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I Suck

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 6/5/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Blowjob, Cumshots, Swallowing

Director: Tony M

Cast: Adriana DeVille, Alex Love, Amanda Blue, Bella Ling, Brooke Bennett, Carolina West, Elli Foxx,  Renae Cruz, Trina Michaels

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 2hrs. 33mins.

Audio/Video: This DVD is shot in HD. The individual scenes are presented in a widescreen format/ratio. I noticed that the audio quality varied in some of the scenes. In one scene it was hard to hear what the female performer was saying, while others scenes the audio was very clear. I think it had something to do with the actual studio recording.

Overview: This DVD features nine lovely ladies who suck cock, and swallow cum. Some of those ladies are new to the adult film industry, while others of them have a little experience under their belt. The blowjobs vary from slow, and erotic to fast and hardcore. There is something for all blowjob fans in this DVD, and the new faces adds to the excitement.



Scene 1: Renae Cruz

This scene opens up with some humerous dialogue about the guy who is sitting on the couch next to Renae. He's an older guy. I recognize him from older porn videos, but I can't recall his name. He definitely acts strange during the entire scene. At times he looks rather crazed. The guy even has what I call 'man' orgasms, majorly. Renae did a lot of giggling throughout the scene as she was constantly interrupted by the camera guy. She gives a good performance, but doesn't seem really focused on giving the blowjob at times. This scene was a little weird for me. The porn legend guy just made the scene really awkward to watch. He truly looked a bit crazy. I did like the finish however. Renae ended up surprising the camera guy/director by swallowing the old guy's load.



Scene 2: Adriana DeVille

I have to say that this scene was a lot more enjoyable to watch than the first. It has humerous dialogue between Adraina, and the camera guy/director about cocksucking. Some of the talk involves Adriana having to swallow a strangers sperm, and something about babies swimming down her throat. Adriana actually freaks out a bit as she watches the guy stroking his cock on the couch beside her. This scene turned out to be on the hardcore side which I really liked. Adraina did an extreme amount of gagging, and deepthroating throughout the scene. The guy even face fucked her for a bit. The director had Adriana, and the male performer switch positions pretty regularly. The two performers even did a '69' position, and some upside down face fucking. At one point Adriana mentioned that she tasted the guy's cum. She said that it was salty and sweet. The guy ends the scene by jacking his load off into Adriana's open mouth. I've heard some people say that they don't like it when the guy does that, and I agree. The good thing was that Adriana did end up swallowing the guy's load. I thought it was an excellent scene full of hardcore action.



Scene 3: Alex Love

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Alex is brand new to the porn business, and you can really tell it in this scene. Throughout the entire scene she hardly even sucks the guy's cock, and his cock wasn't really that big. I believe they paired her up with the guy to go easy on her. For the most part Alex just gave handjobs to the guy. The scene seemed very long and drawn out. Alex appeared as if she didn't even really want to be there. The pair of performers did switch positions on occasion, but it did nothing for the dull blowjob that Alex was giving. I know she's new to the industry, but I think they should have at least picked a newcomer with at least some skill. The only thing good I can say for this scene is that Alex swallows the guy's load at the end.



Scene 4: Amanda Blue

Amanda's scene begins almost immediately. There's hardly any dialogue between her, and the camera guy/director which I was grateful for. Amanda's scene is an interracial one, and the guy she is performing with has a massive cock. This definitely made for a better viewing experience. Amanda's blow job, and deepthroating skills were rather impressive considering the size cock she was working with. She did a lot of slobbering, and even some ball sucking throughout the scene. The pair of performers also switched up the positions, and even did a little upside down face fucking on the couch. I really enjoyed watching Amanda give the blowjob. She looked quite attractive to me. The only issue I had, which I've had in many past reviews was the cumshot. Amanda wimped out, and didn't swallow. She actually spit all of the guy's cum out. I did sort of like it on her face though. Overall the scene was quite enjoyable. The blowjob wasn't extremely hardcore but, it was almost there.



Scene 5: Brooke Bennett

Brooke didn't look like a porn star, but her performance was really good. She started her scene off like the other girls, sitting next to a naked man. It was kind of funny the way she made weird faces when she looked at the guy. The camera guy/director asked her why she was doing the scene. If it was for shopping, clothes or something of that sort and her smile pretty much answered that question. Even though Brooke was in it for the money she seemed to know what she was doing, and looked like she was enjoying it too. The blowjob action is a little slow paced at first, but it does pick up as the scene progressed. There's a little gagging, face fucking, and slobbering included in this scene. The male performer ends up jacking off his load into Brooke's mouth at the end. She even swallows his load. Brooke really surprised me. at first glance I thought she was going to be totally inexperienced, but she proved otherwise. This was a fairly good scene.



Scene 6: Elli Foxx

Elli was nothing short of amazing. She was a true fiery redhead that knew how to give a hardcore blowjob. The scene was filled with extreme deepthroating, and gagging. It really got messy at times. Elli was partnered up with that old guy from the first scene. The camera guy/director actually told Elli that she was here for "I fucked Your Stupid Face". I'm not sure if he was kidding or not, but the title seriously seemed familiar. This scene was pure hardcore all the way through. The old guy really face fucked Elli hard, and he didn't let up. Elli didn't seem to mind it at all, but sometimes you couldn't tell because of how strained her face was. There were a few snot issues in the scene, but what can you expect from an extreme face fucking like the one Elli got? Aside from the gross out moments in this scene, I thought it was amazing. It's the kind of scene that would make a guy cream in his pants. It was definitely an excellent scene.



Scene 7: Bella Ling

Bella's scene was hardcore in a different way than Elli's. Bella's scene was an interracial one. Her male partner was black, and blessed with a very large cock. Bella did some extreme deepthroating in the scene, as well as had some extreme face fucking done to her. The thing was she took that guy's cock ball deep without gagging nearly every time. She even held it in her throat for ridiculous amounts of time. By the time it was over Bella was a slobbery mess. She would drool a lot after the guy pulled his cock out of her mouth/throat. In the end the guy just gave her a facial that landed mostly on her nose. It was an ok finish, but not the best. I though this scene was ok. I was definitely impressed with Bella's deepthroating skills.



Scene 8: Carolina West

Carolina was an other fiery redhead with some serious skills. She was petite in stature, and had a rather small mouth. Even though she did have a small mouth she was still able to get it around the male performers large cock. The camera guy/director joked around a lot during the scene, as did Carolina. It did dampen the mood a bit, but I do like to see the performers act more like a normal person sometimes. It makes them more human, if you know what I mean. Carolina gave an excellent, and very impressive blowjob. She even swallows the guy's load in the end. The camera guy/director even told her she swallowed stranger juice. Carolina seemed like a very fun person, and definitely looks like she would do good in the adult film industry. She even says she plans on continuing to do videos. This was definitely one of the best scenes on this DVD.



Scene 9: Trina Michaels

This was the third interracial scene on the DVD. Trina's partner knew how to get hardcore with the face fucking. Trina, herself acted like a professional at the beginning of the scene (I'm not sure if she is or not?), but she paused for long times during the scene only giving the guy a handjob. It seemed like she couldn't handle the guy's face fucking too well. The male performer in the scene was humerous at times making hand gestures toward's Trina, and drumming his cock on her tits at times. This scene wasn't to good, but it wasn't extremely bad either. Trina just didn't seem into it at some points is all. I won't lie, it was enjoyable to watch the face fucking, but the ending cumshot was the worst let down out of all the scenes. She jacked the guy off letting his load fall onto her tits. This was definitely not a good way to end the DVD after all the facials, and cum swallowing from the previous scenes were shown.



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This DVD offered some extremely good scenes, some scenes that were just ok, and one scene that wasn't too good. Some of the girls like Elli Foxx, Carolina West, Adriana DeVille, and Amanda Blue gave amazing performances. I really enjoyed the extreme blowjob that Elli gave. It was very impressive. I definitely found some favorite scenes in this DVD. The ending cumshots were sometimes a letdown, but I count that as more of a personal preference when it comes to rating a DVD. Trina's performance definitely felt lacking to me. She didn't seem as into it as the other girls which totally ruined that scene for me. Other than that one thing, I think this DVD was quite impressive. I like how the director include both hardcore, and not so hardcore scenes. This DVD had a little bit of something for all of the viewers I believe. The director even had some really good interracial scenes in the mix. I can't say that this DVD is highly recommendable, but I do recommend it. It definitely has some quality scenes with good replay value.

Final Rating: Recommended!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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