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5 Guy Cream Pie 22

Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 8/17/11

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Gonzo
Director: C.G. Culpepper
Cast: Ace, Buster Good, Dick Nasty, Estella Leon, Jack Venice, Jason Cox, Johnny Fende,r Kris Knight, Lefty Larue, Luscious Lopez ,Tony Tedeschi, Veronica Lynn.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:38
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for condom-free sex.


I've reviewed several of these 5 Guy Cream Pie episodes and have enjoyed them all with the exception of a couple of lingering issues. First, I acknowledge that I wouldn't like to be one of the guys in these scenes because I'm simply too greedy and wouldn't want to share the girl with anybody else. Second, I shudder at the thought of cumming in a pussy that is already full of somebody else's semen. Third, the guys in each half-hour scene, which is divided into six segments--set-up footage (interview and tease) and sex with each of five guys--usually do not have the time to get the girl off. Since I adore female orgasms, that has always been a downside for me. Finally, I tend to like aesthetically pleasing movies--those shot in beautiful surroundings with nicely made-up and attired performers. The 5 Guy Cream Pie series pays very little attention whatsoever to aesthetics. So, the scenes are shot anywhere they can set up a couch and a camera.

So, why do I continue to watch and write about 5 Guy Cream Pie episodes? For two reasons. First, I love cream pies and these movies always provide 15 of them for my enjoyment. Second, the interviews with the girls and guys are an integral part of each scene and I think they are not only funny but also very enlightening. You can really learn a lot about Kick Ass Pictures' nasty sluts by listening to their 5 Guy Cream Pie interviews. So, even though these movies don't earn my "Critic's Choice" award, they're lots of fun and worth a look, especially when the girls are as cute as they are in this episode.

All-in-all, if you like cream pies, you probably won't go wrong watching any 5 Guy episode.


I don't mean to be flippant, but if you've seen one 5 Guy episode, you've, in a sense, seen them all. Each of the three scenes in each of the movies lasts about 30 minutes and begins with clips of each cast member's (males and females) interviews. The interviews are funny and very informative. I think you'll especially like Estella Leon's interview. Hell, girl, you've won my heart!

In previous episodes, part of the initial scene set-up included having the guys draw straws to see who would fuck the girl first, second, and so on. Nobody wanted to go last--because they really didn't want to fuck a cum-filled pussy--and everybody wanted to go first. Watching the guys haggle over their "pole" position was always a kick. I missed that aspect in 5 Guy Cream Pie 22 because it wasn't included.

Second, after the interviews, each girl does a solo strip tease for us.

Third, all six performers engage in a little oral foreplay: she sucks one or more cocks at a time.

Fourth, each guy gets his turn in the girl's pussy. Usually, each guy gets only one position, and nobody else gets that same position. Sometimes, however, a guy will get more than one position. While one guy is fucking the girl, she "fluffs," or sucks, the next guy's cock so he'll be ready for action. If all goes well, the girl and guy will generate enough chemistry for her to cum. However, things don't always go well and the girl can appear to just "get fucked" instead of "fucking back." And, the girl usually doesn't get enough in-and-out action to climax.

Fifth, each guy, in turn, pops in her pussy. Depending on her position at the time of his ejaculation, the girl will either lift her body off his (cowgirl or reverse) or stand up (missionary and doggie) so the camera can catch the guy's semen flood out of her pussy as she pushes or scoops it out.

Now that you know how every scene in a 5 Guy episode proceeds, here are the highlights of each of the three scenes in this installment.

Scene One

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Scene One features the very lovely Latina Luscious Lopez along with Johnny Fender, Kris Knight, Jason Cox, Jack Venice, and Ace.. Luscious does the best job, I think, of any girl in a 5 Guy Cream Pie episode in expelling cum from her pussy. Wait until you see her eject Jason Cox' cum! It's fuckin' unbelievable. As is too often the case in 5 Guy episodes, Luscious never gets enough time with any one guy to cum. Nonetheless, her scene rocks and rates four stars!

  • Interview revelation: "Can I feel when I guy actually cums? Sometimes. Sometimes his dick gets really really hard and it feels like it's getting wider right when he's doing it. And then, you know, you watch his face and he's all making those faces. Yeah, you can tell when a guy's cumming inside ya!"
  • Tease: Luscious gives a bone-stiffening strip tease. She squeezes and licks her delectable all-natural boobs and nipples (nice close-ups); stokes her long, flowing, and black hair; caresses, squeezes, and spreads her delectable ass cheeks so we can see deep into her alluring holes; jiggles her ass for the camera; strokes her pretty pedicured feet with her hands and toes; spreads and squeezes her gorgeous and fleshy labia; and slips her fingers into her juicy pink hole.
  • Foreplay: All five guys make a circle around Luscious so that she can squat in front of them and give each one memorable fellatio. Luscious gives them very slobbery and noisy blowjobs (lots of drool flows out of her mouth and down her chest) and swallows their dicks balls-deep just to prove she can. She also expertly strokes their rods using effective twisting motions. Meanwhile, the guys grope Luscious' boobs and curvy flesh.
  • Guy 1: Kris Knight is first up and gets to enjoy Luscious' energetic moves as she fucks him cowgirl style. Luscious' ass looks so fucking good as she tosses her body up and down on his cock. Luscious gets so inflamed that her pussy juice coats Kris' dick and pours out of her bald-shaven cunt. And, she talks really nasty while she fucks him. While she fucks Kris, Luscious sucks Ace's big black dick to keep him nice and hard. Luscious pounds Kris' dick so hard that she causes him to pop inside her. Then, she lifts herself off his cock and, as the camera zooms in close, uses her vaginal muscles to push out his semen. How sticky!
  • Guy 2: Ace gets to pound Luscious' pussy missionary style as she lies back on a comfy-looking brown leather couch and in the doggie position when she kneels atop the same sofa. Luscious encourages him with lots of deliciously naughty commentary and increases her own pleasure by frantically jacking and slapping her clit and by jiggling her meaty ass cheeks. Between positions, Luscious tastes her own juices by sucking Ace's cock clean. She slurps, swallows, and gags on his big black dick. Ace pounds Luscious' cunt until he explodes inside her after she screams, "Fill me up!" Luscious turns her cum-filled pussy to the camera and then uses her fingers to dig out Ace's semen. Luscious' pussy is getting really juicy!
  • Guy 3: Jason Cox' lucky cock gets to enjoy Luscious' superb moves when she mounts--and fucks--him reverse cowgirl style. Luscious' high-energy thrusting and grinding moves force his dick balls-deep inside her--and cause her cute boobies to bounce with joy. Luscious is a very talented bronco buster! And, her use of nasty talk is titillating! In due course, however, Luscious stops talking naughty so that she can suck Jack Venice's cock to full mast--he's in line to fuck her next. Luscious and Jason fuck each other until he explodes inside her glistening, shiny, and super-wet pussy as her enormously-engorged clit supervises the action. You're not gonna believe what comes next! Luscious leans back on Jason's chest and lets his cock slide out of her. Then, she flexes her vaginal muscles and uses her fingers to dig out his cum. She then expels two enormous streams of semen from her pussy with the power and velocity of a cock! Wow! This is the best cum-expulsion I've ever seen! Watch it over and over and in slow motion!
  • Guy 4: Jack Venice and Luscious lie on their sides atop the couch so that they can fuck spoon style. Luscious screams and growls with delight as Jack pounds her with redline-speed strokes while squeezing her breasts and jacking her clit with his hands. Meanwhile, Johnny Fender fucks her face. Luscious encourages Jack: "You wanna cum inside me, don't you? Yeah, you wanna blow your big fat load inside my tight fuckin' pussy! Fuck me as hard as you can and blow your big fat load inside of me!" After he does the lady's bidding, she slides his cock out of her pussy and then uses her fingers to collect his semen.
  • Guy 5: Luscious moves back into the missionary position so that Johnny can fuck her as she lies comfortably on the couch. Luscious growls and arches her back with delight as Johnny plows her super-saturated cunt: "Pound me! POUND ME! That feels so fuckin' good!" She increases her pleasure by stroking her clit with her fingertips. After Luscious demands, "I want your filthy fucking cum in my tight little pussy," Johnny blows his generous load close to the entrance of her vagina. Then, as he pulls out, rivers of semen flow from her cunt. Luscious digs out fingers-full of Johnny's semen and massages it into the slick flesh that surrounds her pink and very happy pussy.

Scene Two

One of the best things about Scene Two, which features cute and adorable Asian Veronica Lynn, is Dick Nasty's participation. Dick's an older guy who is tickled pink to be given the opportunity to fuck young-enough-to-be-his-daughter Veronica. This scene gives hope to middle-aged guys everywhere! In fact, Veronica reveals that Dick's the oldest guy she's ever been with--49. In addition to Dick, Veronica fucks Johnny Fender, Buster Good, Kris Knight, and Tony Tedeschi.

Another very positive aspect of this scene is Veronica's super-strong vaginal and anal muscles. I watched in awe each time Veronica flexed those muscles to push out a guy's semen. I think you're gonna love Veronica's pussy! I know I do! The short time Veronica spends with each of the five guys prevents her from cumming during her scene. Other than that, it's a worthwhile watch and rates four stars!

  • Interview revelation: "I've had a guy cum inside me in my personal life. But, he did it because I wanted him to, not because I didn't want him to. If I didn't want a guy to do it, then he'd get beat up!"
  • Tease: As Veronica strips off her clothes during her tease segment, she reveals her tiny perfect titties and erect hard nipples, her pierced navel (she has a long and dangling piece of jewelry hanging from her belly button), her bald-shaven and puffy pussy, and her shapely butt. I enjoyed her wriggling and writhing moves as she struggles to slip her tight jeans off of her hips. Sexy! In due course, she spreads her big, fleshy, and beautiful labia to show off her slippery pink interior and hard erect clit; fondles, licks, and suckles her feet and toes; and strokes, squeezes, and jiggles her ass cheeks.
  • Foreplay: As in Scene One, the guys all gather around Veronica so she can suck their cocks one at a time. Veronica is a very aggressive cocksucker who forcefully draws the guys close to her so that their dicks penetrate her throat balls-deep. She also expertly licks their shafts and balls while simultaneously playing with her pussy. Even better, Veronica can multitask perfectly by stroking two guy's dicks while swallowing another. Damn, she does great fellatio! Blowjob lovers are gonna adore Veronica!
  • Guy 1: Tony Tedeschi fucks Veronica first as she lies atop a slip covered couch in the missionary position and squeezes her boobs. Veronica screams with delight as Tony pounds her slippery cunt. Tony loves her vagina: "You've got a sweet little pussy on you, girl! It sucks on my cock SO nice!" Meanwhile, she sucks and swallows Buster Good's rod to make it nice and hard so he can fuck her next. Tony pounds her with increasing intensity until he pops inside. Then, as the camera zooms in tight on Veronica's pussy, she flexes her vaginal and anal muscles to push out Tony's cum. Veronica's muscle control is amazing and is must-see! Tony multiple-finger-fucks her pussy to help bring his cum to the surface. Eventually, she expels a considerable amount of semen.
  • Guy 2: Veronica mounts Buster Good cowgirl style and uses fast and furious strokes to fuck his cock. She squeals with delight as pounds and grinds him. Meanwhile, she sucks, swallows and gags on Kris Knight's cock as her super-soaked pussy coats Buster's rod with juice. While Veronica fucks him, Buster keeps himself busy by squeezing and spanking her ass cheeks. Veronica wants Buster's semen and begs, "Yeah, cum in my pussy!" So, she intensifies her thrusting and grinding moves until she makes him pop. Afterward, Veronica lifts herself off of Buster and, again, uses her superb muscles to force Buster's foaming cum from her cunt.
  • Guy 3: Kris gets to fuck Veronica doggie style as amazing close-ups capture the action from below. Kris pounds Veronica hard and fast and causes her little titties, her ass cheeks, and her dangling navel jewelry to bounce for joy. Meanwhile, Veronica prepares Johnny's cock by suckling it greedily. Like a mighty machine, Kris reams Veronica's pussy nonstop until he ejaculates inside. Again, Veronica's semen-expulsion technique is superb. I could watch her pussy flex for hours!
  • Guy 4: As Veronica pants in ecstasy, Johnny Fender reams her extremely juicy and glistening pussy in the missionary and spoon positions (great close-ups of the in-and-out action). Meanwhile, Veronica keeps her mouth busy by blowing Dick Nasty's cock. Johnny continues to thrust in-and-out of Veronica's pussy with fevered strokes until he cums--you can see his happy cock spasm as it ejects an army of his soldiers. Although Veronica's vaginal muscle workout has been glorious with the previous guys, it is, I think, the most appealing as she flexes her vagina to expel Johnny's seed (I watched the excellent close-up footage of this segment over and over again!). And, her aroused and hard clit looks damned nice, too! Excellent!
  • Guy 5: Lovable old Dick Nasty gets the chance he's been waiting for next. He and Veronica lie back-to-front in the spoon position so that he can thrust his lucky (and still talented) rod in-and-out of her balls-deep. Meanwhile, they play "footsy" with each other. As has been the case with the four previous guys, the best part of this segment is watching Veronica push Dick's cum from her vagina. Both her pussy and asshole flex powerfully. Damn, I love Veronica's pussy!

Scene Three

Estella Leon, a lusty Puerto-Rican Latina, gets her 5 Guy Cream Pie last--in Scene Three . This is my first look at perky girl-next-door Estella. She's adorable and extremely nasty. I like her and I hope you do, too. In Scene Three, she's joined by Johnny Fender, Tony Tedeschi, Dick Nasty, Buster Good, and Lefty Larue. This is a great cream pie scene that, unfortunately, does not reward Estella with an orgasm. Four stars.

  • Interview revelation: I think Estella's interview is the most endearing--and enlightening--of all those in 5 Guy Cream Pie 22. At one point, when talking about how cum drips out of her pussy even hours after a cream pie, Estella confesses: "I've got to fuck before I get on a plane because once you're on a plane and you're horny the bathrooms are so small! It happened to me before getting on a plane. I had these spots on my jeans--and that was really embarrassing. I was trying to cover it with all the shit I had." Estella's my kind of girl! Not only does she crave cream pies, but she also is willing to have one right before getting on a plane!
  • Tease: Initially dressed in a sexy red-and-black bra and red panties, Estella erotically strips out of her clothes to reveal her shapely and very womanly body. She's curvy and not skinny--she has a tiny bit of soft and inviting belly fat. Then, she fondles her gorgeous natural boobs and sensitive nipples, spreads her pussy lips, fingers her clit, finger-fucks her bald-shaven pussy, strokes her pretty pedicured feet, and shows off and jiggles her ass.
  • Foreplay: As Estella sits on a couch outside in a garden, the five guys gather around her so that she can orally pleasure each of their cocks. Nasty Estella also rims the guys' assholes with her tongue and gobbles their balls. While Estella worships cock with her mouth and talks extremely nasty, the guys fondle and grope her womanly flesh and jack her clit. And, several of them vigorously fuck her throat when they get the chance (she swallows their dicks all the way down!). Naughty Lefty Larue even spits in Estella's mouth. Then she, in turn, spits his saliva onto his achingly hard cock.
  • Guy 1: Tony Tedeschi manhandles Estella into the piledriver position. As Tony stands above her, her shoves his cock into her ripe-and-ready bald cunt and pounds her with long and deep strokes while tickling her clit with his fingertips. As Tony fucks her hard, Estella slides down onto her back into the missionary position. Meanwhile, Estella' provides extremely naughty commentary to inflame Tony to greater lust: "I fuckin' love that. I'm a slut, I'm a whore, I'm a bitch. I'm everything you want!" Do you see why I like Estella? Her language then reverts to her native Spanish. Although my knowledge of nasty Spanish is minimal, her words sound absolutely delightful! Sadly, Buster Good shuts her up by shoving his cock into her mouth. After Tony blows his load inside her, Estella uses her middle finger to dig out his semen. God, Estella's cum-soaked pussy is beautiful!
  • Guy 2: Buster Good and Estella enjoy some quality time in the missionary position (nice close-ups). As Buster frantically slides in-and-out of her, he grabs and squeezes her pretty boobs. And, he spit-swaps with her, too! Meanwhile, Estella babbles incoherently in Spanish as lust overwhelms her. She also preps Dick Nasty's cock by sucking it hungrily. In due course, she exclaims, "I wanna feel it inside. Yes, give it to me! Oh. God, it feels so good!" Buster can't resist such an invitation. So, he lets loose inside, near the entrance to her pussy. Estella then squats, spreads her labia open, and digs out Buster's semen with her fingers.
  • Guy 3: As Dick Nasty lies back on the couch and squeezes Estella's ripe ass cheeks, Estella grinds his cock inside her cunt cowgirl style. In addition to her erotic grinding moves, Estella also fucks him with long and powerful strokes. Still potent Dick matches her lusty thrusts with his own. Meanwhile, she keeps her mouth busy by blowing Lefty Larue's rod. Estella fucks Dick until he can no longer hold back (Dick looks like he's in fucking heaven as she eagerly bounces up and down on him!). Happy Dick groans like a wild animal as he deposits his load deep inside Estella. Then, she lifts herself off of Dick's cock and rivers of his semen flow out of her. It's so fuckin' pretty!
  • Guy 4: Lefty Larue reams Estella's pussy from behind doggie style (great close-ups) as she kneels on all fours and arches her butt up high and demands, "Take that fuckin' bitch. Take my fucking pussy! Take it. TAKE IT. Oh, YEAH!" While Lefty "takes it," Estella stuffs her insatiable mouth with Johnny Fender's meat. When Lefty's ready to pop, he shouts, "Hell, yeah!" and groans wildly as he unloosens a torrent of cum into Estella. Then, she flexes her muscles and pushes out his very thick and viscous semen. Now that's a cream pie!
  • Guy 5: As Johnny and Estella lie on their sides in the spoon position, she grabs his cock and slides it into her. Then, as she pants ecstatically and comments in nasty Spanish, he pounds her with fast and furious balls-deep strokes. Even though four other guys have already pounded Estella, her pussy must still be tight and must feel damned good to Johnny. In fact, it feels so good that he cums very quickly! As the camera zooms in tight, Johnny's cock spasms repeatedly as it pumps his semen into Estella. When he pulls out, a white gooey mess follows. It's totally delightful!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Overall, the video is quite good. It is clear, is distortion and grain free, and displays no digital artifacts. The camera angles are good, and the videographer captured what we want to see. And, the editing is pretty good. However, I think the image is occasionally a bit underexposed (too dark). Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The stereo sound is always clear and is usually audible. The volume is appropriate and there is no too-obtrusive musical soundtrack. Three and one-half stars!

Extras: I like the way the extras are organized through the effective use of menus. For example, if you use the Chapters menu, you are presented with a full-motion chapter selection page that provides a short clip of the scene as well as the girl's name (I really like it when the girl is properly identified). If you click any particular scene's icon, you are presented with a chapter stops selection page so you can choose to watch the interview, tease, or cum shot 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (be sure to check out Luscious Lopez' cum shot three as well as Veronica Lynn's fourth cum shot). Nice interface. There's also an interesting seven and one-half minute Bloopers Reel (it's mostly impromptu interviews and behind-the-scenes footage along with some bloopers), text biographies of all three featured girls, sneak previews of six Kick Ass movies, phone sex ads, and a promotion for www.kickass.com. Four stars!

Aesthetics: There was not much of an attempt to appeal to anybody's aesthetic sensibilities. The director, unfortunately, fell into the all-too-common and not very inventive routine of having his performers fuck on somebody's couch. Two of the scenes were captured indoors on couches while the third was shot outdoors--on a couch! There was no attempt to coordinate wardrobes or outfits--it looks like the girls just stripped off their street clothes--and I don't think much in the way of makeup was attempted. There is no musical soundtrack, so I cannot evaluate its aesthetic appeal. Three stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.00
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 3.00
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.80

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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