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Cum Hunters Vol. 10

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 5/12/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Cumshots

Director: Jim Powers

Cast: Amy Brooke, Jessie Andrews, Katie Kox, Sindee Jennings, Tristyn Kennedy

Date of Production: 8/30/08, 1/07/10, 6/05/10

Length: 1 hrs. 57 mins.

Audio/Video: The DVD was captured in HD. The individual scenes/chapters are presented in a widescreen ratio.

Overview: This DVD features a group of really hot girls who call themselves the 'Cum Hunters'. The reason behind this becomes more obvious as you watch the DVD, but basically these girls are out for cum. They end up inviting random guys for some intense oral action, and fun time. The scenarios in this DVD have a party like atmosphere to them which is supposed to add to the intense viewing pleasure of the scene.


Chapter 1: Sindee & Katie

The scenario for this scene was almost nonexistent. It starts of with some guy trying to open up the elevator with no success. After a while of pressing the elevator button, the door opens and a party of people come rushing out. They take the confused guy who was trying to get on the elevator, and lead him into a room. There were six people in total. Four of those people were random guys, the other two were the Cum Hunter girls Sindee and Katie. After they are all in the room it immediately becomes like a party, a very naughty sort of party.

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I have to say that while this scene/chapter was rather enjoyable to watch it was a bit on the insane side. I guess in the end it's what spiced it up. For the most part of the scene I focused on Sindee, and her really wild and often times crazy personality. I have never in my history as an adult DVD reviewer witnessed a girl come so much, and so many times as Sindee did. By the end of the chapter she looked like she was about to stroke out to be honest. Sidnee even went so far as to bark/act like a dog, and even talked crazy from time to time. Katie did her share of wild things as well including stuffing two of the guy's cocks in her mouth at once. To be fair though, Sindee did the same thing with a much more impressive style. Sindee definitely liked to deepthroat, and gag a lot during the scene, and she even gagged when she got the two guy's cocks inside her mouth at the same time. There was one point in the scene that I thought was quite a bit of a waste of time. The entire group including Sindee tried for the longest to get Katie to cum, and it did take a good while. I felt this time could have been spent better with something like more cocksucking, or deepthroating. There was also one other thing that caught my attention. I noticed that Katie ended up recieving all of the cumshots. I would have really liked to have seen Sindee with a facial or oral cumshot, but she was masturbating with a vibrator while all the guys were shooting their loads onto Katies large tits. I think the scene was just ok. The craziness, even though it was fun to watch, kind of turned me away from really liking the scene.

Chapter 2: Amy, Jessie & Tristyn

This scene/chapter started of really strong. Amy, Jessie, and Tristyn meet in front of a bar and talk smack about being Cum Hunters. It turns out that Tristyn is a new recruit to the team, and in my opinion was the best out of all three girls. After gathering some guys from the bar, the girls head off to some backyard area where they talk a little more smack. They briefly talk into some vibrators that were provided for the orgy as if they were microphones discussing what they intended to do. The three girls took out four shot glasses. This is the part where I got a bit excited. I'm into gokkun, and I thought the girls were going to have the guys fill the shot glasses up with cum, but I was wrong. Not only was I wrong, but I was a little disappointed as well. The purpose of the shot glases turned out to be used for catching the girls' squirt/cum. One of the guys even ended up drinking Tristyn's cum. I'm honestly not really into that sort of thing, so it was a bit of a turn off for me. After the three girls got through masturbating with their vibrators the actual sex, and blowjobs started.

In my honest opinion this scene/chapter lasted way too long. At times Jessie looked as if she was hoping it would end which was definitely a mood killer. I didn't really like how Amy acted. She was a little over the top with her cockiness (Pun Intended). The best parts of the scene was when it was focused on Tristyn. Tristyn ended up with the most action, and facial/oral cumshots that the other two girls. One thing didn't like was the lengthy focus on the girls masturbating.  A little focus would have been alright, but I expected to see a lot more cocksucking. The scene was ok for what it was, and that is a wild party scene. The scene's length just ruined it for me, and the shot glass disappointment didn't help at all.

Chapter 3: Danica

Out of all the chapters, which were only three, this was my least favorite. The scene featured Dan (Porno Dan), and Danica in a one on one session. A lot of the scene was wasted on masturbation techniques in which Dan tried time, and time again to get Danica to come. I don't recall her ever coming at all. In fact from the start of the scene to the finish Danica just didn't seem into it to me. She looked a bit to relaxed. Theres not much else to say about this scene. There was lots of masturbation going on, and little sex. That's about it. Dan did end up giving Danica a facial which was the best part of the scene for me. Other than that, this scene was a major let down.



- Behind the Scenes

- Cocksucking Challenge Bonus Scene

- Trailers


This DVD failed for me on so many levels. I do admit the sex was good sometimes, but it pales in comparison to the rest of the DVD. The craziness, the length of chapter two, and the last chapter itself were the biggest issues to me. These were pretty big issues too. Another thing I didn't like was the majority of the female performers. Out of all the girls the only one that made an impression to me was Tristyn, and she was a new recruit to the Cum Hunters team. The only really good thing I saw in this DVD was Tristyn's performance. In brutal honesty I was hoping this DVD would finish quickly. As a reviewer I am obligated to watch a DVD to it's entirety, so the readers can know if it's worth the money. I've done at least one other Immoral Productions DVD review, and I really liked it. This DVD was definitely different in that sense. I can't even honestly recommend this for a rent. It's truly disappointing.

Final Rating: Skip It

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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