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Street Heat

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/16/11

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Street Heat
Joy Bear Productions
Running Time: 1hr and 28min
Price: 19.99


Ashley Long
Tony DeSergio
Steve Hooper

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Photo Gallery

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6 Mbps (not full screen)

Overall Thoughts:

I have to say that this is a fairly interesting series and I guess it’s one I may try and see more of. I guess I like the thought that these are normal people from the street and they seem pretty willing to let people film them having sex, and sometimes our host gets to get involved. Sounds like a rough job. There are a few issues with the video (not full screen and somewhat poor quality) and audio ( there were some parts where it was hard to hear the conversations). But I guess the whole reality, low budget thing, you don’t really expect too high of quality of stuff. There is also a little issue with the rather quick ending of the scenes, it seems just as the action is getting really good, it ends. But I think that some of the sex scenes, make this one that is worth at least a RENT IT rating, cause it’s not horrible and it’s worth at least checking out to see if you like it, if so, you may end up like me and maybe give the rest of the series a shot to see what they bring to the table next time. Hopefully some more above average scenes, and maybe a little BTS footage or something.

Scene One: Barbarella, Yasmin  and Steve (3/5 rating)

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So this is a sort of reality series about a group of guys who go around and ask people about porn and see where it goes from there. After his first interview doesn’t end the way he wants, he finds Yasmin and Barbarella. He asks them about porn and then offers them some money if they do a scene with him. Barbarella seems to be into it, but not her friend, but she is interested in at least watching it. So they head off to his house boat and they get the girls to kiss each other, and then he asks more questions. But finally she opens his pants and starts to suck on his cock, while her friend watches. They decide to move downstairs and she gets right back to work on his cock, as her friend helps her out of her short and seems to be somewhat interested in action, I guess her shyness is going away. Barbarella continues to work his cock, as her friend helps her out of her pants and then slides down her panties. She gets up on the table and he dives into her pussy and begins to work it over with his tongue, while the girls kiss once again. Wow her friend is really getting into this now, as she takes her turn with her pussy.  They once again head off to another part of the boat, as she ends up bent over in front of him and he slides his cock into her pussy.  But soon her friend calls them back and he sits on the couch and she climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action. Her friend’s top comes off and soon her pants, and the camera gives us a nice view of her amazing ass as she slides her panties off. Barbarella climbs off his cock and turns around for some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy. The whole reality thing and the fact that her friend is teasing us at first, makes this a pretty good scene. They switch to some spoon action as she lays her head in between her friend’s legs. He pulls out and cums on her stomach and chest, well that ended a little quicker than I had expected.

Scene Two: Kristy and Tony  (2/5 rating)

So I guess we are now getting a setup scene, as a lady walks into her room and we can see some porn is showing on the tv, and she starts to take off her clothes as she continues to watch it. We get a little tease before we are once again back to him asking ladies about porn. He finds a pretty hot blonde and we kind of hope he can convince her to do it, but he finds a couple, and the guy seems to be Tony, who is in porn, so maybe this is very old, or they are trying to sell the whole reality thing. Anyways he offers them money and he says that he wants to be involved also. They seem to be OK with it, just not so much with him being involved in the scene. So they leave with the camera man and he goes back to the other blonde. So they make it to an apartment as they begin to kiss and take each other’s clothes off, there is some nice teasing as she rubs his crotch through his underwear. As they move, I see they are actually on the boat once again, and he finds a couch and sits down and she takes off her pants and shows off her ass to the camera, and then gets to work on his cock. She ends up leaning up against the couch, as he dives face first into her ass, as he fingers her pussy. But enough foreplay, he slides his cock into her pussy for some doggy action. We cut to her as she is just about to slide on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, but that doesn’t seem to be working, so she turns around for some regular cowgirl action, as she wiggles her hips on his cock. There seems to be some decent heat between these two, so I am guessing the couple thing might be true. She gets up and leans up against the stairs for some doggy action, which leads to him cumming all over her ass.

Scene Three: Unknown (Ashley?) and Steve (4/5 rating)

We are back to the girl dancing in her room as she gets to her bra and panties and then we are back to our guy on the street asking questions. The first couple turns down his offer but he finds a new couple right away. And after the questions, he offers the money, and the girl is all into it, and he isn’t. So he walks away, but she stays with them. They work out the deal and make it back to her place and as they walk up the stairs, she tells him to sit down and she opens his pants and goes to town on his cock. She grabs him by the hand and takes him outside her window and she goes back to work on his cock. As she continues, he helps her out of her short and rubs her tits as she continues to work on his cock. She leans against the window opening and he gets her pants and underwear off and dives in her pussy with his mouth, and then soon followed by his cock. They switch to some reverse cowgirl action as she really shows a little enthusiasm as she rides him. And that continues when she turns around for some more doggy action in her ass, and after some hard pounding he gives her a pretty decent money shot as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Four:  2 Unknown Ladies (1/5 rating)

Back to our dancer girl, as her top is off and she continues to dance for us, teasing us even more, and then we are back to him asking questions. He finds a few girls and it seems the girls are somewhat interested in his offer. But it seems they don’t want him around, so the girls leave with the camera guy and head off to their place, and they start to kiss as they walk down the hall. They head into their place and head into the bathroom where they share a cigarette and then we cut to them in the kitchen and one girl already has her top off and she plays with her friend’s ass and then slides off her panties for the camera. They make their way to a chair and the continue to kiss and more of their clothes come off. But the chair doesn’t seem to be working out, so they head to the table and some more pussy play with some fingers and tongue follows. The scene quickly ends.

Scene Five: Kristy and Steve (3/5 rating)

Back to our dancing girl, who panties are now off and then back to our guy Steve, asking some more people about porn. He finds a couple who turn him down, even though they plan to film themselves at some point in the future. So they walk away, and he gets a call and it’s a lady and it seems he has something lined up for later. Back at his place, and there is a knock at the door and the blonde from a previous scene is back and she wants a little action with him. They start off with some heavy kissing, as he grabs on to her breasts and then slides his pants down and she starts to suck on his cock. She ends up on the table, bent over as she licks her pierced pussy, until he spits on his cock and slides it in her pussy, for some doggy action, followed by some reverse cowgirl, and it sounds like she is pretty wet down there. He picks her up and leans her against the stairs for some more doggy action and then we cut to him giving her a money shot across her face.

Back once again to our naked dancer as she continues to dance for us, and then leaves the room. And we get a little teaser commercial for the next entry in the series.


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