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Naked and Famous

Studio: Pulse Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/20/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Kimberly Kane
Cast: Alex Knight, Angel Baby, Charlotte Stokley, Dana Vespoli, Dani Woodward, Faith, James Deen, Kimberly Kane, Lexi Love, Mr. Marcus, Otto Bauer, Roxy Jezel, Smokin' Mary Jane, The Gloryhole Boys.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Kimberly Kane.
Length: 01:21
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: One for condom free sex and the second for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Kimberly Kane.


Naked and Famou$ is the directorial debut of edgy and way-hard-core pornstar Kimberly Kane (her motto is, "If I had a cock, I'd be in jail!"). In it, Kimberly shows off not only her salacious appetite for sex, but also her vivid and eccentric imagination.

Naked and Famou$ is extremely unique from the visual perspective. Camera use, editing, special effects, sets, props, wardrobe, and sexual scenarios vary appreciably from run-of-the-mill porn. And, these attributes vary from scene to scene. Believe me, when you watch the seven scenes in Naked and Famou$ you'll never think to yourself, "didn't I just see that a few minutes ago?" In fact, I'll bet you've never seen anything quite like Naked and Famou$.

If I had to coin a term to describe Naked and Famou$, it would be surreal. The overall effect is kind of like watching porn while you're high. It's a very interesting trip.


Scene One

Scene One is an unusual boy/girl/girl, black-guy-on-two-white-chicks threeway featuring Kimberly Kane, Faith, and Mr. Marcus. I say "unusual" because of the way the scene unfolds: some video is fast forward while some is presented in slow-motion; the volume goes up and down; lights strobe, the image is grainy, and the colors are bizarre--and sometimes black-and-white. The result is an extremely unique visual and sexual experience that really must be seen to be understood. In essence, director Kimberly Kane takes over your monitor and shows you what she wants you to see when and how she wants you to see it. It's kind of like watching porn while high on a hallucinogenic drug (although I, of course, will never confess to being high!). Another way to think of this scene is: "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Kimberly Kane is controlling transmission." Go ahead...watch this scene...if you dare! The sex earns four and one-half stars on my boy/girl scale.

  • Scene Setup: When the scene abruptly explodes on your screen, Kimberly Kane is busy snapping Polaroid pictures of Faith and Mr. Marcus as they make out in front of a picture window high above the earth in a multistory building (perhaps a hotel). The video speeds up and slows down--and doesn't give a damn whether you like it or not.
  • Foreplay: Faith bends over and gives Mr. Marcus an impassioned blow/handjob while he stands before her and yanks on her hair. As the video flies by your eyes in fast-forward, Kimberly stands across the room and masturbates, stroking her naturally-hairy pussy with her skillful hands.
  • Position 1: Abruptly--and without warning--Mr. Marcus starts to pound Faith's cunt from behind, doggie style. Meanwhile, Kimberly, clad only with a black leather belt and black fishnet stockings, feverishly grabs Faith's hair, gyrates her head, and kisses her wide-open mouth. Faith responds by enthusiastically spanking Kimberly's awesome butt and by suckling Kimberly's pert nipples. During doggie, Faith takes a break from fucking so that both girls can suck Mr. Marcus' cock clean...Kimberly saturates his rod with her saliva and makes spit runners from his penis to her mouth.
  • Position 2: Faith and Kimberly share a spit-swapping kiss and then Mr. Marcus escorts Faith to the window so that he can fuck her face-to-face while standing. Anybody looking in from outside would sure get an eyeful! While Kimberly snaps instant prints of the action, Faith rides Mr. Marcus' cock like a champion rodeo star.
  • Position 3: Mr. Marcus turns Faith around to face the window and bends her over so he can again ream her doggie style. Faith shouts out with pleasure in reaction to his deep and powerful thrusts. And, she enthusiastically fucks him back and earns a volcanic orgasm as her prize.
  • Position 4: When the video shifts to chic black-and-white, Faith sits atop the vanity in a bathroom. As Faith leans back against the wall, Mr. Marcus fucks her missionary style with long, deep, and very effective strokes. Meanwhile, she jacks her own clit while staring directly into his mesmerized eyes. In due course, Faith beckons for Kimberly to join them. Kimberly obliges and then squeezes and slaps Faith's titties and rubs her sensitive clit while Mr. Marcus continues to fuck her spit-lubricated pussy and kiss her mouth.
  • Position 5: The action returns to color as Faith and Mr. Marcus go back to the bedroom. As Faith frantically bounces up-and-down on Mr. Marcus' cock in the reverse cowgirl position, she gazes admiringly at their reflection in a full-length mirror across from the bed (great use of mirrors). Meanwhile, Faith's little titties bounce for joy. During this segment, Kimberly keeps herself busy by spitting on Mr. Marcus' cock (to keep it nice and juicy), by licking and spanking Faith's clit, by slapping and suckling Faith's boobs, and by spit-swapping with Faith. Kimberly also bends over and presents her ass to Faith so that Faith can spank it sharply. Kimberly loves getting her butt spanked, growls like a feral animal, and shouts: "It stings!" Later, Kimberly straddles Mr. Marcus' arm so that she can, believe it or not, fuck it!
  • Position 6: Faith and Mr. Marcus must love doggie because they return to it again. This time, they stand directly in front of the full-length mirror so that they can both admire their reflections as Mr. Marcus fucks Faith's pussy and squeezes her tits. During this segment, Faith pulls Mr. Marcus' cock out of her pussy and pumps it hard with her practiced hand.
  • Position 7: Atop the now-rumpled bed, Mr. Marcus and Faith again enjoy missionary. As Faith gazes lustfully into his eyes, Mr. Marcus pounds her balls-deep with forceful and methodical strokes.
  • Popshot: In response to Faith's plea to "give it to me," Mr. Marcus pulls out of her pussy and, after she drops to her knees, he showers her face and eyes with his semen. Smiling broadly, she licks his rod and sucks it dry. Then, she and Kimberly kiss to share Mr. Marcus' nectar.

Scene Two

Scene Two is a girl/girl bondage encounter featuring Smokin' Mary Jane and Roxy Jezel. Throughout the scene, Mary Jane plays the submissive while Roxy dominates. Mary Jane has her hands tied throughout the scene and is the object of Roxy's cane. I am not a big fan of bondage/submission scenes unless they contain some sex. In this scene, Roxy performs cunnilingus on Mary Jane's pussy and rims her asshole. However, Roxy never makes her slave cum. This scene rates three and one-half stars on my girl/girl scale.

  • Scene Setup: When the scene begins, Smokin' Mary Jane, dressed in red-and-black lingerie (no panties), black nylons, and red gloves, is struggling against bindings that keep her arms suspended above her head. As she moves against her restraint, her boobs pop out of her top. Perhaps her newly freed breasts--or maybe her bare-naked pussy--give her ideas. In any case, Mary Jane's struggles morph into a very erotic dance as she undulates and licks her provocative flesh for us. As Mark Jane's transformation from fear to pleasure continues, very effective camera angles capture her tempting body and sexy moves.
  • Warm-up: Roxy Jezel, brandishing a cane and clad only in a black thong and nylons, joins Mary Jane and then caresses her pussy, kisses her mouth, and chokes her throat.
  • Position 1: Roxy turns Mark Jane's body around to face away from her. Then, Roxy spanks Mary Jane's butt cheeks using her cane; spits on--and rims--her asshole; spreads her labia and feasts on her pretty, pink, and naturally hairy pussy; grabs and squeezes her shapely breasts; tongue-fucks her vagina; and strokes her engorged clit. Mary Jane lifts her leg high off the floor (to give Roxy better access) and coos and groans in ecstasy as her mistress pleasures her: "Thank you, mistress!"
  • Position 2: Roxy forces Mary Jane to arch her back while bending in the standing doggie position. Then, as Mary Jane squeals and shouts, Roxy repeatedly spanks her butt with the cane.
  • Position 3: Roxy rotates Mary Jane so that they stand face to face. Then, Roxy uses the cane to spank Mary Jane's tits and forces Mary Jane to lick her own nipples. Meanwhile, Roxy taunts Mary Jane with the promise of a present--a "play friend."
  • Position 4: Roxy again positions Mary Jane in the doggie position with her back arched. Then, after tracing lines on Mary Jane's back with the straight end of the cane, Roxy sharply spanks Mary Jane's butt with both the hooked and straight ends of the stick. Roxy tells Mary Jane exactly why she's being punished...Roxy caught Mary Jane playing around with a Mexican boy...and Roxy wasn't invited!
  • Position 5: While Mary Jane's hands are still suspended from above, Roxy makes her spin round and round both directions--faster and faster until she gets dizzy. Mark Jane is also required to chant: "Roxy rules the fucking world."

Scene Three

-- sponsored by --

Charlotte Stokely plays the unlikely role of a "tweaker/ballerina" in Scene Three. Dressed in "hooker" high heels along with an incongruent fluffy white skirt reminiscent of those worn by professional dancers, we initially see platinum-blond Charlotte facing a stark white wall. Soon, however, her world degenerates into a filthy and decrepit tenement where she fucks James Deen to earn money for her next fix. It's an interesting juxtaposition of personalities...sort of a yin-yang look at the good and desperate sides of Charlotte Stokely. This is an extremely bizarre scene that defies temporal laws. It's very effective from the visual and audio perspectives as well as from the sexual point of view. Again, "surreal" comes to mind...you're stoned and are inside the mind of a tweaker as she has sex. Wow! Four and one-half stars!

  • Scene Setup: Topless, but dressed in a frilly white skirt, Charlotte stands facing a corner where two stark white walls meet. She turns toward us, but cannot see us because she's blindfolded. However, she senses our presence and soon begins to tease us by undulating her sexy ivory body while groping her breasts and flesh with practiced hands. In due course, she hikes up her skirt and then fondles her panty-less pussy with her fingers. Eventually, she pulls down her blindfold so that we can see her eyes and recognize that there's something seriously wrong with this chick (her creepy make-up is superb!). As Charlotte continues her bizarre striptease, surreal video captures her movements in creepy colors and grainy patterns. Suddenly, Charlotte is transported to a filthy hellhole of a room furnished only with a dilapidated bed. She's nude and obviously wired. However, even in her confused state of mind, she knows how to pleasure her body with her talented hands.
  • Foreplay: Abruptly, James Deen appears in Charlotte's room. He stands at the foot of Charlotte's wretched bed with his semi-erect cock poking through the vertical metal rails of her footboard and frantically masturbates. Charlotte turns to him, acknowledges his presence, and crawls over to him so that she can suck his rod. After a bit of trepidation--and while obviously stoned--Charlotte really gets into the fellatio and soon has his spit-soaked cock hard as titanium. At this point, the sound fades away and disappears...it won't return for several minutes. It's like we're in the Twilight Zone! Meanwhile, James shows his appreciation to Charlotte by stroking her haggardly made-up face, by choking her throat, and by finger-fucking her mouth.
  • Position 1: While James' cock continues to poke through the rails of the bed's footboard, Charlotte positions herself doggie style with her feet between the rails and her pussy just inside the footboard. This allows her to fuck James' cock through the metal grate. Silently (the sound has not returned), Charlotte pumps James' cock by thrusting her pussy back-and-forth on his rod. Meanwhile, James grabs and squeezes her ass cheeks. James' lust, of course, soon intensifies. And, as it does, he begins to fuck Charlotte back, pounding her pussy with nearly balls-deep strokes--the bed's railing prevents him from penetrating her completely. Little-by-little, the sound returns so that we can hear the squeaking of the ancient bed and Charlotte's moaning.
  • Position 2: James forces Charlotte to suck his dick clean. Then, he shoves her back on the messy and dilapidated bed and forcefully pounds her cunt missionary style. Meanwhile, she jacks her own clit with surprisingly pretty manicured nails (what tweaker would worry about such things?) As James fucks her spit-lubricated pussy with increasingly frenzied strokes, he keeps her quiet by shoving his hand tight against her mouth. I don't know why he wants to keep her quiet. Maybe he's concerned about what the neighbors might hear. Of course, the hard-driving music is now so loud that nobody could hear the sounds of their fucking anyway! (Believe me, you have no control whatsoever over the sound...you're locked in director Kimberly Kane's world!)
  • Position 3: Charlotte mounts James in the 69 position. As surreal colors capture the action, Charlotte frantically grinds his face and uses her skillful hands to stroke his ready-to-explode cock. She also takes several opportunities to suck his aching rod. Meanwhile, James greedily devours her pussy.
  • Position 4: Just as a particularly hard-core piece of music screeches to an end, Charlotte and James abruptly transition to reverse cowgirl. Charlotte's ivory and all-natural body looks damned cute as she enthusiastically tosses her body up and down on James' cock. Meanwhile, James slaps her clit and tits.
  • Position 5: As Charlotte and James fuck, they seamlessly transition to spoon when she simply lays back and positions herself at his side. This is one slick transition during which not one stroke was wasted! The spoon segment was captured using several different--and very effective--camera angles.
  • Position 6: Charlotte lies on her side with her hips together so that James can fuck her tightly-squeezed pussy from behind. While Charlotte moans in ecstasy, James slaps her butt and chokes her throat with his hand. He also muffles her orgasm by clamping his hand over her mouth. During this segment, clips of Charlotte and James' previous sexual positions are interspersed to provide a sensation that the space-time continuum has been somehow overcome. Charlotte, in effect, repeatedly experiences sex in all positions at once. How fucking unique!
  • Popshot: During one of the flashbacks to 69 that occurs in Position 6, Charlotte sucks James' cock until he pops inside her mouth. Then, she opens her lips and lets a considerable amount of semen flow out of her mouth and down James' cock. She then strokes, squeezes, licks, and sucks his cum-soaked rod and balls.

Scene Four

Kimberly Kane and Angel Baby share a fiery girl/girl encounter in Scene Four. Filmed in gothic black-and white, the scene is set atop an ancient industrial building replete with skylights and exhaust pipes. Hard-driving rap music accompanies the scene. However, as in previous scenes, the volume varies according to Kimberly's design. And, the action is sometimes in slow motion, sometimes fast-forwarded, and sometimes as performed. Don't bother to adjust your TV or computer. Kimberly's in control. The girls earn four and one-half stars for this hard-driving scene.

  • Foreplay: As the scene fades in, Angel Baby and Kimberly, dressed in stark black-and-white outfits to complement the black-and-white photography, embrace and kiss. Meanwhile, they stroke each others' bodies and squeeze each others' breasts.
  • Position 1: Kimberly bends Angel Baby over in the doggie position so that she can ravenously lick and multiple-finger-fuck her pussy and asshole from behind. Kimberly effectively uses her curled fingers to massage Angel Baby's G-Spot. She also spanks Angel Baby's pretty butt.
  • Position 2: As Kimberly leans back against a vertical stove pipe, Angel Baby drops to her knees, pulls down Kimberly's panties, and eagerly performs cunnilingus on her gloriously hairy and bejeweled pussy. She also bites Kimberly's clit and finger-fucks her pussy. Meanwhile, Kimberly undulates her pleasure-filled body and grinds Angel Baby's face with her cunt (very nice moves, Kimberly!
  • Position 3: Kimberly positions Angel Baby directly in front of her in a modified standing doggie position. Then, while reaching around to finger Angel Baby's clit, Kimberly "humps" Angel's butt with her pussy. Angel Baby, as you might expect, writhes with pleasure.
  • Position 4: Angel Baby bends down in the standing doggie position and reaches back to finger-fuck her own pussy and jack her clit. Meanwhile, Kimberly four-finger-fucks Angel Baby's commodious asshole!
  • Position 5: Kimberly assumes the doggie position and then Angel Baby fucks her hairy pussy from behind with a strap-on. Kimberly's fleshy labia wink open-and-closed in sync with Angel Baby's thrusts. Of course, Kimberly groans ecstatically as the toy slips in-and-out of her pussy.
  • Position 6: While Angel Baby stands and enthusiastically squeezes her own boobs, Kimberly squats and frantically jacks Angel's slippery wet vagina.
  • Position 7: Kimberly again bends Angel Baby into the doggie position and uses a dildo to ream her asshole. Meanwhile, Angel Baby fingers her bejeweled pussy.
  • Conclusion: After Kimberly makes Angel Baby cum, the girls turn toward the camera and kiss.

Scene Five

Scene Five is a boy/boy/girl/girl fourway featuring Dana Vespoli, Kimberly Kane, Otto Bauer, and Alec Knight. Kimberly joins in on some girl/girl action and the beginning of the scene and then helps Dana blow Otto and Alec's cocks. Then, she quietly slips away so that Dana can have the two guys to herself. The musical soundtrack is country style and was well chosen to support the action. Dana takes cocks in both her holes and is double penetrated. In addition, she takes both loads of semen into her mouth. However, she doesn't cum herself. Four stars.

  • Scene Setup: In what appears to be a barn, Dana, bottomless, leans against the wall so that Kimberly, squatting in front of her, can rub her pussy. Soon, it's Kimberly's turn as Dana kneels in front of her and eats her twat. The girls continue to please each other with fingers, tongues (lots of incendiary kissing), and spit. Kimberly squeezes, licks, sucks and spanks Dana's butt cheeks, chokes her throat, and four-finger-fucks her asshole
  • Foreplay: The guys join Kimberly and Dana in the barn. In a protracted and succulent fellatio segment, each girl sucks, strokes, swallows, and licks each guy's lucky and drool-soaked rod in a round-robin fashion. Believe me, neither cock goes more than a second outside a girl's insatiable mouth! Dana, in particular, does a great job swallowing her guy's dick as he fucks her throat. For her part, Kimberly gives the guys extremely slobbery, slurpy, and deliciously messy blowjobs (nice stringers). Kimberly also does a nice job deep-throating the cocks. The guys respond by pulling on the girls' hair, by slapping their faces with their cocks, and by inflaming their lust with nasty commentary. When the fellatio segment comes to a close, the girls kiss enthusiastically, their tongues dueling so that they can share each others' taste. By the way, I really liked the camera angles during this segment.
  • Position 1: Responding to Dana's invitation, "You guys wanna fuck me?" the guys eagerly plug her holes when she stands and bends over doggie style. As Alec reams Dana's pussy from behind, Otto fucks her throat, slaps her face, and calls her a "bad fucking little whore." Meanwhile, she jacks her own clit.
  • Position 2: Dana grabs both guys by their cocks and leads them outside into the barnyard while taunting them: "You wanna fuck my ass?" Once outside, Otto leans on a metal railing and fucks Dana's pussy as she hangs on him. Meanwhile, Alex reams her asshole from behind. Dana loves to be double penetrated and exclaims, "Oh, my God!" as they ream her holes.
  • Position 3: While a horse stands guard, Dana assumes the doggie position and sticks her head through the fence rail so that she can blow Otto's cock as he stands on the other side of the fence. Meanwhile, she lifts her right leg high in the air so we can watch the action as Alex slides his rigid and king-sized cock in-and-out of her tight asshole. He also repeatedly gapes her anus--although the camera angle is a bit wrong for us to get a good look. To conclude this segment, the guys stand dick-to-dick so that Dana can suck both of them squeaky clean.
  • Popshot: To finish up the scene, both guys pop inside Dana's wide-open and oh-so-willing mouth. Then, she uses her fingers to wipe their cum off her face and then licks her fingers clean.

Scene Six

Scene Six is an incendiary all-girl threeway that features the lusty talents of Smokin' Mary Jane, Roxy Jezel, and Dani Woodward. This toy- and orgasm-intensive scene rates a solid five stars.

  • Scene Setup: When the scene opens, Mark Jane is sitting back on a plush white leather couch. She's wearing a bright red and black corset-like outfit that doesn't cover her pussy or pretty boobs. She writhes in ecstasy to hard-hitting music as she strokes two strap-on dildos, one strapped to each of her thighs. In due course, the video cuts back and forth between clips of Mary Jane and Dani Woodward as they squirm delightfully and masturbate atop the couch.
  • Position 1: Dani straddles the strap-on that's attached to Mary Jane's left leg and frantically fucks it cowgirl style. Meanwhile, Mary Jane thrusts her leg up and down to force the toy ever deeper into Dani's cunt and encourages her by saying, "You're the hottest little fuck toy I could ever have!"
  • Position 2: Roxy joins the fun as both she and Dani each fuck one of Mary Jane's strap-on dicks. The girls look so fucking good as they face the camera and enthusiastically pound the plastic toys in the reverse cowgirl position. And, their deliciously naughty language--especially Roxy's--sounds fucking good, too! Meanwhile, Mary Jane keeps her mouth busy by licking the other girls' nipples. By the way, I must admit that the camera angles during this segment are superb.
  • Position 3: Dani transitions back to cowgirl and continues to fuck Mary Jane's left strap-on while feverishly rubbing Mary Jane's nicely groomed--but hairy--pussy. Meanwhile, Roxy sucks her own juices off of the other toy. Eventually, Dani, too, tastes her pussy by sucking the strap-on clean.
  • Position 4: Dani and Roxy again mount their respective strap-ons and fuck them hard cowgirl style. Dani sharply slaps Roxy's pretty butt until it glows bright red. Of course, the girls finish this segment by sucking their plastic toys clean.
  • Position 5: The girls form a "love train" and pleasure each other. Dani lies on her back across one of the couch's arms and spreads her legs wide so that Mary Jane, kneeling doggie style, can munch on her pussy. Meanwhile, Roxy, also in the doggie position, licks and tongue-fucks Mary Jane's pretty cunt and tight asshole. Roxy also fucks Mark Jane's pussy with her black-gloved fingers. Dani, it appears, enjoys herself the most as her body heaves with pleasure and her breath becomes short. However, Mary Jane becomes so inflamed that she tosses her body back and forth to shove Roxy's fingers deep inside her hole.
  • Position 6: While Mary Jane continues to eat Dani's pussy missionary style, Roxy straddles and fucks Dani's face. While Roxy undulates her hips erotically, Dani drives her wild with her wicked tongue-to-clit technique. Dani really enjoys herself: "I fuckin' love eating your pussy!" Roxy, too, truly enjoys herself, especially when she cums!
  • Position 7: After Roxy climaxes, she moves back between Mary Jane's legs and pounds her cunt with a red dildo until she cums. Meanwhile, Dani sits on Mary Jane's face and fucks it while squeezing her boobs. Dani's body looks fantastic as she fucks Mary Jane's face. In fact, she fucks that face so well that she smears Mary Jane's lipstick all over her face!
  • Position 8: Dani, kneeling doggie style, greedily sucks Mary Jane's cum off of the dildo. Meanwhile, Roxy eats Danni's cunt from behind. In due course, both Mary Jane and Dani deep-throat the king-sized plastic dick.
  • Position 9: Dani kneels on the floor between Mary Jane's legs and eats her pussy. Meanwhile, Roxy teases Dani's pussy with the dildo while announcing, "Every single guy I know wishes this was his fucking cock."
  • Position 10: Mary Jane sits back on the couch and lifts her legs high and wide so that both Roxy and Dani can pleasure her pussy. As Mary Jane holds her labia wide open (her pink pussy is beautiful), Dani finger-fucks her hole.
  • Position 11: Roxy lies in the piledriver position with her butt on the edge of the couch and her legs splayed wide. Both Mary Jane and Dani attack Roxy's cunt in response to Roxy's taunt: "Fight over me, you fucking whores!" Meanwhile, Dani licks Roxy's black leather boots while Mary Jane rubs those boots against her own tits.
  • Conclusion: When Roxy has cum enough, she announces "I'm satisfied" and the scene comes to an end.

Scene Seven

Kimberly Kane, Lexi Love, and The Gloryhole Boys finish up Naked and Famou$ in Scene Seven. This fellatio-only encounter is the most unique blowjob scene I've ever witnessed. I'm serious. I've reviewed 400+ adult movies over my career and have seen probably 200 or more additional releases. Nothing compares to Kimberly's and Lexi's worship of numerous disembodied cocks as they peek through holes cut through wall panels wallpapered with images of naked and semi-naked women! I usually don't enjoy fellatio-only scenes because, to me, sex is about the pussy. Therefore, I almost always award only three stars to blowjob scenes. However, this scene is so unique that I think it deserves four stars.

  • Scene Setup: Sitting in a cubicle formed from three "walls" covered with vintage-looking black-and-white pin-up girl photos and posters, Kimberly Kane undulates her hotter-than-hot body and wrestles with disembodied male arms that penetrate some of the many holes that perforate the walls. The hands on the end of the arms grope and squeeze Kimberly's flesh and face.
  • Foreplay 1: Kimberly kneels on the floor and blows the Gloryhole Boys' rigid dicks as they stick their rods through numerous holes in the walls (we never see the guys, only their arms--during the Scene Setup--and their dicks throughout the remainder of the scene). Meanwhile, pulsing light illuminates the action and hard-driving rock music proclaims, "My ass wants you...my pussy, too!" Kimberly does an absolutely fantastic job of worshipping each cock with her tongue, mouth, fingers, and drool.
  • Foreplay 2: Lexi Love joins Kimberly in the "cubicle" and uses her talented and experienced hands to stroke multiple cocks as they poke through holes in the wall. Of course, she also blows those lucky dicks, taking them completely down her commodious throat--especially when Kimberly grabs Lexi's head and shoves it back and forth so hard that the dick in Lexi's mouth slides balls-deep down her throat.
  • Foreplay 3: Lexi and Kimberly take turns servicing each cock that surrounds their cubicle of lust. Each girl's fellatio technique earns a solid "A" grade. However, Kimberly gets bonus points for her superb use of drool. And, her excellent twisting hand-on-cock technique is also worthy of extra credit. Throughout this segment, both Lexi and Kimberly take time to lock their eyes with yours--to let you know that your cock is welcome in their mouths, too.
  • Popshot 1:Kimberly uses her skilful hands to jack one of the cocks until it explodes. Lexi positions herself under the guy's dick so that she can catch his load with her face and mouth.
  • Popshot 2: Lexi jacks off lucky guy number two as the video is displayed in fast motion. The disembodied cock spews its load into Lexi's mouth and onto her pretty all-natural boobs as she kneels before it. As Kimberly looks on lustfully and pulls Lexi's hair, Lexi sucks the cock dry. Then, Kimberly licks Lexi's face clean.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): I would consider many of the intensely effective video effects employed in Naked and Famou$ to be sloppy videography had I seen them in an ordinary adult movie. For example, the color balance is often unflattering, the image is often grainy, the edits are abrupt, and the camera motions are jerky. However, it's patently obvious that these effects were planned by director Kimberly Kane and executed according to plan. Frankly, at first glance, I didn't like the video. But, I soon realized with Kimberly was trying to achieve and I was hooked. That's how art works. Five stars.

Audio (technical): Like the video, the audio is edgy and extremely stylized. It's out of control...so, don't bother adjusting your volume setting as the decibel level rises and falls. Again, director Kimberly Kane is completely in charge of your experience. I found it intensely satisfying and very attention-grabbing. Five stars.

Extras: The DVD-9 disc contains a text-based chapter selector, a 14-minute "deleted" girl/girl scene that features mesmerizing Faith and tantalizing Kimberly Kane (Faith teases and masturbates for about half the scene and then she's joined by Kimberly for some raucous, intense, and edgy girl/girl action), 18 minutes of fascinating behind-the-scenes footage (makeup, wardrobe, impromptu interviews, scene planning, BTS tomfoolery), a 17-minute self-running slide show, and trailers for Naked and Famou$ and other Pulse Pictures releases. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Naked and Famou$ is not beautiful. Instead, it fuckin' rocks. And, it does so in a very compelling way that saturates the senses with unique and highly erotic motion and sound. The effect is spellbinding. Hard and edgy visuals are stitched together in a disjointed fashion that, when viewed as a whole, are gripping. In fact, it was hard for me to take my eyes off the screen...the visual impact is that forceful. Distinctive and appropriate locations and sets were used when the movie was filmed. Naked and Famou$ is a far cry from the trite "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine that is so prevalent in today's adult marketplace. The wardrobe and makeup, too, are compelling. A hard-hitting--yet particularly appropriate--musical soundtrack accompanies much of the sex. Sometimes the music pounds so hard that it is nearly deafening. Sometimes, it's quiet and peaceful. However, in many cases the sound disappears entirely. The overall audio aesthetic effect is, as this entire movie, surreal--and extremely effective. No, Naked and Famou$ is not pretty. Not all art should be pretty. Instead, it's aesthetically intriguing and exciting. Finally, I just have to mention the superb--and, again, very unique--DVD box. It's clear plastic (instead of opaque) and is decorated with very intriguing art on both the inside and outside covers. Five stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.30
Average video rating: 5.00
Average audio rating: 5.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.96

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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