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Are We In Love?

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/5/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: David Stanley
Cast: Chris Cannon, Justine Joli, Kelly Kline, Kimberly Kane, Lori Alexia, Mia Smiles, Nadia Hilton, Niko, Tony Tedeschi.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Kimberly Kane
Length: 01:48
Condoms: Yes.
Bonus: One bonus star for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Kimberly Kane.


Note for full disclosure: I was present during one of the two days that it took to shoot Are We In Love? Although I have witnessed--and participated in--numerous gonzo and all-sex shoots, this was the first full-blown feature I watched being filmed. I was damned impressed by director David Stanley! Typically, sex scenes are shot in about an hour and are edited down to about 20-30 minutes. However, I learned from the Are We In Love set that dialog takes much longer to capture. The performers repeat their lines numerous times as the camera records them from varying angles. Of course, there are also numerous flubbed lines and bloopers. For example, in Are We In Love? there is a short bar scene that highlights an argument between Chris Cannon and his wife Justine Joli. It lasts maybe three minutes in the final cut. However, it took the better part of an hour to shoot! That's dedication on the part of the cast and perfectionism on the part of director David Stanley!

I was also blown away by the acting abilities of both Chris Cannon and Kelly Kline. I've known Chris for several years and have seen him perform on set for several gonzo style movies. I didn't know he could act SO well! In fact, he delivers his lines much better than director Stanley who fills a cameo role as Chris' brother in Are We In Love? Kelly Kline, who I met for the first time on this set, is an adorable young woman and a very convincing actress.

Now, on to the synopsis...

In an environment plagued by infidelity and divorce, engaged couple Chris Cannon and Kelly Kline really want to know if they're in love. More importantly, will their love stand the test of time?

Of course, they're worried. After all, just about everybody they know cheats, has been cheated on, or is divorced. Kelly's best friend Lori Alexia cheated on her husband with--and subsequently married--Niko. The wife of Chris' brother had a lesbian fling with Mia Smiles. Chris' wife Justine Joli left him for busty blond Nadia Hilton. Infidelity and divorce abound!

Darling Kelly is not immune. Indeed, she first met Chris when she was a young student in his community-college class. She'd dream about him and even went so far as to fantasize about giving him a spirited blowjob in front of all the other students. Later, after Chris and his wife Justine break up over her affair with Nadia, Kelly's there to swoop in and pick up the pieces of Chris' broken heart.

Kelly and Chris do marry and, after seven years, their passion starts to wane. After all, Chris is now a big-time business executive who's so busy that he has to schedule sex with Kelly. Kelly's rightly concerned about this and, after all those years, again wonders if she and Chris are truly in love.

Kelly goes so far as to flirt with aging--and hilarious--Tony Tedeschi as he does some carpentry work around Kelly's house. She imagines seducing him and fucking him in the midst of the construction work he's doing on the house's nursery. Kelly only fantasizes--and never physically cheats on Chris. Yet, her anxiety continues.

After a business trip, Chris returns home to find his wife groaning in ecstasy. Expecting the worst--he's jealous of carpenter Tony--he runs into the nursery and finds his wife masturbating. Whew! He gathers her into his arms and takes her to their bedroom for likely the sweetest lovemaking I've ever seen in a porn movie. Damn, you'd think that Chris and Kelly really were lovers, not adult actors.

This is a great couples movie. It has an enjoyable plot, good acting (especially by Chris and Kelly), and pleasing (but not edgy) sex.

Check out some photos of the girls in Are We In Love? here. Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One recounts a lesbian encounter between the wife of Chris' brother (Kimberly Kane) and cute-as-can-be Mia Smiles. I've known Mia (Chris Cannon's real-life significant other) for several years and have always been impressed by her cute looks and insatiable desire. However, I hadn't known Kimberly until I met her when this scene was filmed. Whereas most porn stars are rather uppity and don't think it's worth their time to talk to ordinary mortals, Kimberly immediately noticed that I was on the set, walked over to me, and introduced herself. She immediately earned a spot on my lifetime friend list! Anyway, as I watched this hot all-natural (no toys) all girl sex scene unfold, I became convinced that Kimberly is truly special. She's bold and naughty yet very intelligent and thoughtful. She also breaks the stereotypical mold of bald-shaven porn stars and wears her pubic hair full and natural. I like that she's so willing to go against the flow. I also like the extreme passion--and pleasure--that she exhibits in this excellent five-star girl/girl fuck fest.

  • Tease: While sitting across the room from Kimberly, topless Mia lies back on a couch, spreads her legs, and fondles her pantied-pussy and perky naked breasts. Kimberly loves what she sees and tells Mia that she's "so cute." Mia then invites her to "come play" while she continues to tease Kimberly by posing and by playing with her hard and shapely soon-naked body. While sitting back and smoking a cigarette, Kimberly gets turned on so much that she just has to remove her panties so she can finger her already-soaking-wet cunt.
  • Mia: Kimberly, on all fours, crawls across the floor and immediately buries her face in Mia's pussy as Mia holds her legs open super wide. Mia giggles and squeals with delight as Kimberly pleasures her by suckling her nipples, by finger-fucking and kissing her mouth, by pulling her ass-length hair, and by licking and multiple-finger-fucking her pussy. Soon, Mia moves into the doggie position so that Kimberly can "hump" her by grinding her pussy against Mia's butt while fondling and sucking her boobs. Kimberly also strokes Mia's pussy and rims her pretty asshole with her tongue (Kimberly uses lots of spit to lubricate the action). In due course, Kimberly multiple-finger-fucks Mia to heaven (Mia tosses her body back and forth to shove Kimberly's fingers deep inside her). To drive Mia wild, Kimberly uses her fingers to expertly thrust and "dig" inside Mia's vagina to stroke her sensitive G-Spot. Of course, Mia squeals with pleasure and her glistening pussy drips delightfully.
  • Kimberly: After the girls kiss briefly, it's Kimberly's turn to be the center of attention. So, she sits back on the couch and spreads her legs open so that Mia can attack her naturally hairy pussy with her tongue and fingers. If you read my reviews, you know that I adore girl/girl sex. What follows is among the best girl/girl cunnilingus segments I've ever witnessed. Kimberly's reaction to Mia's touch is astounding. Damn, I'd love to eat and finger-fuck Kimberly so that I could get the same reaction that Mia gets! Even better, I'd love it if Kimberly would bang my hand as hard as she fucks Mia's! I love to see girls have pleasure and, believe me, Kimberly experiences a lot of real gratificatioon from Mia's hands. AWESOME! Watching Kimberly and Mia fuck is reason enough to get this movie!

Scene Two

-- sponsored by --

In Scene Two, Kelly and her pal Lori Alexia prepare Kelly's wedding invitations for mailing while seated on a comfy couch in a very attractive library. While they work, Lori confesses that she cheated on her husband. Of course, we get to watch that infidelity unfold--on the very couch on which Kelly and Lori stuffed envelopes. This is a very nicely captured interracial boy/girl scene (Lori is a gorgeous African-American) that earns 3.5 stars on my boy/girl scale. Even though Lori is strikingly attractive, the sex does not result in an orgasm for her.

  • Foreplay 1: When the scene fades in, Lori, nude, is reclining on the couch with her legs splayed incredibly wide so that Niko can feast on her pussy's bounty (excellent close-up photography highlights Lori's pretty pink and oh-so-juicy pussy). Niko licks Loris' clit and labia and probes her glistening vagina with his long and skillful tongue. He also uses his fingers to fuck her pussy while tickling her clit with his tongue. Meanwhile, Lori coos with delight as her body heaves with pleasure. In due course, Niko turns his attention to Lori's big and shapely boobs. He squeezes them and sucks her nipples.
  • Foreplay 2: While smiling like a child opening a Christmas present, Lori unbuckles Niko's belt, slips off his pants, and then kneads his stiffening cock through his underwear. Then, she frees his penis from bondage, licks the bottom of his shaft, and then lovingly sucks and strokes his uncut and rapidly engorging cock. She also gobbles his balls.
  • Position 1: Lori lies on the couch in the missionary position so that Niko can fuck her pussy with his condom-protected cock. Lori's voluptuous body looks damned fine as her body undulates in reaction to his balls-deep thrusts. And, her boobs look so good that Niko can't help but squeeze them. Meanwhile, Lori's smiles, eyes, and facial expressions express her absolute delight.
  • Position 2: Lori mounts Niko in the reverse cowgirl position as he lies back on the couch. Lori's superb and sweat-glistening body looks gorgeous as she then fucks Niko's lucky cock. In particular, Lori's scrumptious breasts, shapely butt, and bejeweled navel really captured my attention as she fucks and grinds him with abandon (great moves, Lori!). She also uses her fingers to jack her engorged clit. Meanwhile, Niko cannot help himself--he simply MUST stroke and fondle her perfect flesh with his hands!
  • Position 3: Lori stands in a modified doggie position in which her left foot is on the ground while Niko holds her right leg up. In this way, he can fuck her from behind while we see Lori's delectable body straight on. Excellent position! Niko fucks Lori with balls-deep strokes that cause her boobs to bounce for joy. He also reaches down to kiss Lori's mouth and suck her nipples. Meanwhile, the camera pans across Lori's superb curves.
  • Position 4: Lori kneels in the doggie position atop the couch. As Niko pounds her hard and deep (great close-ups of her gorgeous pink pussy), her plump and oh-so-shapely butt cheeks jiggle delightfully each time his body slams against them.
  • Popshot: To finish up, Niko jacks off into Lori's wide-open mouth and onto her rich chocolate face as she kneels in front of him on the floor. Then, she sucks him dry and licks his cum-coated shaft.

Scene Three

Scene Three recalls a fantasy during which Kelly imagines that she blows Chris (her college teacher) in front of the entire class. I saw this scene filmed and, if you look closely, you can see my ring on Chris' finger (he needed to wear a wedding ring for the scene and didn't have one).

I'm not usually much of a fan of blowjob-only scenes because, to me, sex is about pussy. However, I must say that I truly enjoyed Kelly's fantasy. In it, she's very forceful...she even angrily throws her books on the floor to get Chris' attention...and knows how to get what she wants. I also enjoyed the scene because it went somewhat beyond a traditional blowjob. For one thing, Kelly truly enjoys sucking Chris' cock. She even growls with delight when she swallows him. She also strips off her top and slaps his cock against her beautiful and perky breasts. Even better, she slips out of her schoolgirl skirt and grinds Chris' shaft between her butt cheeks. God, that's a great move, Kelly! Later, she strokes his rod with her leather-boot-clad leg. To finish up, Chris sprays his load all over Kelly's fine boobs. Then, she sucks his cock dry. Three and one-half stars.

Scene Four

Scene Four recalls the lesbian lovin' that led to Chris' divorce from his first wife Justine Joli. This is my first look at fiery redhead Justine Joli and, I think, the third of busty blond Nadia's movies that I've reviewed. Up to this point, I haven't been much of a fan of Nadia. However, this girl/girl scene (the first of her lesbian encounters that I've reviewed) changed my opinion of her. Perhaps she likes girls better than guys. In any case, I think this is the best of her scenes that I've watched. Four and one-half stars.

  • Foreplay: As both girls stand naked in a magnificently-appointed kitchen, they share open-mouthed kisses while caressing, stroking, and squeezing each others' bodies. Justine particularly enjoys squeezing Nadia's big breasts--and enjoys licking and suckling them, too!
  • Nadia 1: Justine kisses her way down Nadia's hard firm belly, past her pierced navel, and down to her bejeweled pussy. She then suckles Nadia's clit-hood ring and uses her tongue to lick and probe Nadia's outer labia while caressing her hard belly and firm thighs with her hands. Meanwhile, Nadia squeezes her huge boobs and watches in wonderment as Justine gobbles her pussy and licks her flesh. Damn, I've got to admit that Nadia's body is stunning.
  • Justine 1: As the girls kiss, Nadia helps Justine to sit atop the kitchen's island. Nadia then suckles Justine's nipples, uses her hands to stroke Justine's curves, and kisses down her belly. Meanwhile Justine undulates her body and groans with pleasure. Nadia soon finds the object of her affection--Justine's clit--when she buries her face between Justine's open legs. As Nadia sweetly licks Justine's cleanly-shaven pussy, Justine, in turn, pulls on Nadia's long blond hair to force her head deeper into her vagina. Soon, Nadia's pierced tongue parts Justine's labia and penetrates her pussy. Justine loves it and erotically undulates her body in appreciation--especially when Nadia fucks her pussy with multiple spit-soaked fingers while continuing to lick and/or finger her clit. In fact, Justine likes it SO much that her body starts to quiver as her chest heaves with passion. After Justine cums sweetly, both she and Nadia lick Justine's juices off of Nadia's fingers.
  • Justine 2: Justine kneels atop the island in the doggie position so that Nadia and lick and jack her clit from behind. Nadia also probes Justine's pussy with her bejeweled tongue. Justine's body acts like a sponge, absorbing every nuance of pleasure that she derives from Nadia's tongue and fingers. She likes it so much that she's content to pretty much enjoy the ride as Nadia pleasures her: "Your tongue feels SO good!" It must because Justine's body soon trembles through another deep and pleasurable orgasm.
  • Nadia 2: Nadia sits on top of the counter and the girls share a sweet open-mouthed kiss while Justine gropes Nadia's big breasts. Soon, Justine tenderly licks and suckles Nadia's tits and then focuses again on Nadia's adorned bald-shaven pussy. Nadia spreads her legs super wide so that Justine's fingers and tongue can have ready access to her clit and pussy. Justine expertly uses her tongue to spread Nadia's labia wide, to probe her delicious pussy, and to lick her clit. She even uses her fingers to pinch Nadia's clit! During the next few minutes, Nadia's face, sounds, and body movements betray contentment and pleasure that she's never showed me in her previous scenes that I've reviewed. I like her like this!

Scene Five

After about ten minutes of plot development, the action fast-forwards to seven years in the future. By this time, both Kelly and Chris feel that their sexual attraction is waning. Chris works too much and, as a result, neglects Kelly. They even have to schedule sex--on Wednesdays, no less! On one occasion, Kelly gives Chris a very hot schoolgirl strip routine and they begin to make out. However, Chris gets a call from work and has to bug out. So, sexually frustrated, Kelly starts to daydream about having sex with other guys. One readily available guy to dream about is Kelly's handyman, Tony Tedeschi.

As Tony works diligently on remodeling one of Kelly's rooms into a nursery, Kelly flirts with him and is soon daydreaming about what it would be like to fuck him. Tony is absolutely hilarious in his portrayal of an aging--yet horny--carpenter. The rascal even keeps his pencil in his butt crack!

Scene Five is Kelly's fantasy of having sex with Tony amidst the construction project. I was present when this scene was shot and can attest to the sparks that flew between Tony and Kelly. This is particularly noteworthy because they started filming this scene at nearly midnight after the cast had been on set since the morning. Kelly's stamina and sexual appetite are astounding--to be SO demonstrative and SO wild SO late in the day. Damn, I'd love to have sex with her! Anyway, this scene rates 4.5 stars. It would have earned five stars if it had more than two sexual positions.

  • Foreplay 1: Amidst construction detritus, Tony and Kelly kiss briefly while standing then Tony lifts her so that her boobs are level with his mouth. Of course, he then gobbles them greedily. Kelly goes fucking nuts as her body heaves with fantasy-enhanced lust.
  • Foreplay 2: Magically, the construction debris disappears and the nursery is transformed into a plush sitting room. Tony carries Kelly to a velvety red couch and sets her on it. Then, in a way that only Tony Tedeschi can do, he proceeds to eat Kelly through multiple orgasms. Nobody eats pussy like Tony Tedeschi. In fact, I think all men should be required to learn his cunnilingus technique. In fact, I've studied it closely and, as a result, my wife calls me "Mr. Wicked Tongue." This is awesome cunniliingus!
  • Foreplay 3: Kelly shows off more of her first-rate--and noisy!--fellatio skills when she attacks Tony's cock with her voracious mouth. She also enthusiastically strokes it with her spit-soaked hands (she uses superb twisting motions) and deep-throats it balls-deep.
  • Position 1: Kelly kneels atop the red couch in the doggie position so that Tony can pound her from behind. As he fucks her deep with his condom-protected rod, Kelly growls with delight and taunts him with carpenter-related--yet very lusty--commentary: "Fuck me with that tool! HAMMER MY PUSSY!" She also hurls her body back-and-forth to match his strokes. Great close-up and medium-length shots capture the action as Tony pounds Kelly through a volcanic orgasm--and beyond.
  • Position 2: Kelly lies on her back in the missionary position and uses her fingers to spread her labia wide and stroke her erect clit as Tony plows her soaking-wet pussy balls-deep. She uses perfectly chosen words to inflame him: "This is my fantasy...FUCK ME! Drill it in deep! Make me cum all over that cock!" Tony responds with nearly unlimited energy and gives Kelly yet another growling and body-wrenching orgasm.
  • Popshot: After sucking her cum off of Tony's dick, Kelly squeezes and strokes Tony's cock until he explodes all over her smiling face and beautiful chest. Then, as Tony's entire body spasms with pleasure, Kelly strokes his rod and sucks him dry.

Scene Six

I enjoyed Scene Six so much that I nominated it for the 2006 XRCO Best Couples Scene Award. If you're looking for hard, edgy, and rough sex, this is not the scene for you. However, in my mind, this is among the very best lovemaking scenes I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy in an adult movie. Chris Cannon and Kelly Kline seem to know each others' bodies intimately, to be able to anticipate each others' wants and needs, and to be able to respond so well that their sex is, well, breathtakingly beautiful. It stands in stark contrast to the hardcore fucking that Kelly and Tony enjoyed in Scene Five. The juxtaposition of Kelly's lusty and loving sides is truly inspiring. The scene, unfortunately, consists of only two sexual positions. Therefore, it earns 4.5 stars instead of a solid 5. Nonetheless, it's the sweetest lovemaking I've seen on screen.

I'm not going to tell you much about Scene Six except that it begins with a scorchingly-hot solo masturbation sequence that proves that Kelly really knows how to please herself. Then, after Chris discovers Kelly masturbating, the scene progresses through role playing (Kelly's a schoolgirl and Chris is a carpenter), tender and beautiful all-naked kissing, tender foot worship, sensitive and deeply-moving cunnilingus, loving--yet teasing--fellatio, the most beautiful, effective, and orgasm-inducing spoon-style sex I've ever seen, and slow and extremely pleasurable missionary sex that culminates in a belly-coating cum spray. Bottom line? Although I'm a guy who generally likes hard and edgy fucking, I thoroughly enjoyed this sensitive and beautiful lovemaking. This is the kind of sex to have with your spouse.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The traditional 4:3 video is excellent. Perhaps it's a result of the superior attention to detail that director David Stanley demonstrated when I was on his set. Perhaps it's because of his superb crew (it was the largest crew I ever saw on an adult set). Perhaps it is because of the extremely professional and effective editing (only one downside--I would have preferred to see the transitions and insertions that were edited out). More likely, it's because of a combination of all these attributes. First class. Five stars.

Audio (technical): The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound is first rate. The soundtrack is available in English, Spanish, and German. Five stars.

Extras: The Extras, as always the case in Wicked releases, are very good--but not as good as those, for example, in Wicked's Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre. I already mentioned that the sound is available in English, German, and Spanish. Kelly Kline lovers, like me, will enjoy her 12-minute bonus scene with Alex Sanders (from Writer's Block). There's also a 21-minute behind-the-scenes look at the making of Are We In Love? that includes behind-the-camera footage as well as interviews with director, cast, and crew; a five-minute self-running slide show of action shows as well as "pretty girl" shots arranged in individual Star Galleries (Kelly Kline, Nadia Hilton, Justine Joli, Kimberly Kane, and Lori Alexia are featured); Wicked's 2004 Promo Reel; several DVD-ROM items you can download from the disc to your computer; Trailers for six recent Wicked movies; Wicked's DVD catalog; and Phone Sex ads. Four and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Gorgeous. The visual aesthetics are superb--location, sets, wardrobe, make-up...all perfect. In addition, the musical soundtrack is absolutely appropriate--each scene is accompanied by music that perfectly supports the essence of the sexual encounter being portrayed. Five stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.25
Average video rating: 5.00
Average audio rating: 5.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 4.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.95

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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