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Official Boyz N The Hood Parody

Studio: Black Ice Limited » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 5/30/11

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The 90's ruled and it's pretty interesting to see Evil Angel take the decade's most influential movies of all time and turn it in to a porn parody. Sure you can take I Love Lucy and Dog the Bounty Hunter and transform it in to a porn parody, but "Boyz n the Hood" is a very melodramatic and self serious film that doesn't take itself too lightly. Especially when it comes to casting. However, this is just meant to be a porn parody, it doesn't mock the values or message of the film. Primarily it takes the nineties popularity boom and turns it on its head for more African American porn that you can get behind, and I was definitely behind this as lately I've developed a taste for gorgeous young African American women getting rammed. I'm a man who knows what he wants, and I was definitely interested in seeing how they'd go about this parody. This time instead of gang members shooting each other up, there are gang members shooting right on the faces of their women. Instead of rival gang members warring, they're in bed rolling around and fucking their fine women, all of whom never miss a beat when it comes to the nineties fashion.

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I'm not sure how I'd feel about seeing a chubby Ice Cube with a gericurl fucking a gorgeous woman, but there are at least some good looking guys who get their moments with their women. And there's even a ribbing to be had here and there for the 1991 John Singleton film. One thing that stuck out with me with this production from Tony Flush is how absolutely low budget it is. It looks more like amateur porn for something that could be considered official, and it does very little to convince me that it's anything more than the good use of nineties props. The living room is exactly the one we saw in the Fresh Prince porno and the opening credits are essentially the same order introducing just about everyone featured in the movie and not giving us time to soak in flavor of the moments featured. Instead Tony Flush is much too satisfied with improv by most of his performers and has them spout some awful one-liners all the while the fucking takes a considerable back seat.

This is the problem with most of the movie, as the fucking takes a back seat to how far Tony Flush can take his comedy and bring it to the forefront while leaving us wondering when we'll see some actual fucking. Ethan Hunt looks as if he dropped out of the nineties, granted, but there were rarely any cordless phones. And what is it with these sets? Could Black Ice not afford outside shots or remote shots they had to basically resort to setting every single shot to look like about as low budget of porn as humanly possible? The ultimate question that lingers throughout is why Boyz n the Hood. I met a lot of girls in the nineties who just loved Morris Chestnut and Ice Cube, but there isn't much material to be mined here.

One half is essentially just a bunch of guys performing their favorite scenes from the movie ad comedy, while the other forty percent is mainly just short fuck scenes that are sometimes much to brief and other times lacking in the foreplay that would make the scenes worth watching. And it doesn't help that much of the set is re-used and recycled from past titles, which distracted me from enjoying the likes of gorgeous women like Amber Stars and Naomi Banxxx, to name a few. Both of whom get their shots in but are barely able to rise above the testosterone and homoeroticism that emanates from the proceedings. It often felt like they were getting the aggression the men felt like taking out on one another.

But on the plus side, the women are beautiful. I especially loved Asheerah's segment. This women is built from the floor up and I was in love from minute one, but again, much of that takes a back seat to the eye rolling spoofs of the film. Particularly in the gangster business where one gang member holds up a blue nerf bat with a bandanna wrapped around it. If you're going to go for comedy, at least do it right. Either you spoof the original film or you don't. Don't expect us to take it both ways. So to speak.

Considering the movie is primarily built in a backlot, the sound can often echo and be lost in the vastness of the sets, thus the sound leaves much to be desired. The video is crisp and clean with the widescreen coming through flawlessly, showing off the gorgeous bodies and rumps of our performers. I really liked the video here.

There's a twenty two minute behind the scenes featurette that is a primo watch for fans of the movie and Tony Flush featuring primarily a photo shoot and bloopers to the dialogue sequences that are all very funny and entertaining. There is also a popshots gallery featuring all of the facials and a stills gallery for the performers of the pack.

As you can see "Official Boyz n the Hood Parody" inspired a lot of thought and insight from me, but only because taking a very influential and dark movie and turning it in to an unfocused mess is tough. "Psycho" became a very good noir porn parody that didn't rely totally on comedy, but Tony Flush can never be sure what he's trying to do with this movie. But that said there are some good fuck scenes to be had, but just fast forward to Asheerah's segment and thank me later.

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