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Assassins (DVD+ Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 5/26/11

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Feature
Director: Robby D.
Cast: BiBi Jones, Erik Everhard, Jesse Jane, Rocco Reed, Jynx Maze, Marco Rivera, Riley Steele, Manuel Ferrara
Must-See Girls in Cast: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele.
Length: 01:54
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Jesse Jane and Riley Steele.


Assassins is a five-scene feature that continues Robby D's "vocation" series of titles that began with Babysitters a couple of years ago. Although no specific mention is made during the plot, the movie is loosely based upon TV's Charlie's Angels and features Digital Playground's contract stars Jesse Jane and BiBi Jones as two "angels" (there's no brunette angel in the cast...could have been Selena Rose or Stoya), Rocco Reed as the "Bosley" character, and a disembodied team leader, known as "Farley," who communicates with his team through a speaker phone. Farley runs a contract assassin operation and his gorgeous female operatives are very good at what they do.

The plot revolves around BiBi and Jesse, the two contract assassins who don't like each other one bit. In fact, Jesse is terribly jealous of the sweet cases that BiBi gets and thinks nothing of using her body to bribe Rocco Reed ("Bosley") to get her more "plum" assignments. Nonetheless, "Farley" forces the girls to work together to take down a particularly powerful drug kingpin (Manuel Ferrara) and his lynchpin Erik Everhard. By eliminating the drug lords one at a time, the girls make the world a better place.

The movie begins when BiBi, displaying all of her feminine wiles, waltzes past a body guard and into Erik Everhard's lair. BiBi has obviously been working undercover as Erik's girlfriend for some time because Erik doesn't think twice when she struts into his game room, sheds her trench coat, and fucks his brains out. After they both get the ultimate satisfaction, BiBi dispatches Erik to his maker with her hand gun.

But, Erik is just a minor player in the cartel. So, "Farley" assigns BiBi and Jesse (together) to go after kingpin Manuel. The girls stake out his compound, watch him pay off one of his associates with the "gift" of his slave Jynx Maze, and track down his "widow" Riley Steele (she faked her own death to get away from him). Riley tells the girls about Manuel's weakness (he can't resist "women of God"), and then, through a flash back that recalls her first sexual experience with Manuel, tells the girls how to use his weakness to undermine him. Using Riley's advice, BiBi and Jesse pose as virgin female missionaries, gain access to Manuel's home (and his pants), give him the best sex of his life, and then break his neck.

Assassins is a very well made feature that features three incendiary sex scenes (One, Four, and Five) and two decent scenes (Two and Three). Scenes One through Four are boy/girl couplings and Scene Five is an outstanding boy/girl/girl threesome. The movie provides us an excellent first look at BiBi Jones, Digital Playground's latest star, and lets her show off her remarkable acting skills, gorgeous body, and amazing sexual prowess. And, to sweeten the deal even more, the cast features two additional contract stars--Jesse Jane and Riley Steele--both of whom are winners of my Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls awards (2007 and 2011, respectively).

I am extremely impressed with BiBi Jones. I think that Digital Playground hit a grand slam when they signed her. I definitely hope my initial impression plays out and that she has a long, fruitful, and passionate career.

The mildness of two of the sex scenes (Two and Three) cause this release to earn a "recommended" rating using my all-sex and gonzo scoring system. However, I really enjoyed Assassins (and BiBi Jones, in particular). So, I am invoking a seldom-used clause in my system: "I occasionally award an XCritic Pick to an epic feature that earns a sex score between 4.25 and 4.50 for sex plus a 4.5 or higher overall rating." Thus, Assassins earns an XCritic Pick!

By the way, I fucked another Digital Playground contract star, Stoya, while I previewed this movie. Find out how here.

Check out some photos of the girls in Assassins here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Digital Playground's newest contract girl, BiBi Jones! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This web page provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate PDF document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Assassins can be accessed here.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: BiBi Jones, Erik Everhard

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Assassin BiBi Jones, dressed in an animal-print trench coat and black boots, struts across the foyer of bad-guy Erik Everhard's mansion, chats briefly with an armed bodyguard, and up a flight of stairs to Erik's lair. BiBi finds Erik playing pool, and gets right to the point: "Miss me?" "Of course," replies Erik as he continues to play. Soon, he turns to Bibi and asks, "Why are you still dressed?" BiBi gets the hint, opens her coat and drops it to the floor, and reveals her sexy-lingerie-clad body (you're going to love it!). Erik, of course, likes what he sees and draws her close for a passionate kiss, some hot-and-heavy petting, and mutual stripping. Erik soon has BiBi gloriously nude (the camera does an excellent job worshipping her curves) and his tongue deeply buried between her labia as she lies atop bags of coke and stacks of cash. He also rims her asshole, jacks her clit, and finger-fucks her pussy. BiBi loves Erik's technique. So, she giggles and coos erotically as her passion builds quickly.

Of course, no boy/girl foreplay is complete without fellatio. So, BiBi tugs down Erik's pants, takes his semi-erect cock into her mouth, and sucks him to full mast in no time as he pulls on her lustrous and long blond hair, caresses and spanks her delightful curves, squeezes handfuls of her flesh, and plays with her pussy. BiBi's effective blowjob technique includes deep-throating and stringer as well as skillful handjob action. As foreplay unfolds, the two take turns pleasuring each other orally, sharing fellatio and cunnilingus as well as open-mouthed kisses.

After a bit of God-I-wish-I-was-doing-it titty fucking, the two are ready to move on to sex. BiBi lays on her back in missionary and then Erik spends a short while massaging and slapping her soaking-wet labia with his erect dick before penetrating her vagina for some fast, deep, and hard in-and-out action that causes sweet BiBi to squeal with delight. They soon roll over into spoon for some redline-speed and orgasm-inducing sex that is revealed on the screen with superb close-up camera angles. After a break for some sweet cunnilingus, BiBi kneels on an ottoman in doggie so that Erik can fuck her from behind through another orgasm. Then, in the most visually-compelling segment of the scene, Erik lifts BiBi off her feet, suspends her in mid air facing away from him, and tosses her hot little body up and down so that her vagina swallows his rod balls-deep.

As the scene continues to unfold, Erik lies on his back, atop an ottoman, and pounds BiBi incessantly--and jacks her sensitive clit with her fingers--in reverse cowgirl, making her climax yet again. She begs him to go balls deep, to "fuck this tight little pussy." And, she fucks back frantically to make sure her wishes come true. "It feels so good," she screams. After BiBi cums, they move to a nearby couch. Then, after Erik lays back on it, BiBi mounts him in cowgirl and the two fuck each other with frenzied strokes: "I fuckin' love your hard cock inside me!" Erik likes the sound of that and responds by squeezing and spanking her perfect ass cheeks.

To finish up, Erik and BiBi return to missionary so that he can ramp up to his orgasm. When he reaches the point of no return, he pulls out and she expertly moves into position to catch his load with her pretty face and open mouth. BiBi sucks him dry and swallows: "That cum tastes so good."

As the two get dressed, Erik talks about making their relationship "permanent" by setting her up in a cozy condo. "Doesn't that sound good, baby?" BiBi, however, has other plans. As she admonishes him to "Don't call me baby," she turns toward him with a handgun drawn and blows him away. Literally. Then, as if nothing untoward had happened, BiBi struts down the stairs, past the bodyguard, and out of the mansion.

Foreplay: Kissing; tit sucking, squeezing, and fucking; cunnilingus; clit stroking/jacking; handjob; fellatio; deep-throat; stringers; boy-on-girl rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (she cums), kneeling doggie (she cums), spoon (she cums), standing reverse cowgirl.
Anal Positions: Rimming (only).
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Open mouth (she swallows).

Sex rating: 4.70
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.50

What I Liked Most:

  • BiBi Jones is absolutely glorious. She's stunningly gorgeous, very passionate, an energetic and enthusiastic fuck, and an excellent actress. I haven't been this excited about a new contract girl's first performance since I saw Jesse Jane's first movie...several years ago.
  • The foreplay is very complete. Erik even fucks BiBi's fantastic breasts and rims her asshole.
  • The chemistry that develops between BiBi and Erik is explosive. Too bad that he doesn't realize that another explosion is going to propel a bullet, fired by assassin BiBi, into his body at the end of the scene.
  • Erik uses his hard cock to massage BiBi's labia. He presses his rod between her slippery wet lips and thrusts back and forth. Damn! That's sexy!
  • For such a young thing (19, I believe), BiBi has an excellent command of naughty vocabulary and uses that skill effectively to inflame Erik's passions.
  • Erik does a nice pleasuring BiBi's whole body...not just her pussy. He licks and suckles her flesh, spanks her butt, rims her asshole, eats her pussy between positions, and does all he can to increase her enjoyment of the sex. BiBi, too, takes her pleasure into her own hands, so to speak, by jacking her clit while Erik reams her vagina.
  • BiBi's nicely-enhanced breasts bounce delightfully in reaction to Erik's frenzied strokes.
  • BiBi's pussy becomes so fucking wet that her girl juice flows out of her glistening vagina and down her legs when Erik fucks her in doggie.
  • BiBi definitely believes in "waste not, want not." She swallows Erik's load at the end of the scene.
  • The videography is lush and gorgeous. It's perfect to highlight BiBi's fine flesh. There are no wacky oblique camera angles or bad edits. Quality!
  • The camera does an excellent job worshipping BiBi's magnificent flesh. The imagery is so damned erotic that your cock will swell or your pussy will drip as every inch of BiBi's body is shared with us in an up-close-and-personal way.
  • The locations--as well as their use--are top notch.
  • BiBi does a very nice job playing her role as assassin. Her performance is smooth and polished...of mainstream quality. Impressive.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • I wish there had been a tad more emphasis on anal lovin'. I appreciate the rimming, but a bit more anal play would have been nice.
  • A tiny bit of the action is hidden in some shadows.

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Jesse Jane, Rocco Reed.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Back in the assassins' office, BiBi reports to her team leader, Rocco Reed (sort of the "Bosley" of this movie) that all went well. And, they check in with their boss "Farley," who, like the classic "Charlie" of Charlie's Angels, is a disembodied voice housed in a speaker phone. Farley congratulates BiBi on a job well done and instructs Rocco to tell her about her next assignment. Rocco hands her an envelope containing the details of the case and then BiBi summarily dismisses him: "You can leave now." She is a pro...she doesn't need Rocco to explain anything to her!

As Rocco makes his leave, BiBi's fellow agent, Jesse Jane, struts into the room and, seething contempt, pumps BiBi for the details of the "Everhard case" that she just completed. Jesse also tries to get BiBi to tell her about her next case. But, BiBi blows her off: "It's confidential." Furious, Jesse storms out of the room to track down Rocco and read him the riot act. She finds him relaxing and listening to music in another room and immediately demands, "I want to know why you gave BiBi the Everhard assignment." Rocco tries to explain that BiBi was the best one for the job. But, Jesse won't accept it: "That's an unacceptable answer." Rocco, trying to play the bad guy, "fires" Jesse. Jesse calls his bluff by retorting, "Who do you think you are, Farley?" Rocco, who knows that Jesse could kill him in an instant, rethinks his strategy: "You get the more difficult client." Jesse then responds that she wants only the best assignments and is willing to do anything to get them. Anything.

Rocco likes the sound of anything and, of course, takes the offer in a completely sexual manner...which is OK, because it's exactly what Jesse had in mind. So, victorious, Jesse kisses him deeply on the mouth and suckles his lip. Soon, the two are stripping off each other's clothes so that Jesse can give Rocco a stupendous blowjob that includes deep-throating, stringers, and balls gobbling in addition to extremely talented handjob action. Meanwhile, Rocco tugs on Jesse's curly blond hair and groans with unmistakable pleasure. Later, after sharing another wanton kiss, Rocco spends some time caressing and groping Jesse's fine body, tosses her onto a couch, buries his face between her thighs, and briefly (and greedily) eats her most intimate assets while she coos with delight.

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Once both of them are ready to roll, they take it to the next step when Rocco slides into Jesse's vagina while she lies on the couch in missionary. Nice close-ups highlight the action as Rocco pounds her forcefully. As is her custom, Jesse responds with torrents of nasty commentary and pleasure-filled groans. As the scene continues to unfold, Jesse rolls over, onto her knees, into kneeling doggie for some energetic fucking from behind. Then, after a break for some deep-throat pussy-to-mouth, they move into spoon so that Rocco can ream her at redline speed. Jesse loves it and begs him to "Fuck me like that!" But, the best segments of the scene come next when Jesse takes control and fucks the shit out of Rocco in side-saddle cowgirl and cowgirl. As always, Jesse's energy is boundless and her creativity in moving her body in the most erotic ways possible is extraordinary.

I don't think I've ever written this about a Jesse Jane scene...she doesn't cum! But, Rocco gets to explode at the end of the scene when he lets loose into Jesse's open mouth. She greedily sucks him dry, but the action cuts away before we get to see if she swallows.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, hair pulling, tit squeezing, cunnilingus, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, balls-suckling.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, side-saddle cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: No (believe it or not!)
Pop: Facial.

Sex rating: 3.625
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.50

What I Liked Most:

  • I adore Jesse Jane and I always will. Even though she's getting close to being eligible for the AVN Hall of Fame, she's still drop-dead gorgeous and such an amazing sexual partner that it truly is remarkable.
  • Jesse gives Rocco an out-of-this-world blowjob. Wow! She sure as hell knows how to swallow dick balls-deep! I seldom add points for superb fellatio. But, this is one of the times that those points are well deserved.
  • I love Jesse's use of naughty language to inflame Rocco's--and our--passions.
  • Jesse strokes Rocco's cock as it pistons in-and-out of her pussy.
  • Jesse Jane's fucking moves, as always, are simply too hot for words. Her energy is immeasurable and her creative use of her body's movements is extraordinary.
  • Jesse's nicely-enhanced boobs dance and gyrate joyfully in response to her thrusts...or Rocco's.
  • The sex is hot and sweaty.
  • Rocco increases Jesse's pleasure by fingering her clit, squeezing and suckling her boobs, and kissing her open mouth while he fucks her.
  • Everything about the videography shouts out "mainstream professional." There are no wacky oblique camera angles or bad edits. But, there are lots of excellent close-ups. Quality!
  • The locations, use of those locations, make-up, wardrobe, hair styling, acting, and music are all excellent.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • I wish there had been at least some anal play. A little rimming, anal massage, or anal finger-fucking would have added just a tad of nastiness to the scene.
  • Rocco really never worshipped Jesse's tits. He sucked them a little, but he really should have fucked them!
  • Rocco and Jesse never really seem to click during this scene. They go through the motions--and Jesse's motions are, as always, incredible--but the sex is more mechanical than passionate.

What I Didn't Like:

  • I am very disappointed that Jesse Jane never seems to climax during this scene. I blame 100% of that failure on her male partner because she does her damndest to make the scene click.

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Jynx Maze, Marco Rivera.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: It seems that BiBi's next case is just too big for her to handle alone. So, Farley and Rocco assign Jesse to work with her on the assignment of a lifetime: they're to take down the granddaddy drug kingpin of them all, Manuel Ferrara. The girls begin their assignment with a stakeout. BiBi wants to observe Manuel from afar in order to learn more about him. While we watch the two sitting in their car, they talk about the details they already know. Jesse soon tires of waiting and talking. So, she impetuously gets out of the car and boldly approaches Manuel's hacienda. BiBi, the more cautious, begs Jesse to stop and come back to the car. But, BiBi ends up accompanying Jesse past the security cameras and into the kingpins lair.

Once inside, the girls prowl the mansion's corridors and hear noises coming from a bedroom. They approach gingerly and what they see is shocking: drug boss Manuel Ferrara is teaching one of his stable of girls, Jynx Maze, a "lesson." They argue a bit and he roughs her up--just a little--and reminds her that she owes him. Instead of exacting payment himself, Manuel offers Jynx as a "gift" to one of his associates...Marco Rivera. Manuel introduces Marco as Jynx' new "owner." And, he tells Marco to "feel free to test the 'product.'" Nice guy, huh?

After shoving Jynx down onto a bed, Manuel storms from the room. Then, resigned to her fate, Jynx accepts Marco's compliments and then, at his request, poses erotically for him in doggie while he, in turn, strokes and kisses her ass flesh, tugs aside her panties, fingers and licks her labia, spanks her ass, rims her asshole, eats her pussy (great close-ups), and tugs on her long brunette hair. In due course, Marco strips off Jynx' top and revels in her beautiful and all-natural breasts that are crowned with hot nipple rings. Then, the two kiss deeply while Marco's hands continue to explore Jynx's fine body. Then, after Marco again feasts on Jynx's pussy and asshole (and finger-fucks her pussy), it's her turn to pleasure him orally. And, what a blowjob it is! Her very slobbery and voracious technique includes deep-throating, stringers, and gagging in addition to handjob action.

Eventually, Marco asks Jynx, "What do you want?" She replies, "You already know. But, it's not up to me, it's up to you." Talk about submitting to your man! Marco makes his decision and has Jynx kneel on the bed in doggie so he can slip his penis past her soaking-wet labia and into her pussy for some very nice in-and-out action. Meanwhile, Jynx compliments Marco on his actions and encourages him with her words and sounds. She even encourages him to play with her asshole with his finger. He massages it, but never penetrates it, however. And, he powerfully squeezes handfuls of her butt, too.

As the scene continues to unfold, Marco gets to pound Jynx in spoon, missionary, and on-her-side. No matter the position, Jynx is enthusiastic, responds to Marco's every need, and makes him feel like he's a god. In fact, she's a bit too solicitous of his pleasure because she doesn't get to cum herself.

To end the scene, Jynx lies flat on her belly with her ass arched high so that Marco can fuck her from on top. He soon reaches the point of no return, pulls out of Jynx' pussy, and splatters her pretty ass cheeks with a substantial load of his semen. Jynx exclaims: "Oh, my God. That's a lot!" Then, she uses her perfectly manicured fingers to scoop up some of his cum and eats it.

Meanwhile, outside the bedroom door, BiBi and Jesse watch every move. BiBi gets turned on and starts to play with herself. Jesse notices BiBi's actions and whispers, "Seriously?" "What? It's hot," replies BiBi. Indeed.

Foreplay: Stripping, mutual stripping, kissing, body kissing/licking, spanking, caressing/fondling, hair pulling, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, clit stroking/jacking, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, stringers, gagging, boy-on-girl rimming, anal thumb massage.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, kneeling doggie, spoon, on-her-side, on-her-belly.
Anal Positions: Rimming and anal massage (only).
Girl cums: No.
Pop: External butt.

Sex rating: 3.725
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.50

What I Liked Most:

  • I really like Jynx' exotic look and her edgy pierced nipples. And, I like the curlicue tattoo on her left outer thigh.
  • Marco does a very nice job licking and suckling Jynx's pretty pussy and rimming her asshole. It appears he loves to orally pleasure a woman's genitals as much as I do.
  • Jynx gives Marco an amazing blowjob. She really knows how to give slobbery and very pleasurable head!
  • Jynx does a nice job "submitting" to Marco. Resigned to her role as his "sex slave," bestowed as a gift by her former master, Manuel Ferrara, she does Marco's bidding and makes him quite happy.
  • Jynx does a nice job complimenting Marco on his actions. She makes him feel like a million dollars.
  • While fucking Jynx in doggie, Marco starts to massage Jynx's asshole. She encourages him to continue: "Oh, you wanna go there? Yeah, you wanna put your finger in my ass?"
  • Jynx's pierced tits bounce delightfully in reaction to Marco's thrusts.
  • Marco tries to pleasure as much of Jynx' body as possible. He kisses and squeezes handfuls of her flesh, spanks her, nuzzles her neck, takes time for cunnilingus between positions, and kisses her mouth during sex.
  • Jynx strokes her swollen clit with her beautifully-manicured fingers while Marco pounds her vagina with his cock.
  • There is excellent use of black-and-white special effects when BiBi and Jesse are infiltrating Manuel's hacienda.
  • The plot development is really well done. Every actor performs his or her role flawlessly.
  • There are no wacky oblique camera angles or bad edits. But, there are excellent close-ups. Quality!

What Could Have Been Better:

  • I wish there had been a tad more emphasis on anal lovin'. I appreciate the rimming, but a bit more anal play would have been nice.
  • There are a few instances when the action is hidden in shadows.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Jynx never appears to climax during the scene.

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Riley Steele, Manuel Ferrara.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: While Jesse is throwing another tantrum with team leader Rocco (she even insists that she get "Farley" involved over the phone), BiBi is busy doing real detective work...tracking down the "widow" of Manuel Ferrara. Yes, Manuel's "widow," the delectable Riley Steele, is still alive after faking her own death to get away from her monster husband. So, after Jesse hears directly from Farley that she's required to work with BiBi, the two assassins meet with Riley to learn about any of Manuel's weaknesses that they might exploit. Riley tells them that Manuel has a weakness: "Manuel can't resist a woman of God." Then, she tells the girls (and we get to see every moment) how, as a young virgin missionary, she knocked on Manuel's door, was admitted to his mansion, tried to share her faith with him, and soon succumbed to his intense sexuality.

Manuel convinces Riley that he's her "savior," and then moves in for a sweet--at first--kiss accompanied by tender caresses. Riley's Bible soon drops to the floor as her body begins to experience its first-ever sexual pleasure. After lots of sweet making out, foreplay eventually intensifies to include mutual stripping as Manuel strips Riley's body out of its prudish attire. He kisses, licks, and strokes Riley's bare flesh, spreads her legs, and greedily eats and finger-fucks her pussy as she writhes in ecstasy and pants with unbridled lust. Manuel also suckles and squeezes her perky breasts.

In due course, "virgin" Riley shows surprising innate fellatio skills and handjob talent when Manuel strips off his pants and presents his titanium-hard and fully erect cock to her. She even gives him a double-fisted handjob and makes sexy stringers from her mouth to his rod. Meanwhile, Manuel treats Riley as an angel and is as sweet and considerate as any man has ever been to a woman.

As the scene unfolds, Riley instinctively knows what to do next. So, she mounts Manuel, in cowgirl, lets him guide his cock into her tight "virginal" hole, and then rides him like a champion while he pistons in-and-out of her at redline speed. And, she fucks back using damned effective and sexy moves...for a "virgin," that is! Riley climaxes and then follows Manuel's lead when he turns her around so that the two of them can fuck each other in orgasm-inducing reverse cowgirl. Later, Riley enjoys getting fucked in spoon and kneeling doggie and even voraciously sucks her pussy juices off of Manuel's dick using slobbery pussy-to-mouth.

To end the scene, Manuel guides Riley onto her knees, has her tilt her head back and open her mouth, and then jacks off onto her face and into her mouth. She swallows his bounty and sucks him dry.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, body kissing/licking, spanking, caressing/fondling, tit sucking and squeezing, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, clit stroking/jacking, handjob, double-fisted handjob, fellatio, stringers, boy-on-girl rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Cowgirl (she cums), reverse cowgirl (she cums), kneeling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: Rimming (only).
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Open mouth; she swallows.

Sex rating: 4.65
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.50

What I Liked Most:

  • Riley Steele has a fucking amazing body...one of the best in the business, right now (in my humble opinion). She even looks like a million dollars when she's dressed!
  • Manuel does a very nice job eating Riley's pussy. She makes her squirm and writhe with his talented tongue.
  • Riley gives Manuel's long and hard dick a superb double-fisted handjob while she greedily sucks his pistoning cock.
  • Outstanding chemistry develops between Riley and Manuel.
  • Manuel is determined to give his virgin angel missionary the best-ever first sexual experience. He's kind and solicitous, kisses and caresses her constantly, strokes her clit, guides her actions, spanks her ass cheeks, massages her asshole, chokes her throat, and uses most--if not all--of his "bag of tricks" to pleasure her.
  • Riley's "first" sexual experience is damned good and results in at least two orgasms for her!
  • Riley's fucking moves are hot and sexy. She also quickly learns to use naughty language and how to effectively use her fingers to stroke her clit while Manuel plows her pussy.
  • The sex gets hot and sweaty.
  • Riley's fine tits bounce and dance delightfully while she and Manuel fuck each other's brains out.
  • Riley swallows Manuel's semen at the end of the scene.
  • The plot development is really well done. Kudos to Riley, BiBi, Jesse, and Manuel for their mainstream-quality performances leading up to the sex scene.
  • The videography is lush and gorgeous. It's perfect to highlight Riley's perfect flesh. There are no wacky oblique camera angles or bad edits. Quality!
  • The locations--as well as their use--are top notch.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • I wish there had been a tad more emphasis on anal lovin'. I appreciate the rimming, but a bit more anal play would have been nice.

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl/girl threesome
Performers: Jesse Jane, BiBi Jones, Manuel Ferrara.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Using the intelligence they received from Riley, Jesse and BiBi, dressed in dowdy and conservative clothes, show up at Manuel's mansion posing as missionaries Agatha and Bertha. Unable to resist women of God, Manuel grants them admission to his foyer and then the three chat briefly even though Manuel confesses that he doesn't think he's worth their time. "All humans are creatures of God," replies Jesse, "and, therefore, worth the time." Manuel agrees to chat with them in his living room and the three are soon comfortably seated on a comfy couch and talking about saving Manuel's soul. Manuel's quite impressed and tells BiBi, "You are very charming...for a woman of God." She replies, "Just because I choose to abstain doesn't mean I don't think about it!" Manuel is stunned: "You mean...you're a virgin?" BiBi then giggles delightfully while Jesse fills him in: "We're believers...and we're virgins!" By this time, BiBi has recovered her composure and asks sweetly, "So, have you ever thought about joining our faith?" She also asks him to pray with them. "I'll do anything you tell me to do," replies Manuel. You just screwed up, Manuel...big time.

BiBi then asks her "Father" for forgiveness as she opens her blouse. Jesse soon follows suit and the girls start to make out sweetly. Manuel soon gets into the act and the three enjoy two- and threeway kisses as the girls tear off their clothes. Manuel first zeroes-in on Jesse and frantically finger-fucks her pussy while BiBi takes matters into her own hands and masturbates. Lucky Manuel then gets to greedily eat BiBi's pussy while the two girls make out with each other...Jesse even sits on and fucks BiBi's face. The girls then get their pussies eaten and finger-fucked by Manuel in round-robin style.

Of course, no good boy/girl foreplay is complete without fellatio. And, what an outstanding blowjob Manuel receives as the two hot blond contract girls devour his rod at the same time. Jesse even strokes his cock, suckles his balls, and rims his asshole while BiBi takes care of his tip. Damn, what an amazing life you lead, Manuel! Manuel responds by spanking the girls' flesh, pulling their hair, and inflaming their lust with his words.

Sex begins in reverse cowgirl when Manuel guides his cock into Jesse's pussy in reverse cowgirl. While Manuel handles the in-and-out action, BiBi wantonly kisses Manuel's and Jesse's mouths, masturbates, and uses her fingers and tongue to stroke Jesse's clit. This is GREAT teamwork, guys! Eventually, Jesse takes over the thrusting "work" and soon experiences a massive orgasm of the type she should have had in Scene Two. After Jesse cums, she graciously cedes Manuel's cock to BiBi, who climbs aboard in cowgirl and rides him like a champion as he pistons in-and-out at redline speed while sharply spanking her gorgeous ass cheeks. Of course, BiBi screams with delight and fucks back enthusiastically. Meanwhile, Jesse takes a break to masturbate erotically before sitting on and fucking Manuel's face. Before BiBi relinquishes Manuel's dick, she turns around for some extremely effective reverse cowgirl action.

After the girls take an opportunity to share Manuel's cock and suck BiBi's girl juice off of it, using pussy-to-mouth (PTM), Manuel slides behind Jesse and fucks her through another orgasm in spoon. Meanwhile, Jesse finger-fucks BiBi's pussy and strokes her own clit while torrents of naughty commentary pour from her "angelic" mouth. BiBi keeps herself busy by fingering Jesse's clit, by stroking Manuel's pistoning cock, and by performing PTM on his penis. Eventually, Jesse, who refuses to give up Manuel's cock, mounts and fucks him in cowgirl while nasty BiBi licks Jesse's asshole and keeps his rod clean using PTM.

To finish up the sexual encounter, Manuel gets an opportunity to frantically ream BiBi's vagina--and spank her ass cheeks--in kneeling doggie and then in spoon. Then, when he reaches the point of no return, the girls drop to their knees and fold their hands, as if in prayer, as he jerks off into both of their wide-open mouths (he makes sure each girl gets her share). The girls swallow and suck/milk him dry.

To conclude the scene, the girls' assignment, and the movie, everybody gets dressed. Then, while Manuel is relaxing on his couch in post-coitus bliss, BiBi steps behind him, hugs him, and breaks his neck. Since their task is over, the girls decide to go get dinner.

Foreplay: Stripping, mutual stripping, kissing, caressing/fondling, masturbation, hair pulling, tit sucking, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, multiple-finger-fucking, clit stroking/jacking, face fucking, handjob, fellatio, multiple girl fellatio.
Vaginal Positions: Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (she cums), kneeling doggie, spoon (she cums).
Anal Positions: Girl-on-girl and girl-on-boy rimming (only).
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Open mouth; she swallows.

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.70

What I Liked Most:

  • Both BiBi and Jesse are gorgeous women and they look superb together.
  • The girls give Manuel a two-girls-on-one-dick blowjob. Sweet!
  • The girls are quite assertive with Manuel...and with each other. After posing as angels, their "devilish" sides quickly become apparent.
  • Absolutely volcanic chemistry develops among the threesome. BiBi and Jesse go fucking wild and, as always, Manuel knows exactly which buttons to push on each girl to make her go out-of-her-mind crazy.
  • The foreplay is excellent. Manuel gets to feast on gorgeous breasts and tasty pussies, Jesse boldly sits on and fucks BiBi's face, BiBi sits on and fucks Manuel's face, Manuel and BiBi both eat Jesse's pussy at the same time, and BiBi makes time to masturbate.
  • The girl-on-girl action, including BiBi-on-Jesse rimming, is really hot and continues throughout the in-and-out action.
  • There is excellent use made of "love triangles" and "love trains" in which each person fucks and gets fucked by somebody else.
  • The trio functions extraordinarily well as a team. No matter who's riding Manuel's cock, everybody is always pleasuring everybody with spanks, kisses, licks, squeezes, hair pulling, and chokes. They even enjoy a three-tongues kiss!
  • The girls' fine breasts bounce and dangle beautifully.
  • The sex is hot and sweaty.
  • The girls' orgasms are explosive.
  • The girls, who are supposed to be "angels," sure as hell know how to inflame lust using lots of nasty vocabulary.
  • The girls swallow Manuel's load at the end of the scene.
  • The videography is very well done...nearly perfect!...and includes excellent close-ups but no wacky oblique camera angles.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • I noticed an instance or two in which transitioning footage was not provided between sexual positions.


Assassins comes in a two-disc set: one DVD-9 disc and a separate Blu-Ray disc. Since my computer only plays DVDs, I reviewed the DVD. The DVD Main Menu allows you to play the entire movie, display a full-motion chapter selector (there are multiple chapters per sex scene), jump to the "Special Features" screen, or view a "Contact" screen that displays Digital Playground's website address.

The Special Features page allows you to watch a behind-the-scenes (BTS) featurette, peruse a four-minute slide show or photo gallery (same images in both), or preview eight Digital Playground movies.

The BTS, which is 16-minutes long, contains video of the still photo shoots; revealing on-set interviews of the girls (especially new contract girl BiBi Jones who, it appears, was recruited to Digital Playground by Jesse Jane) and Rocco Reed; lots of hot footage of bare and nearly-bare girls; off-camera sex and shenanigans by the cast members; a "tour" of the set given by Riley Steele; video of the girls being made up and having their hair done; a behind-the-camera look at the shooting of the plot-development; an after-sex debriefing of Riley Steele and Manuel Ferrara; and some very nice footage of the beautiful and shapely asses owned by the three contract girls featured in the movie (Jesse, Riley, and BiBi).

This set of DVD extras, by themselves, is below average in today's marketplace. However, you don't just get the DVD...there's a Blu-Ray disc included in the purchase price. How cool is that? So, the overall Extras value is above average...four stars.

Final Thoughts

The best things about Assassins include:

  • the amazing Digital Playground contract girls. Jesse is, of course, the only true superstar left in the business. Riley is adorable, passionate, and oh-so-beautiful. And, newbie BiBi is totally amazing. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but she's also really knows how to fuck. And, she's a damned fine actress, too. I've never been this excited about a contract girl's first movie since I saw Jesse Jane's first scene. I think that Digital Playground hit a grand slam when they signed BiBi.
  • the storyline, which is loosely based on Charlie's Angels. It nicely continues Robby D.'s vocations series, which began with Babysitters a couple of years ago. It's funny, has its dramatic moments, and nicely ties together the five sex scenes.
  • the acting. Smooth...believable...of mainstream quality. I am particularly impressed with BiBi's and Jesse Jane's acting performances.
  • the videography. I am so tired of complaining about bad lighting, color balance, oblique camera angles, jerky camera movements, bad composition, and amateurish editing that it is a real treat to watch a professional adult feature.
  • the production values. The locations, sets, wardrobe, hairstyling, make-up, musical soundtrack...everything is spot on. There's nothing second-rate or cheesy in this movie.
  • the soundtrack is presented in Digital Surround Sound 5.1
  • Manuel Ferrara, who is my male hero. Damn, I wish I had his knowledge and skill. Whenever he's featured in a scene or movie, you know the sex will sizzle.
  • the conspicuous absence of Tommy Gunn and Scott Nails. Digital Playground uses those guys too often.
  • the boy/girl/girl threesome that ends the movie. Seldom do vaginal-only scenes earn five-star ratings. This one actually scored more than five stars!
  • the inclusion of a Blu Ray disc along with the DVD. Great value.

Assassins could have been better if:

  • there had been a little more attention to anal pleasure.

Things I didn't like about Assassins include:

  • Jesse Jane and Jynx Maze don't appear to climax during Scenes Two and Three, respectively.

Average sex rating: 4.34
Average video rating: 4.90
Average audio rating: 4.50
Average production values rating: 4.54
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.856

X Critic Pick
(4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall) (I occasionally award an XCritic Pick to a feature that earns a sex score between 4.25 and 4.50 for sex plus a 4.5 or higher overall rating.)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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