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Wife Switch Vol. 12

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 5/15/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Swingers, Widescreen, Wives

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Lexi Love, Madelyne Marie, Nicole Sheridan, Sean Michaels

Date of Production: 4/8/2011

Length: 1 hrs. 59 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is presented in (English) 2.0 Dolby Digital Surround, and has no subtitles. The video is presented in a 1:85:1 Widscreen ratio/format.

Overview: This video contais scenes of wife swapping in which two couples openly share their experiences. Throughout the scene there a brief documentary style interviews with individual spouses letting the viewer know what they thought about the experience as it happened. At the end of each scene the couples sit together to share their thoughts on the wife swap.


Scene 1: Valentines & Sheridans

The scene begins with the Valentines discussing the upcoming wife swap. Mrs. Valentine doesn't seem to like the idea, and acts nervous as they head to the Sheridan's house. She even tries the get her husband to change his mind while they are at the Sheridan's doorstep. After a brief talk Mr. Valentine persuades Mrs. Valentine to join him for the swap. To start with the two wives have a little wife on wife action as the husbands sit back, and observe. After that the husbands recieve blowjobs from opposite wives. The sex actual sex takes place on the Sheridan's couch, and the husbands wear condoms for the penetrative sex. I can't recall when I last saw any guy wear a condom in the DVDs I review, but for some reason it bothered me a little. I do understand the safety aspect, but there's something about condomless sex that appeals to me more. At times the scene is interrupted occasionaly by a brief documentary style interview with each member of the swap letting the viewer know what the Valentines, and Sheridans thought at that moment of the swap. The sex for the most part was very enjoyable, and intense at times. I have just begun liking the wife swap genre, and I think this scene did good. The two wives ended up recieving cumshots from the opposite husband on their chests. It's not particulalry my favorite finish, but it was ok. After the sex was over the couples sat down together for a discussion about what the swap was like to them. The conversation was very real which I liked. It was interesting to hear genuine feedback from someone who has done this sort of thing.

Scene 2: Loves & Maries

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The beginning of this scene, and the couples were about the only differences from the first scene. The scene opens up in the bedroom of the Loves where Mr. Love informs Mrs. Love about her birthday surprise. Both the Loves, and the Maries arranged the swap via some sort of website. After surprising Mrs. Love with the good news (I honestly thought she might slap him or something), she becomes very excited. She even says this is the best birthday gift ever. This wife swap was interracial. Mr. Maries is an African American, and his wife seems to be of a Spanish ethnic background. The loces were both caucasian. I apologize for all the technical race babble, I'm just trying to make the scene more clear. After the couples meet it's basically the same routine as the couples in the previous scene did. In fact it was a bit odd to me how similar the sex, and positions were in each scene. Mrs. Love, and Mrs. Marie start by giving each other a little wife on wife attention. Afterwards follows blowjobs to opposite husbands. Like the scene before the sex takes place on a couch. There was one difference that caught my attention. These two couples didn't use condoms. Overall the sex in the scene was enjoyable to watch. I did like the fact that they avoided using condoms. At the end the couples sat down together, and discussed their experience with each other, and the cameraman.

Scene 3: Sky & Reeses

This scene pretty much starts off in the same manner as the previous scenes. Mr., and Mrs. Sky briefly discuss their plans for swapping with a couple that they found on a website called 'Switching Spouses'. The scene then focuses on the second couple, the Reeses who just got an email about the Sky's interest in swapping with them. Mrs. Reese is the only one out of both couples who is a little reluctant about the situation. She ends up giving in though, and the two couples then arrange to meet. It appeared to me that both couples went to each others house only to find they weren't home. It was like they got mixed messages or something, but that was never really revealed. Unlike the previous scenes this scene contained no mini interviews during the actual sex, or even a group talk session at the end. The sex in the scene went the same way as the first two scenes, and at this point I realized that the couples were probably told how they were supposed to do the swap. To begin with the Skys, and Reeses both shared some wine. Next the two wives had some girl on girl action. In this scene it wasn't really that involved. After the wives undressed each other the sex began. Overall the sex was really enjoyable to watch, but it seemed a little repetative to me after seeing the first two scenes show nearly the same routine. In the end one husband shot his load on the other wife's ass, while the other husband shot his onto the other wife's tits. This also seemed a little repetative to me since the previous scenes' cumshots were dealt in pretty much the same manner. I still think the scene was good, and I liked that there weren't any interview interruptions during it.

Scene 4: Wellins & Kais

This scene goes back to the same arrangement as the first scene where the couples do a more interview styled scene. Mrs. Wellin actually has to talk her husband into joing her for the swap. I think he was the only nervous one out of both couples this time. Mr. Kai is actually a porn star who I recognize. He decides to get his new wife to join him in a swapping session with the wellins, and she seems perfectly ok with that. The couples end up meeting at the Kai's home for the sexual rendezvous. The briefly share a glass of wine, and talk a little before starting the swap. I did notice that there weren't any interruptions with brief interviews during the sex which was good. Mrs. Wellin seemed to be really into the swap even more so than her husband, but I think it was because he was nervous. I could tell the Kais were really comfortable with the swap, and they had a professional attitude about the whole thing. The swap was really fun to watch. I can't say this scene was better than the others, but it was just as good. The swap started off and finished the same as in the previous scenes. Both wives shared some girl on girl time, and undressed each other before having sex with the opposite spouse. The ending cumshots were the same as the previous scenes. One wife recieved a cumshot to the tits while the other wife got a cumshot on her ass. Overall the scene was good, and thoroughly enjoyable. The repetative routine did dull it up for me just a tiny bit, but I was able to look past it.



- Bonus Scene

- Behind the Scenes

- Striptease

- DVD Trailers

- Slideshow

- PV Mobile (Trailers For Your Mobile Devices)


I just recently got into the wife swap genre of DVDs, andI have to say for a four scene DVD this was really good. The couples were all enjoyable to watch. I really liked the scenes where I got to hear the couples thought on their swap experience. It definitely gave a more personal insight on what it's like to wife swap. The only thing that bothered me was the repetative routine in each scene. Ithink it would have been nice to add some sort of variation to the scenes. aside from that I really enjoyed this DVD. You definitely get four good quality scenes with this DVD which is a plus. The bonus scene, and other extras are a nice addition as well. I think I'm actually beginning to like the wife swap genre of adult entertainment. This DVD definitely gets a recommendation from me.

Final Rating: Recommended!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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