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Cheating Housewives #3

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/12/11

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Genre: All sex.
Director: Mike Metropolis.
Cast: Aurora Snow, Ben English, Carrie Ann, Donna Doll, Jenner, Lisa Ann, Mark Davis, Nicole Sheridan, Sascha, Voodoo.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 02:02
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex!


As its name implies, Cheating Housewives #3 is about housewives who cheat on their husbands. Ah, the infidelity on "Smashingbird" Lane never ends!

The Cheating Housewives series is supposed to have a "Mothers I'd Love to Fuck" (MILF) theme. Three of the performers in Cheating Housewives #3 strike me as MILFs. Yes, I'd truly love to fuck these (possible) moms...especially Lisa Ann. However, for some reason, I simply cannot picture Aurora Snow or Nicole Sheridan as MILFs. Perhaps it's because I've known most of these girls since they started in the business.

Two of the scenes in this couples-friendly all-sex release are related. Sascha's wife, Lisa Ann, cheats on him with Ben English, a guy she met at a carwash. Then, in a chain reaction, Sascha gets even with Lisa Ann by fucking their neighbor, Donna Doll.

The other three scenes are basically stand-alone scenes. Aurora Snow brings home the box boy from the local grocery store, Carrie Ann brings home a guy she met at the gas station, and Nicole Sheridan brings home a guy who sells apples on the street corner.

The sex in Cheating Housewives #3 ranges from average to scorching. In particular, Nicole Sheridan's scene with Voodoo (her real life mate) is incendiary. Of course, Nicole and Voodoo always sizzle on screen. In fact, if you seen Nicole and Voodoo paired in a movie, you ought to watch their scene--I guarantee you that you won't go wrong!

Queen of Anal Aurora Snow also provides an outstanding performance with Jenner. I met Aurora when she first started in the business and then sort of lost track of her when she was a contract star for a studio that doesn't send me review copies. I'm fuckin' ecstatic to see her in action again!

Smash Pictures has recently initiated a new feature that is quite useful: when you click "Play" from the main menu, you are presented with a submenu through which you can choose to play the movie with the story line or as wall-to-wall sex. There's not a lot of dialog in Cheating Housewives #3...there's only ten minutes difference between the two versions. However, I really like the idea of this feature and applaud Smash Pictures for implementing the idea.


Scene One

Scene One features stunningly-gorgeous MILF Lisa Ann and award-winning stud Ben English. Lisa has been in the adult business a long time (about 12 years) and looks, in my opinion, better than ever. She has long black hair, sumptuous big boobs, and an incredibly hard body. That's saying a lot for a woman who's in her mid 30's. Way to go, Lisa! This boy/girl all vaginal scene lacks an on-screen female orgasm and rates four stars.

  • Scene Setup: While standing in front of her palatial estate, Lisa Ann talks on the phone to her friend about Ben English, a hot guy she met at the carwash. Daring Lisa gave Ben her phone number because looking at him made her realize how bored she is with her husband. Lisa confides to her gal pal, "Of course I'm gonna fuck him if he comes over. Are you kidding me?" Ben, of course, calls Lisa and stops by her house for a little afternoon delight. Regrettably, Lisa's husband Sascha watches the whole interlude while safely camouflaged by the back yard shrubbery.
  • Foreplay 1: When Ben arrives at Lisa's house, he boldly approaches her and then kisses her passionately as she stands outside in a beautiful garden. He then walks her into her house and then, at the bottom of a gracefully curved staircase, pulls aside her top to squeeze and suckle her gorgeous super-sized breasts. Lisa loves it and declares, "You can do whatever you want." So, after greedily gobbling her magnificent boobs for a bit, her removes her low-cut slacks and panties so that her can fondle her beautifully manicured pussy. Ben then kisses and licks down her rock-hard belly and past her bejeweled navel to her vagina so that he can part and probe her labia with his tongue. Lisa loves it and her body heaves with pleasure as he knowingly presses all her pleasure buttons. Lisa's pussy immediately begins to drip with lust.
  • Foreplay 2: While Lisa and Ben stand face to face and kiss, she uses her hand to rub his bulging cock through the fabric of his jeans: "Mmm! Feel that big cock!" Meanwhile, Ben reaches around and uses his hand to frantically finger-fuck her pussy (great shots of Lisa's perfect butt). Soon, Lisa unzips Ben's pants and frees his aching cock from captivity. "I'd love to feel your cock in my mouth. Can I have that?" What red-blooded male would say no? After giving his rod a couple of knowing strokes with her hands, Lisa drops to her knees and gives him a loving blowjob--she really "loves" sucking, licking, stroking, and swallowing his king-sized cock! While Lisa gobbles Ben's cock he, in turn, fucks her throat, pulls on her long black hair, and slaps her boobs. In due course, Ben sits on one of the lower steps of the staircase so that Lisa can continue enthusiastic fellatio while bending over him doggie style.
  • Position 1: While Ben remains seated on the staircase, Lisa straddles him reverse cowgirl style and lowers herself down until Ben's cock fills her cunt. Then, using redline-speed strokes, Ben pistons in-and-out of her while she rides him like a champion broncobuster, groans in ecstasy, and comments deliciously: "Feel that fucking wet pussy!" Of course, her big boobs dance for joy! Once Lisa's pleasure engine ignites, she hurls her body up-and-down on his cock as she and Ben match each others' strokes (nice close-ups). Meanwhile, Ben grabs handfuls of Lisa's superb flesh.
  • Position 2: Lisa turns her body halfway between reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Then, while sitting at a right angle compared to Ben, she joyfully bounces up and down on his cock. This unique position highlights Lisa's gorgeous butt--especially during close-up shots.
  • Position 3: Ben and Lisa transition to doggie. As Lisa bends over the staircase, Ben madly pounds her pussy balls deep (great close-ups), spanks her butt, and squeezes her delectable bouncing boobs. Lisa's body looks especially good as Ben fucks her. In particular, her butt jiggles delightfully each time Ben's body slams into her. Of course, Lisa loves it, groans passionately, and talks nasty.
  • Position 4: Lisa announces, "I wanna ride that cock!" So, Ben again sits on the staircase. But, before Lisa mounts him cowgirl style, she greedily sucks and licks her girl-juice off of his rod while stroking his shaft. Then, she slides her soaking-wet pussy down around his cock and enjoys the ride while Ben reams her furiously. Lisa's pussy swallows every inch of Ben's rod--especially when she joins the fun and fucks him back.
  • Position 5: While keeping his cock planted in Lisa's pussy, Ben stands and then fucks her by tossing her sumptuous body up and down on his cock. Damn, this looks good!
  • Position 6: Ben gently lays Lisa on the staircase and then pounds her from below in the missionary position. Lisa revels in the pleasure that she receives: "I love taking your cock and looking at your beautiful body while you fuck me! I'm getting wetter and wetter!"
  • Popshot: Ben pulls out of Lisa's pussy and, after she sucks his rod clean, he jacks off into her wide-open mouth and onto her chin. Lisa greedily swallows every drop of semen in her mouth and then sucks his cock dry. Ben sums it up, "Oh, my God, you're a good fuck!"

Scene Two

-- sponsored by --

In Scene Two, Sascha gets revenge on his cheating wife Lisa Ann by, what else, cheating with their neighbor, Donna Doll. Donna's a tall and very busty Amazonian blond with a body that screams out, "Fuck me!" This all-vaginal boy/girl scene rates four out of a possible five stars. Donna's a beautiful girl and an enthusiastic fuck. Sadly, however, I never saw her cum.

  • Scene Setup: Sascha confides to his neighbor, Donna Doll, that Lisa Ann cheated on him. Lisa knows about Lisa's dalliances and has, indeed, seen Ben and Lisa together. Donna further confides that her husband is cheating on her (with such a body, one should ask why anybody would cheat on Donna). So, Sascha and Donna cook up a plan: "They cheat...I cheat back."
  • Foreplay 1: While Sascha and Donna enjoy a sensual open-mouthed kiss, they caress each others' bodies and help each other out of their clothes (Donna's initially dressed in a sexy yet conservative business suit that really accents her assets, if you know what I mean!). Believe me, if you like busty and hard-bodied blonds, you're gonna love Donna Doll! I particularly like her pussy...it's puffy (like Brittney Skye's) and features an attractive chevron of well-groomed pubic hair that points to her clit.
  • Foreplay 2: While statuesque Donna stands, Sascha kneels before her and effectively finger-fucks her delicious hole with one hand while using fingers on his other hand to stroke her protruding clit. Meanwhile, Donna screams ecstatically and undulates her body provocatively. Sascha feeds Donna his pussy-juice-soaked finger.
  • Foreplay 3: While Sascha reclines on an elegant couch, Donna gives him a little striptease show while simultaneously helping him out of his pants. Then, as she bends over him, she licks, sucks, strokes, and swallows his twitching cock while he grabs handfuls of her platinum blond hair to direct her head's movements. Donna can suck his super-long cock all the way down her throat! Nice job, Donna! She also soaks Sascha's rod with an inordinate amount of her drool! This is a fuckin' great blowjob!
  • Position 1: Sascha positions Donna in the doggie position kneeling atop the couch. Then, he slides his cock into her wide-open, slippery, and pink pussy while she uses her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide open: "Oh, that's nice! Stick it in there, baby!" Once Sascha has finished teasing Donna's pussy with his cock, he pounds her hard and deep--and slaps her ass--while she screams out: "Fuck that pussy. YEAH!" Meanwhile, Donna's big boobs dance in reaction to each of Sascha's strokes. Of particular interest in this segment is Donna's gaping pussy...whenever Sascha pulls out, Donna's hole remains deliciously open and ready for him. It also drips as her juices flow out and dribble off of her clit. Also noteworthy is Donna's intense eye contact with you and me while Sascha fucks her slippery hole. During the doggie segment, Donna takes a break to ravenously suck her juices off of Sascha's cock (nice shots of her deep-throating his cock while sticking out her tongue to lick his balls!).
  • Position 2: Donna and Sascha transition to reverse cowgirl. Sascha sits back on the couch, Donna straddles him, and then she guides his aching cock into her sweet pussy. Once he's completely inside her, Donna energetically bounces up and down to force Sascha's cock ever deeper into her pussy. Her sexy and forceful moves make her shout passionately as pleasure courses through her body. Eventually, Sascha begins to fuck her back so that their moves synchronize beautifully. Meanwhile, Donna uses her fingers to spread her labia wide and spank her clit...her huge pink, and erect clit is absolutely stunning! She also squeezes her nipples and spanks her tits.
  • Position 3: After another round of cock-cleaning deep-throat action, Donna and Sascha spend some quality time in cowgirl. As Donna powerfully tosses her body up and down on Sascha's cock, she squeezes and slaps her pretty butt cheeks. Meanwhile, Sascha keeps his hands busy by squeezing handfuls of Donna's hard flesh and big breasts.
  • Position 4: Sascha stands up and then fucks Donna by hurling her body up and down on his cock. Donna kisses his mouth, squeezes and slaps her butt cheeks with her hands, and shouts passionately: "Put it all the way in there!"
  • Position 5: Sascha gently positions Donna on her back atop the seat cushions of the couch. Then, after spitting a liberal amount of saliva on her cunt, Sascha fucks her missionary style (great close-ups of her pretty pink hole), kisses her open mouth, gently chokes her throat, and squeezes her tits. Meanwhile, Donna pretends that her cheating husband is watching and taunts him by screaming out that she was really fucking somebody else whenever she said she was getting a manicure, pedicure, and so on. Nice touch, Donna. True to character.
  • Popshot: Sascha pounds Donna missionary style until he's ready to pop. Then, she drops to her knees to receive his load into her insatiable and voracious mouth and onto her face. Donna spits out Sascha's semen and then strokes Sascha's twitching rod while taunting her husband: "How does it feel?"

Scene Three

Scene Three is one of the two in Cheating Housewives #3 that I consider "must-see." It features Aurora Snow--whom, sadly, I haven't seen in action in a long time--and Jenner in a rough-and-tumble vaginal and anal scene. It's a definite five-star "keeper." Luscious Aurora looks better than ever and performs at the top of her career in the scene. She's a very sweet-looking girl who's really naughty at the core. She giggles so endearingly when doing the nastiest of things. She's awesome!

  • Scene Setup: Aurora gets a little help from box boy Jenner at the grocery store. Not only does he carry her bags to her car, but he also goes home with her to help her put her purchases away. Aurora takes advantage of the situation to fuck Jenner--and cheat on her husband in retaliation for his prior transgressions.
  • Foreplay 1: In her chef's-dream kitchen, Aurora comes on to Jenner and assures him that Mr. Snow is far away from home. Aurora becomes aggressive, grabbing Jenner's crotch and unbuttoning his shirt while he, in turn, acts demure and unwilling. Aurora wins him over by threatening to be "offended" if he turns her down. Gallant Jenner soon sees the brilliance of Aurora's point-of-view. So, he lifts Aurora onto a granite countertop, hikes up her skirt, and discovers her panty-less pussy. He then spreads her legs, strokes her inner thighs, opens her labia, strokes her clit, and finger-fucks her amazingly accommodating hole. Meanwhile, Aurora smiles and giggles in her sweet and endearing fashion. Jenner effectively uses both hands to multiple-finger fuck her juicy pink pussy while, at the same time, jack her erect and sensitive clit. Jenner does such a good job, in fact, that Aurora is soon quivering through her first orgasm of the scene.
  • Foreplay 2: While Aurora spreads her legs super wide, Jenner buries his head between her ass cheeks and voraciously rims her tight brown asshole. Aurora's body twitches with pleasure, especially when he inserts two fingers into her asshole and two into her pussy. She sucks her ass juices off of his fingers.
  • Foreplay 3: Aurora tears off Jenner's trousers and immediately takes his semi-erect rod into her oh-so-skillful mouth. Aurora's sucking, licking, spitting, drooling, deep-throating, gagging, and balls-gobbling actions have him titanium-hard in and longer-than-ever in no time! Once he's hard, he forcefully fucks Aurora's throat. If you haven't heard Aurora gag while swallowing a cock, you're in for a treat!
  • Position 1: Aurora finishes stripping off her clothes and then bends over the kitchen's island in the doggie position. Jenner slips his cock into her pussy from behind and pounds her fast and furious as she tosses her body back and forth to match his strokes. Great shot-from-below close-ups capture the in-and-out action.
  • Position 2: Aurora lies atop the island so that Jenner can fuck her missionary style. Aurora really wants to get fucked: "Fuck yeah, I want you to stick your cock right inside my pussy. Mmmm! I've been waiting for so long!" However, naughty Jenner doesn't immediately do the lady's bidding. Instead, he teases her clit by slapping it with the tip of his rod. When he eventually penetrates her, Aurora squeals with delight (I love how she squeals during sex!). Jenner and Aurora fuck each other with well-synched strokes as Aurora's pleasure builds logarithmically.
  • Position 3: Aurora rolls onto her side atop the island. Then, Jenner, in the spoon position, gently inches his cock up Aurora's asshole. Once his cock has cleared her sphincter, they fuck each other hard, fast, and deep while she encourages him: "Yeah, that's it. Yeah, fuck my ass like that!" Meanwhile, Aurora's pretty pink vagina winks opens and closed in rhythm with Jenner's thrusts (great close-ups). Aurora's body absorbs untold pleasure--until she can't hold any more. The result is a volcanic ass-gasm that leaves her panting for breath.
  • Position 4: After Jenner jumps up onto the island, nasty Aurora uses her mouth to suck his cock clean ATM style. While giggling sweetly, she also strokes and spits on his rod. Then, she climbs onto him, reverse cowgirl style, and slowly inches her asshole down around his shaft. Once her sphincter has again accommodated Jenner's cock, Aurora excitedly tosses her hot little body up and down to force his cock deep into her asshole. "I love it! I can't believe you're fucking my ass in my kitchen!" For my part, I can't believe how hot Aurora's moves are! Nor can I believe the beauty of Aurora's gaping pussy and asshole--especially when the camera captures those two delightful holes close-up.
  • Position 5: Jenner helps Aurora to the floor so she can kneel in the doggie position. As she arches her butt up high, Jenner slides back into her brown eye and reams her deeply (Aurora looks great in this position!). Meanwhile, insatiable Aurora shoves multiple fingers into her own cunt to, in effect, double penetrate herself. Aurora frantically jacks both her clit and her G-Spot--and shivers with pleasure. During this segment, Jenner repeatedly gapes Aurora's asshole for his viewing pleasure--unfortunately, the camera doesn't share that beauty with us.
  • Popshot: As Jenner reams her asshole doggie style, Aurora begs, "I want you to cum on my ass!" Then, as she cums again, she whispers, "I feel like a dirty little girl." At that moment, Jenner pulls out of Aurora's asshole and creams the outside of her asshole. Although technically not an anal cream pie, it's damned close and almost as pretty. Jenner's semen, seeking fertile ground, oozes into Aurora's wide-open pussy.

Scene Four

I wasn't all that impressed by Scene Four. By all rights, it should have been hotter than hell because it features legendary porn stud Mark Davis. He's coupled here with Carrie Ann who seems to be very tentative and hesitant. In fact, I wonder if it might be Carrie's first-ever scene (that would explain a lot) because Mark gives her step-by-step instructions throughout their time together. It's a conventional boy/girl vaginal-only scene that earns a baseline three stars.

  • Scene Setup: Carrie Ann picks up a stranger--Mark Davis--at a gas station and brings him home because, "My husband's out of town," and "because my husband doesn't give me any. I have to ask for sex."
  • Foreplay 1: Mark squeezes Carrie's boobs and squeezes her nipples through the fabric of her jet-black dress. He then kisses her mouth, caresses her dark brunette hair, nuzzles her neck, and slips his fingers inside her panties so he can stroke her clit. Within seconds, Carrie's wet and raring to go. Mark continues to play with Carrie's bald-shaven pussy, probing her labia with his fingers while continuing to tickle her clit and pierced clit hood. Soon, he's furiously finger-fucking her juicy cunt with two experienced and very effective digits.
  • Foreplay 2: Mark buries his face between Carrie's thighs and licks, suckles, tickles, and probes Carrie's pussy with his frantic tongue. He also licks her bejeweled clit and tight asshole. Carrie looks--and sounds--like she's in heaven as pleasure flows from her clit through her body.
  • Foreplay 3: Mark helps Carrie to her feet, strips off her remaining clothes, and has her drop to her knees. Then, after removing his own pants, he has Carrie clasp her hands behind her back so that he can fuck her mouth without her hands' interference. Mark teases Carrie with his cock, waving it in front of her face without actually putting it in. This, of course, makes Carrie wild with frustration. When he eventually allows her to take his dick into her mouth, Carrie appears as if she's a starving babe...nearly ravenous for cock! Mark insists that Carrie slow down--and look at him as she takes his rod deeper and deeper into her mouth. Eventually, Mark allows Carrie to uses her hands so that she can both suck and stroke his cock at the same time. She sucks him so hard that her cheeks implode with every stroke! Mark loves it and groans passionately.
  • Position 1: Mark lifts Carrie and gingerly sets her on the armrest of a brown velvet-looking couch. He spreads her legs wide and then slips his spit-lubricated rod into her bejeweled cunt so that he can fuck her with long, slow, and gentle strokes. Meanwhile, Carrie pants and moans rhythmically in response to Mark's increasingly forceful strokes.
  • Position 2: Without letting his cock slip out of her pussy, Mark lifts Carrie off of the couch and then sits down so that she's in the cowgirl position (not the most flattering position for Carrie). Mark then grabs Carrie by her butt cheeks and tosses her body back and forth on his dick. He also takes numerous opportunities to spank her ass. In due course, Carrie takes over and erotically grinds her crotch against Mark's (this is the best--and, from Carrie's point of view--most energetic footage in the scene). Meanwhile, Mark squeezes Carrie's boobs and mildly chokes her throat.
  • Position 3: As Mark provides step-by-step instructions, Carrie tentatively and gingerly sucks her juices off of Mark's cock. Mark loves it, and his whole body spasms with pleasure (no, he doesn't cum yet). Then, Carrie straddles Mark reverse cowgirl style and fucks him with shallow strokes as she pants with lust. In due course, Carrie lies back on Mark's chest and lets him do the thrusting while she enjoys the ride. Then, while Carrie sits vertically on Mark's lap, Mark uses his powerful legs to hurl Carrie up and down on his penis. As was the case in cowgirl, the best segment of this position is when Carrie grinds herself against Mark.
  • Popshot: While Carrie squats in front of him, Mark furiously beats his cock until he explodes on her tongue and face. As Mark's entire body spasms, Carrie gently licks the tip of his cock with her tongue. Then, after advising Carrie to not brush her teeth--so that when she kisses him he'll get some of Mark's cum--nasty Mark kisses Carrie's cum-filled mouth.

Scene Five

Rarely in life does one encounter a performer, artist, or musician who is simply so good that you know that whatever he or she does will be simply superb. For example, I don't even bother wondering about the storyline of a movie featuring Harrison Ford or Julia Roberts (OK, so I'm dating myself). I know that the movie will be good just because one of those people is in it. I think the same about stunningly-beautiful, busty, hard-bodied and blond Nicole Sheridan and her real-life hubby Voodoo. I feel so strongly about this couple that my advice is simple: if Nicole and Voodoo are coupled in a movie, just watch it. It'll definitely be worth your while! In Scene Five, Nicole and Voodoo provide one of the very best anal-intensive five-star sex scenes of 2006. Absolutely everything about this scene--from the scene set-up; to the performers' appearance, commentary, and attitude; to the blowjob; to the vaginal and anal sex; to Nicole's body-quaking orgasms; to the high-velocity and voluminous pop--is superlative. Excellent. Awesome. Way to go. That's all I'm going to say about it.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): There are some technical issues with the conventional 4:3 video. There is a great deal of lens flare in Scene One whenever the camera inadvertently points toward a sun filled window; the image is generally too saturated (the colors are too strong and the fleshtones look too orange); the exposure ranges from too-light to too-dark--shadows often obfuscate action we need to see; some darker footage is noticeably grainy (probably due to insufficient exposure); there are some very amateurish jerky camera movements--especially at the beginning of Scene Two; the camera lights are reflected in shiny surfaces (such as windows); and shadows of the camera equipment fall across the performers as they fuck. On the bright side, the image is sharp, well focused, clear (even when enlarged to fill my entire computer screen), and free from digital compression artifacts. In addition, the video contains very few edits that disrupt the scene's continuity. And, the cameraman really knows what we want to see and does his very best to show it to us. Two and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): Although most of the audio is quite good, I did notice some off-camera "directorials" by the director. Those remarks should have been edited out. The audio is of sufficient volume that all the dialog and sounds of sex are clear, crisp, and distinct. There's no music during the sex scenes. So, nothing comes between your eyes and the delightful sounds of pleasure. Three stars.

Extras: In addition to routine interactive menus and chapter selector, the DVD-9 disc contains a "Play" menu that allows you to watch the movie with or without the storyline, a "Scenes" menu so you can jump to the girl you want to watch, and a "Positions" menu you can use to watch blowjobs; missionary, cowgirl, doggy, or anal sex; or cumshots. If you click the "Extras" button on the main menu, a new window appears so that you can select "Photo Gallery" to watch a two plus minute self-operating slide show, "Behind the Scenes" to watch 12 minutes of photoshoot video and an impromptu interview with Lisa Ann, "Previews" to check out six Smash Pictures releases, and "Website Info" to see Smash Pictures URLs. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: The visual aesthetics of Cheating Housewives #3 are very good. With the exception of Scene Four, the sex scenes were shot in very attractive locations in an attempt to replicate the upper-class neighborhood populated by the cast in this movie's mainstream-TV cousin. Although ubiquitous couches were used as props in some scenes, sex also occurred in a lavish kitchen and on and around a beautiful staircase. Scene setups utilized sumptuous garden/patio locations as well as real-life supermarket parking lots. Bottom line...I'm pleased that the director was a little more creative than the "let's fuck on somebody's couch" crowd. The girls' initial attire and makeup are all very appropriate--of course the girls look best with that attire is tossed aside! There's no musical soundtrack to evaluate. Four stars!

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.20
Average video rating: 2.50
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.64

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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