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Squirtamania #15

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 6/28/11

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Squirting, Gonzo

Director: Porno Dan

Cast: Mimi Craven, Corie Craven, Natalia Rogue, Madelyn Monroe, Samantha Bacall, Porno Dan

Length: 169 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/8/2011, 3/4/2011, 4/15/2011

Extras: The four trailers that are included are Slumber Party 9, Titterific 10, Cocksucking Challenge 6, and Kacey vs. Bree. 

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Squirtamania 15 is a gonzo type production that features attractive women letting out their squirting abilities. Dan Leal aka Porno Dan is the ringleader of Immoral Productions. He is the main instigator of creating the squirting sensations among the bevy of beauties at his domain. The main headline in this installment is the appearance by fraternal twin sisters Mimi and Corie Craven. However, Natalia Rogue, Madelyn Monroe, and Samantha Bacall also give very good enjoyable performances that increase the pleasure level of this production greatly.    

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Scene One: Fraternal twins Mimi and Corie Craven are being introduced to the viewers by Porno Dan. The man shows off his fun energy with the girls. After the ladies remove their clothes, he begins to stimulate Mimi's clit with a purple vibrator and finger fuck her nice looking pussy while her blonde sister looks on with good amusement. Since his workover makes the darker-haired woman wet and juicy, Dan makes sure that he tastes those feminine juices. Then, Dan applies the same technique on Corie and it is not a surprise that he gets her quite wet too. Later, after we learn that both of them want careers outside of porn, Dan goes back to stimulating Corie's sexual plaything with a vibe and different types of dildos. Minutes later, he sets his attention on Mimi again while Corie is being pleasured by someone else. As a matter of fact, there are hot shots of the blonde's wide open pussy at times. Then, Mimi is riding Dan's cock in the reverse cowgirl position as her sister lets out a solid looking gush. Afterwards, Dan the man has a smiling Corie bounce on his cock as Mimi licks the guy's balls briefly. Later, Mimi gets to suck Dan's manhood while her sister is getting her pussy pleasured by the other guy. Mimi also gets mished by Dan too. Afterwards, both women have their assholes licked by Dan's mate. The sight of their pussies are hot. Next, the ladies are shown sucking cock. Corie is the more energetic sucker while Mimi's technique is very sensual. Also, Mimi's eyes make her look quite adorable as she stares up at Dan. Then, her smile looks very sweet while Dan is fingerfucking her. When she applies some stimulating action on her clit with a vibe, some good juice making activity occurs. Afterwards, a harder fuckfest is shown by Dan with the sisters. Finally, he jacks off on Mimi's chest.     
Scene Two: Natalia Rogue talks about her college life for a while before Dan begins suck and fingerfuck her pretty juicebox. His solid actions make the blonde cutie moan well. An electronic vibrator is also applied to her clit later on. Eventually, there is a good amount of juice that develops. A nice enthusiastic cocksuck is applied by Natalia. At times, there are good POV shots of her blow job action.  Their energy level picks up a lot when the screwing moments begin. The cowgirl activity looks quite good as Natalia bounces on his groin. Once she turns around, her very bouncy hot body is a huge turn-on. Later, Dan cums in her open mouth. However, Natalia's scene is not over as Dan fucks her with a long dildo while a vibe is resting on her clit. The activity gains in intensity. It is apparent that the woman is feeling the sensations run through her body and a good amount of juice is produced too. Another good fuck session occurs and this one is very heated. Finally, he cums on her receptive open mouth.  
Scene Three: Madelyn Monroe and blonde Samantha Bacall are introduced by Porno Dan. Soon, they show off their very nice looking butts at the camera. After some brief entertaining and insightful conversation among the trio, Dan fingers Madelyn's already wet pussy. Immediately, he begins to stimulate it with an electronic vibrator and his finger while Samantha sucks and caresses her tits. The ladies also kiss too. When the squirt action occurs, her juices fly onto the camera lens. Afterwards, Samantha sucks on Dan's dick while Madelyn continues to have her pussy stimulated by the vibe. This time, she is laying on the couch alone as the cocksucking activity is going on beside her. The blonde's back and forth head movement while sucking his pecker is a huge turn-on. When the ladies change roles and positions, Madelyn applies a sensual oral massage on the man's cock too. However, it does not take long for him to also pleasure Samantha as he kisses her and rests the vibrating item on her vaginal plaything. Minutes later, Dan places his attention on Madelyn by fingerfucking her. Then, the two women are shown applying vibrators on their pussies. The more exciting action occurs with Madelyn as Dan gets a good amount of juices out of her. However, Samantha's facial expressions are more emotional while Dan gets her to squirt. When we get some girl on girl action with the blonde orally massaging her partner's pussy, the room feels steamy with a touch of fun added to it. Later, Dan really gets Madelyn to squirt some juices well before the women are seen fucking themselves with two different looking items. Of course, our main man applies good stimulative actions too. Madelyn's wet pussy looks quite yummy.  Then, the blonde gets her pussy worked on too while she sucks Dan's cock. Her smiling face looks hot and she deep throats him with ease. I really enjoyed watching the ladies take turns orally pleasuring his sexual manhood. The remaining pussy play activity makes Madelyn squirt so well that Dan's shirt and face get wet. Also, there is some brief strap-on fucking action by Samantha on her female partner. Later on, the ladies are sucking his dick and licking his balls for a while. Afterwards, he cums on the blonde's mouth.       

Final Thoughts: I want to see more of Mimi and Corie Craven in Immoral Productions' films especially in the Fluffers and Cocksucking Challenge ones. Viewers will enjoy watching them together. I could easily fall in love with Mimi. In the other two scenes, Natalia Rogue, Madelyn Monroe, and Samantha Bacall give very entertaining performances that stimulate the audience. A lot of credit must go to Porno Dan for his work in creating a fun and relaxed setting as well as performing all of the finger fucking activity to build up their inner juices so that we can see it all squirt out of them. This film is a good rental production.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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