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Studio: daring! » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 6/7/11

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Genre: Eurpean, Foreign

Director: DAWN

Cast: Aleska Diamond, Bianca (X), Cindy Dollar, Cindy Hope, Dieter von Strobeim, Gioia Biel, Lauro Giotto, Lea, Leslie Taylor, Marcel Lee, Peaches (VIII), Lea (II), Tea

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 2hrs. 27mins.

Audio/Video: The audio, and visual quality is not specified. I'm not sure if the audio is digital or not, and have no way to find out. The video is grainy, and has a retro porn look to it. I'm not sure if the director did this on purpose, but the scenes definitely look dated. It's possible the reason for the grainy/retro look is due to it's foreign origins.

Overview: This DVD is all about the rave scene. It features brief images, and video of rave style dance clubs. The atmosphere of the DVD reflects a foreign style rave party. It's full of rave/techno/trance music, and female perfomers that looked as if they are streetwalkers from the 80's. There are some straight sex scenes, a lesbian scene, as well as some solo masturbation scenes included in this DVD.



Scene 1: Cindy Dollar & Marcel

This scene starts off focusing on Cindy who seems to be outside a local club. She has her breasts uncovered as well as her pussy. Her fashions remind me of the 1980s. In fact she looks like a hooker from the 80s. To start off with she is leaning against a wall masturbating. This goes on for close to ten minutes. The cameraman gets some closeups of her pussy while she is busy, as well as some distance shots. When Marcel shows up she immediately begins sucking his cock. There is no dialogue at all spoken during the entire scene only Cindy's orgasms can be heard. The couple's activities are illuminated by some red lights from the club. In fact that what this scene reminds me of, the red light district in Amsterdam. The only positions used in this scene are missionary, and a variation of doggystyle. Marcel ends up shooting his load on her pussy as she's bent over in the doggystyle position. I realize the scene is foreign in origin, but the grainy look just isn't that great to me. I figure the director was probably trying to capture the night life though. For what it was this scene is ok.



Scene 2: Aleska Diamond (Solo)

Aleska is presented in the same retro night life style as the couple in the first scene. The scene has the same lighting, and grainy look to it. The only difference is the location. It appears that aleska is in some abandon warehouse in a foreign country. She stands against two large metal warehouse doors and does a slow, erotic striptease. She also performs some a lengthy solo masturbation. The cameraman makes sure to get closeups of her pussy as she finger bangs herself, and rubs her clit. He also pans out for some full body shots at times. There's not really an end to the scene. Aleska doesn't come. The scene just moves on into some rave club images before moving to the next performers. I'm honestly not a big fan of solo masturbation scenes, so I can't say I really enjoyed this one. It also seemed a bit drawn out to me.



Scene 3: Gioia Biel & Diether von Strobeim

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Gioia was dressed like an 80s prostitute just like the previous girls. I'm not sure if this is a hot thing in whatever country these girls are from, but it seemed odd to me. The scene opens with gioia squatted down in an alley with her privates exposed masturbating. For some reason Gioia was more attractive to me than the other girls. It could be, because she was a brunette? I didn't mind Gioia's masturbation opening so much. It was actually enjoyable to watch. She didn't get to continue very long before Diether showed up in front of her, and let his cock out of his pants. Other than doing that Diether didn't remove any other article of clothing. This actually made the scene seem like prostitution act. I guess it made the scene a little more spicy. The scene was still sensual, and erotic in nature regardless of it's subject matter. The best part in my opinion, was when Diether did Gioia doggystely against the alley wall. I enjoyed this scene despite my issues with the grainy retro look.



Scene 4: Bianca (X) (Solo)

The director decided to add some variation with this scene. I was actually a bit worried that this scene would be more of the same, but it wasn't. The cameraman follows Bianca as she masturbates in a reclining position in some foreign place that I couldn't even recognize. She is also sporting that 80's prostitute look that all the ladies in this DVD seem to have. She does some groping, and finger banging as well as uses a glass dildo to pleasure herself. I didn't really enjoy the scene even though there was some difference when compared to the other one. The scene took far too long for Bianca to reach the point of climax. Bianca wasn't ugly or anything like that. I just feel the time wasted on these solo masturbation scenes could have been spent in better ways. At the end of the scene I think Bianca actually came, but I couldn't tell for certain because of the quality of the scene.



Scene 5: Lea (Solo)

Lea's striptease, and solo masturbation was more impressive to me for some reason. I guess it's because she looked more attractive than the previus two girls. The scene begins with some fast rave music as Lea does her striptease on some sort of foreign concrete staircase. She was light blonde headed, and wore some black leather pants. I was actually wondering how she was going to remove the leather pants with out looking awkward, because they were so tight. She had a good solution though. She just pulled the pants down to her knees to continue with her masturbating. For the most part you could hardly see her rubbing her pussy, because she did it by putting her hand in her panties. I thought this was actually kind of sexy. She also didn't completely remove her bra. she just pulled it up over her breasts. I think everything she did in the scene was sexy. In the end I actually enjoyed Lea's performance.



Scene 6: Aleska Diamond & Leslie

For some reason the director seemed to really liked the staircases. This scene takes place midways down a dungeon like stairwell. Aleska spends a good bit of time masturbating in that area. It's not to different from the previous masturbation scenes. She does a little finger banging, as well as some clit rubbing. When Leslie arrives he only manages to pull out his cock from his pants. For some reason unknown to me these guys like to leave their clothes on. I guess it's because it's a brief encounter? As in the previous scenes there is absolutely no dialogue whatsoever, only orgasms from Aleska. For the most part Leslie just does Aleska doggystyle aganist the stone stairwell walls. They do switch up positions briefly to do some cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl but that's about it. Leslie does manage to tend to her needs a bit with some finger banging, and pussy licking. In the end he shoots his load onto Aleska's ass. The scene was ok to me. The only thing I found special about it was the dungeon like location.



Scene 7: Tea & Cindy Dollar

This is a lesbian type of scene that involves a staircase as the location. Tea begins the scene by stripping down to some light trance music at the bottom of the staircase. She does the usual self groping, and masturbation routine. This also includes some finger banging, and some closeup camera shots of her pussy as she is doing so. I believe the director was going for an artistic point of view in theses scenes, but they all seemed a bit repetative. During the rather lengthy sesion of solo masturbation at the bottom of a staircase Cindy begins to watch from upstairs. She does a little striptease of her own, and joins Tea downstairs. The rest of the scene basically consists of Tea sitting on the steps finger banging Cindy, and masturbating at the same time. It's definitely some serious multi-tasking. The scene ends after the two ladies kiss each other. I didn't really enjoy this scene. It just seemed like more of the same with different performers. The girls were attractive, but the repetative nature of the scene was dull.



Scene 8: Peaches (VIII) (Solo)

This was a solo masturbation scene with a lot of the same elements that the others had, but the quality was much better. The scene actually seemed more recent, and the picture quality was clear. The background music was a different variation of trance music like in the scenes before this one. Peaches had an exotic, and sophisticated look about her. I was disappointed that this was another staircase scene though. When Peaches was finger banging herself she made a sexy pouty face during her orgasms. The cameraman got several nice closeups of her doing this. I thought it was very hot. I believe I actually enjoyed Peaches' solo masturbation performance even though I'm not a fan of that type of porn. Overall I rather enjoyed watching Peaches perform, and I think the better picture quality helped a bit.



Scene 9: Cindy Hope & Lauro

Cindy, and Lauro's scene was unique. It was also featured in better video quality which was a plus. Cindy starts of by doing her striptease in what looks like a hallway in the red light district. It was definitely some sort of foreign club. She stripped, and masturbated in front of this large mettalic poster that was hanging in the narrow hallway. After a fairly lengthy solo masturbation session Lauro joins in. At first Lauro only pulls his cock out of his pants to enjoy his sexual encounter with Cindy. Later on he ends up stripping off all of his clothes which was also different from the guys in the other scenes. The sex basically repeated over, and over in three stages. First Lauro would do Cindy doggystyle against the hall wall. Next he would drop down, and lick Cindy's pussy. After that he would let her give him a blowjob. This routine repeated several times. It got to the point where I wished the guy would hurry up, and finish. In the end Lauro jacks his lod off onto Cindy's tits. It was an ok finish, but I would have loved to have seen at least one facial in this DVD. The scene itself was just ok as well.



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After watching this DVD I was alittle confused as to what I thought of it. I honestly wasn't a fan of the grainy video quality that was shown during most of the DVD. It made this seems like a retro porn compilation. I did enjoy the trance rave/techno/trance music that was added to each scene, and the way the video was edited to make it in sync with the music. I can kind of understand the artistic vision the director had, but the repeat of location types (staircases) kind of ruined the experience for me. I actually wish the scenes had been shot in a larger variety of locations. If the director had made the entire video quality of the DVD like that of scene 8, it would have made a huge difference as well. The ladies/female performers in this collecton of scenes were definitely all very atractive, and their performances were good, so I can't say the fault lies with them. It's just a mtter of quality, and scene variation that threw me off. As an erotic/sensual type of DVD I think this DVD is rather decent. I think it's definitely worth renting.

Final Rating: Rent!



"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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