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Whores Of Darkness, The

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/11/11

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Whores of Darkness
Burning Angel Entertainment
Directed by Joanna Angel
Running Time: 2hrs and 22min
Price: 22.99


Draven Star
Bella Vendetta
Ranie Mae
Wolf Hudson
Tommy Pistol
Brian Street Team
Mick Blue

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Slide Show
Trailers (4 trailers)
Behind the Scenes ( a shorter than normal 18 minute feature, where we find out that Draven has been away for awhile, and some more interviews and goofiness with the cast and crew, plus a little secret is revealed involving soap)
Web Site Info

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So you may know much I enjoy me some Burning Angel movies and the girls, but as you can tell from the scene scores and stuff, that this was a little of let down. It was awesome to see Draven and Asphyxia once again, and I feel that other girls will need to show me a little more next time I see them. I was a little disappointed, but I am going to chalk this up as a fluke, they are normally better, and I know they won’t let me down again, so I can’t wait to see what comes next. I still love Burning Angel, and if you are a fan also, I am going to say that this is a RENT IT for sure. Rather short on extra too, but it still has the great BTS footage, just not as long as normal. I think that part of the reason it got a lower score, I don't think I am a fan of the solo scenes, I think I like the sex involving at least two people.

Scene One:  Asphyxia and Mick (3/5 rating)

Well we start off right away with one of the cover girls, Asphyxia, as she gives us a strip tease down to her bra and panties and then she climbs on a case, and then points for someone to come over, and Mick walks into the scene as they start to kiss. He shoves his hand down her panties and go to work on her pussy and then within seconds her clothes are off and he is face first in her pussy. After some more kissing her leads her to his pants, as she takes them off and then he shoves her head right to his cock for some face fucking. She ends up back on the case, and he shoves his fingers in her pussy and you can hear how wet she is inside. He dives back into her pussy with his tongue and fingers before he slides his cock into her pussy. He grabs her throat while he fucks her. And the rough stuff continues with some slapping of her breasts as he really gives her pussy a pounding. He pulls out and bends her over and gives her a few ass slaps, as she begs for more and harder. And after some more tongue and finger play, he is right back inside her pussy for some doggy action, as he grabs on to her hair and pulls her back. And she even begs for him to do it, after awhile, so you know she really likes it rough. He pulls out and she is back to some oral action, as she gags on his cock as she tries to take it all in her mouth. He shoves his fingers back in her pussy and she is still pretty wet and I was kind of expecting some squirting action, but I guess not. He licks her ass, as she purrs with delight, and then makes his way back to her pussy. He turns her on her side for some spoon action and then back to some doggy action until he pulls out and leaves a money shot on her chest.

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Scene Two: Draven (2/5 rating)

So it’s already time for cover girl #2, with the lovely Draven as she starts to take off her clothes and rubs her pussy with her fingers. She stands up and walks over to the couch and bends over to show off her ass, while she continues to play with her pussy.  And she seems to be shaking with excitement  as she continues to play with it, and you can hear how wet she is too. She giggles as she slows things down a bit, but is soon right back to work on her pussy. She stop and is back to her ass to the camera, as she continues to show off her body for the camera. She walks back over to the cross looking thing and then the camera fades to black.

Scene Three: Felix and Tommy (2/5 rating)

It’s time for me to check out a new girl, Felix, as she bends over and shakes her ass for the camera, and then teases us as she runs her hands all over her body.  She lifts up her skirt and shows off her pussy, as she teases it with her fingers.  Tommy walks into the scene and then get to some hot and heavy kissing, as Tommy lifts up her skirt and plays with her ass. She ends up on the floor bent over, as he shoves his face in her ass and begins to lick her pussy and ass. He gives her a pussy a few slaps and she scream with delight every time. She rolls over, as he continues to work over her pussy with the tongue and fingers. She returns the favor as she sucks and jerks off his cock. He goes back to her pussy, as he spreads it with his fingers and then she climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. She goes back to some oral work on his cock, as he thrusts his cock into her mouth, and then they knock stuff over as they continue with some doggy action in her pussy. And then we get a little of that Tommy comedy that he likes to throw in every scene he can. I know I usually point out of the girls have any tats or piercing, but considering this is a Burning Angel movie, I really don’t think I need to point out the obvious. Anyways, back to the action, as we continue with some missionary until he gives her a money shot all over her face and in her mouth.

Scene Four: Asphyxia (2/5 rating)

So we are once again back to Asphyxia and where she was for the first scene. She once again strips out of her clothes and begins to tease her pussy with her fingers, as she spreads her pussy open. She rolls over and sticks her ass to the camera, as she continues to work her pussy over with her fingers. I guess we are going to get a few solo scenes of the girls in between some of the scenes, so we can see them by themselves and with another person I guess.

Scene Five: Ranie Mae and Brian (1/5 rating)

So she starts off all tied up and gagged on the couch, as she tries to free herself from the black tape that has got her all tied up. Brian sneaks up behind her and gives her a few kisses and then spreads her legs, so we can see her black panties, and then continues to kiss her while she struggles with the tape. He leans her over and begins to smack her ass and then slides her panties off, while he licks her boot. He then walks over and begins to rub her face on his crotch of his pants. He kisses her and the tape comes off her mouth and the first thing she says, is fuck her. He tells her to say please, she does as he helps her out of all the tape and goes back to fingering her pussy as they kiss. He licks her pussy until he stands up and she grabs a hold of his cock and begins to suck on it. And after some more deep kissing, he spreads her legs and pussy as he slides his cock into it. They continue with some spoon action, which leads to some reverse cowgirl action and then she ends up bent over with his face in her ass until he slides his cock back in her pussy. After some missionary, she is back to some oral work on his cock and then back on top for some cowgirl action, with some energy at the end and then she ends up on her knees as she takes a money shot in the mouth. He walks off camera and comes back with some tape and tapes her mouth and body once again.

Scene Six: Bella Vendetta (1/5 rating)

Next up is Bella, and she is wearing a black dress and playing on a bed, and she gives us brief glimpses of her body as she teases the camera. Her top comes down and her bra soon follows as she exposes her breasts and then lifts up her dress and begins to rub her pussy. To go on a little tanget, the thing that is cool about watching girls with tats, is always trying to read the sayings and see how many of the tats that you can recognize what they are. Anyways, back to the action, as she continues to play with her pussy, it looks like a few fingers end up in her ass a little too. It looks like this is going to be yet another solo scene on this disc.

Scene Seven: Draven and Wolf (5/5 rating)

Once again we are back with the lovely Draven and she seems to be looking at an empty frame. Which is apparently a metaphor for her life. Wolf comes in and says he wants to fill her frame, and she seems to be ok with that, as she leans him up against the cross thing and they start to kiss, as he starts to take off her clothes. Her top comes off and he plays with her tits, as she runs her nails down his arms. She falls to her knees and opens his pants and shoves his cock in her mouth, and jerks him off as she licks his balls for a bit. He lifts her up and sets her on the couch as he dives into her pussy with his tongue and mouth. He shoves a few fingers in her pussy and she really seems to loose her breath  and once again has the happy shakes as he continues. But after awhile, she looks at him and says the magic words, fuck me, so he bends her over the couch and begins to fuck her from behind. She really puts a lot of energy as she is getting fucked from behind, and has to take a break to catch her breath, but ends up on top of him for some cowgirl action, as they continue with the heavy kissing, and the look they give each other really adds some heat to the scene.
They continue with some missionary, as she even gives herself a little helping hand as he fucks her. You can even hear how wet she is, as the camera zoom in a little closer to the action. She stands him up and leads him over to the cross thing and tells him to get down as she backs her ass into his face. And since she ended up cuming on his face, she lets him return the favor as she ends up on her knees and he gives her a money shot all over her face.

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