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My First Sex Teacher Vol. 24

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 6/26/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Mature, Teachers

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Emma Starr, India Summer, Lisa Ann, Sienna West, Torre Pines

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 1 hr. 34 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio has exellent quality, and seems to be digital but I was unable to confirm it. The video quality is excellent as well, and seems to be HD. I cannot confirm that either. The scenes are presented in a widescreen ratio/format.

Overview: This is a DVD consisting of five roleplaying scenes. The theme of the roleplay involves hot female teachers/professors who seduce their younger male students. Each scene varys greatly in content, and plot.


Scene 1: India Summer

This scene opens up in the middle of an at home literature session between a male student, and his college professor. India Summer who plays the part of the seductive college professor gives an excellent performance. She even looks like a female professor would. She's definitely not to old, and she's very attractive. India has long black hair, and small breasts. She's kind of on the thin side, but like I said she's still very attractive.

When the scene begins we find the male student reading a poem, or some form of literature out loud to his teacher. I assume they are at his teacher's house, but I was never able to really confirm that from the scene. After he recites his work the teacher leaves the room, and returns with a wrapped gift. He never actually gets to open it, because she wastes no time in seducing him. Before too long the student, and teacher pair are having at it on the living room area sofa. India starts the sexual encounter off with a lengthy, and very wet blowjob. She spends a lot of time slurping on his cock, as well as deepthroating his massive shaft multiple times. After that he tends to her needs by spending some quality time on her pussy. The sex in the scene involves missionary, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and some doggystyle. Between each position change India slurps on the male student's cock some more. The final cumshot is massive. The student ends up shooting his load on her face, in her mouth, and even down her neck. I was quite impressed. This was definitely a quality scene.


Scene 2: Emma Starr

Emma star was a good bit more on the older side than India was. She had white hair which amplified her age/appearance. Her body told a different story though. She was very busty, and had a perfect body. The only thing that I didn't like about her was the face wrinkles that showed up from time to time. It made her seem like a perverted grandmother.

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This scene begins with the male student racing through his house to get to his parents patio door. As he's making his way through the house there are several paintings lining the hallway. This is why I assume the teacher was an art professor. It never really mentioned anything about it though. After the male student totally freaks out about the professor telling him that she followed him home from school ,and that she has a crush on him he gives into temptation. They both end up having sex on his parents bed. This scene actually seemed to be messed up. At one point Emma was totally naked then the next thing you know she had her top, and bra back on. What made it even worse is that you could tell the producer had really made a mistake when the last part of the scene quickly skips to the cumshot. It was like the reel to the film had been spliced or something. The sex in the scene was nothing really to brag about, and contained an excessive amount of sex in the missionary position. The ending cumshot didn't appeal to me either. The student ended up giving Emma a creampie. With all the scene errors, and the lame sex this scene failedin my opinion. The best part of it was when the student freaked out.


Scene 3: Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann was much more attractive than Emma. I guess she probably appealed to me more, because she's a brunette. I find that I'm very partial when it comes to blondes, and brunettes. Lisa was very busty, and had a nice ass as well. I know that would appeal to some fans. Her performance was fairly good, but ended up seeming kind of rushed.

Once again the scene opens with a beautiful female professor knocking at the students door. The plot was a little over the top, and felt kind of rushed to me. After practically forcing her way into this student's house, Lisa finally gets to the point of her visit. This time it has nothing to do with a crush. Lisa apparently got a bad review from her student, and she's there to get it corrected. After the two fuss a bit about the situation, and the student tells her to get out Lisa resorts to seduction to get her way. The student doesn't put up much of a fight. After she rubs his pants a little they are getting it on on the living room sofa. Lisa gives the student a sexy, but not hardcore blowjob. I don't think she could have deepthroated the guy if she tried. The guy's cock was huge! The sex positions involved in this scene include cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and doggystyle. For the ending cumshot the guy ends up frosting her massive tits. After that she looks up at him and asks if he is going to change his review now, and then the scene ends. I thought the scene was pretty good. The sex was a lot more intense, but I didn't like how the plot seemed a bit rushed.


Scene 4: Torrey Pines

Torrey was definitely one of the older looking milfs in this DVD. She was very thin with unnaturally busty boobs. You could tell her hair was dyed a real light blonde, and it was cut in a younger persons hairstyle. She was also wearing pink frilly panties which definitely did not suit her age at all.

This scene was different from the others in that the student was the one who seduced the teacher. Torrey played the part of the male student's art professor. The scene took place in what seemed to be the professor's house in a bedroom/art studio. The scene opens up with Torrey, and the student walking into her bedroom art studio for some lessons in oil painting. The oil canvas, and all the art supplies were already setup for the lesson, but it never happened. I guess the student really noticed Torrey's boobs that were practically popping out of the top of her dress.  He kept on insisting that she let him practice body painting on her. She resisted a little, but when the student popped her tits right out of her dress she gave into temptation without another thought. The sex in this scene took place on a large bed that was in the middle of Torrey's art studio. Torrey begings by giving a rather energetic blowjob. She acts like she was literally starving for cock. After that the student undresses her, and uses a large paintbrush to massage her pussy. Normally I would have thought this wasa sexy thing, but Torrey just didn't appeal to me. The sex positions in the scene included spooning, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, and missionary. The student ends the scene by coming across Torrey's chest all the way to her face. Considering the fact that the milf in this scene was trying to act/appear like a teen ruined it for me.


Scene 5: Sienna West

I'd have to honestly say that Sienna was the youngest looking teacher in the entire DVD. She was a very sexy brunette which I rather liked. She was very busty, and had a really nice ass as well. She started off the scene wearing a dress that's sort of what you tink a female teacher would wear. I definitely enjoyed watching her.

This scene starts out at the home of Sienna. The scene first focuses on her as she is preparing something in the kitchen. Very soon she hears her doorbell ring, and finds her male student at the door. The meeting was prearranged, and apparently he had walked in the rain to her house. After Sienna convinces the student to remove his soaked shirt she then treats him to a towel, and a hot drink (I assume it's coffee?). The student ends up spitting out the coffee when his teacher grabs his pants. I actually thought that was a nice, and humerous addition to the scene. The student tries to resist her advances by stating that he has a very pretty girlfriend that he doesn't want to cheat on, but ends up giving in regardless. The sex in this scene was actually the best on the entire DVD. It also seemed to last longer with more sex position variations. Sienna starts the heated affair off with a very sexy blowjob. There's also some tit fucking, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and doggystyle included. The ending cumshot was pretty impressive. While the student tit fucks Sienna for the second time he ends up shooting his load right into her face. In the end I was definitely impressed with this scene. The performers invovled were both fun to watch.



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This DVD as a whole was extremely lacking in quality content. Two of the teachers involved look like they could be grandmas, only they had serious augmentations. The two scenes that I really liked just don't add up to a worthwile DVD production, and the scene that had the major error didn't help either. In the end I was greatly disappointed by most of the performers. The lack of quality extras was also a let down. The video, and quality were superb but in the end that's not what makes a quality DVD. I can't even recommend this DVD for renting. I'd just skip it.


Final Rating: Skip It!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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