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Slumber Party Vol. 9

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 6/30/11

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Slumber Party Vol. 9

Release Date: June 13, 2011

Running Time: 2:35

Director: Porno Dan

Cast: Aiden Aspen, Chastity Lynn, Ivy Winters, Jeanie Marie Sullivan, Rylie Richman, Sindee Jennings, Memphis Joy (AKA Tristyn Kennedy), Vicki Chase & Victoria White

About The DVD

Porno Dan & Immoral Production in the release of “Slumber Party Vol. 9“, brings to us not only the strongest dvd in this series, but one of the most exciting and powerful all girl dvd’s that one can imagine. Through Porno Dan’s creativity, no script, going with the flow and a strong, no wait, let me rephrase that, unbelievable perfect cast of young ladies, he delivers three solid back to back, non stop jerk off scenes.

Opening Remarks/Comments

This is my 200th review and my one year anniversary for XCritic. As I sorted through the pile of dvds to review, I wanted it to have an exciting cast and one I know I would enjoy. When I saw the cast for “Slumber Party Vol. 9“, I couldn’t help to get excited, because it had a nice mix of Newcomers, Starlets & Established Strong Porn Stars all rolled into one dvd. When I realized it was one of Porno Dan’s dvds, I knew it would be fun to watch, entertaining and get my rocks off all at the same time. Well, I made the right choice as you will see as you read on.

When you take a cast of ladies like there is in this dvd, you are bound to see not only exciting girl/girl sex, but performances of perfection, young ladies who turn loose and do what ever comes to them. Each scene is hosted by one of the young ladies who opens the scene to get things rolling. In addition what adds to the intensity of each scene is that there is a focus on one girl who has never done girl/girl or very little at all. As Aiden Aspen, Rylie Richman and Memphis Joy (AKA Tristyn Kennedy) are broken in, you could not have selected a stronger cast of ladies than Chastity Lynn, Ivy Winters, Jeanie Marie Sullivan, Sindee Jennings, Vicki Chase & Victoria White to do it.

The excitement, energy level and the reality of these girls getting off, had me replaying scenes and segments over and over, that I wondered if I would ever get to the end. The way Aiden Aspen, Rylie Richman, and Tristyn Kennedy got off and the several surprises in what they did, not only was fucking amazing, but had me shooting load after load.

When you have three solid scenes with so much going on, it is almost impossible to give my standard review format and have you be able to get a feel of the power these young ladies have. So, instead I have decided to take you though some highlights of each scene and I guarantee what you get a taste of here, is only a small taste of the non stop jerk off performances by these young ladies.

Chastity Lynn, Ivy Winters, Rylie Richman & Vicki Chase

Ivy Winters, is the host and just seeing Ivy opening the scene had me quivering right from the start. OK, Ivy always makes me quiver, cause I know she will have me stroking right from the moment she appears on the screen.

Rylie Richman, who has never had much of any girl/girl experience, gets the focus and attention put on her as Chastity Lynn, Ivy Winters and Vicki Chase break her in. You couldn’t ask for three hotter and dirtier girls to do the job.

Rylie, was phenomenal and this girl was all over the place. As she was worked over with a Hitachi, this girl was not only getting off but she was in sheer ecstasy and her body was jointing all over the place. Enhancing it even more was you could see how much each of the girls were enjoying the pleasure they gave her.

When Chastity Lynn, found out the Rylie had never kissed a girl, she dove right in with a lip lock and the excitement in Chastity face in doing it was great. From there onto tongue fucking her asshole. As Chastity was tongue fucking her, I was yelling “I want a turn”, cause Rylie has one of the sweetest assholes I would love to push my tongue deep inside.

Vibrator after vibrator, which I have never seen so many in a scene, to choking, face slapping and right down to getting Rylie to squirt was intense in building every moment.

Chastity riding her face while Vicki tongue her ass and Ivy works in her pussy, was like fucking wow and another load was shot.

When Rylie, took some time to orally satisfy Ivy on her cute butterfly pussy lips, I was instantly drooling all over the screen and thinking how lucky Rylie was and wanted to trade places with her. Ivy, has some of the cutest and prettiest pussy lips in the business (or as I call butterfly lips) and if I could ever just get a few seconds to lick and suck on them, my life would be complete. But for now its a dream and  wishing to be able to do it. Sorry, Ivy’s pussy always gets me side tracked. Now back to the scene.

When Vicki, pulls out some two headed dildos, I was like this will be fucking hot and it was as the they went at it strong. But, the way that Vicki pounded the hell out of Rylie. Well best put, she fucked her into orgasm after orgasm. Vicki, I could watch you fuck girls all day long, you are great.

Things wrap up seeing Chastity and Ivy making out as they fuck each other and all I could think of as they swapped spit was, how sweet their nectar must taste and would die to have a taste of each one of their spit and drool.

A four way kiss end the scene and brings an award winning and powerful all girl scene to an end.

Rylie, I want to come back when I die as your Hitachi, but in the meantime if you need someone to hold one in place for you as you jolt your body, let me know, I will be glad to volunteer and be there in a heart beat. Oh, and Chastity and Ivy, next time you two make out and swap spit would you umm, call me so I can join and have a taste too. It would be a dream come true. Or, even, just ship me some :)

Aiden Aspen, Jeanie Marie Sullivan & Vicki Chase

When, Jeanie Marie Sullivan and Vicki Chase discover that Aiden Aspen had very little experience with girls, there was this exhilarating response from Aiden, when they told her they would break her in.

Of course the two girls get thing started by checking out Aiden’s body and when they got to the great pussy and asshole piercing that Aiden has the girls went wild, calling her a dirty girl and yelling, “look there is is another one”. They are fucking hot and what I would give to explore my tongue around both of those piercings, I’d be down on Aiden's pussy and sweet asshole for a week and not even think of coming up for air.

With Jeanie Marie working Aiden’s pussy over with her tongue and fingers, she quickly gets Aiden to cum and you could see it right on her fingers, which I wanted to lick at that point. Just seeing Aiden’s cream has me shooting a load and standing up yelling, I wanna taste.

As Aiden had her pussy worked over the girl was all over the fucking place and yelling in sheer pleasure.

Jeanie Marie, takes a turn getting worked over with the Hitachi and this girl was fucking fantastic in every way as she got off in a big time.

As in the first scene, where I mentioned that Vicki is so strong in fucking another girl, she once again proves it, but this time with a strap on. She goes to town fucking Jeanie Marie in doggie, knowing just the right way to pound her and pound her hard, I really think what Vicki shows here, there may be girls standing in line to get fucked by her. What really was hot as Vicki fucked Jeanie Marie, was when she yelled out, “Would somebody pull my hair. That’s what it is there for.

The ladies bring down their scene, successfully breaking Aiden in and getting off themselves in the process. They wrap up with all three side by side getting off with Hitachi’s.

Oh, and Aiden about how great it would be to lick your piercings, well, umm Atlanta to Richmond isn’t that far for me to make a road trip :)

Sindee Jennings, Memphis Joy (AKA Tristyn Kennedy) & Victoria White

When I saw that strong performers like Sindee Jennings and Victoria White, were going to focus their attention on Memphis Joy, I came on the spot before the scene even got started, because these girls are fucking mega hot.

Even though the focus was on Memphis, the other two ladies got their share of excitement and pleasure. Watching Victoria devouring Sindee’s pussy had me shooting my load all over the screen wanting to join in.

Victoria, moving onto a dildo on Sindee as Memphis played with her ass, had Sindee squirming hard. But when Victoria and Sindee were grinding pussies as Memphis held an Hitachi between them on their clits, I thought from their reactions that Sindee and Victoria were going to explode.

The three ladies fucked each other every way imaginable and every moment was hotter than the one before. When Sindee squirted all over Memphis pussy as she was masturbating, I though I was going to die and OMG did Memphis love it, Hot is an understatement of that part of the scene.

I would say that the highlight of the scene, was when Sindee, warmed up Memphis’ sweet lickable asshole with her tongue and then fucked her in the ass with a dildo. Sindee, did not just fuck her in the ass, but fucked her hard and aggressive. Memphis’ response was so fucking hot from her body movements, sounds, expressions and yelling harder, harder. Knowing that Memphis has not shot an anal scene, made it even more intense and you could see not only was she getting into it, she was loving every second. At the end, Memphis sits up with this excitement and yells out, “I guess I’m ready for anal” and at that moment I stood up and yelled, PICK ME! PICK ME!

Three great ladies, bring a fantastic closing scene to this all around great dvd.

Extras: Trailers

Audio & Video: Both were of good quality and with so much going on, the moments caught on camera were great and didn’t miss a thing.

My Final Thoughts

What is “Slumber Party Vol. 9“, to me? It is one of the most intense, exciting and powerful all girl videos I have watched in a very long time. The levels of performance of each young lady was phenomenal and the creativity as they went with flow was unique. These ladies just went at it having a good time with no script and fucking each other like there was no tomorrow.

Not only did Porno Dan do an excellent job in selecting the cast for, “Slumber Party Vol. 9“, the way he paired them up in each scene was perfect and you could not only see the perfect chemistry between the ladies, but you could feel it too. These performances are not sweet, cute, innocent ones. Instead they are made up of nine very beautiful and exciting young ladies who go at it, letting that dirty little girl inside come out. From watching Ivy Winters sweet pussy lips licked and sucked by Rylie Richman to Memphis Joy being fucked in the ass with a dildo and everything in between, you will jerk off over and over again. With all what this dvd has to offer and the strong replay value it has, I can’t say anything else but that ““Slumber Party Vol. 9“, is a very strong “XCritic Pick” for me and I am very excited to give it this top reconition that XCritic has to offer. With no question, we have an award winning all girl dvd with this one and what a great dvd for my 200th review. I will enjoy this one for a long time.

Rylie Richman's Sweet Pretty Pink Asshole & Pink Pussy That Just Has To Taste Fucking Fantastic


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