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Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind

Studio: Vivid » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 5/24/11

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Release Date: 3/11/2011

Production Year: 2011

Studio: Vivid/Vivid ED

Length: 2 hrs. 49 mins.

Director: Tristan Taormino

Genre: Fetish: Bondage / BDSM

Condoms: None

Cast: Adrianna Nicole, Jada Fire, Jiz Lee, Evan Stone, Steve Holmes, Nat Turner, Prince Yahshua, Ramon Nomar, Danny Wylde, Keni Styles

Vivid Teaser:Adrianna Nicole has a dangerous mind. It's full of dirty secrets, dark desires, and nasty fantasies and she's sharing them. See if one person can satiate her oral fixation, why money is a strange bedfellow, how a mean Mistress takes her to the edge, what happens when four men give her a workout, and what dangers lurk in a dark alley. She creates the scenes. She chooses her partners. She controls what happens. Watch as Adrianna shares her most intimate fantasies, tests her own boundaries, and rides the seductive line between pleasure and pain. Witness her explosive sexuality at its most extreme: raw, rough, and real.

The DVD: Even before actually watching Rough Sex 3, I was able to get a a sneak peek of it at the premiere, which you can read about in my blog. In meeting Adrianna in  person and hearing her  speak  about the movie, I  can honestly say that  Rough  Sex 3 is longer than  any Vivid  DVD I have had the pleasure of reviewing and  the  extras are  even longer. Rough Sex 3 had me going  from  beginning to  end and  I will admit to having to take a break in  between the scenes on account of hardcore the scenes are . I will say that this movie is NOT for the faint at heart or those that do not approve of choking as foreplay during sex, this is a very physical intense title. As the teaser states.. Adrianna‘s mind is full of dark fantasies.. and the darker the better and the  more intense the sex is for her and her  partner.

Audio/Video: Rough Sex 3 was directed by Tristan Taormino, distributed by Vivid and produced by SmartAss Productions, was filmed in High Definition and presented in wide screen format. The sound portion was good presented in 5.1 Digital Dolby surround sound and there was no echoing or any kind of audio distortions. The colors were accurate, the flesh tones solid. The picture was clean and crisp with no pixilation.

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Slide Show, Previews, Bonus Scenes, Positions Menu, Cast Interviews, Web Site Information, Anti-Piracy Ad

Previews: Chemistry, Penny Flame’s Guide to Rough Sex, Rough Sex, Rough Sex 2

Extras: Bonus Scenes: Safer Sex: Quickie tutorial on how to protect yourself and your partner various way during sex ie: condoms, oral sex barriers, dental dams, condoms, non latex condoms as well as making  condoms use a positive aspect during love making. It also as a clip of how to choke your partner safely during sex.

Bonus Scenes: Adrianna & Manuel, Adrianna & James Deen, Adrianna & Mark: These three individual scenes totally almost 40 minutes, Manuel and James talking about Adrianna and how  hardcore they  got with her in their scenes and the  third is with Mark  who gets  right to work dominating her.

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Scene 1: Mouth- Adrianna Nicole & Jiz Lee - This  first scene opens with Adrianna  talking about her scenes and how  insatiable she is as well as  how  dark and deep her fantasies are. She goes on to explain how it all came together .Sitting on a white sofa wearing a blue women’s suit Jiz Lee tell us how  they came to meet at the AVN. It all builds up to one very intense g/g scene that makes sure that the viewers are equally satisfied as Adrianna and Jiz Lee. It is not the typical lipstick g/g scene often see. Jiz Lee and Adrianna bring true sexual excitement and desire to the screen without holding anything back!

Scene 2: Cash-Adrianna Nicole & Ramon Nomar-

Adrianna gives a brief insight into her scene with Roman and how different it was from the rest of her scenes. Roman then goes on to say that her pleasure make his own more intense. Adrianna admits to wanting to dominate him yet is a submissive person. Roman and Adrianna start off talking at first; he then pays her for her services. Adrianna takes out a toy out of her bag and all bets are off! Roman watches her play with herself for a bit before her takes total control over her in every sense of the word. Roman takes every given opportunity to penetrate her vaginally and anally making sure that she has been pleasured more than once. Even after they are done, there is one more quickie in the shower heating things up even more with them going over to the bathroom counter from more hardcore banging.

Scene 3: Permission- Adrianna Nicole & Jada Fire -

Adrianna starts off the scene by talking about how excited she is to be working with Jada Fire. Jada enters the room dressed in black leather top and matching boots. Jada grabs a handful of Adrianna’s hair, making her lick her boots while getting her ass slapped a few times by Jada. There is a lot of change up in positions with Jada sitting on her face almost smothering Adrianna, which turns out to turn her on even more. The ladies break into a 69 which will make you cream your pants. Jada breaks out the strap on and proceeds to give it to Adrianna as hard as she wants. More toys come out and are used on Adrianna. There is one shot that you have Adrianna on all fours with Jada pounding the strap on deep inside of her. Things heat up even more after Jada is done with Adrianna and used the vibe on herself bringing on a huge orgasm in which Jada squirts.

Scene 4: Adrianna Nicole & Danny Wylde & Evan Stone & Keni Styles & Nat Turner-

Based on one of her many dark and a dirty dream, this next scene has Adrianna having anonymous sex with random guys at the gym. She goes on to explain that she enjoys when the guys get really rough with her which turns her on even more. Adrianna walks into the men’s locker room and comes face to face with Nat Turner. She openly admits to him of her real purpose of entering the men’s locker room. Nat  doesn’t waste  any time when  it comes to  showing her who is in control and dishes it out on her hard and rough  on the  bench then up against the wall. Totally oblivious to anything going on around them, they don’t seem to notice that Danny and Keni have been watching them going at it. Once Nat is done with her, Danny and Keni tag team her in the shower sharing her between them in several positions while the other stuffs her mouth with their cock. Once done, Adrianna is left to fend for herself on the shower floor and is physically exhausted at this point. Evan enters the showers and proceeds to help her clean up at first only to have his way with her as well. Evan nails her in every way possible and in every corner of the shower floor both vaginally and anally. Once done with his business he leaves her in the same manner the others left her.. physically drained!

Scene 5:  Safe-Adrianna Nicole & Steve Holmes & Prince Yahshua-

This finally scene comes from one of her way “jerk-off” fantasy as Adrianna puts it, her fantasy of having sex in a parking lot with her boyfriend. Prior to the start of the scene, both men talk about just how far they can push Adrianna without taking it too far.  Prince and Adrianna fulfill her fantasy of having sex in a dark alley. You can hear Adrianna’s voice in the background narrating what is going on. In the cover of the darkness you have Steve watching on while stroking himself. Prince notices that they are being watched and offers to share her with him. This time the roles are reversed and you have Prince Yahshua watching as Steve has his way with her. He slaps her a few times with his cock and has Adrianna do as she is told by Steve. After Steve is finished with her, Prince and Adrianna go back to their place to finish off what they started in the dark alley, this time without any interruption or an audience.

Final Thoughts: After watching Rough Sex 3, I found myself wanting to trade places with Adrianna. I think in all reality, women today have their own dark fantasies but are afraid of playing them out.  In Rough Sex 3, that is exactly what Adrianna does and then some. She let herself be dominated not once but twice.. once by the alluring Jada Fire and in the bonus scene with Mark who shows her who the boss is.  What really impressed me a lot and I never say this when it comes to g/g scenes, both scenes had me watching intensely. There was never a doubt in my mind that these ladies gave it their all in everything they did. Jada had me going when she took total control of Adrianna, and Jiz Lee as well. There  have  been  very  few porn  titles that  affect me they  way  this one did.. and if this is what  Adrianna and Tristan wanted to get  across to its fans….all I can say is WOW!!  Being the third in the Rough Sex series, I now find myself wanting to watch the first two!  Let me  just stress that those who aren’t into  enjoying the aspect of rough sex during love making  have to  understand  that there is  pain with pleasure and  there is  a lot of pleasuring  going on in Rough Sex 3. Adrianna  even  stated that  being on set the entire  day  was  physical  draining  for her as  well as  the intense  fucking she  got from everyone. There aren’t that many women in porn that can say that after being fucked every way possible by so many performers in one day! My hat off to the entire cast and crew and to Adrianna for sharing her fantasies with us…. Especially the one with Manuel and Nat (who I can say is my newest crush!)   Rough Sex 3 in my book is an “XCritic Pick”

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