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Like Father Like Son

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 5/31/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Older Men, Threesomes, Widescreen

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Dale DaBone, Danny Mountain, David Loso, Herschel Savage, Joclyn Stone, Kelly Klass, Mark Davis, Nikki Daniels, Nikki Sexx, Roxanne Hall, Seth Gamble, Sonny Hicks, Sonya Sage, Tommy Gunn

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 1hr. 53mins.

Audio/Video: The DVD was shot in HD. The individual scenes are presented in a widescreen format. The audio has an excellent quality about it, and I'm assuming it's digital. I'm not 100% sure though.

Overview: This DVD features father, and son teams in roleplaying scenarios that feature some very lovely ladies. Each scenario follows the fathers and sons as they meet these ladies for a sexual rendezvous. The sex is often times on the hardcore side, and very enjoyable to watch.


 Scene 1: Nikki Daniels

This father, and son team starts of their sexual adventure in a whore house. It turns out the son just turned 18 years old, and the father wants to treat him to the experience of a woman. After the mistress shows up with a selection of ladies to pick from, the father interrupts telling his son that he knows best. He ends up picking Nikki for their threesome. When they get to their room, the action almost immediately starts. Nikki does a lot of cocksucking for the son, but they also share some doggystyle and missionary moments. The father tends to Nikki by licking her pussy frequently. He als gets in on the action, but does more penetration than his son. I think the son was more hardcore than the dad. He face fucked Nikki on many occassions, and even slapped her ass really hard. The sex in the scene was constantly intense, and very exciting to watch.The only issue I had with the scene was the ending cumshots. Both the father and son spent their loads on Nikki's belly, and tits. I would have loved to have seen at least one facial. Other than that it was an excellent scene.

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Scene 2: Kelly Klass

The father in this scene (which happens to be Tommy Gunn) is treating his son to a special session with Kelly for getting his contracting license. The father, and son duo meet at Kelly's place which the father seems to frequently visit for 'personal' appointments. I'm not sure what the story is behind that. The scene doesn't give much background on it. The father says it's time his son followed in his footsteps, and that they were there to sew oats. The sex in the scene was fairly good. Kelly seemed a little reluctant to give into the son's rather hardcore approach to sex. The son was actually a little creepy in my opinion. He would stroke Kelly's hair a lot which seemed kind of odd. The father (Tommy Gunn) gave an excellent performance, and didn't really go over-the-top hardcore like the son. The scene was enjoyable to watch, and Kelly had a lovely newcomer look about her. The only thing I didn't like was that the father shot his load onto Kelly's ass. It seemed to be a bit of a waste to me. That's more of a personal preference though. I did like that the son came on Kelly's face. Overall I think the scene was good.

Scene 3: Roxanne Hall

This scene takes place at the same whore house as the first scene did. The same mistress is even there. The father in this scene is out to celebrate his son college graduation. He requests a 'special' girl. Roxann turns out to be that girl. She's more along the lines of a milf, if I were to be honest. The father, and son don't get a private room this time around. Instead they have sex in the whore house office area. The father, and son in this scene were definitely more on the hardcore side. They loved to slap Roxanne's ass, and give her the anal treatment. There was a nice variety of positions used in the scene, and like the previous scenes the sex was on the hardcore side of things. I have to say that the ending cumshots in this scene were the best on the DVD. Roxanne takes bothe guy's loads into her open mouth. She evenimmediately sucks the father, and son's cocks dry after each cumshot. I was quite impressed with this scene even though milfs aren't really my thing.

Scene 4: Nikki Sexx

This scene was unique. It had a grandfather, and grandson instead of the usaul father and son team. The grandfather in this scene decided to take his grandson to the whore house of the past scenes to make him a man. In fact he told the mistress it was time for his grandson to become a man. The son gets to choose from a lineup of girls. The grandson had a look on his face like it was christmas or something. The grandson ends up picking Nikki who seems to be a bit on the mature side. The mistress informs the grandson that he's going to be treated to a show. Nikki ends up doing a really naughty striptease in front of him. Nikki starts off by giving the grandson a blowjob while the grandfather stands in the background talking dirty to the mistress. After a short while the grandfather joins in the fun. I noticed that the grandson had gone out of the scene a couple of times during the action. He wasn't really as involved in the sex, as much as the grandfather was which was a bit of a disappointment. The time that hes was having sex with Nikki was really enjoyable to watch. I have to be honest though, I didn't really enjoy watching the grandfather getting it on. In the end the grandfather's cumshot went on Nikki's face while the grandson's went partly on her belly, and partly on her face. I liked the fact that they tried to do something different with this scene, but it wasn't really impressive. It was alright though.



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For a four scenes this DVD held up pretty good. It was kind of bold of the director/producer to attempt a four scene DVD in my opinion. With only four scenes a DVD like this could either fail miserably, or be really good. I was glad to see it was the latter of the two. The scenes were a good length. They weren't too long, and the weren't boring either. The sex for the most part was really enjoyable to watch. I did have a slight issue with the grandfather, and grandson scene. That's more of a personal preference though. I liked how they switched up the ending cumshots a bit, and I really liked scene 3's ending cumshot. Roxanne gave an excellent finish there. I think all the girls/ladies gave an excellent performance as did the father/grandfather, and son/grandson teams. While the scenarios were a little over-the-top the provided the proper 'excitement' for an enjoyable viewing experience. I believe this DVD is very recommendable. Devil's Films did a good job of pulling off this four scene DVD.

Final Rating: Recommended!


"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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