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Teradise Island: Anal Fever

Studio: Teravision » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/8/11

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: All sex.
Director: Spyder Jonez.
Cast: Alexis Amore, Brittney Skye, Kris Knight, Lucy Lee, Nikki Benz, Spyder Jonez, Tera Patrick, Tommy Gunn.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Nikki Benz.
Length: 01:31
Condoms: Condoms
Bonus: Two bonus stars: one for condom-free sex and the second for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Nikki Benz.


As beautiful visuals splash across your screen, Tera Patrick welcomes you to her oasis: "Far away from the stress and tension of everyday life lies an oasis of sensual escape. Uninhibited by the rules of society, sexual freedom awaits you in the wet, tropical, sun drenched jungles of desire and lust. I surrender myself into a zone of complete vulnerability to allow the tasting of the forbidden fruit. This is my story...one of letting go, one of pleasure and pain. Welcome to the forbidden passage. Welcome to Teradise Island."

For the next hour and a half, you'll experience a succulent slice of Teradise as Tera and her girlfriends Lucy Lee, Nikki Benz, Lexis Amore, and Brittney Skye frolic--and fuck--in magnificent Hawaiian settings...on the beach and in the surf.

Fans of Tera Patrick simply must get their hands on Teradise Island because Tera is featured in four of the six scenes and she takes Spyder Jonez' cock up her ass. Fans of busty girls will also appreciate Tera's costars Alexis Amore, Brittney Skye, and Nikki Benz. All of these busty girls are extremely tasty eye candy. Girl/girl lovers will enjoy the two lesbian scenes and b/g/g trio aficionados, like me, will enjoy Spyder Jonez' fling with both Tera and Alexis. Finally, lovers of uninhibited outdoor sex will delight in the wild and gorgeous island settings used as locations for the six sex scenes.

Bottom line? Teradise Island has something for every porn fan and couple.

Check out some photos of the girls in Teradise Island here. Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One is a gorgeous girl/girl encounter between luscious Tera Patrick and her Asian girlfriend Lucy Lee. This multiple-orgasm-producing scene rates four and one-half stars on my girl/girl scale.

  • Tease: In chic black-and-white video, Lucy Lee stands at water's edge fondling her shapely boobs and rock-hard body. Topless at first, she soon strips off her bikini bottom so that we can get a first-class look at this Asian beauty as she sensuously moves her body to tease us.
  • Foreplay: Tera and Lucy meet in the midst of cascading water at the bottom of a waterfall and share open-mouthed kisses. Tera then opens Lucy's bikini top and greedily suckles her already erect nipples until they appear to nearly burst with lust. In due course, Lucy repays Tera's attentions...with a bit rougher tit worship. Not only does Lucy suckle Tera's magnificent boobs, but she also slaps and jiggles them.
  • Tera: Lucy helps Tera onto a rock and removes her bikini bottom so that she can feast on the bounty of Tera's pussy using the doggie and missionary positions. Tera's body becomes immediately aroused as her boobs heave and abdomen undulates with lust in reaction to Lucy's superb cunnilingus technique: "Fuck yeah! Lick my pussy!" As Tera's pleasure builds, Lucy frantically multiple-finger-fucks Tera's pussy (up to four fingers) while continuing to use her tongue and/or fingers to jack Tera's clit. When Tera cums, her back arches as waves of pleasure overwhelm her body. Lucy gives her girl-juice covered fingers to Tera to lick clean and then the girls kiss.
  • Lucy: While Lucy sits atop a rock, Tera uses her mouth to untie her bikini bottom. As soon as Lucy's nicely manicured pussy is unwrapped, Tera sensuously licks her cleanly-shaven pussy and perky and proud clit. Damn! Tera's sensual tongue should be made into a national monument...she really knows how to eat pussy! Lucy really appreciates the attention and coos with delight as pleasure passes from Tera's tongue to her clit and through her rock-hard body. Soon, Tera begins to fuck Lucy's pussy with her tongue and multiple fingers. Tera focuses her entire world on pleasing Lucy--first in the missionary position and later in the doggie position. When Lucy exclaims, "I like it hard and fast," Tera responds perfectly and expertly uses her fingers to drive Lucy to climax. After she cums, lots of milky-white juice coats Lucy's happy pussy. During the scene, nasty Tera also rims Lucy's asshole with her tongue.

Scene Two

Let's face it...Scene Two is why Teradise Island is must see for Tera's legions of fans. Although it's not Tera's first-ever on-screen anal scene--that distinction goes to one of her scenes in Caribbean Undercover--it is not only hotter than hell but also sensuously beautiful. I'm not going to tell you much about this five-star scene because you're going to want to savor it for yourself. Before the scene, Tera gives a bone-stiffening/pussy drenching tease while frolicking in the water. Damn, her naked and wet body looks fine! Later, real life couple Tera and Spyder Jonez engage in lots of foreplay before they fuck...kissing, licking, cunnilingus, finger fucking, blow/handjob, and ball gobbling. Afterward, they enjoy vaginal sex in doggie (great camerawork) and missionary and then anal sex in missionary (includes ATM) and reverse cowgirl (fantastic camera angles). See this five-star multi-orgasmic scene for yourself! It's obvious that Spyder and Tera really know how to please each other. Wouldn't you like to fuck Tera every night and learn how to push her buttons?

Scene Three

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In Scene Three, busty Latina Alexis Amore gives her pussy and asshole to Tommy Gunn in this first-class and foreplay-intensive boy/girl/anal scene. It rates 4.5 stars on my boy/girl scale.

  • Tease: In shallow water near the shore, voluptuous Alexis bathes and plays. Mischievous Alexis flicks water onto you and me (through the camera lens, of course), seductively crawls through the surf (we get to see her coming and going), and fondles her curvy body.
  • Foreplay 1: Tommy Gunn, who's no stranger to Pirates, the sea, and island paradises, joins Alexis at water's edge. She drops to her knees and demonstrates her considerable fellatio skills by eagerly sucking, licking, and stroking his rigid shaft. As she sucks him, she is able to deep-throat nearly all of his cock. Even better, pretty Alexis' face beams with smiles and delight--she really enjoys sucking Tommy's cock! What more could he want? Well, he wants to get his finger sticky. So, he bends down, pulls aside her bikini bottom, and finger fucks her pussy as she sucks his rod.
  • Foreplay 2: Alexis straddles Tommy and they enjoy some oh-so-beautiful mutual oral sex in the 69 position. Damn, I love 69 and wish it were more commonly employed in adult movies. Alexis, in particular, really enjoys being able to stuff her mouth with cock while Tommy licks and probes her juicy cunt with his tongue and buries his nose in her asshole. Even better than the 69 itself is the amount of time Alexis and Tommy spend doing it. What a life!
  • Position 1: In the reverse cowgirl position, Tommy slips his cock past Alexis' bejeweled clit and into her slippery and beautifully manicured pussy so that she can fuck him with powerful, rapid-fire, and very deep strokes while she jacks her clit. Alexis' pussy is SO wet that Tommy's cock immediately begins to glisten with girl juice. As Alexis' lust intensifies, she adds grinding to her thrusting moves. Damn, her moves are gorgeous and very effective. Meanwhile, Tommy squeezes her bodacious boobs. In due course, Tommy becomes so inflamed that he simply cannot lay back and enjoy being fucked by Alexis. So, he begins to ream her pussy so fast that his dick blurs on the screen. Lusty Alexis matches his thrusts with her own (great camera angles). Believe me, Alexis and Tommy fuck each other very well. So much so, actually, that Alexis is soon reduced to mumbling in her native Spanish! After Alexis and Tommy take a break to lick each others' genitals clean using the gorgeous 69 position, they resume reverse cowgirl sex and fuck each other until Alexis cums.
  • Position 2: Alexis and Tommy transition to the spoon position so that he can fuck her pussy from behind. As always, this position gives you and me a very good look at not only the in-and-out action but also Alexis' womanly body as her cunt swallows every inch of Tommy's rod. Meanwhile, she encourages Tommy with nasty commentary.
  • Position 3: While Alexis remains in the spoon position, Tommy transfers his cock from her pussy to her asshole and then reams her hard and balls-deep. Alexis loves it: "Yeah, fuck my asshole!" He does the lady's bidding and not only pounds her asshole but also rubs her bejeweled clit with his fingers.
  • Position 4: While standing behind Alexis, Tommy holds her aloft and tosses her shapely body up and down on his cock as it plunges ever deeper into her asshole. The video of Alexis' asshole swallowing Tommy's rod is superb--especially the medium-range shot-from-below footage.
  • Position 5: Alexis kneels on the grass doggie style so that Tommy can plow her asshole from behind. Superb close-ups capture the action as Alexis' labia open and close--revealing and hiding her gorgeous pink pussy--in sync with Tommy's anal thrusts.
  • Popshot: Tommy blows his load directly into Alexis' wide-open and voracious mouth. His semen slides off of her slippery tongue onto her boobs and chin as she sucks him dry.

Scene Four

Even though Scene Four features one of my favorite people--Brittney Skye--in a lush outdoor setting with stud Kris Knight in a boy/girl/anal scene, I can't help but be a little disappointed. The scene runs ten minutes from tease to pop--and that's just a little too short for my taste. Frankly, I could watch Brittney fuck for hours and am sorry that this scene ended so quickly. That said, it's still an enjoyable scene that rates four and one-half stars on my boy/girl scale.

  • Tease: Like Tera, Lucy, and Alexis before her, Brittney, in stylish black-and-white, cavorts in shallow water near the shore. She stretches erotically, reaching her hands to the sky as a wave tumbles against her stunning sculpted body. Of course, she shows off her traffic-stopping tits and hard-as-steel abs as she teases us to full mast.
  • Foreplay 1: In rich warm sunset light, Brittney reclines on a park bench at land's edge and spreads her delectable legs super wide so that Kris Knight can satisfy his hunger for juicy pussy by licking, sucking, and probing her succulent flesh. He also works his fingers into her slippery twat as he licks her sensitive clit. Brittney smiles delightfully as her breasts heave and her body undulates erotically in response to Kris' touch. Fuck, she looks good!
  • Foreplay 2: Kris stands and Brittney kneels before him so that she can stroke and swallow his king-sized penis. She deep-throat's his entire spit-soaked rod and then sticks out her tongue to lick his balls.
  • Position 1: As the camera captures magnificent footage, Brittney mounts Kris reverse cowgirl style and eagerly tosses her superbly sculpted body up and down on his rod until it bottoms-out in her capacious and bald-shaven cunt. Meanwhile, she uses her fingers to frantically jack her erect and protruding clit. Nobody looks better in reverse cowgirl than Brittney Skye. Her body is truly the stuff of very wet dreams! In fact, Brittney's lusty body is so energetic that Kris just lays back and enjoys the ride while squeezing her perfect ass cheeks and stroking her boobs with his hands.
  • Position 2: Brittney lies on her back in the missionary position atop a park bench. While Kris reams her tight asshole with balls-deep strokes, insatiable Brittney holds a vibrator's tip to her clit to intensify her pleasure. She also jacks her clit with her fingers as Kris shoves his dick in-and-out of her accommodating anus. Meanwhile, the camera pans back-and-forth across Brittney's body to highlight her bountiful boobs, pierced navel, and gorgeous bald and puffy pussy (In my opinion, Brittney has the prettiest vagina of any adult star).
  • Position 3: Brittney and Kris again utilize the reverse cowgirl position--this time for anal sex. As Brittney fucks Kris, she uses her fingers to spread her labia wide and to tickle her clit. Again, lusty Brittney does most of the fucking so that Kris can enjoy her magnificent body and the ass-gasm she experiences near the end of the scene. During reverse cowgirl anal, Brittney proves she's nasty by sucking her ass juices off of Kris' cock ATM style.
  • Popshot: As the sun sinks beyond the horizon, Kris explodes into Brittney's greedy mouth and onto her pierced tongue. She then strokes his rod and licks his tip as his spasms diminish.

Scene Five

Scene Five is a boy/girl/girl threeway that again highlights Tera Patrick along with busty Latina Alexis Amore and Spyder Jonez. This scene doesn't entirely work for me. Yes, the girls are gorgeous and, yes, it's a threesome. However, there's no evidence that either girl came. And, even worse in my book, Alexis never gets fucked during the scene. This is really a combination boy/girl (Spyder/Tera) and a girl/girl (Tera/Alexis) scene rather that a real threeway. Three and one-half stars.

  • Tease: The scene begins with a two-girl tease. In elegant black-and-white, both Tera and Alexis bathe naked in shallow seawater and each girl fondles her scrumptious body. The videography in this segment is extremely sensuous and is displayed in slow-motion.
  • Foreplay 1: Dressed in swimsuits, Spyder, Tera, and Alexis run into the crashing waves and cuddle together in a delicious girl/boy/girl sandwich as the surf pummels their joyous bodies. After they walk back to the beach, Spyder removes the bikini tops of both girls and then--lucky sob--gets to grope and suckle both beautifully-enhanced sets of boobs. The girls also fondle each other and suck each others' breasts.
  • Foreplay 2: While the girls kneel at Spyder's feet, Tera nurses from Alexis' engorged nipples while Alexis, in turn, suckles Spyder's cock. Soon, both girls share his rod, each girl sucking or licking part of his lucky penis. Damn, is there anything better than two girls on one cock? Well, yes...if one of the girls is Tera Patrick. However, since Tera gets to gobble Spyder's cock at home every day, Alexis really seems to enjoy the fellatio the most--and is the more enthusiastic of the two girls.
  • Foreplay 3: Alexis takes complete control of Spyder's dick and sucks him greedily while Tera, in turn, performs expert cunnilingus on Alexis' tasty twat. As Tera licks Alexis' sensitive clit, Alexis arches her back and giggles with delight.
  • Position 1: Tera lies on her back atop a beach towel on the sand so that Spyder can fuck her missionary style. While he fucks Tera, Spyder reaches across Tera's body so that he can grab handfuls of breast and finger-fuck both girls' mouths. He also chokes Alexis' throat. Meanwhile, the girls fondle each other and suck each others' tits.
  • Position 2: Tera mounts Spyder as he lies on the beach towel and then fucks him reverse cowgirl style while Alexis jacks Tera's clit with her thumb. Alexis also squeezes Spyder's balls and takes an opportunity to suck Tera's juices off of his rod when she pulls his dick out of Tera's pussy. Tera and Spyder fuck each other knowingly, each matching the other's thrusts like a well-designed fucking machine. Of course, Tera's big boobs look fantastic as they bounce and gyrate in rhythm with their thrusts. As you might expect, Tera and Spyder really seem to enjoy themselves (Tera's swollen clit and naughty commentary betray her pleasure). However, Alexis, too, gets turned on by the action and even licks her lips as she imagines how good it would feel to get fucked by Spyder (sadly, Alexis is always a "bridesmaid" and not a "bride" because she doesn't get fucked during this scene).
  • Position 3: Tera and Spyder transition to the cowgirl position so that she can fuck his cock while, at the same time, Alexis fucks his face (Spyder finger-fucks Alexis' asshole while she grinds her cunt against his face). Meanwhile, the girls rub their big breasts together. A few paragraphs back, I asked if anything could be better than Tera and Alexis sharing one dick. Well, I've changed my mind. There's nothing better than a pussy on my dick and a second pussy on my face!
  • Popshot: As the girls kneel cheek-to-cheek in front of Spyder, he strokes his cock until he pops all over both of their faces. The popshot was filmed from two angles and then the footage was stitched together effectively. Then, while the girls smile triumphantly, they suck his dick dry and lick his shaft as his spasms diminish.

Scene Six

Scene Six in Teradise Island is a first-class girl/girl scene during which Tera gets her way with luscious Nikki Benz. I think that pairing Nikki with Tera results in one of the most visually appealing girl/girl encounters one can imagine. Blond and brunette; tall and petite; busty and bustier; familiar and exotic...what a complementary team they make! This multi-orgasmic scene scores five stars on my girl/girl scale.

  • Tease: As in Scenes One through Five, Scene Six begins with a black-and-white tease sequence during which Nikki cavorts nude in the ocean. I have often said that I think Nikki has the two best-enhanced boobs in the business. During her tease, Nikki reconfirms my predisposition by giving me numerous close-up looks at her magnificent mams as she drenches them with water, shows them off, and squeezes them erotically.
  • Foreplay: The girls, dressed in bikinis that complement their hair (Tera in black and Nikki in white), stand chest to chest on the water's edge, stroke each others' curves, lick each others' flesh, and remove each others' bikini tops. Damn, this is gorgeous footage! As soon as their boobs are uncovered, they suckle each others' nipples and squeeze each others' breasts. And, they rub their perfectly sculpted tits together, too. Soon, their wandering and greedy hands dip into each other's bikini bottoms for a little moist and slippery exploration.
  • Nikki 1: Nikki sits on a beach towel atop a wooden deck and leans back on her arms while spreading her legs wide. Tera dips her tongue between Nikki's labia and probes hungrily while using her fingers to stroke her own pussy. Nikki loves Tera's cunnilingus technique and, in her excited little-girl voice, encourages Tera: "Yeah, eat that pussy!" Nikki's body is soon overwhelmed with pleasure as she arches her back and shouts in ecstasy: "Oh, my God! YEAH!" I shouted, "YEAH!" when a saw Nikki's gorgeous pleasure-filled body heaving with lust!
  • Tera 1: Tera transitions to the doggie position so that Nikki can rub, spank and lick Tera's spit-lubricated pussy from behind. Nikki also eagerly rims and tongue-fucks Tera's gorgeous asshole. Meanwhile, Tera plays with her magnificent breasts and encourages Nikki with deliciously naughty commentary.
  • Tera and Nikki: The girls move into the 69 position so that Nikki straddles Tera's overjoyed face. While Tera ravenously eats Nikki's pussy, Nikki, in turn, reaches her beautifully-manicured and spit-lubricated fingers down to spank and stroke Tera's labia and clit.
  • Tera 2: Wielding a beautiful clear-glass dildo, Nikki sits in front of Tera. Nikki holds the toy in place so that Tera, standing, can fuck the dildo. God, Tera's undulating and thrusting body looks amazing as she fucks Nikki's toy! Meanwhile, Tera increases her pleasure by jacking her clit with her fingers. In due course, Nikki begins to shove the toy in-and-out of Tera's pussy so that the two girls, in essence, fuck each other with perfectly synchronized strokes. As Tera ramps up to a volcanic orgasm, she chants, "Oh, Nikki. Oh, Nikki!" and then screams and arches her back when she cums. As Nikki sucks Tera's cum off of the toy, Tera smiles exultantly as her face beams with delight.
  • Nikki 2: Nikki squats with her legs spread wide (she looks fantastic in this position!) so that Tera can pound her pussy with the glass dildo: "Yeah! Give it to me HARD!" Tera is oh-so-happy to comply with Nikki's request and uses a very effective thrust/twist action to forcefully fuck her soaking-wet and oh-so-alluring bald pussy. Needless to say, Tera soon has Nikki reduced to a screaming, whimpering, and babbling mass of estrogen-charged flesh: "Oh, my God, baby! YEAH! You're gonna make me cum!" Her subsequent orgasm made me cheer! After Nikki cums, Tera removes the toy from her pussy and then uses it to stroke and tease Nikki's asshole while Nikki gasps for breath.
  • Conclusion: Nikki and Tera share a very sweet open-mouthed kiss while fondling each others' flesh and squeezing each others' breasts.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video is excellent. The image is almost always well lit (it's impossible to control outdoor lighting!), was shot in High Definition, is extremely crisp and clear (even when blown up to fill my computer screen), and shows no sign of digital compression artifacts. I did notice some variations in exposure, especially during Scene Four. However, it was shot in the late afternoon in warm and sensual setting-sun light. Lighting problems are inevitable in such situations. The action cuts back and forth from one camera angle to another. However, the first-class editing was accomplished in such a way that the continuity of the scene is never compromised. Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): As you might expect, it's damned hard to record a motion picture in and around the ocean because of the high level of ambient noise from the waves. It's worse when the roar of a waterfall is factored in. Some directors solve this problem by completely eliminating the live sounds captured by the camera and dubbing in a musical soundtrack. That works, but it essentially removes the sounds of sexual passion. I'm pleased to report that the folks at Teravision combined a toned-down track of the live audio along with a very effective musical soundtrack. The result is quite pleasing, in my opinion. Four and one-half stars.

Extras: Teradise Islandcomes on two discs. Disc One is a DVD-5 disc that contains the movie. It features only a full-motion chapter selector. Disc Two is also a DVD-5 disc. It contains a self-running slide show (awesome shots of the girls), trailers for three other Teravision releases, Internet access (if the disc is in your computer's DVD drive, links on this page will launch your browser and bring up clubtera.com, teratrailers.com, or nikkibenz.com), and a 29-minute Behind-the-Scenes featurette. The BTS consists of lots of travelogue footage (including mountain climbing, bathing in waterfalls, and river wading--Lucy Lee gets hurt), behind-the-camera footage, video of the still photo shoots, impromptu interviews with the girls, and Tera's commentary about Teradise Island, This is a very good BTS feature. I usually don't mention the DVD package. However, the clear-plastic two-DVD case is very attractive. In particular, when you remove both of the discs, the photo of Tera that you uncover is absolutely superb. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Visually, Teradise Island is aesthetically sumptuous. How could it not be? After all, it was filmed in paradise! Not only are the 100% natural locations impressive, but also the appearance of the girls--both their wardrobe and make-up--defies the inevitable difficulties of photographing people in harsh-on-the-looks salt-air-permeated locations. They must have had make-up artists on call throughout each scene! I also liked the judicious use of special visual effects including black-and-white video and slow-motion sequences. In addition, I was very pleased by the audio aesthetics. The music chosen to accompany each scene was perfectly matched to the feel of the scene and, in effect, becomes an integral part of the viewing experience. Five stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.50
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.50
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.80

X Critic Pick
(4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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