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It's a Daddy Thing! 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/29/11

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: All sex.
Director: Patrick Collins
Cast: Aubrey Addams, Charlotte Stokely, Dick Nasty, Herschel Savage, Keisha, Mark Davis, Naomi, Naomi St. Claire, Roscoe Bowltree, Sasha Knox, Steven St. Croix.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Aubrey Addams.
Length: 02:10
Condoms: Yes, in Scene One.
Bonus: One bonus point for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Aubrey Addams.


In a series of five vignettes, director Patrick Collins shows us how persuasive and adorable young women can get exactly what they want from more mature men and women.

The young women in It's a Daddy Thing 2 are, as is to be expected in an Elegant Angel release, great fucks. However, I think the best parts of this movie are the scene set-ups. Each young woman does a remarkable job playing the part of a demanding and persistent sex fiend bound and determined to get what she wants from her elders. The dialog, which is most likely extemporaneous, is believable and sometimes hilarious as the girls convince men and women old enough to be their parents to fuck them to orgasm and back. In fact, in two scenes, the girls fuck guys who are cast as either their fathers or stepfathers. That bit of "taboo" adds a lot of titillation to the subsequent sex.

Of course, the young women cast in It's a Daddy Thing 2 are not "underage girls" nor are they really the daughters or stepdaughters of the male or female performers. They're 18-year-old-plus women playing scintillating roles.

As a middle-aged guy with twenty-something kids, It's a Daddy Thing 2 struck a resonant chord with me. Wouldn't all you middle-aged guys--and gals--be flattered if a young woman literally forced herself upon you?

The girls and the sex in It's a Daddy Thing 2 are hot and enjoyable. But, the technical issues related to video and audio leave much to be desired. Hence, the Rent It score.

Check out some photos of the girls and screen captures of the action in It's a Daddy Thing 2 here. Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One, featuring cutie-pie Aubrey Addams, mature and busty Keisha, and Mark Davis, is a unique threesome that shows just what could happen when two horny middle-aged people--a man and a woman--respond to the lust of a cute young woman who happens to have a heart-stopping ass, cute tiny tits, never-ending legs, bald pussy, pierced navel and clit-hood, and blond pigtails. This is a really hot boy/girl/girl/anal threesome that highlights the well-honed sexual skills of "mature" Mark and Keisha coupled with the unbridled enthusiasm of young Aubrey. Five stars.

  • Scene Setup: Aubrey plays a young model who accompanies her mom (Keisha) to the photographic studio of Mark Davis for a slightly risqué bondage-themed glamour shoot. Mark takes advantage of Aubrey's naiveté and soon has her lithe young body stripped naked for his camera. Watching from the doorway, Keisha cannot help but get turned on by Aubrey's fine flesh and enthusiasm as well as Mark's "handling" of his charge. Soon, everybody's juices are flowing. Even innocent Aubrey becomes so inflamed that she tells Keisha, "I wanna see your tits! Pull 'em out for me...and play with 'em!" Of course, little Aubrey gets exactly what she wants from both Keisha and Mark.
  • Foreplay 1: As Mark slowly undresses Aubrey as she stands on a stage with her hands bound, he cannot help but cop a feel and stroke her muscular and lithe body. He also kisses her neck and lips, probes her quickly-soaked bald pussy with his fingers, and strokes her body with a wooden dowel. Aubrey responds by moaning contentedly.
  • Foreplay 2: Keisha watches from the doorway and responds, "it's so wrong" when Aubrey insists that she bare her tits and play with them. Keisha shouts, "I want them. I wanna see 'em. PULL 'EM OUT NOW!" Even though it's "wrong," Keisha soon releases her massive and gorgeous breasts from captivity and pleasures herself while Mark "molests" adorable Aubrey until Aubrey cums volcanically--twice! To keep Aubrey's pleasure flowing, Mark continues to finger-fuck her pussy, spank her butt, and mildly choke her throat. Keisha is mesmerized by Aubrey's pleasure and cannot help but approach her to stroke her sex-flushed and post-orgasmic flesh. Then, Keisha and Mark work together to make Aubrey climax again.
  • Foreplay 3: At Mark's suggestion, the trio moves off the stage and onto a bed. Keisha lies back on the bed and Aubrey straddles her so that she can feast on the bounty of the older woman's huge tits. Again, Keisha exclaims, "Honey, this is wrong!" Aubrey replies, "I like it. SHUT UP!" Meanwhile, Mark finger-fucks Aubrey's gorgeous pink pussy from behind, spanks her ass, and pulls her blond pigtails. Aubrey responds volcanically to her mouth full of Keisha's tit and pussy full of Mark's fingers. Her subsequent orgasm is intense! During this segment, Mark also kisses Keisha and joins Aubrey in worshipping Keisha's breasts with his mouth.
  • Foreplay 4: After Aubrey cums, Keisha, emboldened by untold lust, lovingly suckles Aubrey's erect nipples and cute perky boobies. Meanwhile, Mark forcefully pounds Keisha's pussy with his fingers until she, too cums.
  • Foreplay 5: After Keisha cums, Mark positions himself between Aubrey's legs and performs superb cunnilingus on her, using his tongue to probe her pussy and lick her engorged and bejeweled clit. Aubrey goes straight to heaven and soon experiences yet another body-shaking orgasm. Afterward, Keisha, too, gets to feel and taste Aubrey's pussy. Keisha observes, "Do you know your pussy kinda looks like mine?" Keisha's superb pussy-licking technique soon pushes young Aubrey to another climax.
  • Foreplay 6: Aubrey gets to repay Keisha by using her enthusiastic young tongue to please the older woman's pussy. Meanwhile, Keisha squeezes her own bounteous boobs and Mark finger-fucks Aubrey's dripping vagina. Soon, Aubrey takes a break from eating Keisha, smiles broadly, and exclaims, "It tastes so good!" Then, emboldened, Aubrey resumes cunnilingus and quickly causes Keisha to cum.
  • Foreplay 7: Mark asks Aubrey, "Have you ever sucked a cock before?" and she replies, "No!" So, Mark asks Keisha, "Wanna teach her how to do it?" Then, as Aubrey watches in wonderment and masturbates, Keisha demonstrates her well-honed cock sucking, licking, swallowing, and stroking techniques on Mark's oh-so-happy cock. Keisha also verbalizes her technique. Aubrey's raring to go: "Is it my turn yet?" Keisha thinks Aubrey's ready and advises her, "get to know it (Mark's cock) like your best friend. If it feels good to you, it'll feel good to him." Aubrey proves to be an outstanding student and gives Mark a truly memorable blowjob. Both she and Mark have a hell of a good time--especially when both Aubrey and Keisha share his mammoth rod and balls.
  • Position 1: Aubrey straddles Mark reverse cowgirl style and then Keisha guides Mark's cock into Aubrey's tight and bejeweled young hole. Aubrey inches herself down around his rod so that she can joyfully bounce up-and-down with increasingly frenzied and deep strokes. A look of unbridled passion beams from Aubrey's face as she and Mark fuck each other. Her passion increases even more when Keisha uses her fingers to squeeze Aubrey's clit as Mark's cock slides in-and-out of her cunt. Aubrey's subsequent orgasm could have easily been heard in the next county!
  • Position 2: After Aubrey cums, she lifts herself off of Mark and then she and Keisha suck her juices off of his dick. Then, Aubrey mounts him cowgirl style and again demonstrates that she's a first-class broncobuster as Mark pounds her at redline speed. Meanwhile, Keisha fingers and licks Aubrey's asshole and suckles her tits. As Aubrey's pleasure increases, she screams out, "Fuck me!" and then cums yet again. Adorable Aubrey is certainly an insatiable fuck! After she cums, Aubrey grinds Mark's cock to keep her pleasure flowing.
  • Position 3: Keisha transitions to missionary and instructs Aubrey, "I want you to watch as he puts it in my ass! It feels really good!" Beaming with delight, young Aubrey concentrates intently so that she can learn as much as she can. Then, Mark teases Keisha's anus with his condom-sheathed rod and then slides it up her ass so he can fuck her hard and deep while she, in turn, uses a "magic wand" oversized vibrator to pleasure her own clit. The best part of this sequence, in my opinion, is Keisha's running commentary of the action so that her pupil Aubrey can gain intimate knowledge of the pleasures of anal sex. Meanwhile, attentive student Aubrey suckles and bites Keisha's nipples and watches the in-and-out action close-up. Keisha, of course, loves the attention and soon screams through a volcanic orgasm.
  • Popshot: When it's Mark's turn to cum, he spends a short time pounding Aubrey's cunt missionary style and then pulls out so that he can spray her tits, belly, and genitals with a generous load of his semen. Then, at Aubrey's suggestion, Keisha sucks up every single drop, swallows it, and then shares open-mouthed kisses with Aubrey and Mark.

Scene Two

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Scene Two is a boy/girl anal scene that features busty Naomi and veteran porn stud Herschel Savage. Naomi's a captivating girl-next-door brunette with luscious all-natural boobs, nicely groomed pubic hair (she's clean-shaven below her clit), and a traffic-stopping ass. Best of all, she's a fantastic fuck and has a repertoire of some of the nicest sexual moves you'll ever see! This dick-stiffening scene rates four and one-half stars.

  • Scene Setup: Naomi, who plays the daughter of Herschel's lady friend, helps Herschel clean up his house. As she washes the dishes, dressed in a skimpy outfit that doesn't come close to covering her magnificent ass, Herschel watches from across the kitchen with a combination of pure appreciation and apprehension. After all, Naomi's young enough to be his daughter and is sweet enough to help him care for his home. How could he lust for her? Herschel needn't be anxious, however--young Naomi wants him as much as he wants her. Even so, when Naomi pulls out all the stops to seduce him (she even begs him to teach her how to kiss and "accidentally" slips a boob out of her dress), Herschel holds back and tries to do the "moral" thing. Of course, he's unsuccessful! What vigorous man could resist such temptation...such beauty...such curves...such tits...such an ass? An even better question would be, "Why should resistance even be considered?"
  • Foreplay 1: Once Naomi's successful in breaking down Herschel's inhibitions, she promises to not tell anybody. Then, atop a couch in the living room, they share a very sweet and passionate open-mouthed kiss. Soon, she's in his lap, grinding her body against his as he gropes and squeezes her magnificent butt and womanly flesh. He also fervently suckles her nipples.
  • Foreplay 2: Impassioned--and impatient--Naomi pulls down Herschel's pants and takes his already-erect penis into her insatiable and wanton mouth. As Herschel moans ecstatically, Naomi skillfully licks, strokes, squeezes, sucks, and swallows his raging hard-on. As Herschel's remaining inhibitions disappear, he strips naked and lies back to enjoy Naomi's superb oral skills (superb camera angles--including POV). While Naomi greedily feasts on Herschel's rod, she admits that she prefers older guys. Believe me, she's won my heart!
  • Position 1: Herschel helps Naomi remove her panties and then moves her into position above him--cowgirl style--so that she can grab his cock and guide it into her tight young cunt. Once his tip has slipped past her labia, Naomi begins to bounce up-and-down so that she can force Herschel's rod deep inside her. Naomi uses absolutely superb moves to fuck and grind his cock. Meanwhile, he suckles on her pert nipples, caresses her nubile flesh, and squeezes her plump ass cheeks. As Naomi's pleasure builds, her moves become wilder and more emphatic. In fact, she soon makes herself cum as Herschel enjoys the ride and ponders the wonder of young womanhood.
  • Position 2: After Naomi kneels on the couch doggie style, Herschel licks her pussy and rims her asshole. Then, as the camera zooms in tight, Herschel holds his cock in position so that Naomi can wiggle it into her pussy. Then, lusty Naomi tosses her body back and forth--and arches her butt up and down--so that she can match each of Herschel's deep thrusts with her own. In fact, Naomi and Herschel plow each other like a well-engineered fucking machine. Naomi's moves are incredible! I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did!
  • Position 3: Without letting his cock slip out of Naomi, Herschel lifts her up and then the two of them sit down on the couch in the reverse cowgirl position. Shot from several effective camera angles, Naomi's thrusting and grinding moves are absolutely spellbinding. She's one HELL of a passionate and demonstrative fuck! In fact, Naomi's body soon rewards her with a volcanic screaming orgasm. Afterward, she exhaustedly murmurs, "It's so good!"
  • Position 4: In the missionary position, Naomi lifts her legs back, parallel to her abdomen. This position gives the camera a great view of the action as Herschel pounds her pussy with balls-deep strokes. Meanwhile, Naomi screams her appreciation and grinds her ass cheeks back and forth as he fucks her. Again, Naomi's moves are superb...and result in yet another orgasm.
  • Position 5: While smiling wickedly, Naomi demands, "Stick it in my ass!" Then, she straddles him and strokes his cock while cooing, "It's a little big, but I want it so bad!" Fearing nothing, she then lowers herself onto his rod, forcing it completely into her asshole with one smooth and continuous stroke. Then, using her superb grinding moves that I appreciate so much, she fucks him with increasing intensity until his cock completely disappears into her anus (great camera angles). Later, she rolls onto her side in a modified spoon position so that Herschel can have an opportunity to thrust his cock in-and-out of her super tight asshole. "Keep doing it like that," she begs. Meanwhile, she frantically jacks her super-saturated cunt with her talented fingers.
  • Position 6: After transitioning to doggie, Naomi and Herschel continue anal sex. While he reams her sphincter from behind, Naomi jacks her clit, finger-fucks her pussy, and takes time to squeeze Herschel's rod and balls with her fingers.
  • Position 7: Using a modified reverse cowgirl position, in which she lies on her side atop Herschel, Naomi thrusts her body and gyrates her butt as she anally hammers Herschel's cock. Yet again, Naomi shows off her incredible--and very inventive--moves as she fucks him toward mutual orgasm. To increase her pleasure, Herschel reaches his fingers down so that he can jack her clit and finger-fuck her pussy. Then, to clean up the works, Naomi performs naughty--yet impassioned--ass-to-mouth (ATM) on Herschel's lucky penis. She even deep-throats him.
  • Position 8: Naomi is truly insatiable. So, even though she's already cum numerous times, she again mounts Herschel--cowgirl style--and slides his dick back into her ass. As Herschel lies back to enjoy the ride, Naomi again uses world-class fucking and grinding moves to pleasure both herself and Herschel (great camera angles and close-ups). Her efforts pay off when she experiences a world-class ass-gasm. During this segment, Herschel grabs and squeezes handfuls of Naomi's perfect ass flesh.
  • Popshot: Naomi pleads, "I want you to cum for me!" So, she lifts himself off Herschel's cock, performs ATM on it, and then uses both of her hands to jack him off until he cums in her mouth. Then, she uses her hands to squeeze every drop of semen out of his penis and her mouth to suck it all up. "Thanks, teacher!"

Scene Three

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of blond sweetheart Charlotte Stokely, who appears with Dick Nasty and Roscoe Bowltree in Scene Three. I love Charlotte's cute and freckled face and adore her charming, youthful, and somewhat naïve demeanor. This is a fellatio-only scene in which Charlotte gives both guys incendiary blowjobs and takes both of their voluminous loads on her face. I'm not normally a fan of blowjob-only scenes...to me, sex is primarily about the pussy. Since there's no sex--or even finger-fucking or cunnilingus--in this scene, my need for wet pink pussy goes unmet. And, it's quite impossible for Charlotte to meet Elegant Angel's motto of "Where the Girls Cum, Too!" I usually give fellatio-centric scenes three stars or less. However, due to Charlotte's endearing enthusiasm and excitement--as well as her convincing portrayal of her part--I'm awarding this scene three and one-half stars.

  • Scene Setup: Dick Nasty and his friend Roscoe Bowltree are playing a friendly game of poker. They get hungry. So, Dick calls his daughter, Charlotte, and asks her to bring some refreshments. Roscoe, who hasn't seen Dick's little girl in a long time, is immediately impressed by how well Charlotte as grown--in all the right places. Complaining that her mom didn't give her any allowance, Charlotte asks the guys to let her play so that she can win some money. Since the game is already in progress, Roscoe gives her a stake: "If you play your cards right, we're gonna do just fine." It's clear that Roscoe has his mind on things other than cards. In fact, he can't help but notice Charlotte's newly-blossomed boobs and soft, tender thighs. And, he can't keep her hands off of Charlotte, either. Paradoxically, Charlotte inadvertently wins the game--and all the money...minus Roscoe's stake, of course.
  • Foreplay 1: In appreciation to Roscoe for backing her, Charlotte readily agrees to let him squeeze her boobies. Even though daddy Dick is "uncomfortable" with the proceedings, Charlotte loves Roscoe's attention and asks her daddy, "Isn't this what my mommy does?" Then, she sits in Roscoe's lap and grinds her butt against his cock. Wow! Nice moves, Charlotte! Meanwhile, Roscoe squeezes Charlotte's boobies, pinches her "happy" nipples strokes her curves, and guides her youthful hands toward the bulge in his pants. After innocently asking permission, Charlotte squeezes and strokes Roscoe's still-imprisoned cock.
  • Foreplay 2: Roscoe sits back in his chair and pulls his erect cock out of his pants. At Roscoe's suggestion, Charlotte kneels between his legs and marvels at the beauty and size of his cock: "Can I lick it?" You sure as hell can! She then gives Roscoe one of the sweetest--and increasingly passionate--blowjobs you've ever seen. She uses her hands, tongue, and mouth on his rod and uses her fingers to squeeze his balls. While she noisily slurps his cock--and swallows it balls-deep--she maintains intense eye contact with him.
  • Foreplay 3: Even though daddy Dick says it's "disgusting," he doesn't protest too much when Charlotte crawls over to him, kneels between his legs, and licks his bulging cock through his pants. Dick soon gives into his lust and pulls out his dick so that Charlotte can greedily suck it. Charlotte truly enjoys herself as she squeezes "daddy's" balls, strokes his shaft, and swallows his dick balls-deep.
  • Foreplay 4: Roscoe stands next to Dick so that Charlotte can take turns servicing both dicks, round-robin style. While Charlotte uses a hand and her mouth on one cock, she uses her other hand to keep the other dick--and balls--happy. As Charlotte's lust escalates, she drools and chokes on the guys' cocks as she takes them completely down her throat: "It's kind of like an ice-cream cone!" Believe me, Charlotte and both guys have a truly awesome experience--especially when Charlotte strips down to her panties to show off her shapely body.
  • Popshot 1: adorable Charlotte begs Roscoe, "You wanna cum on my face? No one has ever cum on my face before" Of course Roscoe wants to be her first. So, after she sucks and strokes him close to climax, he takes over and jacks himself off into her very willing mouth and onto her smiling face. Damn, it looks really good!
  • Foreplay 5: After he pops, Roscoe leaves so that Charlotte and her "daddy" can get to know each other on a more intimate level. So, she turns her cum-plastered face toward Dick and again devours his rod with her insatiable and voracious mouth. Charlotte's enthusiasm--as well as the volume of drool that flows from her mouth, onto Dick's cock, and then onto her tits--is remarkable. In fact, it appears as if Charlotte's trying to suck Dick's soul out of his body through his cock. Way to suck, Charlotte!
  • Popshot 2: When Dick can no longer hold back, he blows his sticky and viscous load onto Charlotte's nose, lip, and mouth. She smiles angelically as she blows bubbles with his semen.

Scene Four

Scene Four is a raucous boy/girl vaginal-only scene featuring brunette girl-next-door Naomi St. Claire (not to be confused with Naomi in Scene Two) and Steven St. Croix. It features one of the hottest--and best videotaped--blowjobs I've had the pleasure of enjoying in a long time. Naomi is a very sensual cocksucker! Four stars!

  • Scene Setup: Naomi plays a young woman with a crush on one of her college teachers. She tells Steven, her shrink, all about her fixation--her pussy even begins to drip as she recounts her urges and how she acts on those urges. Steven responds by telling her, "There's one thing the matter with you! You're not sucking my cock!" Then, as you might expect, the sparks really begin to fly.
  • Foreplay 1: While explaining her crush to Steven, Naomi stands and shows him exactly where her body begins to burn when she thinks about her teacher. She tells him that her pussy gets wet and her nipples get hard. In due course, she teases Steven--and us--by stripping aside portions of her clothing so we can see exactly how hard--and large--her nipples swell and how wet her pussy becomes. In due course, she sits in Dr. Steven's lap and he, of course, strokes and kisses her firm young flesh and probes her dripping cunt with his fingers.
  • Foreplay 2: Naomi confesses that her semi-nudity makes her embarrassed. So, Steven asks, "Would you be embarrassed if I took my cock out?" Giggling, she responds, "I've never seen one!" Steven then bends her over and enthusiastically squeezes and kisses her ripe and firm butt cheeks. He also licks her pussy and asshole.
  • Foreplay 3: Steven pulls out his dick and instructs Naomi to kneel between his legs as he sits back in an easy chair. He then gives Naomi step-by-step and very explicit fellatio instruction--although lusty Naomi doesn't really need to be taught because she's been "practicing with cucumbers and bananas." In fact, she can even deep-throat his entire rod! And, she does a nice job stroking his shaft with her pretty manicured fingers. Even better, Naomi instinctively knows to look Steven (and us) right in the eyes as she pleasures his cock with her inquisitive mouth. Steven loves his pupil's enthusiasm and praises her lavishly--between his ecstatic moans and exhortations to go "deeper." Bottom line, Naomi gives a first-class blowjob that is superbly captured with extreme close-ups and other effective camera angles.
  • Position 1: At Steven's request, sweet Naomi stands up, sensuously pulls down her panties, and then bends over to give Steven a close-up and personal look at her bald-shaven pussy. "I want you to slowly sit down on my cock." Naomi responds deliberately and sensuously, inching her tight, young, and juicy pussy around his throbbing rod while moaning ecstatically. Her face, too, beams with delight as Steven's rod fills her to capacity. Once her pussy has completely swallowed him, she begins to thrust her tight and cute body up and down...tentatively, at first, but with increasing fervor (great camera angles). Soon, Naomi and Steven are fucking each other like experts--Namoi even jacks her clit to increase her pleasure and squeals with delight as pleasure consumes her. It doesn't take long for Naomi to climax--her "virginal" orgasm causes her entire body to contract!
  • Position 2: Naomi lifts herself off of Steven and sucks her cum off of his rod. She also strokes her new "best friend." Then, she mounts him again--this time in the cowgirl position--and then rocks her pussy back and forth to drive Steven's cock balls-deep inside her. Meanwhile, Steven reaches around to squeeze Naomi's perfect ass cheeks. Eventually, Naomi lies down on Steven's chest so that he can use his pussy-juice-soaked cock to pound her with increasing intensity. Then, when Naomi's pleasure begins to build exponentially, she starts to fuck him back with frenzied and powerful strokes.
  • Position 3: Without benefit of transitioning footage, Naomi is abruptly on her back being pounded missionary style by Steven's powerful rod. As he fucks her--and licks her calves--Naomi forcefully jacks her clit and squeezes her tiny tits.
  • Popshot: Steven continues to ream Naomi missionary style until he's ready to pop. Then, he pulls out and pushes her to her knees to capture his generous load of cum--all over her smiling face, hair, forehead, lips, chin, and tits.

Scene Five

I was really impressed by Sasha Knox in Scene Five. It's a boy/girl/anal scene in which Sasha, who's new to me, demonstrates her worthiness to be nominated for best new starlet of the year. Sasha also proves that she's a damned good little actress, too, and delivered very believable dialog during the scene setup footage. I highly recommend this scene in which she holds her own--and even surpasses--veteran stud Mark Davis. I fuckin' loved this scene! Five stars.

  • Scene Setup: Mark Davis plays a guy who would rather not share his occupation--he works for a porn studio--with his wife and step-kids. Curious, his defiant stepdaughter (Sasha) follows him to work one day and manages to convince the receptionist to allow her into the building to see her dad. Sasha is, as you might expect, intrigued to find her "daddy" working in a porn studio. Mark is, on his part, pissed and bends his darling stepchild over for a good spanking. Sasha loves it and wants much more. So, when told to leave, she refuses...and literally demands that Mark fuck her. Fuck her he does! This is an extremely well acted and shot scene setup. Kudos to Sasha, Mark, and director Patrick Collins!
  • Foreplay 1: Mark bends Sasha over a work bench in the studio's warehouse, hikes up her skirt, and gives her red-thong-clad--and absolutely gorgeous--ass a good spanking. Sasha realizes that she's been a bad girl and takes her spanking valiantly--and with a great deal of anticipation.
  • Foreplay 2: After being spanked, Sasha refuses to go home. Instead, she brazenly disobeys her stepfather, approaches him, strokes his body through his clothes, and grabs the bulge in his jeans. Then, she drops to her knees, unzips his jeans, and announces, "You know...I've wondered about this for a long time! And now I'm gonna find out...just what it looks like, what it tastes like, and what it feels like in my mouth." The blowjob that follows is incendiary...Sasha uses her pretty manicured hands, insatiable mouth, capacious throat, wanton tongue, and mesmerizing eyes to the best possible advantage as Mark's huge cock grows to never-before length. "Am I better than mommy?" You betcha, Sasha! Even better, Sasha shares some extremely explicit daydreams with her daddy--and us. You just gotta see this girl suck cock!
  • Foreplay 3: Sasha wantonly stands and kisses her "daddy" on the mouth. Of course, all of Mark's inhibitions are gone by now. So, he reaches his fingers into her panties and strokes and probes her pussy, and then gives her his fingers to suck clean. He, too, samples some of her vaginal elixir. As Mark continues to pleasure Sasha, he pulls aside her top so that he can feast on her perfect young breasts and hard erect nipples.
  • Foreplay 4: Mark lifts Sasha onto a workbench, spreads her legs super wide, suckles mouthfuls of her ass flesh, pulls aside her panties, and then rims her asshole and tongue-fucks her cunt. Sasha visibly trembles with taboo pleasure as he performs expert cunnilingus on her. Sasha really loves it and it shows--especially when she shudders through multiple orgasms! Wait until you see her eyes when she cums! Frankly, I'd give a king's ransom to eat her out!
  • Foreplay 5: Mark positions Sasha doggie style atop the workbench and tries to lick her pussy. However, she's so fuckin' sensitive that she literally jumps off the surface of the table when his tongue touches her clit. That's GENUINE pleasure! Undeterred, Mark forces his face between her butt cheeks and gleefully rims and thumb-fucks her asshole while she trembles and screams in ecstasy.
  • Position 1: Visibly trembling, Sasha stutters, "I want you to fuck me!" So, as Sasha bends over the workbench, Mark drives his cock deep inside her...Sasha screams with pleasure as he penetrates her! Then, as Sasha's body rejoices with every type of sexual pleasure known to womankind, Mark reams her with slow, deep, and deliberate strokes. As soon as Sasha's pussy accommodates his entire rod, Mark begins to pound her faster and faster as she shrieks with lust (superb camera angles highlight her dripping bald pussy as it swallows every inch of Mark's cock). Mark responds to Sasha's delight by choking her throat and pulling her hair. Eventually, Sasha begs, "I wanna taste my pussy off your cock." Mark agrees and then teaches her how to clean his cunt-juice-covered cock using only her mouth--and not her hands. This action, shot from several effective camera angles--is fucking gorgeous! Once Mark's cock is squeaky-clean, he and Sasha share a prolonged open-mouthed kiss. Meanwhile, he jacks her clit until her magnificent flesh explodes with yet another very real orgasm.
  • Position 2: After an abrupt edit, Mark passionately fucks Sasha with redline-speed strokes in the cowgirl style as she lies atop him and holds on for dear life. Meanwhile, he finger-fucks her throat. In due course, Sasha takes over and thrusts her body back and forth to force his cock ever deeper inside her. She's so wet that Mark's cock glistens with juice each time she hurls her body forward. As the scene progresses, Sasha and Mark fuck each other like wild animals. In fact, it doesn't take long for Sasha's body to convulse as the strongest orgasm of the scene overwhelms her glorious body. Believe me...if Sasha continues to perform like this, she's going to be performer of the year one day soon!
  • Position 3: Sasha sits on the workbench and shivers with pleasure as Mark suckles her pedicured toes. Then, after sharing a playful kiss, during which Sasha strokes Mark's lucky cock, Sasha implores Mark, "Will you fuck me in my ass? I liked having your cock in my mouth and in my pussy. But, I wanna know what it feels like in my ass!" Mark readily agrees and, after telling Sasha to lie on her side, he slips behind her so he can inch his cock up her "virgin" ass spoon style. Sasha's pleasure is real and unmistakable when Mark penetrates her and becomes even more sincere as he pounds her with balls-deep strokes while squeezing her tits, finger-fucking her mouth, and jacking her clit. He also chokes her throat and kisses her wide-open mouth.
  • Position 4: Mark rolls over onto his back and carries Sasha with him. Missing nary a stroke, Mark continues to ream her asshole in the reverse cowgirl position. Damn, this looks nice! Eventually, Mark lies back and enjoys the ride as Sasha uses powerful thrusting and grinding moves to fuck him. She loves it, but wants to know if it's as good for him as it is for her: "Tell me that you like it! Tell me that you like fucking my ass!' No matter how much Mark likes it, there's no chance that he feels better than Sasha does...her body language screams "I'm in heaven!" During reverse cowgirl, Sasha lifts herself off of Mark, sniffs his dick, and then sucks him clean ATM style. "This is what I wanted," she whispers. Then, as she deep-throats him, a look of absolute wonder breaks out all over her sweet face. Later, they resume reverse-cowgirl anal sex. Sasha pounds him balls-deep with frantic thrusts as she screams for joy.
  • Position 5: Abruptly, Sasha and Mark transition to cowgirl. As Sasha rides him like a champion broncobuster, Mark pistons in-and-out of her ass so fast that his cock blurs on the screen. Sasha reaps a huge dividend when she screams through a volcanic ass-gasm. Afterward, she sits up and grinds his cock in her ass using some of the sexiest and most erotic moves you'll ever see.
  • Position 6: After an unexpected edit, Mark fucks Sasha's asshole missionary style while chewing on her toes. Sasha's lust is unquenchable: "Fuck! I'm gonna cum...Oh, my God! I can feel every inch of you inside my ass!" To help herself over the top, she expertly fingers her engorged clit. Wait until you see her eyes when she explodes!
  • Popshot: Mark stands on the floor and tells Sasha to kneel in front of him and suck his cock clean. She gleefully complies and brings him close to ejaculation. Then, he takes over and jacks his rod as she begs: "I want this cum in my mouth, please! Please cum in my mouth. I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY MOUTH!" When Mark pops, he plasters her face AND fills her mouth. Then, she sucks his quivering rod dry and swallows. Then, she promises to never tell a soul. Fucking awesome scene, Sasha and Mark!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The conventional 4:3 video is OK, but suffers from inadequate exposure--much of the action is slightly too dark. The editing is generally effective and doesn't result in any continuity issues. However, I would have preferred to see all the transitions and insertions...in some cases the performers are already fucking in a new position after the footage cuts from one clip to another. Three stars.

Audio (technical): I'm a bit disappointed in the audio. Even though the "moans and groans" are perfectly audible, the dialog is often hard to hear. If I raised the volume--so that I could better hear what the performers were saying--background hum was evident. This is a shame, because the seductive dialog in the scene set-ups is delicious. Three stars.

Extras: In addition to an interactive full-motion chapter selector arranged by starlet, It's a Daddy Thing 2 features phone sex ads, website access (for DVD-ROM users), trailers for six Elegant Angel movies, and a self-running eight-plus minute slide show. More important, there's a naughty full-length (28 minute) girl/girl/anal (eventually b/g/g/a) teacher/student bonus scene from Teacher's Pet and a 12-minute behind-the-scenes featurette (footage of the director setting up the scenes, impromptu interviews--you won't believe how nasty adorable Charlotte Stokely is--makeup, behind-the-scenes tomfoolery, rehearsals, extra footage, and fun with toys). Four stars.

Aesthetics: From a visual perspective, the movie is aesthetically pleasing. Interesting and appropriate locations were used when the sex scenes were filmed. The girls' outfits are sexy, attractive, and titillating. However, I don't think much care was given to the girls' make-up or hairstyling. There is no musical soundtrack to support the on-screen action. So, there's not anything to say about the audio aesthetics. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.40
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.78

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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