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Teens In Tight Jeans

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/15/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Teens in Tight Jeans
3rd Degree Films
Directed By: Mick Blue
Running Time: 2hrs and 5min


Victoria White
Melanie Rios
Amia Miley
Lexi Diamond
April O Neil
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara
Mark Wood

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 16 minutes of interviews with the girls
Trailers: 13 minute reel of trailers
Photo Gallery
Full Motion Menu
Cum Shot Recap
No Regional Coding

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 1 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So as the title states, this is a movie with teen girls wearing some very tight jeans, and then the big surprise is that the jeans pretty much stay on, they just slide past their ass a bit as they get fucked. So you kind of get to the whole let’s have sex right now and not worry about our clothes. Mick did an amazing job with the girls he picked for this movie, and did a pretty good job both behind and in front of the camera.  And as a stated a few times through out the review, the girls were all amazing and really had some hot and sexy scenes in this movie. I mostly wanted to see this cause of miss April, but it’s always nice when the rest of the girls make it worth your time to watch the rest of the movies. I do have to say that the video was pretty good, with just a few issues here and there, but I was somewhat disappointed in the audio quality, which made it hard to understand the dialogue at times.

So I think that I feel pretty good about giving this one a RECOMMENDED rating, and I think you will enjoy each of the scene, and you may realize that you have fetish for fucking girls in tight jeans after watching this movie. I don’t know if it’s a fetish, most likely is, but it’s one I can say I feel pretty good about myself. Cause there is nothing sexier than a girl who looks amazing in some jeans, not so much when they show their too much of their underwear (whale tail) I think it’s called. But back on track, plenty of sexy girls in some very sexy scenes, so worth your time and money to watch and check out for yourself.

Scene One: Victoria and Mick

So we are going to start off with the blonde Victoria White, as she walks up and down the road, showing off her black thong and short, tight jeans. She walks up the stairs and rings the doorbell and it seems she is here for a jeans audition for Mick. He ends up behind the camera as she sits in a chair and really shows off her ass in those tight jeans. She makes her way over to the couch and continues to tease him, and he ends up giving her ass a few smacks and then she turns around and says that she likes to suck dick, so he takes off her shirt and unbuttons his pants and begins to suck on his cock, in some POV action. She double fists his cock as she continues to work it over, and then we get some face fucking as it seems someone else has taken over the camera work for awhile.  He reaches over and unbuttons her pants, but they are tight, so it takes a little work to get them off. He slides his cock in between her ass and her pants, that can’t be too comfortable, after while. She stands up and slides her jeans down past her ass and then slides her panties down and then he slides his cock into her pussy as she is bent over the couch. They continue with some spoon action as he continues to pound her pussy. And after a cut, we are back to some doggy action, but this time he slides it in her ass. The anal continues with some spoon action as she moans with delight, and then on to some side saddle action until she climbs off and takes a money shot in the mouth.

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Scene Two: Lexi and Manuel

So next up is Lexi and she is walking along the beach, wearing some sexy boots with her tight jeans and her red thong is making an appearance here and there as she teases the camera a little. Manuel and Mick are having a conversation, when Lexi comes in and shows off for the guys. Manuel gets her to bend over on the couch and really give the camera a nice view. Manuel tries to pull her pants down a little to show off her ass, but those babies are tight. And with a little suggestion, he has his pants off and she goes to work on his cock. Mick tells him to stand up and she goes right back to work on his cock. Mick gives us a few glimpses of her ass while she sucks on his cock. As she gets face fucked, he leans over and smacks her ass and tries to show off more of her ass to the camera. He finally gets those jeans off, at least to her knees, and then slides beside her and inserts his cock into her pussy. He slides her top off and lets her perky round tits loose as he continues to fuck her pussy. He leans back on the couch and she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action, with some heavy pounding and a few slaps to the booty thrown in. She climbs off and sits her ass on his face, as she plays with her pussy for him. He gets up, slides her pants to just below her ass and begins to fuck her as she leans up against the wall. He ends up back on the couch, as she is back to working his cock over with her mouth. We continue with some side saddle action and then back to some doggy, and then he sets her near the wall and tells her to tease him some more with her ass and jeans till he leaves a money shot on her ass.

Scene Three: April and Mick

Next up is the lovely April and she is walking down the road, showing off her pink panties and tight jeans. We cut to Mick with a camera, as she makes her way down the stairs and they get right into a photo shoot, as she shows off her ass in those jeans. He switches to the video camera and she continues to tease him. He convinces her to slide her jeans up and down showing off her ass and her pink thong. She slides her pants and underwear down past her ass, but then slides them back on and off just to tease him even more. She gets on the floor and then slowly opens his pants and then begins to suck on his cock, ever so slowly and sexy. He faces fucks her as she gags on his cock. He stands her up and bends her over the couch and slides her pants and underwear to the side and dives his face into her pussy, and then his cock soon follows into her pussy. After a bit there is some hot kissing and then her top comes off and he is back face first in her pussy once again, and just like before, his cock soon follows. April once again shows and gives off some incredible heat as the scene continues, and it’s easy to see how she is becoming a personal favorite of mine, and I hope yours too. She gets up and bends over and teases him some more, and then he fucks her from above as her pants are just covering her ass. There is a brief pause in the action as they get her shoes off, but we are back to the fucking pretty quick, for some reverse cowgirl action. She climbs off and some more kissing and then she is back to sucking on his cock, and then back to taking his cock in her pussy for some side saddle action. He slides her off and gives her a money shot on her ass as the scene comes to an end, but he has to get a few photos taken so that it’s not a complete waste of time.

Scene Four: Amia and Mick

So as in the previous scene, we get some footage of our girl out in public shaking and teasing the camera, and Amia is wearing some tight low jeans and a string bikini. We cut to her inside and she is still showing off that booty for Mick, who is behind the camera. And after some teasing with her mouth and getting it all wet, she shoves his cock in her mouth and begins to suck and stroke it. Mick moves from behind the camera as she continues to work his cock over. He bends over and slaps her ass, before he moves her to the couch, with her ass out in the air, and pulls her pants to her knees, and then her panties soon follow. He begins to lick her ass and pussy, before he slowly sticks it in her pussy. Just going to say that her overall look with the clothes and the hair, really gives her a sexy look for me, love the pink extensions. Anyways, as they continue, he slips beside her for some spoon action, and it seems the harder he fucks her, the more she needs to spit every once in awhile. She keeps up the sexiness with some hot sexy talk, and then climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action, with a slight and failed attempt at some anal. She begs and pleads for him to go deeper and deeper into her pussy, and then moves to some side saddle, as she spreads her ass for the camera. He gives it to her pretty hard as she continues to ride and then ends up back on the couch for some missionary action, and after some more hard pounding, he slows up for a bit so they can both catch their breath, and she tells him not to stop, when he slows down. He rolls her on her stomach and attacks her pussy from above, as she moans about how much he is working her pussy over. He flips her over once again and continues to pound her pussy and then they continue with some more reverse cowgirl action, it seems these two are just going to keep going and going. But he gets her on the floor and gives her a money shot in the mouth as she lets it drip down her chin.

Scene Five: Melanie and Mark

And we have made it to our final lady, Melanie, as she is rocking the white thong with the tight pants. After some teasing for the camera, she walks in and starts yelling at Mick for cheating on her. She wonders if it is her ass, as she shows it off to the camera. He tries to apologize and then his friend Mark comes in and ask to borrow his computer, but she realizes this is a great chance to get back at him. She throws him down on the couch and gives him a nice lap dance , and then some heavy kissing, and she ends up bent over and he plays with her ass, as she shakes it in his face. He slides her panties to the side and begins to lick her ass and pussy. They kiss some more as he takes off his pants and she goes to work on his cock, showing off her oral skills, and she even does a great job without using her hands. Anyways, after awhile he stands up, and makes his way behind her, slides her panties to the side and begins to fuck her pussy. And once again, I need to give the ladies so props, they all really seem to be bringing their A game in this movie, this is the first time I have seen some of them, and I look forward to seeing more. But hey enough praising, back to the action, we get some more doggy, with some nice pulling as she begs for more. She climbs on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action, followed by some more side saddle, which seems to be happening a lot, must be a good position when you have your pants just below your ass. But that is short lived, as we get some cowgirl action as she really gets into jumping up and down on his cock. And before someone gets hurt, they move to some spoon action, as he continues to really pound away at her pussy and she just seems to want more from him. And he gives her plenty more as he gives her a money shot all over her ass and then teases her pussy with his cock as the scene comes to an end.

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