Then, Sinn ends up with Nina Mercedez and Riley Steele. The two dancers have their way with the dancer. She has her face in their crotches. Soon, the blonde is rubbing Sinn's sexual mound with good effort while Nina is getting eaten by the new stripper. The scene is a bit rough. They gag her while Riley is humping her with solid passion. It's the most emotional scene in this film. I really like the kissing moments between Riley and Sinn.

Scene Six: Sinn Sage performs a lap dance on customer Raylene. The background music and Sinn's body movements create a sexy setting. I had to fan myself to cool off. Sinn does a great job in seducing the woman. The camera shots are also done extremely well. The heat factor rises immensely as soon as Sinn gyrates on the woman's lap with more determination.

Scene Seven: Ann Marie Rios joins Vicki Chase on the dance stage. Both ladies are grinding against each other. Moreover, both of them look hot together. Suddenly, the scene shifts to a bedroom setting where they are in bed together. Vicki gently rubs Ann's left hand as they stare at each other eye to eye. The connection that is developing between the two women is sweet. The only downside is that the setting is too dark. A tad of a bit more light would had worked in order to see their faces more clearly when it came to the long range shots. As to the tempo of the scene, it is done perfectly by Vicki as she tries to make Ann Marie more comfortable with her. Then, her soft kisses on Ann's body are hot. The heat level increases when Vicki sucks on her breasts. I love their kissing action. They would easily steam up the screen with a much lengthier performance in that area. Afterwards, Vicki is worshiping the woman's right foot and legs. Her slow tempo is super sexy. The scene feels more intimate as soon as she sucks on Ann Marie's love spot. Their sexy performance continues as the women kiss. I could bite my lip every time they kiss. Next, Ann places her attention on her titties. A nice pussy rub-a-dub by Ann Marie is shown. Later, the hottie does a swell job in orally and manually pleasuring her human birthday gift. Afterwards, the heated passion between them really rises as Nina humps her.   

Final Thoughts: I hope that Cherry will become a groundbreaking series in the lesbian genre. Not only did Kay Brandt cast a mainstream actress in the lead role, but she also had the vision that both performers in a scene do not have to reciprocate the sex for the scene to be hot and enjoyable. As to the sex, it was so refreshing to see one person acting as the giver of the sexual play while the receiver, for the most part, continued to receive the affections. Of course, this tactic would only be credible if it fit the storyline for those two particular characters for that scene. As to Judith "JuJu" Thompson, she is a true find and Kay Brandt deserves a lot of credit in casting her for that complex role. Despite her lack of adult industry work, JuJu still creates a sultry persona during her intimate moments with other characters. I can tell that Judith is a sleeping lioness ready to pounce. I also need to give much recognition to the script. It's an addictive piece of work with rich characters. Riley Steele's portrayal of the in-love Harlow is heartfelt. Nina Mercedez and Vicki Chase get to show off their tender and tough demeanors depending on the situation. Ann Marie Rios is adorable as the married innocent gal pal. However, the huge standouts are Celeste Star and Sinn Sage for their incredible personal sexual performance. It's an award worthy piece of work that made Celeste cum inside like no other scene in her career. I can't wait to see Cherry Episode 2 and I gladly give this gem a highly recommended rating.     

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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