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Tori Black is Pretty Filthy 2 (Blu-ray)

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/5/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Tori Black is Pretty Filthy 2 (a second look)
Elegant Angel
Directed by Mason
Running Time: 3hrs and 23min


Tori Black
Andy San Dimas
Mr Pete
Mick Blue
James Deen
Alexis Texas
Charley Chase
Jennifer White
Erik Everhard
Asa Akira
Ice Cold

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: VC-1 at around 13.5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So due to the fact that this movie came out last year and you most likely have read our other review of this movie, which you can find here:


I am going to make this a pretty general review, just kind of posting my thoughts as I watch this movie, not as in depth as my usual reviews, but I think I will still get my point across in the end. Once again I need to give a shout out to my fellow reviewer Don Houston for sharing his movies with me.

 But as you can see I really didn’t make this a short review, it’s basically the same as my normal review, I just starting typing and couldn’t stop apparently. So overall I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed this movie and great credit is due to all of the lovely ladies in this movie, and of course a special thanks to Tori and Mason for giving us this amazing film. A few downsides are the special features, only a 13 minute behind the scenes feature, and I was sort of surprised that this was only a 2 Channel Dolby Digital, really thought it would have been 5.1. But having said that, the audio was still great, just could have been a little better.  So I am going to give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, but I am guessing if you are a fan of Mason or Tori Black, you already own this movie, but if not, I am going to say this is going to make a nice addition to your collection. And I can’t wait to see what she is going to give us next, whatever it is, I am sure it is going to blow our minds.

So here we go…

Like most of the Elegant Angel showcase movies, this one starts off with an interview with our star, Tori Black.  She talks about what it is to be beautiful even when you are not dressed up and in makeup. She almost looks like she is about to cry, which is nice to see she is really speaking her mind during these interviews.

But enough of the serious moments, we cut to our first scene, with Tori and Andy San Dimas, and it seems they are having some car trouble, but soon all is well as they drive off and begin to take in the view. They find a good place to stop and immediately begin to make out before Andy starts to be the dominate one as she fingers Tori’s pussy. Tori turns the tide and begins to rub Andy’s pussy through her jean shorts. They head back out on the road again, as they both can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. They arrive at a beautiful house and it seems that Mr Pete is waiting for them and I think the real fun is about to begin. They kind of gang up on Andy and help her out of those clothes, and then work her pussy and ass over as she is bent over on the couch. And then Pete does what he does best, and shoves a few fingers in Andy’s pussy and brings her to the verge of squirting. The girls double team his cock and balls, and a shout out to the sexy red extensions in Andy’s hair, very sexy. Tori is first with some cowgirl action, followed by Andy with some spoon action. Both girls do an amazing job of just wanting more and more throughout this scene, really showing off their nasty side. Tori is next with some anal action as Andy plays with her pussy. But Andy’s pussy gets more of a workout as she rides him for some reverse cowgirl action with some great energy as she rides him, and almost squirts again. Tory then sits back and starts to tell Andy what to do as she watches them fuck. He goes back to Tori’s ass for some more anal action in reverse cowgirl action, and you know she is enjoying it, cause she has to lean back and take a second to catch her breath.  They switch to some doggy action, as he continues to fuck her ass while they take turns slapping her ass and face. They switch to some spoon action as he goes back and forth between her pussy and ass. And when he is ready to give them his money shot, Andy is on the floor playing with her pussy as she lets out a few squirts and he gives both of the girls a few squirts of cum, and then they share it, and then scissor each other until they cum on each other.

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We go back to the interview portion and it seems it’s the day of the big DP scene, and we find out that this is something she hasn’t done on or off the screen before. And we see that one of the lucky guys is Mick Blue, as we cut to them kissing passionately as she jerks him off. Within seconds his pants are off  and she is going to work on his cock with her hands and mouth. He picks her up and seys her on his lap and pulls her bra off and slides her panties to the side and she slides his cock in her pussy. Wow, we are just a few minutes in this scene and I am already impressed by what I am seeing, all I can say, is my god she is amazing. He moves around and shoves his face in her ass, and James walks in and she wastes no time working his cock over with her mouth, while Mick fucks her from behind. It seems the guys are really going to use the swivel chair she is on to their advantage, as they take turns fucking her from behind while the other gets to fuck her face. The rough stuff starts with some choking and slapping while they fuck her. I also like to point out that her panties are still around her knees up to this point, also very sexy to me. So after her pussy gets some attention they move on to her ass as the doggy action continues. I am going to say that this is a movie you will need to take a few sittings to watch the whole thing, the sexual chemistry is so amazing, you will need to take a few breaks to really enjoy it. And guess what folks, it’s that time, we have ourselves a DP going on, as she can’t seem to believe what is going on right now. They switch positions and we get right back into some DP action as she is loses her breath and is on the verge of cumming a few times as they fuck her. And just when you think she would slow down, the guys turn up the pounding and she just screams with delight as they do it. After a short break, they are back to fucking her, this time James is on the bottom and Mick is fucking her pussy. She ends up on her knees as she sucks and jerks off both of the guys, but then is soon back on James as he fucks her pussy, in some reverse cowgirl action, as we get a close up of her amazing ass as she is getting fucked. Mick comes back into the action, as he slips his cock in her ass, for some more DP action. And then the really nasty stuff comes out as James manhandles her on the couch and floor, and she just takes it and wants even more, and more DP it is. She begs for some cum and they both give her some in her mouth and all over her face.

We follow up the scene with an interview post the DP scene as she recounts her experience and some of her fan experiences and being recognized in public. After a scene like that, it’s no wonder she is out on a boat shaking her stuff for the camera, and it seems she has some company with her, a lovely Alexis Texas and her booty have joined the scene. But oh , that is not it, as we get third lady in the scene, Charley Chase, and from that point on we get a whole lotta booty shaking for the camera. But after they are done shaking their butts, they decide to get all hot and dirty as they kiss and begin to help each other out of their bikinis. They double team Alexis as they take off her top and slide her bottoms to the side so they can lick her ass and pussy. They move their attention to Tori and work her pussy over with their fingers. Alexis shoves a finger and tongue in her ass. The ladies head inside the boat as the form a train as they please each other. They go back to double teaming Alexis, but soon they are back to the 3 girl train. But Tori has a surprise for the girls as she shows them her secret stash of toys and then the girls double team Tori with the toys for some DP action.  For those paying attention, it seems that Charley has pierced nipples and pussy for those that are into that thing. And speaking of Charley, the girls turn their attention to her using the toy on her pussy as she hops up and down on it. They go back to Alexis as they attack her pussy with a toy and their tongues and then back to Charley and then Alexis. I hope they don’t forget about Tori, they don’t and they bring out the big toys for her, as they shove it in her pussy, followed by a smaller one in her ass. They lick the toy clean as the scene comes to an end.

Another interview and then we see her walking around the pool in a black sexy swim suit as she dances and seduces the camera.  But it seems that we have another lady, as the lovely Jennifer White walks in and does the same. I am just going to say how much I am looking forward to this scene, with these two ladies being in it. They meet near the pool for some kissing and then they help each other out of their swimsuits. They give us some nice booty bouncing for the camera, and then we see them inside attacking Erik, but then they focus their attention on Jennifer, as he has his face deep in her ass. He moves over to Tori and does the same, while Jennifer gives her a few slaps across the ass.  Tori pretty much takes off his clothes in a few seconds and goes immediately for his cock, as the girls double team it. They sit him down on the couch and continue to give his cock some great loving. After they get it nice and wet, Tori climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, while she begs for Jennifer’s ass. After a bit, it’s Jennifer turn, as she climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action in her pussy, as Tori gives her ass a few licks and slaps. Jennifer moves her ass on his face, as Tori licks the taste of her pussy off his cock. She cums on his face  and then slides back on his cock for a bit and then back on his face, as Tori climbs on his cock. The girls climb off of him and he fucks Tori from behind as she has her face deep in Jennifer’s pussy. Tori moves some furniture so she can sit on Jennifer’s face and then we cut to Erik as he shoves his cock in Jennifer’s ass, slow at first, until she opens up for him. And we can see that its open, as she climbs on top for some cowgirl action in her ass, as Tori gives her ass a few slaps and plays with her pussy. Jennifer cums again and then he goes back to work on Tori for some missionary action, as she tells them to slap her. He fucks her hard until she cums on his cock and then licks it off and then he goes back to Jennifer for some doggy action as Tori cheerleads for them, keeping them going. She begs for his cum and he cums all over her face and the girls share his cum, as Jennifer licks her face clean.

Another interview about why she needed to do this next movie and then we are back to seeing the lovely lady in another sexy swimsuit showing off her stuff for the camera. And once again, another beautiful lady walks in, this time, it’s Asa Akira, wearing a very sexy string bikini. They meet up and begin to grind against each other, as they expose their breasts to the camera. And then Asa slowly pulls down Tori’s bottoms and gives the camera a nice view of her ass, followed by Tori the same to Asa. They bust out the oil and begin to pour it all over their naked bodies. And at this point I am reminded that I need to really give a shout out to Mason for her incredible work on this movie, giving us some amazing views of the ladies and the hot sex that is going on. We cut to the girls as they are inside and seems to be all clean of the oil, as Asa is on top of Tori kissing and exploring her body from head to pussy. Asa spends a lot of time, sucking and licking her pussy as she shakes her ass for the camera. Tori returns the favor as she spreads Asa’s pussy and dives her mouth and tongue into it. But soon a very erect Ice Cold comes in and Tori wastes no time sucking on his cock, as Asa slides over and lets him play with her pussy. They both end up working his cock and there seems to be plenty for both of them, as we get some gagging as they try to deep throat it. Asa really lets Tori dominate her as she puts her hands behind her back as Tori shoves his cock deep in her mouth. Asa climbs on top and bounces that booty on his cock, as she takes as much of his cock as she can in her pussy. Tori is next for some reverse cowgirl action, as Asa sits on his face and leans back to kiss and then rub Tori’s pussy as she gets fucked. Tori climbs off and shoves Asa on the couch and tells her to bend over  and ends up with his cock in her pussy, as Tori slaps and licks her ass. It’s back to Tori for some doggy action as she plays with Asa’s pussy. We then get a triangle going between the three of them, and then he is back to fucking Asa as Tori rubs her pussy some more and shoves her foot in her mouth, there you go foot lovers, she hasn’t forgot about you. Tori sits her beautiful ass on Asa, so she can lick her ass and pussy while she continues to get fucked. Tori is next with some spoon action, as Asa gives his cock a little help thrusting into her pussy. She then climbs on top and sits on her face and is once again at the brink of cumming on her. Tori looks deep into his eyes and gives some of that great sexy talk until he finally pulls out and gives a nice money shot on her face and chest. Asa shoves a few fingers in her pussy and works her until she cums for her.

One last interview rounds up the movie, and another great release from Elegant Angel, and another trip inside the sexual beast that is the very sexy Tori Black.


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