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Boffing The Babysitter 9

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 6/27/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Widescreen, 18+ Teens, Babysitter

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Arial Rose, Ashley Abbott, Chloe (VIII), Leslie Sierra

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 2 hrs.

Audio/Video: This DVD is shot in widescreen HD. The sound quality is excellent, and the DVD offers a music on/off option. The video quality is also excellent. The scenes, and menus are all in a widescreen format/ratio.

Overview: This is a DVD that's all about the babysitter fantasy. Each scene offers a different roleplay scenario based on this. The DVD consists of a total of four scenes that seem to have some newcomers to the adult film industry. All of the girls are very attractive.



Scene 1: Chloe (VIII)

Chloe is an extremely attractive redhead with a very nice body. She has small tits which add to the quality of the babysitter fantasy in this scene. The scene begins with Chloe standing at the intercom before the gate of a house. She talks on her cellphone to the mother of the children she is supposed to watch. From what I gather of the conversation Chloe is told she's going to be in the house by herself until the kids arrive from school, or something like that. After making her way into the house she ends up in what looks like one of the children's bedrooms. The camera briefly switches focus to the bathroom where the man of the house is drying off after a shower. He ends up walking in on Chloe acting surprised. He drops his towel, and just stands there butt naked after observing Chloe's shocked look he grabs her hand like a perv and palces it on his cock. Chloe looks at him rather puzzled, and asks him what he wants her to do. After that she's down on her knees giving him an extremely sexy blowjob. She did well deepthroating the guy's massive rod without gagging too much. The blowjob ended up being quite lengthy which I liked. When she got done with that the guy did some doggystyle with her followed by spooning, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary on a small stool. The scene ended with Chloe giving one final blowjob that ended with Chloe getting a mouthfull of cum. She did end up spitting the massive load out though. I thought this scene was truly amazing. Chloe was fun to watch, and her cocksucking skills were amazing.


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Scene 2: Ashley Abbott

In this scenario we have Ashley Abbott who plays a rather airheaded blonde babysitter. The scene opens up with the father talking on his cell phone, and looking up at a security camera in the living room area of his house. At first I had no clue what was going on. It turns out that the dad wanted to keep an eye on the babysitter. after telling Ashley he was leaving he snuck into a room where he could monitor her activity. Almost immediately she strips of her shorts, and panties then pulls out a large vibrator. The dad looks kind of shocked at first, but I could tell where the scene was going. He goes into the livingroom to confront Ashley who doesn't seem to have the slightest shred of decency. She doesn't even act surprised. Instead she goes along with the dad's plan for a sexual encounter. She starts of the scene with a mediocre blowjob. Ashley, and the dad end up doing a variety of positions starting off with the 69 position. During the entire scene Ashley has these completely fake, and very dull orgasms accompanied by fake pornstar talk. It honestly appeared like she wasn't into the scene at all. It was no wonder that the ending cumshot was pitiful. If I was the male performer I wouldn't have been able to do it. The performer playing the part of the dad ends up shooting his load onto her tits ending the miserable excuse for a scene.



Scene 3: Arial Rose

In this scene we find the young looking brunette Arial reclining on a backyard lawn chair. She's chatting away to a friend on her cellphone. The dad in the scene, Mr.Wood, ends up confronting her about his missing children. The girls doesn't seem to care at all. After the dad locates the children by recieving a phone call  from his neighbors (who currently have them) he basically tells Arial that he wants her gone. Arial begs, and pleads that she doesn't want to lose her job. She asks him desperately not to tell her parents. The she tells him she's going to make it right. She immeditaly goes for his pants, and unzips them. She doesn't hesitate in giving him a blowjob. I found the blowjob to be alright, but Arial kept looking in the cameraman's direction. This made the roleplaying seem less genuine. Arial seemed to know a little of what she was doing in the scene, but she also appeared to be an amateur as well. The sexin this scene was actually really hot. Arial, and the dad ended up doing multiple positions including missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, and even some spooning. The dad ended up coming all over Arial's closed mouth. It wasn't the best of cumshots, but it was ok. The sex in this scene was definitely enjoyable to watch, So I'd say this scene was really good.



Scene 4: Leslie Sierra

I'd have to say that Leslie Sierra is probably the most quirky, and energetic female performer I have witnessed. She's constantly bouncing around during the entire scene. The scene actually begins with the dad having a Q & A session with her about how his wife found her, how old she was, and why she chose babysitting. The dad ends up leading Leslie to the bedroom where she proudly states she would do anything for the job. What made this scene so amazing to me was Leslie, and her ring pop. You did hear me right. She had a ring pop that she was constantly sucking on even during the sex. When she was giving the dad his blowjob she even rubbed her ring pop on his cock. This was definitely something new, and spicy to me. It added a certain lustful intensity to the scene. Leslie gave an amazing blowjob during the scene. She even deepthroated the guy's massive cock. This was a feat in itsself since Leslie actually said she was only 4ft 9in. Every position Leslie and the Male performer did was absolute fun to watch. Leslie never stopped being energetic. The cumshot at the end was one of the best I have seen in my career as an Xcritic reviewer. The dad ends up coming in her open mouth, and on her shoulder. She uses her ring pop to clean up the cum then sucks on it! It was amazing! I loved the use of the ring pop, and Leslie's fiery personality made this scene the best on this DVD!



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If I recall correctly this is the first 'babysitter' DVD I have reviewed. It definitely made an impression on me. Three of the scenes were superb, and featured really hot sex with some amazing 18+ teen performers. The one scene I didn't like that involved Ashley Abbott, and her 'fake' performance did end up dulling the DVD as a whole. I honestly felt like she wasn't into the performance at all. The director would have been better off going with a different scene/female performer. Even so I still recommend this DVD. The three scenes that were good were amazing. Leslie's awesome performance with her ring pop really made this DVD stand out.


Final Rating: Recommended!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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