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Real Wife Stories Vol. 9

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 5/11/11

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Web-to-DVD, Wives, Big Boobs

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Alexis Texas, Ariella Ferrara, Audrey Bitoni, Jenna Haze, Kortney Kane, Mason Moore, Phoenix Marie, Rachel Starr

Date of Production: 1/2/2011

Length: 3 hrs. 42. mins

Audio/Video: It is not specified whther or not the DVD is shot in HD. In my opinion it has at least near HD quality. The sound is clear, and seems like it is presented in a high quality presentation as well. At times the audio does seem a little more like a studio recording, but the clarity is still very good. The scenes are presented in a widescreen format.

Overview: This DVD contains five scenes featuring some of the hottest female adult film stars out there today including Jenna Haze. Each scene is divided into two parts that are part of a fantasy roleplaying scenario about wives, their husbands, and sometimes other men/women. Every scene contains a brief intro accented by music, and a roleplaying plot before it goes into the actual sex, so that the viewer is left wondering why the performers are involved in the said situations.


Scene 1: Alexis Texas & Audrey Bitoni "The Driver"

The scene begins with a rocking musical intro featuring Alexis Texas as she arrives at her friend's (Audrey Bitoni) by means of a personal driver along with her husband. The musical intro is a little dramatic, but I did enjoy it. I think it added a little spice to the scene. After exiting the car, and heading into the house Alexis, and her husband head inside her friend's house for what appears to be a leisurely weekednd visit. Alexis', and Audrey's husbands sit down and talk about stocks/golf while the two ladies sit elsewhere discussing a possible wife swap opportunity which is quickly discarded after they think on it a bit. The two ladies' discussion quickly turns to Alexis' personal driver, and about how cute he is. It doesn't take long for them to decide that they should sample the goods. Alexis, and Audrey end up sneaking the driver in for some naughty threesome action. The entire deed goes unnoticed by their husbands even though the two ladies are practically in a room that is not too far behind them. After it is all said, and done the driver casually leaves Audrey's marital home a bit on the cocky side. He pauses a moment to stare at the wive's loser husbands behind their backs before heading back outside to the car. The screen lastly focuses on Alexis, and Audrey as they share a cum covered kiss in the nude.

The sex in this scene is more girl-on-girl oriented in my opinion. I say this, because I noticed more of that sort of action than I did of the driver fucking them both. I guess that is what you can expect when a threesome is made up of two girls, and one guy. I have to say I honestly enjoyed this scene, although I did have an issue with Alexis trash talking a little too much. She definitely seemed to be the dominant figure in this threesome. There was quite a variety of positions used in this scene which I always prefer. I like for the performers to switch things up a bit. The chemistry between the trio during the sexual encounter was also very intense. I thought this made for an excellent, and enjoyable viewing experience. Watching the ending cumshot was icing on the cake for me (pun intended). I always like a facial, or oral finish and this scene delivered that well.  This was definitely a good starting scene.

Scene 2: Rachel Starr "Sleep It Off"

I really like how this scene started off. It opens up with an intimate, erotic, and somewhat romantic solo bath scene involving Rachel. The director actually filmed the entire bath, and even showed Rachel drying off afterwards. After Rachel gets finished drying herself off her husband makes his first appearance, and we find out the plot of this scenario. It turns out that Rachel's husband has a friend/co-worker who is in need of a place to stay until he can get back on his feet financially. As the scenario makes itself more clear we find that Rachel's husband is also a raging alcoholic. The male performer who portrays her husband actually does a really believable job playing as a drunk throughout the scenes entirety. I won't spoil every detail of this scene, because it is really impressive on so many levels, but I will tell you that it also contains a sexual fantasy/dream sequence as well as an actual sex scene involving Rachel and her house guest. It also ends without leaving you hanging. In other words it's not just sex, and then it's all over. It actually ends concluding the scenario in an open ended sort of way. It definitely has a happy ending.

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The sex in both the fantasy sequence, and the actual sex scene within this scene are amazing. Without trying to sound like I'm trying to sell this DVD, I actually thought this was the best scene I have ever had the pleasure to review. It had so many different parts to it. Not only did it have an amazing scenario, but the sex was intense. In fact the sex was very hardcore at moments. There was even some face fucking involved. I've been trying to stray away from such descriptive words in my reviews lately, but Rachel actually asked the guy to face fuck her. The sex part of the scene appeared like it was going to be a more intimate one, but after Rachel told the guy to fuck her like a whore the scene became much more intense. There was lots of hard pounding, and very intense orgasms from Rachel during the sexual encounter. Even though the sex was intense in this scene, it still fit the overall scenario very well. Rachel made it seem as though she was seriously intent on teaching her husband a lesson by cheating on him with his friend. She even wiped away a few tears during the performance which made the entire act that much more believable. After I got through watching this scene I was awe struck. The whole scene seemed so much more complete than most of the scenes I have watched for review purposes. I also like the acting. I realize it's a porn scene, but I can totally appreciate the acting in this scene. All three performers did a very impressive job. It's not very often that I get so psyched about a scene, but I honestly believe this scene deserves some praise.

Scene 3: Jenna Haze "I Am Desirable"

The scenario of this scene starts off with a rough fight between Jenna, and her onscreen husband. Her husband basically tells her that she is to skinny, and no one would want to be with her. After Jenna slaps him across the face (which he deserved) he says fuck you, and storms out the door. I have to say that in this scene Jenna is a very determined girl. She goes the extra mile to prove that she is desirable, and by 'extra mile' I mean she fucks some random strangers. After preparing some surveys titled 'How Was Sex With Jenna' she seduces the cable guy who was installing her cable service. It doesn't actually show her have sex with the cable guy. Instead that part of the scene focuses on Jenna (who is butt naked) sitting beside the cable guy asking him to take on of her surveys. She points out that the most important question on the survey is "How was Jenna's Blowjob Skills?". The cable guy ends up giving her a '10' on that. Her quest to prove that men desire her doesn't stop there. Jenna has sex (but not really) with the Asian dekivery guy right when he walks in the door. she doesn't give him time to react. She just drops to her knees, and unzips his pants. The actual sex act is once again not show. You just see the Asian delivery guy sprawled out in front of the door with Jenna sparwled out beside him in the nude. She also gives him the survey. This part of the scenario was kind of comical to me, but I really enjoyed it. The real sex scene happens when her best (guy) friend comes by for a visit. After the pair of lustful friends have at it for a while, and their encounter comes to a close, Jenna hands her best friend a survey. In closing her husband comes home to find that Jenna has left the surveys pinned to the staircase with the names (occupations) of the guys she had fucked earlier that day. Her wedding ring was laying underneath them. Jenna with her bags packed walks down the staircase, shoots her husband a bird, says "Fuck Off!", and then leaves the house.

I do belive this is the first sex scene of Jenna I have ever reviewed. I really liked her voice during her orgasms, and dirty comments. Jenna's performance was very impressive, and the male performer did a great job as well. They both made a good pair, which is sometimes hard to find in such scenes. The majority of the sex took place against the lower rails of a staircase, and on the bottom steps. The sex in this scene was truly hot. Jenna did an awesome job with her oral skills, and her fucking was intense. In fact she did such an awesome job that the guy shot a rather large load all over her face, and even in her hair. The one part that spiced it up a good bit for me was when Jenna asked the guy "Why hasn't my best friend ever fucked me!?' as she was getting done doggystyle. She was constantly commenting on how long her best friend's cock was, and how deep inside her it went. I have to admit that that guy was definitely blessed with a long cock. Jenna's sexual taunts, and dirty talk through out the sexual encounter enhanced the viewing pleasure majorly. When it comes to sex Jenna definitely knows how to get a guy off. This was another really excellent scene. It had humor, and some rather intense sex which kept my direct attention all the way through.

Scene 4: Kortney Kane "I Want Cock Now!"

I was a little disappointed with this scene. The scenario/story was a lot less involved. In fact it was almost nonexistant when compared to the overall scale of the previous scenes' scenarios. This scene begins in a bedroom at night with Kortney, and her husband discussing his vacation and his choice to work at home. After some short talk Kortney gives her onscreen hubby a really good blowjob. The guy ends up shooting his load into her mouth. After that exciting moment the scene moves on to the next day where it focuses on Kortney's husband as he is working in his home office. She tries a couple of times to entice her mate into some office sex with no success. After she was turned away she goes to the kitchen to clean a bit, I suppose. She stands ther in nothing but an apron as she thinks out loud about how much she needs her husband's cock. She comes up with a plan to spice things up a bit in hopes of getting some office sex this time around. Her plan, which I did not understand how it was successful, was to wear some frilly house maid lingerie. Apparently it worked though, because her husband stopped his work after gazing upon her sexy outfit. from there it was office sex all over his work desk.

The scenario was a bit lacking in my opinion, but the sex was alright. The couple did switch things up a good bit even though they had sex on a desk for the most part. The scene involved the usual desk top sex positions like different variations of doggystyle, and some cowgirl riding as well. I liked how the husband added a little foot fetish action to the scene. It was nice to see something a little different in that sense of things. The sex was definitely accented with a heated passion between the couple, and it wasn't dull at any point. Overall the scene was just ok to me. It didn't seem like it had as much content as the previous scenes. A viewer would probably wonder why the scenario was toned down after there were three exceptional examples before it.

Scene 5: Mason Moore & Phoenix Marie "Swappers"

Before I get into this scene's review I want to clarify that I'm a reviewer who gives credit where it is due, and can be brutally honest if I think a scene or DVD is lacking. With that being said, This scene was epic in so many ways. The opening credits looked as if it came from a thriller movie, or more specifically something along the lines of what you'd see in a Quentin Tarantinio movie. The music in the opening sequence of this scene was awesome, as was the music in the ending credits. It doesn't even sound like porn music. It was the type of hardcore music I would listen to, but on a symphonic level.

In the opening sequence we find Mason, and her husband in bed. Mason treats her hubby to a very nice, and rather intense blow job before stating that she wishes they would do something exciting (I don't think that was the actual word/description, but you get the idea). After that the scene switches to a dramatic slo-mo sequence with Mason posing nude, and her husband spying on some unsuspecting neighbors from an upstairs window. As all that is happening the opening credits are rolling with what appears to be artistic cum splatters that mimic a blood. When the drama (which was epic in itself) is through Mason and her husband are standing at their neighbor's house door ready to greet with a bouquet of flowers. Their neighbors invite them in, and all sorts of craziness happens. The two couples sit down and shoot the breeze for a bit (talk neighborly stuff). Then Mason breifly leaves the room telling the neighbors that she has a surprise for them. When they walk into the living room and see her lying naked upon their couch all hell breaks loose. I thought the the neighbor's wife (Phoenix) was going to totally beat the crap out of Mason. She said things like "What the Hell!?", "This ain't right!!!", and "You need to get out of my house now bitch!!!". Mason, and her husband practically force the neighbors wife into 'swapping' with them. To be honest though, aside from Phoenix (The neighbor's wife) causing a scene about Mason being naked, she doesn't put up much of a fight. From there on it's the most intense wife swapping scene I have ever witnessed, and I'm honestly not sugar coating it.

The sex starts of with the two wifes doing some hardcore back-to-back cocksucking. At this point they had already swapped partners. The sex is definitely hardcore throughout. There's some face slapping, and trash talking as well which adds to the intensity, and ultimate enjoyment of the scene. The intense action doesn't cease until the final cumshot. The ending cumshots were amazing to me. Each husband ended up shooting a rather thick load on the face, and in the open mouths of their neighbor's wife. After that Mason, and Phoenix shared some brief cumswapping. This is an awesome way to end a DVD! This is how it should be.


- Bonus Scene With Ariella Ferrara

- Photo Gallery

- Cumshot Recap

- Trailers

- Web Access


From start to finsih this DVD is amazing. Brazzers did not skimp out on anything in this DVD. The soundtrack is very impressive. They delivered impressive, and complete scenarios with amazing sex leaving me feeling that the scene was longer than it actually was. They definitely deserve some kind of praise for this production. The cast they chose were top notch. This DVD had superb performances, and performers throughout. The only thing I didn't like which seriously pales in comparison to the rest of the DVD was the short scenario presented in scene 4. I wish it would have been more complete feeling as the other scenes. Other than that this is a solid experience all the way through. The extras are amazing as well. The buyer is treated with a bonus scene which compliments this very impressive collection of wife related scenarios. If I knew earlier what I've learned about this DVD now I would have totally bought it. It's not too often that I get the opportunity to review such an exceptional DVD. My praise goes out to Brazzers, and their director/s for delivering such an awesome DVD in such an impressive manner. This DVD absolutely deserves the xcritic pick.

Final Rating: Xcritic Pick!!!



"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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