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Jam It All The Way Up My Ass Vol. 2

Studio: Acid Rain » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/17/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Dan Dale
Cast: Benjamin Brat, Brooke Haven, Chris Charming, Claire Robbins, Kelly Wells, Leah Luv, Missy Monroe, Sasha, Scott Nails, Tony T, Vanessa Lane.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Brooke Haven, Missy Monroe.
Length: 02:06
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus stars: one for condom-free sex and the second for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Brooke Haven and Missy Monroe.


Director Dan Dale did a fantastic job of assembling a group of six girls who really like their guys to jam it all the way up their asses. Not only that, but he also corralled a group of some of the largest-hung stallions around and let them loose on those insatiable, tight, and welcoming assholes.

Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2 has something for every anal sex lover. There are four threeways (three boy/boy/girl and one boy/girl/girl) as well as one coupling. Since this is an anal-themed movie, you just know that those b/b/g threeways are going to include some scorching double stuffing. However, you may not suspect the abundance of double anal penetration that you'll see in Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2. Nor would you expect to see a girl squirt a gusher. And, I don't think you'd expect to see the overall loveliness of the absolutely superb female cast.

Speaking of the female cast, Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2 highlights the incredible sphincter capacity of magnificent Kelly Fuckin' Wells. You'll also see oh-so-limber Vanessa Lane and statuesque and busty blond Brooke Haven. Fleshing-out the female cast are two cute-as-a-button girl-next-door young women, Claire Robbins and Leah Luv.

You like big natural boobs? Missy has 'em. You like big enhanced tits? Brooke and Vanessa have 'em. Like them small and natural? Kelly, Leah, and Claire will give you what you want.

The guys are first-class--and extremely well endowed--too. Benjamin Brat, a guy I met on one of his very first shoots, demonstrates just how a-list his performances have become. In addition, Chris Charming, Sascha, Scott Nails, and Tony T bring their huge cocks to this all-anal party and use them to their absolute best advantage.

Director Dan Dale invited me to attend the shooting of Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2. So, I know first hand just how fucking hot the sex is in the movie.

If you're an anal-sex aficionado, do yourself a favor and take a look at Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did!


Since I actually watched Dan Dale and his crew shoot Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2, I thought I'd depart from my regular review format and tell you about the experience I had watching the movie filmed. I hope you enjoy reading about my on-set field trip almost as much as I enjoyed being there. Thanks to Dan Dale and all the folks at Acid Rain for inviting me to be present.

The Location

After arriving in Los Angeles, I drove my rental car to the address of the location where Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2 was scheduled to be filmed. I found myself in an enclave of high-priced mansions in a secluded gated community. God only knows how much these huge mansions must have cost. Given LA's exorbitant real-estate values, the homes must be valued in the multi-million-dollar range. So, imagine my surprise when I entered the designated house and saw nearly unbelievable filth and disarray! Most shocking was the unchecked effects of a family of cats gone wild. Yep...poop and dried urine everywhere! Believe me, it is a major tribute to the director and videographer that you cannot see any evidence of the cats' droppings. Tight camera angles were necessary to hide the filth and disarray...even though the crew did what they could to tidy up and move furniture and props into the (relatively) cleanest areas of the house. In addition to the filth, the house was also cluttered. Expensive pieces of art were tossed here and there while dirty laundry and miscellaneous debris were stacked nearly everywhere. I simply cannot understand people rich enough to afford such a sumptuous and well-decorated home. How can they let such an investment go to hell? The condition of the location had a big impact on the cast. In particular, Missy Monroe squirted repeatedly during her b/b/g scene with Sasha and Chris Charming. Sasha tried to get her to lap up her ejaculate from the floor. Furious, Missy (rightly) refused. No, it's not because she was unwilling to taste her own cum or because she thought her squirt was really urine. No, it's because, in her words, "Who knows what's on that floor?" Yep, I hold Dan Dale and his crew in high regard because there's absolutely no sign of the location's true condition visible in the final edited movie.

Upon crossing the threshold into the marble entryway of the location, a stairway to the right led upstairs to the master bedroom in which Scene Five--featuring Vanessa Lane, Benjamin Brat, and Scott Nails--was shot. Straight ahead was a foyer that was used during the filming of the hardest scene in this movie...an amazing b/b/g starring Kelly Fuckin' Wells, Sasha, and Chris Charming. To the left were the living room (in such disarray that it simply couldn't be used for filming) and dining room. The makeup artist set up her workstation on the dining room table and allowed me to chat with the girls as their hair was being styled and makeup applied. Damn, it's quite an experience watching a beautiful woman turn into an absolutely stunning porn star with just the right hairstyle and the appropriate application of makeup. The dining room was also used to capture Benjamin Brat as he sampled the wares of both Claire Robbins and Leah Luv. Behind and to the right of the dining room was the wood-floored family room which was used during the remaining two scenes.

The Girls

-- sponsored by --

Of course, the best thing about attending any porn shoot is getting to know the girls. I hadn't met any of the female talent featured in this movie and had only met one of the guys. So, attending the shooting of Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2 was a real treat for me.

  • Missy Monroe: Without a doubt, my best memory of Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2 is getting to know Missy Monroe. What a woman! Porn girls are required to show up a couple of hours before their scenes are scheduled to be shot. In this way, there's plenty of time for make-up and hairstyling. Missy arrived even earlier than expected and, once her hair and makeup were completed, watched the scenes being shot at the time. Missy's fingers, of course, immediately found their way into her dripping pussy! However, she simply couldn't satisfy herself. So, she went from guy to guy--cast, crew, and yours truly--and begged for sex: "I'm SO horny! Can you help me?" Now, don't get any wild ideas. Although I would have truly loved to stick my fingers, tongue, or cock into Missy's throbbing pussy or tight asshole, that would have been completely out of the question. Why? Because the director WANTED her horny as hell. Had she been sated before her scene began, what you'll see in Scene Four wouldn't be nearly as hot. And, had any of the guys touched her before her scene, her makeup and hair would have been destroyed. Believe me, no guy "helped" Missy relieve her horniness before her scene with Sasha and Chris Charming. You'll be glad we didn't touch her because her lust exploded into one of the hottest squirt-inducing scenes I've ever watched first hand. Indeed, Missy is the first porn star I've ever seen actually squirt! It was amazing! No, instead of fingering, licking, or fucking Missy, several guys slipped outside with her into the mansion's postage-stamp-sized and quite neglected back yard for a smoke and quiet conversation. Missy is a truly nice young woman and is quite thoughtful and articulate. If you ever get the chance, talk with her. And, be sure to watch any of her scenes that you can get your hands on--including the one in Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2.
  • Kelly Fuckin' Wells: It was a serendipitous bit of luck that made it possible for me to meet--and watch--anal queen Kelly take an incredible double anal penetration. The girl who had been scheduled to shoot a scene later in the day called to cancel (a very common occurrence in the adult film business). Frantic, director Dan Dale phoned a prominent adult talent agent and discovered that Kelly was available. Dan, unaware of Kelly's talents, turned to me and asked what I thought. Knowing her work, I fell to my knees and begged him to shoot Kelly. Damn, I was right! Even the videographer was amazed at Kelly's seemingly insatiable desire to have her sphincter spread super wide and her asshole penetrated super deep. Kelly's extended double-anal performance in Scene One is not to be missed! What's even more shocking to me than Kelly's nearly unimaginable performance is the simple fact that once she got cleaned up after her scene she headed out to shoot another movie. You've gotta love somebody with that kind of enthusiasm--and stamina!
  • Vanessa Lane: Vanessa is a stunning brunette with a tight, hard, lithe, muscular, and extremely athletic body with a pair of perky, large, and in-your-face tits that sure pleased me! And, her butt is to die for! The best thing about Vanessa--insofar as her adult talents are concerned--is her body's flexibility. She's a contortionist (see a few of her moves in the Behind the Scenes featurette) and her elasticity opens up lots of possibilities during sex! I must also admit that Vanessa is one hell of a good cocksucker, too! And, she has a deliciously nasty vocabulary!
  • Brooke Haven: Arguably the most beautiful woman in Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2, Brooke is also a first-class and very passionate fuck and she has a sweet disposition to boot. Damn, I love Brooke's nicely sculpted tits, shapely ass, sexy tattoos (especially the one on her tailbone), and her long flowing blond hair. And, I like her naughty vocabulary and how her body trembles when she has an ass-gasm.
  • Leah Luv and Claire Robbins: Although these performers are definitely two individuals, they act as one tremendously competent fucking machine when they take on Benjamin Brat in Scene Three. Each of these young women is extremely cute and extremely lusty. Put them together and all hell breaks loose. During their scene, I particularly enjoyed their complementary outfits and how the girls really seem to enjoy pleasing each other--as well as Benjamin, of course. Leah, whose braces and long flowing blond hair are adorable, really enjoys having Claire rim her asshole to prepare it to take a four-finger fucking. She, in turn, lustily licks Claire's tight brown hole.

The Guys

Although I've been to several porn shoots, I've never really paid too much attention to the guys and their roles in creating a good--or not-so-good--adult movie. My perspective changed a lot as I watched Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2 being filmed.

First, I've never seen so many wood problems in a single shoot! One of the guys, probably under the influence of too many "controlled" substances consumed the night before, simply couldn't keep it up. He was part of a b/b/g scene and had to continuously move out of the camera's view so that he could frantically jack his cock hard. Frustrated, the director almost fired the guy. Believe me, that got his attention! After taking a break, the trio managed to complete the scene. First-class editing in post-production removed any evidence of the problem from the completed scene. In fact, after you watch Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2, write me at [email protected] and let me know who you think couldn't keep it up. I'll write back and let you know if you're right.

Second, I've never seen a porn stud act as such a prima donna. This guy couldn't stand to have any other guy near him as he fucked and, in a rage, demanded that everybody except the videographer leave the set. Wow! Even the director had to leave. What a fucking prick! Again, write me if you think you know who that guy is and I'll let you know if you guessed right.

On the other hand, some of the guys--especially Benjamin Brat and Sascha--provided extremely good ideas and suggestions to the director and videographer. In fact, scenes that featured those guys pretty much "shot themselves." By that, I mean that the director didn't need to direct. The guys handled the sex and the videographer captured it. That's why the sex looks so natural...because it is. Experienced GUYS make all the difference in a porn shoot.

The Sex

  • Teases: Each girl starts her scene with a sexy little strip tease and then invites us to jam it all the way up her ass.
  • Foreplay: Foreplay consists primarily of fellatio with lots of gagging, drool, throat fucking, balls-licking, and deep-throating. And you'll see two-cocks-in-one-mouth as well as two-mouths-on-one-cock. In Scene Three, both Leah Luv and Claire Robbins rim and finger-fuck each other's--and Benjamin's--assholes. Even though the fellatio, rimming, and finger-fucking are tasty, I'm disappointed that there isn't any cunnilingus because I love to eat pussy!
  • Sex: The sex is, of course, anal-centric and includes lots of conventional pussy/asshole double-penetrations, amazing double-anal, ass-to-mouth, pussy-to-mouth, gorgeous gapes (both vaginal and anal), hair pulling, clit jacking, choking, and mild spanking and face slapping. Sometimes, pussy is superfluous. In fact, Brooke craves anal sex so much that she never has Tony T slide his cock into her cunt! During sex, I particularly appreciated each girl's enthusiasm, passion, and naughty vocabulary.
  • Female Orgasms: Missy squirts like a fire hydrant during her frequent orgasms. Vanessa climaxes while her partners double-plug her pussy and ass. Kelly's ass-gasms are innumerable during double anal. Brooke's whole body quivers through multiple ass-gasms. And, Claire Robbins giggles with delight as waves of pleasure overwhelm her cute young body.
  • Popshots: The guys pop inside the girls' mouths and on their faces. Kelly swallows every drop of her double load; Brooke eats Tony T's bounty; and Claire and Leah repeatedly cum-swap Benjamin's creamy white semen until Claire swallows it.
  • Overall rating: Each scene, although different, is volcanically hot and earns a solid five stars. Scene One (a b/b/g featuring Kelly) and Scene Four (b/b/g with Missy) stand out as being absolutely outstanding.

Overall, the experience seeing Jam It All The Way Up My Ass 2 filmed was extremely enlightening and enjoyable. The final product is really very good and well worth a watch. I hope you enjoy it.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The conventional 4:3 video was shot using some of the simplest gear I've seen used on a porn set. An ordinary hand-help camcorder was used to capture the action. No remote monitor was used to scrutinize the video as it was captured. So, spots on the lens were not noticed nor cleaned off. As a result, the video often has spots or streaks on it that somewhat obscure the action. Fluorescent daylight-colored tubes were used to light the sets (as contrasted with the more commonly-used incandescent bulbs). So, the lighting should have been more pleasing than it is. Actually, I think the fleshtones are a bit too orange, so the performers look unnatural. In addition, ambient lighting coming through blinds that cover the location's windows often confused the simple hand-held camera's auto exposure function. As a result, sometimes the performers are too light or too dark. On the positive side, the videographer sure as hell knows what we want to see and captured it for us (although some of his movements were a bit jerky and abrupt). And, the editing is superb. In addition to ensuring that none of the filth and disarray of the location is noticeable in the final cut, the editor was able to eliminate any sign of the "wood" problems that I mentioned in the review section above. However, the extensive editing that was required to eliminate those wood problems necessitated some hard cuts between segments--cuts that removed footage of the transitions or, in some cases, the actual insertions. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The audio was well captured. All the sweet moans and groans are quite audible as are the performers' utterances like "Shove it all the way up my ass!" Music accompanies only the girls' tease sequences that precede each scene. No music obscures the sounds of sex. Four stars.

Extras: In addition to the ubiquitous interactive menus and full-motion chapter selector, this DVD-9 disc contains a select-a-shot feature that allows you to choose tease, oral, anal, cumshot, and other segments of each scene; a manually-operated photo gallery; 15 minutes of behind the scenes footage (be sure to watch this to see Vanessa's contortionist abilities); website ad; phone sex ads; and trailers for five other Acid Rain releases. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Due to excellent editing, the shortcomings of the location are completely hidden from your view. So, what you see is a beautiful home and sumptuous furnishings. However, I do think that the use of the props--all but one of the scenes was shot on divan-style couches...and the final one was shot on a regular-style couch! Given the variety of potential areas of the house--such as a magnificent kitchen--resorting to tried-and-true couches for sex shows a lack of imagination. There's no integral musical soundtrack to evaluate. Although I seldom mention the DVD box, kudos are due to Acid Rain for such attractive packaging. Brooke Haven's cover shot is stunning and so is the foil-stamped outer cover. Nice job. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 5.00
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.30

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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