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Interactive Gina Lynn, The

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 5/20/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Interactive sex.
Director: Chris Streams
Cast: Chris Charming, Francesca Le, Gina Lynn, James Deen, Jean-Claude Batiste, L.T., Mark Wood, Shorty Ma,c Steve Holmes, Travis Knight, Prince Yahshua.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: As long as you want.
Condoms: None.
Bonus:One bonus star for condom-free sex!


If you’ve seen an interactive sex disk released by any of the major studios, you know the basics of what to expect from The Interactive Gina Lynn. Gina teases, masturbates, engages in foreplay, and has sex in a variety of positions with off-screen partners. The action was captured from your point of view, so it seems that you’re the one who’s having sex with her. In addition, the action was also captured from a second angle so you can also watch yourself fuck Gina from the side.

Since interactive sex movies burst onto the scene in 1999, following the introduction of interactive DVD technology, the genre has tended to evolve down two separate paths. One type of interactive experience...I call it "The Chase"...requires you to make a series of decisions as the on-screen video unfolds. Making the "right" decision gets you closer to the star's pussy while making the wrong choice prevents you from "scoring." This type of interactive experience, which I first saw in Chasing Stacy, reached its highest pinnacle of success, I think, with Teravsion's release of "InTERActive."

The second interactive genre assumes that you've already won over your lady and that the two of you are ready to fuck each other crazy. The Interactive Gina Lynn falls into this second category and, in my opinion, is the best of its kind ever released.

What makes The Interactive Gina Lynn different than other Critic's Choice "she's already been caught" interactive sex discs--including, My Plaything: Krystal Steal, Virtual Sex with Jenna Jameson, and Vivid's Virtual Vixens is the wide range sexual scenarios available to experience...including both boy/girl and girl/girl/boy encounters. Instead of just being able to fuck the girl of your dreams in a variety of positions, you can also indulge in a total of six fantasies spread over two DVD-9 discs...including French Maid, Lesbian Lingerie, Hip Hop Interracial, Fetish, School Girl, and Nurse. You're sure to find a scenario that really turns you on. My favorite boy/girl scene was the Hip Hop Interracial scenario...Gina's outfit and language are sexy! I must admit, however, that the Lesbian Lingerie scenario, with Gina Lynn and Francesca Le, is my favorite interaction in The Interactive Gina Lynn.

Another definite plus to The Interactive Gina Lynn is the real pop shots! One of the major problems with previously-released interactive sex experiences is the lack of real male ejaculations. In fact, some pops were even computer-generated and appeared oh-so-fake. To provide dozens of real pops, numerous guys were used during the production of this movie. So, every squirt of semen is 100% real!

The Interactive Gina Lynn also benefits greatly by having Gina as its star. Gina definitely knows how to work this genre to the max. Her superb point-of-view skills, coupled with her deliciously naughty vocabulary, will make your interactive experience with her second to none.

I am glad to report that considerable thought, care, and expense was spent on the locations, sets, props, wardrobe, hairstyling, and make-up. Each scenario "feels" right with regard to its setting and ambience. You'll definitely feel like you're in a school room in the schoolgirl scenario, in an elegant home during the French Maid scenario, and so on. And, Gina always looks like the role she is supposed to be playing. I applaud director Chris Streams for this authenticity.


When you pop The Interactive Gina Lynn Disc One into your DVD player, Gina bursts onto the screen and welcomes you: "Hi baby! I'm SO excited that we finally get to spend some one-on-one time together. Just me and you. Do you like the way I'm dressed? I did it especially for you." She then struts her magnificent stuff for a while and exclaims, "We're going to have SO much fun! I hope you're as excited as I am!" After Gina spends a few more minutes erotically posing for us--and showing us her assets, she asks, "So what would you like me to be? Maybe your French maid? Or your naughty little schoolgirl? How would you like me to bring a girl home for you? Or, I can be your nurse and nurse you back to health. We can have some interracial fun...how about that? Whatever you want...you choose in every outfit. Hurry up! I'm waiting!"

After Gina lays out our options for us, the main menu appears. This menu provides still photos of Gina in all six outfits and identifies the scenario by name. It also indicates which scenarios are on each disc: French Maid, Schoolgirl, and Nurse on Disc One and Fetish, Hip Hop Interracial, and Gina & Friend on Disc Two.

Once you make an outfit selection, the video jumps to introductory footage for that scenario. Using video nestled in the center of your screen, Gina asks you what you want her to do. Meanwhile, a series of video "buttons" surrounds the video window: Striptease, Masturbation, and Sex. Choosing any of these selections causes the action to immediately cut to that section of the interactive experience. Throughout all of these selections, don't forget to use your DVD player's angle selector to watch the action from one of two true multiple real-time angles. If you choose "sex," you can also tell Gina to be "sexy" or "slutty." "Sexy" is the "nicer" of her two demeanors and "slutty" is the "naughtier" option. Since I adore nasty girls, I watched all the footage in "slutty" and pretty much ignored the "sexy" option. Of course, that's one of the benefits of "interactive sex..." having Gina as you want her.

While watching striptease, masturbation, and sex, you can allow the video to loop over and over again or move on during--or at the end of--each clip. Thus, the amount of time you could spend watching this video depends only on your choice.

During each scenario's "sex" component, there's an oral sex option as well as several sexual position options. The interface also lets you choose how you want to pop in each position. So, you get to cum multiple times in each boy/girl scene...during the blowjob as well as multiple ways (i.e., mouth, face, tits) in each position! Awesome! Your testosterone level must be extremely high to produce all that semen!

Don't forget to check out the action in both angles and both of Gina's demeanors (sexy and slutty).

In addition to Gina's outfits, the positions and pops vary a bit from scenario to scenario. Here's a breakdown:

Disc One

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Scene One: French Maid

  • Striptease: Gina strips off all but her awesome white fishnet pantyhose.
  • Masturbation: Gina strips, talks nasty, finger-fucks her beautiful pussy, and masturbates with a large white dildo that, believe it or not, is the handle for a feather duster!
  • Sex...Blowjob (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Gina eagerly swallows and strokes your huge cock, uses your dick to slap her face, and jacks you off into her mouth (she swallows), lets you jack off onto her face (she wipes your cum into her mouth and eats it), and uses her tits to fuck your dick until your semen soaks her tits (three pops already, and you haven't even penetrated her yet!).
  • Sex...Missionary (sexy/slutty demeanors available): You watch Gina's big tits bounce as you thrust in-and-out in mish. When you're ready to pop, you can either shoot a high-energy and voluminous load all over her belly and tits, cream inside her pussy (use Angle 2 to watch her semen flow out of her pussy), or, even better, pop twice...once outside and once inside!
  • Sex...Cowgirl (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Lay back and enjoy the ride while watching gorgeous Gina use her sexy moves to fuck and grind your cock. Gina's hard belly, beautifully groomed pussy, big boobs, long bond hair, and pretty face look superb as she pleases you with her insatiable cunt. After a while, she lifts herself off your penis and you jack off until your hot load shoots all over her undulating hard belly.
  • Sex...Doggie (sexy/slutty demeanors available): As you pound Gina's vagina from behind, she turns around and enrages your lust with her big blue eyes. She also fucks back using sexy moves to undulate her sumptuous ass while sliding her pussy back and forth on your lucky dick. She also fingers her asshole and squeezes her ass cheeks. When you can no longer contain yourself, you slide out of Gina's pussy and shoot your load onto her pretty and curvy ass cheeks. "Thank you!" she whimpers.

Scene Two: School Girl

  • Striptease: In a schoolroom set, Gina, dressed in a slutty schoolgirl outfit with her hair in pigtails, sits on the teacher's desk, poses, gives us peeks at her assets, and strips down to her black nylon stockings. I particularly enjoyed seeing Gina's rock-hard nipples...made even harder when she squeezes them. And, Gina's hard and muscular belly made my cock stand tall and happy!
  • Masturbation: Gina again strips off her schoolgirl outfit, talks nasty, finger-fucks and spanks her vagina, licks her pussy-juice-covered fingers, and masturbates with a bulbous black toy! Gina not only fucks her pussy with the toy, but also suckles it and uses it to tease her nipples and clit.
  • Sex...Blowjob (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Gina takes great delight pleasuring your big cock with her mouth and hands. I think you'll particularly enjoy seeing her gag on your gargantuan penis and looking deeply into her eyes as she blows you. And, if you're like me, you'll enjoy seeing her gobble your dangling balls, too. During fellatio, you'll get to cum three times...you can jack off directly into her mouth (she swallows your soldiers and tells you that you taste "so good"), onto her face, or drop your generous hot load all over her big titties.
  • Sex...Missionary (sexy/slutty demeanors available): After you fuck the shit out of Gina's bright-pink and spread-wide pussy, you get to pop on the outside of Gina's vagina, onto her belly, and, since your ejaculations are SO strong, onto her face. Alternatively, you can pop inside her pussy (use Angle 2 to see your cum squirt out of her cunt).
  • Sex...Cowgirl (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Sweaty Gina rides your dick like the champion cowgirl she is. After Gina spends a few minutes using her sexy and very effective fucking and grinding moves to drive your penis wild, you slide out and stroke your cock until your semen explodes all over the outside of Gina's warm and oh-so-sexy vagina.
  • Sex...Doggie (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Gina begs you to fuck her from behind. Who'd deny her? So, you work your rod deep into her cunt and then she thrusts her body back-and-forth to fuck you. She makes herself cum...but continues to pound your dick to keep her pleasure flow. To finish up the scenario, Gina begs you to cum all over her ass. You oblige the lady by pulling out and then squirting your stream of semen into her butt crack.

Scene Three: Nurse

  • Striptease: In an examining room, Gina, dressed in a red and white latex-looking bikini outfit and red-cross-emblazoned nurse's cap, dances, poses, and strips. As always, Gina's hard and erect nipples held my eyes. Of course, her puckered bald-shaven pussy and mesmerizing blue eyes are hard to ignore, too!
  • Masturbation: After getting a little more comfortable (i.e., stripping down to her red fishnet stockings), Gina suckles her fingers, strokes her labia, probes the depths of her vagina with her digits, squeezes her breasts and nipples, and groans with pleasure. If you click "Gina Masturbates With Toy," Gina uses a very large clear glass dildo to tease and spread her labia and to ream her commodious pussy.
  • Sex...Blowjob (sexy/slutty demeanors available): As always, Gina does a first-class job during deep-throat-intensive and very slobbery fellatio. And, she uses her hands to great advantage, too, especially when she squeezes your balls. You can let Gina suck your cock as long as you want. Then, when you're ready to pop, click Mouth, Face, or Tits. Nasty Gina swallows your load when you pop in your mouth and then sucks you dry. Your load is particularly powerful when you pop on her face. Actually, a lot of your semen overshoots her head! If you choose to pop on Gina's tits, she jacks you off and your semen soon coats her boobs and lubricates her cleavage.
  • Sex...Missionary (sexy/slutty demeanors available): After you jack your cock for a bit to make sure it's titanium-hard, your jam it into Gina's pussy and ream her hard and deep while gazing down at her big bouncing boobs and listening to her inflame your lust with her words. At any time, you can choose to blow your load onto her belly and tits or, even better, fill her cunt with your sperm. As always, Angle 2 gives you a better view of Gina's pussy as it expels your copious load.
  • Sex...Cowgirl (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Gina strokes your dick to get it ready for her cunt. Then, she guides you into her wet pussy and rides you with erotic and very sexy moves while her big boobs bounce delightfully. Of course, Gina's deliciously-nasty vocabulary is extremely effective...especially when she's in "slutty" mode. At the end of cowgirl, you slide out of Gina's vagina and explode onto her lower belly.
  • Sex...Doggie (sexy/slutty demeanors available): While you gaze down onto Gina's shapely butt and back, she rocks back and forth to fuck you balls deep. In due course, you slip out of Gina's pussy and jack off onto her plump and sexy ass cheeks.

Disc Two

Scene Four: Gina and friend.

Note: This scene is the most unique and, by my way of thinking, hottest scenario in The Interactive Gina Lynn. In it, Gina brings home her girlfriend, played by Francesca Le, and does her in front of you. After the girls satisfy each other, they give you a two-girls-on-one-dick blowjob. Sweet!

  • Foreplay: Gina and Francesca spend a couple of minutes kissing and caressing each other. After watching the girls make out, click the "Pussy on Pussy Trib" button and watch the girls enjoy "tribbing." At first, I had no idea what "tribbing" means. So, I looked it up and learned something new. One relevant website said: "Tribbing is the act of two women stimulating each other by rubbing their vaginas together in a sort of 'scissor' position, where their vaginas can directly touch each other. It is highly pleasurable and allows for clit-to-clit stimulation, usually resulting in exquisite pleasure for both women." Let me tell you, it looks exquisitely good, too! Even better, the girls squeeze each other's tits and spank each other's labia while they trib. Hot! I enjoyed this so much that I let the three and one-half-minute clip loop several times.
  • Girl/girl sex: Pussy eating. You can watch Francesca eat out Gina (she makes Gina cum) or click the "Switch" button and see Gina go down on Francesca with her fingers and mouth. Of course, the girls kiss each other, squeeze each other's boobs and nipples, and caress each other's flesh, too.
  • Girl/girl sex: Strap-On. As is the case in pussy eating, you can choose to watch Gina fuck Francesca with her queen-sized strap-on dick or visa-versa. (Damn! Francesca Le looks FINE! Especially when she powerfully wields her wicked strap-on!) Even better, watch both clips to see all the orgasm-inducing girl-on-girl action.
  • Sex...Blowjob (sexy/slutty demeanors available): After watching Gina and Francesca get it on, you get so fucking horny that the girls take pity on you and double-team your aching rod. Damn, it doesn't get much better than two girls on one cock...especially when they deep-throat and gag on you! Eventually, Francesca jacks you off until you squirt your load all over Gina's face (the girls scoop your semen into Gina's mouth so she can eat it!). Alternatively, you can choose to have Francesca jack you off into both girls' mouths. They share your bounty by cum-swapping.

Scene Five: Fetish

  • Striptease: In a jail cell set, Gina, dressed in sexy white fishnet pantyhose with an open crotch and bound round-and-round with blue rope, dances and poses for us. She's really not wearing enough to strip. So, she spends most of her time teasing us with her generous boobies, erect nipples, naughty vocabulary, bare pussy, spankable ass cheeks, and sexy moves.
  • Masturbation: Gina shoves her fingers up her cunt and "taste-tests" her fingers to make sure she is flavorful. Then, while constantly talking to us, she fingers her labia, strokes her clit, and, after bending down into doggie, finger-fucks her wet and hot pussy. In due course, she even works multiple fingers up her commodious hole. Eventually, Gina makes herself cum. After you see Gina climax, click the "Gina Masturbates with Toy" button and watch Gina lick an extremely long (maybe two and one-half feet long!) blue metal toy (it looks like a police baton) and then use it to rub her pussy lips, stimulate her clit, and ream her vagina. Wow! It's amazing how much of the toy Gina's pussy can swallow! Of course, Gina eats her pussy juices off the end of the baton.
  • Sex...Blowjob (sexy/slutty demeanors available): While you stand with your mammoth dick at attention, you look down on Gina's pretty head and face as she attacks your cock with her hands and mouth. Gina's accommodating throat opens wide to swallow almost all of your length. And, her eyes lock with yours as she pleasures your lucky rod. After she proves that she can swallow you balls deep, it's time for you to jack off...in her mouth, or on her face or tits. Better yet, shower her with your cum all three ways! Your cum tastes good. So, Gina eats as much of it as she can.
  • Sex...Missionary (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Gina looks fucking fine dressed in her fetish outfit as you gaze down at her bountiful body while you slide into her juicy cunt and pound it deep. As in the other scenarios, you get to pop inside Gina's pussy while you fuck her in mish (use Angle 2 to see your semen flow out of her pussy and coat her asshole). Alternatively, if you don't want to take a chance of making Gina pregnant, you can slide out of her pussy and shoot her load all over her stomach and titties.
  • Sex...Cowgirl (sexy/slutty demeanors available): While you lay on your back atop the jailhouse floor, Gina straddles you, works your rigid cock into her cunt, and then fucks and grinds you fast and balls-deep. As always, Gina's fucking moves are hot and sexy! When you simply must cum, you grab the base of your dick, guide it out of Gina's vagina, and jack off onto the outside of her pussy. She then milks your rod dry.
  • Sex...Doggie (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Gina fucks you "good and hard" while you look down with wonder as your eyes behold her sexy and beautiful body as it moves wonderously. After a while, Gina begs you to cum all over her ass with your nice warm load. Of course, you do her bidding...much to her delight.

Scene Six: Hip Hop Interracial

  • Striptease: On a stripper's stage replete with pole, Gina, dressed in a way-sexy hip hop outfit that includes knee-high white boots, gives the best striptease of any of the six scenarios in Interactive Sex With Gina Lynn. Perhaps simply being on a stripper's stage adds to the overall effect of the scene. Or, maybe it's the stripper music that accompanies her dance. Whatever the reason, I'd be stuffing her panties with fives and tens if she was on the stage in front of me right now!
  • Masturbation: Gina, again dressed in her hip hop outfit and still on the stage, removes her panties and top and then pleases herself with her talented spit-lubricated fingers. She spreads her pretty pink labia for us, strokes and spanks her clit, shoves her fingers deep inside her vagina, and massages her G-Spot. If you want to see her play with a toy, click "Gina Masturbates with Toy." She'll again strip for you and then suckle a shiny stainless-steel dildo to lubricate it. Of course, Gina soon uses the toy to tickle her erect nipples and clit, to stroke her labia, and to ream her sweet pink hole.
  • Interracial sex...Blowjob (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Gina uses your big black cock to slap "this white bitch's" face. She also eagerly sucks and strokes your big rod with her "small white hands" and, whenever she comes up for air, compliments your fat penis. She deep throats you, gags on your dick, and coats it with copious amounts of her saliva. After enjoying several minutes of intense fellatio, go ahead and pop...in her mouth (she swallows) or on her face or tits.
  • Interracial sex...Missionary (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Shove your big black penis into Gina's tight white cunt and then ream it so she can cum. After you push Gina over the top, go ahead, slide out, and jack off your "nice warm load" onto the outside of Gina's pussy.
  • Interracial sex...Cowgirl (sexy/slutty demeanors available): Although I've repeatedly complimented Gina's moves during her cowgirl scenes in this movie, she really goes all out in this scene. Wow! I'd give a king's ransom if Gina would fuck me like this...and talk like her "slutty" demeanor does! I don't know if you'll do the same, but I let this clip loop a couple of times before I clicked "Cum Shot" so that I could slide out and jack off onto Gina's extraordinarily-beautiful lower belly and on the outside of her pussy. "Looks good!" coos Gina. That's an understatement!
  • Interracial sex...Reverse Cowgirl (sexy/slutty demeanors available): While Gina kneels and straddles your legs with her ass facing you, go ahead and slip your dick into her cunt and let her pound you while you gaze on her beauty and her erotic moves. Watch carefully as Gina's ass muscles clench as she clamps down on your deeply-buried cock. Soon, Gina's tight white cunt cumes all over your huge black dick. After you make Gina cum, it's your turn. So, slip out and jack off onto her pretty white ass while she encourages you: "I love watching you stroke it!" 



The extras, found on Disc Two, include a nearly 14-minute-long behind-the-scenes featurette, about six minutes of trailers for Jules Jordan Productions releases, a seven and one-half minute self-running slide show, and website information. The behind-the-scenes has impromptu interviews of Gina, the male talent, and director Chris Streams; video of Gina posing in her outfits; rehearsals for the monologue takes; planning the camera angles for the sex scenes; some extra footage; makeup; behind-the-camera action; extra footage of the sex and tease scenes; and video of the still photo shoots. This selection of extras is barely average in today's marketplace.


Final Thoughts


Average sex rating: 4.50
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.20

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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