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Boob Bangers 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/6/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Jonni Darkko
Cast: Adrianna Nicole, Candy Manson, Donny Long, Erik Everhard, Guy DiSilva, Mark Ashley, Mark Wood, Texas Presley, Tory Lane, Velicity Von.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Candy Manson, Tory Lane.
Length: 02:12
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points, one for condom-free sex and the second for the cast, which features two Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls: Candy Manson and Tory Lane.


If you like gorgeous big boobs as much as I do, you're gonna love Jonni Darkko's Boob Bangers 3! Jonni did an excellent job of assembling a busty cast of gorgeous women who have enough on top to satisfy even the most breast-craving man.

The five voluptuous women--Texas Presley, Tori Lane, Candy Manson, Adrianna Nicole, and Velicity Von--are among thebest-ever big-boobed stars. In particular, Candy Manson (the platinum-blond cover girl) is absolutely stunning. I also fell in love with Velicity's all-natural bounteous rack (and inviting pussy, too!).

Some of the women boast natural boobs while others are obviously enhanced. No matter what, each and every delectable mammary is gorgeous.

One of the women is not only gorgeous but is also among the best performers ever. She's insatiable Tory Lane, and her scene with Mark Wood in Boob Bangers 3 is absolutely stupendous...especially the culminating semen fest!

The sex in Boob Bangers 3 is straightforward and conventional...there's no "edgy" or "rough" sex, and anal sex is rarely part of the action. Nonetheless, the sex is hard-hitting and very enjoyable--especially when one considers the beauty and busty-ness of the women. It is a very worthwhile watch!


Scene One features raven-haired, multi-tattooed, and exotic beauty Texas Presley and Mark Ashley. Texas' big tits are either real or have been enhanced so well that they look completely natural. I love 'em! Texas' scene is vag-only and rates four stars on my boy/girl scale. Texas is absolutely gorgeous and does a nice job of milking Mark's cock until he cums. However, she never climaxes herself during the scene. Pity.

  • Tease: Initially dressed in a conservative business suit, Texas, standing on an outside deck overlooking a wooded hillside, slowly strips out of her clothes to reveal her stunning boobs that can literally stop traffic. She squeezes, licks, and jiggles her mams, pinches her quickly-hardening nipples, spreads and fingers her cleanly-shaven vagina, slaps her meaty ass cheeks, and shows off her numerous sexy tattoos. Meanwhile, she turns her big blue eyes toward the camera to communicate that she's doing everything just for you. Part way through the tease, Texas goes inside a very beautiful home, kneels on the plush carpet, and continues her bone-stiffening tease. She even drags her magnificent boobs on the carpet. Damn, I love--and want to fuck--Texas' glorious body!
  • Foreplay 1: Fellatio. Mark Ashley joins Texas as she finishes up her tease. Texas crawls up to him and immediately begins to lick his already-rigid king-sized dick and lucky balls. Soon, she's worshipping his rod with her hands and mouth while using a free hand to pleasure her own clit. Texas' fellatio technique, often presented POV style, is playful and quite effective. It must feel damned good, too.
  • Foreplay 2: Titty-fucking. Once Mark's cock is nice and slippery with Texas' saliva, she wraps her big boobs around it so that he can gleefully fuck her cleavage. As the tip of his big rod emerges from her bounty, she playfully licks and sucks it. During this segment, titty-fucking and first-class slobbery fellatio are interspersed in such an effective way that Mark's cock glows purple with pleasure. Mark shows his appreciation by squeezing and ravenously suckling Texas' glorious breasts. Texas' tits respond by breaking out with gooseflesh (nice extreme close-ups highlight her oh-so-tingling flesh)!
  • Position 1: Missionary. Superb close-ups highlight the action as Mark slides his cock into Texas' pussy while she reclines atop a stool. Texas groans ecstatically as Mark slides in and out of her puffy and very wet pussy and occasionally takes a break to use his rod to slap her clit. As Texas gazes intently into Mark's lusty eyes, she grabs and squeezes her magnificent breasts. She also jacks her increasingly sensitive clit. Texas' facial expressions reveal her true pleasure as Mark pounds her with ever more powerful strokes.
  • Position 2: Doggie. Again superb camera angles capture the action as Mark inserts his cock into Texas' pussy as she kneels on all fours on a plush carpet floor. As Mark straddles and pounds her with balls-deep strokes, Texas' big boobs dangle gloriously and gyrate in sync with his thrusts. And, her lust is revealed by her passionate groans and intense facial expressions. As Texas' pleasure builds, she begins to toss her awesome body back and forth to fuck Mark as he fucks her.
  • Position 3: Reverse cowgirl. As always, this is my favorite position. Texas' fabulous body looks so fucking fine when Mark pounds her soaking-wet pussy as she straddles him. Her bouncing boobs and her engorged clit look especially good. Too bad they don't stay in reverse very long.
  • Position 4: Cowgirl. Abruptly, and without benefit of transition footage, Mark fucks Texas' pussy as she rides him cowgirl style. As his girl-juice-soaked cock pistons in-and-out of Texas' cunt, Mark grabs her meaty ass cheeks and squeezes them tight. Meanwhile, Texas groans with delight. During this segment, Texas takes an opportunity to lift herself off of Mark so that she can titty-fuck his happy penis. Wow! Her spit-soaked cleavage is perfect for fucking! She also uses her talented hands to give him an intense handjob, too.
  • Position 5: Missionary 2. Texas and Mark transition back to missionary so he can slide his tingling cock between her enormously-swollen and oh-so-gorgeous labia. Toward the end of this segment, Texas invites Mark for fuck her tits again. He eagerly complies and enjoys the fruits of her bountiful boobs as she smiles and giggles with delight.
  • Popshot: Titty-fucking Texas brings Mark close to popping. Sensing his urgency, Texas grabs his rod with both hands and pumps it frantically until he explodes all over her magnificent tits. I love it when the girl makes the guy cum! Losing control like that is SO pleasurable! After she's milked every drop out of his rod, Texas continues to stroke it while using it to massage the semen into her nipples. Damn, her cum-covered tits look great!

Scene Two

In Scene Two, Tory Lane (with Mark Wood) gives perhaps her best-ever performance. Each time I see Tory, I become more and more impressed--not only with her looks, but also with her scorching-hot performances. Believe me, Scene Two does not disappoint. In fact, even though it's a vag-only scene (surprising, due to Tory's penchant for anal sex), I put it on my list of potential nominees for the 2007 X-Rated Critic's Organization (XRCO) Best Couples scene. It's that fucking good--and I loved every single second of it! And, I put Tory on my list of nominees for the 2007 XRCO Female Performer of the Year Award and gave her a Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Award, too. That's just about all I'm gonna tell you about this five-star scene. Well, OK, I will tell you three things: 1) Tory is an incredibly demonstrative, nimble, talented, demanding ("More...I want MORE!") and enthusiastic fuck, gives a magnificent blowjob, and talks deliciously naughty ("Do whatever you want to me, baby!"); 2) Tory looks more seductive than ever; (you're gonna love her tease sequence and her red-hot outfit); and 3) The cum shot is one I'll remember for a long time! Believe me, two cum-slathered tits ever looked so good--or SO covered! This scene is MUST-SEE. You really owe it to yourself to watch Tory's superb performance. It truly is more than a half hour of absolute perfect bliss! Tory, you are the definition of "pornstar!"

Scene Three

-- sponsored by --

If you're a big-boob lover, busty blond Candy Manson simply MUST be on your gotta-see list! Frankly, I get a hard-on just thinking about her in-your-face tits! When you watch Boob Bangers 3, you'll get a little over a half-hour to worship her amazingly-sculpted breasts...and enjoy the rest of her body, too, as she and Erik Everhard fuck long and hard in Scene Three. This vag-only scene rates four and one-half stars on my boy/girl scale. Candy looks magnificent and fucks well, too. And, she cums hard and often. However, I'm disappointed in the popshot because, well, Erik didn’t have much semen to give her.

  • Tease: Candy, dressed in sexy and sheer black underwear, stands in front of a bathroom mirror primping herself. Candy plays with her magnificent rack, pinches her big nipples to make them achingly hard and erect, and then uses her pierced tongue to lick those oh-so-inviting nipples. She also plays with her boobs, gently caressing and forcefully squeezing them. In due course, she turns her attention to her pussy, pulling her panties tight between her labia so that we can see her gorgeous and nicely manicured cunt and pierced clit hood. In due course, she pulls aside her panties so that she can use both hands to pleasure her vagina. And, she uses multiple spit-lubricated fingers to spread and fuck it. She also eats fingers-full of her own juice.
  • Foreplay 1: Finger-fucking. While Candy primps and admires herself, Erik takes a shower across the room. "Why don't you get your sexy ass in here?" Smiling broadly, Candy, still wearing her sexy underwear, steps into the shower and kisses his open mouth. As you might expect, they can't keep their hands off of each other and are soon exploring every inch of their bodies. Erik's hand soon finds a welcome home inside Candy's throbbing pussy. While tightly squeezing one of Candy's tits with one hand, Erik uses the other to finger-fuck her pussy until she shivers through an orgasm. Afterward, they kiss sweetly. Then, Erik expertly fingers her through another far more intense orgasm. Wow! She's had two orgasms and they haven't even begun sex yet!
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus. Determined to give Candy the most possible pleasure, Erik drops to his knees and buries his insatiable tongue inside her tasty twat. He also ravenously sucks her nipples. I'm a bit disappointed that this delicious cunnilingus ended so soon.
  • Foreplay 3: Fellatio. To show her appreciation for the orgasms that Erik has already given her, Candy drops to her knees and, as the water from the shower sluices over their bodies, gives Erik a sumptuous and spit-lubricated combination hand/blowjob. She also lets him fuck her throat balls-deep. She even gags on his rod! Meanwhile, she uses her fingers to keep her pussy happy. During this segment, fellatio is often punctuated with very pleasurable titty-fucking as Erik slides his cock between Candy's enormous and very shapely tits.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Once both Erik's and Candy's juices are flowing, they step out of the shower and Candy bends over the vanity. Erik gives her pussy a bit more tongue action and then slips his rod inside her for some very deep, increasingly intense, and pleasure-inducing in-and-out action (superb close-ups highlight the action as Candy's bejeweled pussy swallows Erik's rod balls-deep). Erik adds to Candy's pleasure by squeezing her magnificent mams as he fucks her. Meanwhile, Candy chants, "fuck me" while her delightful boobs dance provocatively. Partway through doggie, Candy kneels on the floor and then Erik continues to fuck her from behind as she groans blissfully (great close-ups).
  • Position 2: Reverse cowgirl. Candy stands up, sucks her juices off of Erik's rod, and then mounts him reverse cowgirl style. Extreme close-ups zero-in on Candy's achingly swollen clit as Erik pistons in-and-out of her cunt at redline speed. Later, the camera zooms out so that we can savor not only Candy's gorgeous pink pussy but also her enormous breasts as they dance gleefully in sync with Erik's rapid-fire thrusts. Then, to push Candy over the top into yet another orgasm, Erik reaches down and jacks her clit as he fucks her. Her subsequent orgasm is prolonged and amazing! However, Candy is insatiable. So, Erik continues to pound her--with even more gusto--and jack her clit as wave after wave of pleasure envelop Candy's magnificent flesh. Candy cums so long and so often that it's virtually impossible to tell when one orgasm ends and the next begins. She's fucking amazing!
  • Position 3: Cowgirl. During the transition to cowgirl, Candy and Erik take a short break. Erik slips his cock between Candy's tits and holds still while Candy jiggles her humongous hooters around his lucky cock. Damn, I wish I was in Erik's shoes right now! Then, he fucks her throat a bit before accompanying her into a bedroom. Candy then straddles Erik cowgirl style as he lies back on the bed. Then, the two fuck each other with powerful strokes. As they fuck, Erik probes Candy's asshole with his finger (he feeds her his ass-covered finger) and squeezes and spanks her perfect ass cheeks until they glow bright red. He also squeezes and slaps her beautiful tits and aggressively bites her oh-so-erect nipples: "Bite it hard," she demands. Candy's lust seems unquenchable and she cums over and over again throughout this segment.
  • Position 4: Missionary. Candy lies on her back atop the bed and then spreads her legs wide and lifts them behind her head. Then, while admiring Candy's clit ring, Erik pounds her missionary style while grabbing handfuls of her breasts and choking her throat. Candy cums so hard that I thought she was going to stop breathing entirely! Afterward, Erik doesn't even think about slowing down. Instead, he fucks her even harder...her pleasure is immeasurable and indescribable! One look at her swollen clit will prove her lust to you. Near the end of this segment, Candy sucks her voluminous juice off of Erik's cock. Then, he fucks her colossal tits as she squeezes them around his penis. Damn, he really enjoys himself!
  • Popshot: Erik returns his cock to Candy's pussy and fucks her powerfully until he's ready to pop. Then, he shoots a miniscule load directly into Candy's wide-open and eager mouth. She then sucks him dry.

Scene Four

Blond and busty (although not overly so) Adrianna Nicole teams up with Guy DiSilva in Scene Four. This vaginal/anal boy/girl scene rates four stars. Sadly, even though Adrianna gets both her pussy and asshole pounded, she never cums during the scene. However, both you and Guy get to cream her scrumptious tits!

  • Tease: Cute and luscious Adrianna, dressed only in animal-print bra and panties and bright yellow latex gloves, thoughtfully washes Guy's dirty dishes. She turns to look at us, asks why we're there ("What is it you like? The gloves?"). Adrianna knows that the gloves aren't what we want to see. So, she playfully slips her big beautiful tits out of her bra and then uses her slippery yellow-gloved hands to squeeze, fondle, and shake them. Then, while looking us right in the eye, Adrianna licks her nipples until they swell hard and erect. Wow, this is hot footage! Adrianna is very willing to give us what we want. But, she demands something in return: "Do you know what you can do for me? I'd like a big load of cum on my tits!" You want it,? You got it, Adrianna. She even promises to "lick it off and play with it."
  • Foreplay 1: POV Fellatio. You move close to Adrianna and then, as the action is captured from your point-of-view (POV), she begins to worship your cock with her oh-so-talented mouth. Adrianna uses her glove-clad hand to stroke your rod and her mouth to suckle your balls and swallow your cock. Believe me, you'll really feel likes it's you looking down at Adrianna's pretty face and that it's your cock that she's servicing. I know I did! Adrianna likes it, too, and exclaims, "It's turning me on, too!"
  • Popshot 1: Adrianna looks directly in your eyes and begs, "I want you to cum all over my tits!" So, you do the lady's bidding and, as she smiles triumphantly, spew a first-class load all over her luscious and womanly tits. Then, while massaging the semen into her breasts using her glove-covered hands, she sucks every drop out of your rod. Then, smiling broadly, she laps up as much of your cum as she can off of her boobs.
  • Foreplay 2: Tit worship. After you're spent, Guy DiSilva steps into the action and continues pleasing Adrianna. Guy stands directly behind Adrianna and, as his chest touches her back, he greedily squeezes her beautiful breasts from behind. They also share several delicious open-mouthed kisses. And, he goes nuts suckling her nipples and rubbing his balding head and lecherous face between her breasts.
  • Foreplay 3: Fellatio. Adrianna does her second first-class blowjob of the scene. However, this time Guy gets the benefits of her mouth's talents. Believe me, Guy's balls and rod never had it so good. And, his lucky eyes get their fill of Adrianna's boobs as she expertly services his cock. She even deep throats his entire shaft and repeatedly gags herself on it!
  • Foreplay 4: Titty-fucking. Adrianna wraps her all-natural boobs around Guy's cock and uses her cleavage, mouth, and hands to pleasure him.
  • Foreplay 5: Cunnilingus. Adrianna lies back on an animal-print couch and lifts her legs behind her head. Guy then uses his hands to spread her labia open super wide and then buries his lascivious tongue between her lips. He also rims her pretty and tight asshole. Damn, this looks pretty--especially her spread-wide pink pussy and her proud erect clit! Adrianna loves every second and pants like an animal in heat.
  • Position 1: Missionary. As a super-tight camera angle captures the action, Guy slips his cock into Adrianna's wet-and-ready cunt and then pistons in-and-out joyfully. Meanwhile, he squeezes Adrianna's tits together and moves them close to her mouth so she can suckle her own nipples. Adrianna's lust soon begins to manifest itself as she groans with increasing passion.
  • Position 2: Cowgirl. After taking a short break for some titty-fucking and cock-cleaning oral sex, Adrianna straddles Guy cowgirl style and slips his cock into her pussy (this is a great opportunity to get a close look at the large and colorful tattoo on Adrianna's right thigh). Then, while Guy grabs handfuls of Adrianna's flesh and sits back to enjoy the ride, Adrianna tosses her sexy body up and down to fuck him fervently. Of course, Adrianna's big tits bounce for joy in reaction to her lusty thrusts. Those boobs are so inviting that Guy simply cannot help himself--he must squeeze and suckle them while she fucks him hard and fast. And, her tight asshole calls to him, too. So, he works a finger inside that tight brown hole while she continues to joyfully bang him. She likes the feel of something up her ass and begs him, "Can you fuck my ass?" Certainly, my lady. However, before he does just that, Guy spends a little more time relaxing her sphincter with his finger. In due course, she whispers, "My ass is ready!" Oh, yeah!
  • Position 3: Anal doggie. Adrianna bends over, doggie style, and presents her bright pink genitals to Guy for his pleasure. He then gently inches his rod up her tight asshole until it accommodates almost all of his length. Then, Adrianna pants lustily as Guy reams her asshole with long and deep strokes. And, she helps him out by spreading her ass cheeks wide and by tossing her horny body back and forth to force him ever deeper into her ass.
  • Position 4: Anal missionary. Adrianna transitions to the missionary position, splaying her legs wide as she lies on top of the animal-print couch. Then, after gently inserting his dick into her asshole once again, Guy reams her with increasing fervor as she, in turn, pants and groans with pleasure. Meanwhile, he licks her bare feet, suckles her toes, forcefully squeezes her nipples, slaps her tits, and shoves her breasts into her mouth. During this segment, numerous tight close-ups highlight Adrianna's bald and puffy pussy as Guy pounds her oh-so-pleasurable asshole.
  • Popshot: Guy fucks Adrianna's cleavage until he's ready to cum. Then, he jacks off all over her tits. Afterward, Adrianna sucks his cock dry and uses her yellow-gloved hands to massage his sticky semen into her boobs.

Scene Five

Velicity Von and Donnie Long finish up Boob Bangers 3 in Scene Five. Although I'd never want to judge (or, more likely, misjudge) a woman's age, I'll bet that Velicity is a few years older than the average porn chick. That's a big plus to me, and I really like everything about her body! First of all, her flesh is warm, cuddly, and "buttery." I would really enjoy cuddling Velicity after incendiary sex...she's that comfy! Second, her gorgeous big breasts are all-natural and are so attractive that I'm sure they'll be an active part of my dreams tonight! Third, Velicity's pussy is among the two prettiest I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. Wow! This boy/girl vag-only scene rates three and one-half stars. Although Velicity is beyond gorgeous, she never came during the scene. And, the sex never ventured into the realm of the sublime.

  • Tease: Initially dressed in a black see-through teddy that simply cannot contain her delectable hooters, Velicity slowly strips off her clothes, plays with her big boobs, and squeezes her rapidly-swelling nipples while looking directly into our eyes through the camera lens. During her tease, she kneels in the doggie position atop a plush couch so that her dangling boobs can brush against the velvety fabric. Wow! I fuckin' love Velicity's breasts! Of course, her tease wouldn't be complete without a little pussy probing and clit jacking. Velicity's clean-shaven vagina is very inviting and seems to beg, "come fuck me!"
  • Foreplay 1: Tit worship. Donnie joins Velicity who is kneeling atop a multicolored shag carpet. He crouches behind her, cups, squeezes, and fondles her breasts, kisses her open and inviting mouth, and rubs her pussy through the shear fabric of her teddy. Velicity loves the attention and groans with delight.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. Donnie moves in front of Velicity so that she can take his hugely-erect cock into her wanton mouth. Using her hands as well as her mouth, tongue, and spit, Velicity pleases every centimeter of Donnie's long and bent rod. He, in turn, pleases her by squeezing her erect and sensitive nipples. Throughout this fellatio segment, superb camera angles and close-ups highlight Velicity's bountiful boobs.
  • Foreplay 3: Titty-fuck. Velicity clamps her ample breasts around Donnie's rod as he joyfully fucks her spit-lubricated cleavage. Velicity licks his tip as it emerges from her cleavage.
  • Position 1: Missionary. While Donnie fucks Velicity's tits, she commands, "I want you to fuck me. C'mon. FUCK ME!" She then lies on her back and spreads her legs so that her absolutely gorgeous pussy opens wide. Frankly, I think Velicity's pretty vagina, supervised by her very visible and erect clit, is one of the prettiest holes I've ever seen (Brittney Skye's pussy is equally beautiful). And, it looks even better as Donnie's big cock slides in and out of it! To increase Velicity's pleasure, Donnie uses a thumb to forcefully rub her swollen clitoris. Velicity really enjoys it and rocks her hips up and down to increase Donnie's penetration.
  • Position 2: Doggie. Velicity kneels on all fours atop the couch so that Donnie can plow her "so-wet" pussy from behind. While he fucks her, Donnie gleefully squeezes handfuls of her meaty ass cheeks and her beasts. Velicity responds by groaning, panting, oohing, and ahhing passionately and by jacking her own clit. She also gets a taste of her own pussy juices when, at her request, Donnie shoves his slippery cock into her accommodating mouth so she can suck it clean.
  • Position 3: Cowgirl. Once Donnie's cock is squeaky-clean, he lies down on the couch so that Velicity can straddle him cowgirl style. She grabs his dick and slides it into her juicy cunt and then enjoys the ride as Donnie pistons in-and-out of her balls-deep. That's quite an accomplishment because Donnie's SO long! Velicity's vagina is VERY capacious! And, it gapes beautifully when Donnie momentarily pulls out. In due course, Velicity's lust becomes so inflamed that she begins to hurl her majestic body back and forth, fucking him stroke-for-stroke.
  • Position 4: Reverse cowgirl. After a delightful interlude for some titty-fucking and slobbery fellatio, Velicity mounts Donnie reverse cowgirl style and the two fuck each other with intense and demanding strokes. Velicity looks particularly good in reverse, especially in footage in which her stunning cock-stuffed pussy is shown close-up at the bottom of the screen while her magnificent bouncing tits (usually cupped inside Donnie's hands) fill the top of the image.
  • Position 5: Missionary 2. After taking a break for some intense titty-fucking and fellatio, Velicity and Donnie return to missionary so that he can pound her with increasing intensity and power (great close-ups) until he's ready to pop. While Donnie reams her pussy, both he and Velicity jack her clit to increase her pleasure. And, she plays with her big tits, too!
  • Popshot: Velicity begs Donnie to "Cum all over my tits!" So, as Velicity squeezes her boobs together and kneads their flesh, Donnie plasters them with a very respectable load of his soldiers. Then, she sucks his cock dry and licks his semen off of her breasts.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Overall, the conventional 4:3 video is acceptable. However, I must say that the lighting leaves quite a bit to be desired. In particular, there's some flare (unwanted light) and some of the video is slightly over- or underexposed. And, the color balance shifts from clip-to-clip and from scene-to-scene. However, the video is crisp and clean with no sign of digital compression artifacts. In addition, the videographer obviously knows what we want to see and shows it to us--without fail! And, the cameraman really knows how to control his camera--without any shaky moves or trite diagonal shots. In addition, the majority of the edits are well done (there are only a few cases in which the transitions and/or insertions are not included). Three and one-half stars!

Audio (technical): Every ecstatic moan and groan is completely audible. The volume is consistent and sufficient throughout the movie. Some music accompanies the teases and the sex scenes. However, the music never overshadows the delicious sounds of lust. The sound is disappointing in Scene Four, however. There's quite a bit of ambient noise--like traffic sounds--in the background. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: In addition to the ubiquitous full-motion chapter selector (each scene is divided into multiple chapters), you'll find a cumshot recap menu you can use to jump to the pop shot in each scene; a ten minute Behind the Scenes featurette (impromptu interviews with Candy and Tory, video of the still-photo shoot, scrumptious footage of Tory's body being "oiled up," and behind-the-camera footage of Tory's superb cum scene); a manually-operated Photo Gallery (GREAT photos!); a Cast List of the performers by scene; Texas Presley's Filmography; Trailers for other Jonni Darkko releases; and website information. In comparison to other recent releases, this list of Extras is about average. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Jonni Darkko used very nice locations when shooting Boob Bangers 3. In an environment in which way too many movies are shot on a clichéd couch, Jonni chose plush carpets, stools, elegant beds, marble showers, and so forth. I truly applaud Jonni for using his imagination when picking out sets for the scenes in this movie. I also really like the girls' outfits and I think the make-up and hairstyles are first class. From an audio perspective, the music that accompanies the movie is just background, is not inspired, and does not become an integral part of the experience. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.20
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.14

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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