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Pillows Of Love

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/2/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Pillows of Love: 2 Disc Set

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Compilation, Big Boobs

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Director: Varied by Scene

Cast: Lisa Ann, Sascha, Tyler Faith, Mark Davis, Brooke Haven, Sophie Dee, Scott Nails, Lexie Marie, Brandy Talore, Davia Ardell, Carmella Bing, Mr. Pete, Carley Parker, Candy Manson, Mark Wood, Nikki Benz, Naudia Styles, Mikayla, Shyla Styles, Ben English, Trina Michaels, Bree Olson, Carmel Moore, James Deen, Maya Hills, Amy Ried

Length: 333:41 minutes (170:17 minutes & 163:24 minutes)

Date of Production: 2011 (compilation itself)

Extras: There were some trailers, a popshot compilation from the scenes (on each disc), and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Pillows of Love was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame and letterboxed widescreen as shot by various directors for Zero Tolerance over the years; the compilation of scenes coming from a diverse set of movies. The lighting was generally very even and solid to remove most related troubles, the accurate fleshtones and lack of grain in most cases elevated by the 6.6 Mbps video bitrate (when spot checked). The directing styles varied with the scenes given the nature of the compilation, but few of the scenes were especially problematic here. The audio was presented in 1.0 Monaural English using a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps bitrate. This was another very basic audio experience by land large, with no separation and limited dynamic range yet some of the ladies employed verbal cues in such a manner as to enhance their respective scenes. While some of the newer scenes looked and sounded a bit weaker than their original source material (especially those shot in anamorphic widescreen), the compilation was decent on the technical side overall.

Body of Review: Zero Tolerance has been a popular gonzo powerhouse over the years thanks to the straightforward manner in which they shoot scenes. This allows for the later release of themed compilations fans appreciate such as the recent Pillows of Love, a collection of 14 previously released scenes based on the love of big tits many of us have. The casting here allowed for a variety of curvy babes to strut their stuff on the small screen nicely, emphasizing their mighty mammaries in such a way that many scenes brought back fond memories. The back cover described the movie like this: “Do you find yourself fondling round throw pillows on the sofa? Do party balloons turn you on more than they should? Don't worry - you're not a sicko - you just love BIG TITS! Big, round, silky mountains of mammaries to motorboat to your heart's content and stick your cock between for the tit-fuck of a lifetime! ZT's got the colossal cushions you crave to hold, caress, squeeze and spray all over like a firehose when you're ready to pop!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Wet Dreams Cum True 5: Lisa Ann, Sascha: Lisa Ann, another attractive brunette though with a nicely curved body, was dressed up in a modernized toga on the purple couch as she teased the camera with her ample assets. I'm not a fan of large implants but she was physically attractive to the point where I was looking at the whole package (the scratches on her left titty weren't all that hot though). Her fine ass in the air and strong legs attracted Sascha to join her and the rest of the scene was strictly by the numbers. They kissed, felt each other up, did some oral (both did; she was moderately skilled at it too), vaginally fucked (to her credit, she was one of the best rides of the show in cowgirl), and took the facial like a champion. In all, it was a good way to close the movie out but not enough to elevate the score any.

Scene Two: Fishnets 4: Tyler Faith, Mark Davis: Tyler Faith, a curvy gal from Massachusetts that is the better half of her relationship (actually, I like Wankus just fine too but she's a lot cuter), was up next on the staircase as she put on some neon blue fishnets and matching lingerie slowly and seductively. She's an accomplished stripper so it wasn't too tough to understand why her tease footage was superior to some of the others. The lucky guy getting to work with her was Mark Davis and he prepared her pussy with his hand and tongue before she showed him how oral was meant to be given (yes, she gave much better head than he did). After some deepthroat action, the two boned like old bed buddies with her actively riding his shaft in reverse cowgirl; screaming out with each pump. They switched positions a few times and she kept the stockings on for the whole scene, riding him just as hard at the end of the scene as she did at the beginning. The way her ass rippled as she bounced on his rod was a sight for sore eyes, resulting in the facial she took to her mouth (but the camera faded away before she could swallow).

Scene Three: Double Decker Sandwich 8: Brooke Haven, Sophie Dee, Scott Nails: Brooke Haven and Sophie Dee, a couple of very appealing gals with lightened hair and ample breasts, were up on the couch feeling and licking each other silly. There were times when they appeared to forget they were making a porno, though Sophie always managed to look at the camera and weaken that fantasy for me. Still, the ladies looked exactly as I expected them too (a good thing) and the camera work enhanced what they had to offer as well. After suitably warming one another up, they were joined by Scott Nails, who offered them another object to affix their oral attentions. Some of this was done in POV fashion, and Brooke was the dominant partner of this escapade, but Sophie added in some fun too as they double teamed him orally. Sophie was up first as she actively rode his cock vaginally; Brooke taking charge and adding in some faint vocals to enhance the mood. The PTM was fair but included a hand wipe (Sophie essentially stripping off her juices before sucking him clean), and Brooke looked like she had already been ridden like crazy considering how red her labia were at the beginning of her own ride. The vaginal gave way to anal, Brooke showing that she was capable of providing just as good, if not better, a ride in her back door. The scene then ended with the facial and cumswap, Sophie swallowing the load down easily.

Scene Four: Fishnets 4: Lexie Marie, Scott Nails: Lexie Marie, the former Vivid contract gal and performer featured on the cover of the DVD case, was up last with Scott Nails. I had my doubts about her sexual skill given how frequently her performances lacked any semblance of energy or enthusiasm during her contract days but having spent some time reviewing the Lexi Marie Pocket Pussy, I was in a charitable mood. After all, the first five scenes and the bonus scene were all great in one way or another so I had little to lose by watching this one too. The tease portion of the scene showed she had a lot more potential than she was apparently allowed to display previously but what about the true test of a porn performer; the meat test? Well, her oral was decent, at least as good as I've ever seen in the past and Scott took charge to the point where she only had to kick back and let it all unfold to get a passing grade. That he fingered her ass as his cock was slamming into her pussy was cool and she did do some taste testing (PTM). She lacked the energy of the other gals in the movie (as expected) but the lighting and camerawork covered up a lot of flaws and she seemed to be ready for a breakthrough so perhaps one of these days, I'll be praising her sexual skill now that she's just started to realize she has some deep within her. She didn't even dodge the pop shot to her mouth, although she did clamp her eyes shut and the scene was okay.

Scene Five: Fresh Jugs 3: Brandy Talore, Sascha: Brandy Talore, the hotty on the front DVD cover with the massive mammaries, skipped the teasing in favor of going right to sucking off Sascha in the living room. It was a mechanical blowjob but I liked the way she bobbed up and down on him as it made her breasts really sway. He warmed her up with some doggy style penetration before she rewarded him with a moderately active cowgirl; showcasing her fleshy ass nicely for those who like gals built for comfort rather than speed. The vaginal screwing was not the best of the show but she fit the bill of the advertised breasts and she's another one that will likely get better with time. It ended with him rubbing out a large load to her breasts, looking like he had drained his balls dry of genetic juice.

Scene Six: Goo 4 Two 3: Davia Ardell, Carmella Bing, Mr. Pete: Davia Ardell and Carmella Bing, a visually appealing set of ladies due to the difference in their height and overall appearance, was up first as they teased each other before warming up with some cunnilingus in the living room. The male partner of this trio was Mr. Pete and he didn't take long to start snacking on ass crack before the gals started double teaming him orally. There was some minimal titty fucking and a few pussy pokes before the oral but the screwing didn't begin in earnest for several minutes as the group taste tested one another in a variety of ways. Carmella was particularly frisky in the scene and it was notable in general for the active riding skills of the gals in both the vaginal and the anal positions. This continued for about thirty minutes when he popped in one mouth and it was cumswapped into the other with some lizard kissing as the camera faded away. In all, it was a solid opening scene for me.

Scene Seven: Blow Me Sandwich 9: Carley Parker, Candy Manson, Mark Wood: Candy Manson, in black bikini undies, and Carley Parker, in a sexy little skirted outfit, were both far curvier then the last two but kept to the same basic formula of playing with one another before working out the load of Mark Wood. Mark was in most of the scenes and I think he enjoyed the addition of the titty fuck here though I found the large bruises on Carley's legs to be off putting. There was extra dirty talk here too so I have to admit that even a fan of natural breasts like me had fun. Carley took the load to share, with the load disappearing between the gals (what little there was).

Scene Eight: Fishnets 5: Nikki Benz, Scott Nails: Nikki Benz, a gal that has had more contracts then a hitman, was up next as she followed the formula outside by the waterfall of the pool to put on an appealingly fresh bikini and stripper shoes as she wiggled about on the bench. Neon pink & black worked for her as she continued to watch the camera with a predatory attitude. Her partner was popular Scott Nails, with the couple inside the house to do the deed. She initially sat on his face as he ate her out and then she gave one of the best blowjobs I've ever seen from her before they started pounding with penetrative sex. She wasn't as active as the previous gals, letting him do most of the work, but he seemed to have a thing for her as he nailed her (pun intended) as though on the bonus plan, leaving an ample supply of semen on her crotch before she closed it out with some post coital sucking.

Scene Nine: Double Decker Sandwich 9: Naudia Styles, Mikayla, Scott Nails: Slowing down not at all of the last scene, Nadia and Mikayla start off making out and getting down with each other before Scott Nails enters. Quasar has them switching in and out in a free-for-all that features lots of pussy eating, vigorous blow jobs with a ball sucking and sex in just about every position that doesn't require the Kama Sutra. Scott holds back through some energetic sex to lay a load in the girls' mouths, which they're happy to pass around. (review by George Capistrano)

Scene Ten: Fishnets 6 (mislabeled as coming from “Fishnets 5 on the DVD): Shyla Styles, Ben English: Shyla Stylez, the hotty on the front DVD cover with the large knockers, was up last as she put on her sexy lingerie very slowly. Shyla is a few years short of the MILF market but her curves are still better than many who apply for such roles and her work as a stripper certainly enhanced the scene dynamic here. She coyly teased the camera as part of the action, ending up with studly Ben English as a partner for the scene on the couch. She aggressively whipped out his cock to suck on, stroking his legs and licking the shaft as part of her overall scheme of draining every last drop of his population pudding. The dirty talk flowed better when her mouth wasn't full but I'm glad to report that her titties were used for some friction fun as he plowed between them for a little bit too. They were both active participants in the pussy and anal sex too, the gal riding his cock as hard as possible much of the time, ending with the wad going to her mouth for swallowing. Nice!

Scene Eleven: Face Invaders 3: Trina Michaels, unlisted males: Trina Michaels, best known lately for some of her semi-professional wrestling work, was up next as she posed for director Courtney Cummz while wearing a purple & black corset with matching accessories. Trina loved the limelight and Courtney brought the best out of her, the gal kneeling to slob the knobs of two uncredited meat puppets in the living room setting. Trina was enthusiastic and displayed some solid energy, her love of cock helping propel the scene into a strokable bit of work. The blowjob included throating, titty fucking, and handjobs, the men tossing off their rounds of population pudding for her to swallow with ease, none of the spunk lost as a result.

Scene Twelve: Double Decker Sandwich 10: Bree Olson, Carmel Moore, James Deen: Bree Olson, the gorgeous blonde wearing the pink top kneeling on the front cover, and curvy Carmel Moore in black and blue standing above her there, were up next as they played on the outdoor balcony overlooking the valley. Given that they earned the front cover, I expected this to be the best scene of the movie and considering their performances to date, I felt comfortable in knowing this fact would pan out almost immediately. While I would have liked the scene even more if it took place outside (apparently, the neighbors disagreed with my belief), they went inside to the bed where they continued actively appreciating one another really well. There was some performance dynamic to the action but they were the most naturally comfortable pairing of the movie too; tasting each other and getting each other off as their clothing was tossed aside in record time. No stranger to clam, the gals ate and purred really heatedly before they were subjected to James Deen jumping right in to start boning Carmel in doggy. She liked him well enough and Bree did some sweet PTM before it was her turn; my only annoyance being how loud she was screaming (as though equating louder with more believable). Carmel was the better rider in terms of aggressiveness and that was balanced by Bree looking so hot (and giving better head), the gal going down on Carmel while James did her doggy to pop on her ass cheeks (for Carmel to lick clean). The gals were indeed the best of the movie and while not enough to elevate the DVD to a higher rating, they did secure the recommendation I gave it.

Scene Thirteen: Goo 4 Two 5: Maya Hills, Amy Ried, Mr. Pete: Maya Hills, the sun drenched babe on the right hand side of the front cover, and cover cutie Amy Ried who was on the left side of it, were up first as they playfully engaged in some lesbian action together in the living room. The rimming, cunnilingus, and manual manipulation of their bodies was done in such a way that I wasn't completely convinced they preferred women over men but they did well enough that they passed for more than lipstick lesbians too. Amy displayed this best by largely ignoring her turn to service Maya when Mr. Pete walked in on them; whipping his cock out of his pants in order to suck it. Maya also took turns with her with both of the ladies appealing to me on a physical basis (though Amy's fleshier form was better for me). The knob slobbing action led to the ladies engaging in active vaginal sex as meat puppet Pete served them up a heaping helping of hometown hospitality. Seeing the ladies bounce on cock is always a pleasure, especially when they come across as liking it, so the oral enhancements here added a lot of fun too. That led to Amy taking the mouth pop to cumswap with Maya who swallowed it down; some kissing ending the heated scene before the camera faded out.

Scene Fourteen: Strip Tease Then Fuck 10: Eva Angelina, Tommy Gunn: Eva Angelina, a curvy brunette with a great smile and sweet ass, was up last wearing an animal print bikini outfit and matching fishnet gloves. She shook her money maker around the stairs and spent considerable time looking into the camera, revealing her sexy body parts slowly as she readied herself to engage in sexual misconduct with studly Tommy Gunn. When he entered the room, she went wild orally on his pecker, throating him and jerking him off before some active vaginal positions led him to going down on her. They then continued boning vaginally and Eva did some taste testing, Tommy jerking off to her mouth ending the scene (and compilation).

Summary: Pillows of Love by Zero Tolerance would have been better advertised as a compilation but I couldn’t fault the strength of the fourteen scenes in any significant manner so I rated the double disc effort as Recommended. I had already seen the majority of scenes previously so I took great efforts to ensure listing them all to help folks decide if this one might be good enough for them, the selection of beautiful Shyla Stylez on the front cover a wise choice considering her physical appeal to so many fans like myself. In short, Pillows of Love did focus on curvy breasts and attractive ladies nicely so if you’re in the market for a compilation highlighting tits, you could do far worse.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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