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Battle Bang 2

Studio: Other » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 6/11/11

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Genre: Wrestling & Fighting, Athletes

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Derrick Pierce, Jessica Moore, John Espizedo, Marco Rivera, Minxxx, Mulani Rivera, Stacy Adams, Tyler Knight

Date of Production: 2010

Length: 1 hr. 24 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is clear, and sounds just like it would at a live cage fight. The video is presented in a widescreen format/ratio. It seems to be in HD, but I'm not for certain.

Overview: This DVD contains two real MMA cage fights where there's a prize, and a punishment awarded. There are a total of two two round cage fights featuring, Marco Rivera, John Espizedo, Tyler Knight, and Derrick Pierce. Each round lasts three minutes in which the fighters try to earn points from takedowns, submissions, and sparring strikes.



Johnny Espizedo:

- Hometown: Flushing Queen's, NY

- Age: 25

- Height: 6 ft. 1 in.

- Weight: 185 lbs.

- Fighting Style: Street Fighting, MMA


Marco Rivera:

- Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

- Age: 27

- Height: 6 ft.

- Weight: 168 lbs.

- Fighting Styles: Kickboxing, Grappling, Jujitsu


Johnny Espizedo VS Marco Rivera

The first match that featured Johnny, and Marco was hosted by Suicide Jimmy. The entire match setup seemed like it would on a real PPV event. They had a fighters cage, and announcer. In the background there were two MMA commentators keeping track of the points as they were made. Before the match started Suicide Jimmy introduced the two fighters in true MMA fashion telling their stats. He also introduced the two fighters to their possible prize, or punishment. To me both Mulani, and Stacy looked pretty hot. I didn't really understand why Stacy was considered the punishment? maybe it was her massive boobs? After S. Jimmy gave their stats, and introduced the ladies he went over the rules of the fight for the viewers. The point system for the first round was based on takedowns, and submissions. When all of this was explained the first round began. Each round in the match lasted three minutes, and the agonizing first round seemed to last forever. Both fighters got in a fair amount of takedowns, and submissions, but I lost track of who score what points for what because the fighting was so fast. There was one point in the match where Johnny actually had Marco in a guillotine choke so bad that Marco fell to the ground shaking. It was a bit intense. At the end of round one Johnny had 9 points, while Marco lost with 6.

After round one there was a brief intermission where S. Jimmy discussed the results with the two fighters, and teased them with their prize/punishment. Before the second round began S. Jimmy went over a couple of more rules about illegal powershots, and how the winner is determined. The second round began with the same time limit as the first. This time the two fighters were sparring instead of the MMA round they previously did. I thought this round was a lot more tame than round one. The two fighters exchanged blows in a boxing manner for the most part. There were a few kicks, and choke holds exchanged as well. There was one instance where Johnny missed kicking Marco's shin, and landed the kick to his balls. Marco ended up falling to the ground holding his family jewels after that bit. He did recover rather quickly though, and ended up making a very good comeback. Marco won this round 14 - 9. After round two Marco was announced the winner, and was presented with his prize 'Mulani Rivera'.


PRIZE: Marco Rivera VS Mulani Rivera

-- sponsored by --

Before I go into details about the sex I wanted to mention that I did notice Marco, and Mulani had the same last names. I actually wondered if they were married, and if this fight might have been thrown.

Marco, and Mulani enjoyed some hardcore sex in the actual fighters cage. It's the kind of sex that you would see in an actual porn flick, so the director definitely didn't skimp out on the adult content. Mulani started of by giving Marco a slow, and somewhat sensual blowjob. Marco returned the favor by tending to Mulani's needs as well. The two shared several different positions that included cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, 69, and missionary before Marco finally spent his load. He ended up shooting a rather impressive, and massive cumshot all over Mulani's tits. It was better than some male porn stars' I have seen. Marco gently kissed Mulani on the forehead just before the scene panned out. This is one reason I thought they were husband, and wife. Marco had kissed her in this way earlier. It's like a kiss two lovers would share. Overall I thought the sex was ok. In all honesty it wasn't as impressive as the fight itsself. 



PUNISHMENT: Johnny Espizedo VS Stacy Adams

Johnny ended up getting himself paired up with the punishment. I do not think Stacy is bad looking at all, but she does have a bit of weight on her ... mostly in her boobs.

The sex between Johnny, and Stacy consisted of a lot of boob oriented foreplay. Johnny enjoyed a nice titjob form the busty beauty. He also gave her a good pounding in the doggystyle position. Aside from that the two also enjoyed some reverse cowgirl (which could be considered punishment), and some spooning. Th sex between these two was actully more enjoyable to watch. There was definitely plenty of boob jiggling shots during their sexual encounter. In the end Johnny emptied a decent load of man juice onto Stacy's chin, and mouth. I was glad to see a facial finish.




Derrick Pierce:

- Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

- Age: 26

- Height: 6 ft.

- Weight: 210 lbs.

- Fighting Style: Akido, Judo, Boxing


Tyler Knight:

- Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

- Age: 38

- Height: 5 ft. 10 in.

- Weight: 210 lbs.

- Fighting Style: Shotokan, Boxing, Jeet Kun Do


Derrick Pierce VS Tyler Knight

The scene starts of with the introductions of both fighters. Suicide Jimmy interviews Derrick first, who is from Los Angeles. Derrick mentions that he has been training since he was about 19 years old. He also mentions that his fighting style consists of Akido, Judo, and Boxing. When the match starts you can definitely tell he is more into the grappling aspect of MMA. After that brief intro with Derrick S. Jimmy interviews Tyler who is from Philadelphia. Tyler says that he's been pretty much training all of his life in the styles of Shotokan, Boxing, and Jeet Kun Do. He definitely seems to have more experience than Derrick. This could be, because he is a good bit older than him.

After the interviews with the two fighters, S. Jimmy introduces the Prize, and the Punishment. This time around the prize is Jessica Moore from Hungary, and the punishment is The Minxxx. I think the Minxxx actually fits the punishment category more than Stacy Adams did in the last match. She is morbidly obese with some size 'I' knockers. Before the match starts the two ladies show off  their goods, and Minxxx taunts the two fighters with a very large dildo that she says she is going to use on them.

Before the match begins S. Jimmy goes over all the details, and rules about submissions, and takedowns. He also mentions the rule about illegal injuries, and the rules for the striking round. He explains that the first round will be about grappling, and the second round will be about striking. The first round seemed to progress very slowly. the two fighters displayed some very strategic grapples, and Derrick even managed to sneak in a takedown. The first round ended at the 3 minute mark with Derrick winning 2 to 1. Round to of the match was definitely more intense. Derrick had suffered a knee injury during the previous round that limited his movement slightly. There were a lot of kicking techniques used in this round. Derrick pulled off a double whammy kick, as well as some spin and leg kicks. In the end Derrick won this round with 11 points, and Tyler lost with 8. I thought the first round was a bit lacking in action, but the second round definitely picked up in intensity.


PRIZE: Derrick Pierce VS Jessica Moore

I could tell by watching Derrick in this sex scene that he definitely knew how to treat the ladies. He started off with a long intimate kiss, followed by some nipple sucking. From there he tends to Jessica's pussy. He actually seems to enjoy that a lot since he does it frequently durng their sexual encounter. Jessica treats Derrick just as good with some blowjob attention to his cock. She even treats him to some deepthroating. Derrick, and Jessica do a wide variety of positions that include 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and doggystyle. I noticed that during the sex Jessica didn't really have that many orgasms even though she looked like she was enjoying it. I kind of like to her a girl/lady at least have some orgasms. It makes the scenes more sexy.  Derrick ended up coming into Jessica's open mouth which made for a very good ending.



PUNISHMENT: Tyler Knight VS Minxxx

I have to agree that Minxxx definitely was punishment. I don't see how Tyler performed in this scene. It was hard for me to look at Minxxx when she was naked. Her body just looked nasty. I was looking forward to Minxxx using that long dildo on Tyler, but that never happened. I bet it scared him a bit though. The entire scene was full of things I wish I could erase from my mind. Tyler definitely got punishment for losing. Even so Tyler somehow managed to suffer through multiple sex positions with Minxxx including cowgirl! Tyler really seemd to enjoy Minxxx's large tits though. He even oiled them up for a titjob. In the end, after what seemed like a long length of time Tyler finally came on one of Minxxx's huge tits. I have to say I was a bit disturbed from watching this scene. It's definitely not for someone with a weak stomach.




- Cumshots Loop

- BJ Loop

- Sex Loop

- Strip Downs

- Fights Only



This was my first review of an adult DVD of this sort. I actually enjoyed the mixture of MMA fighting, and porn. My favorite match would have to be the one between Johnny Espizedo, and Marco Rivera. It still puzzles me a bit why Marco, and Mulani have the same last name? The second match between Derrick Pierce, and Tyler Knight was decent, but not that impressive. I seriously didn't enjoy watching the punishment for the second match. It was rather disturbing. Overall I found this DVD to be rather enjoyable to watch ... for the most part. The extras were pretty good as well. I liked how they had a 'Fights Only' extra. I can't honestly give this DVD a high recommendation, but I do think it's worth a rent. It would make for a good buddy's night flick.

Final Rating: Rent It!


"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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