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Friends With Benefits

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/30/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Friends with Benefits
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Francois Clousot
Running Time: 1hr and 37min
Condoms: Yes
Couples/Romantic Comedy


Jessica Drake
Alektra Blue
Cassandra Cruz
Kaylani Lei
Barret Blade
Dane Cross
Kris Slater
Rocco Reed

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene with Jessica Drake from Office Encounters (15 minute scene)
Trailers (2 before main menu) plus 6 trailers showcasing some of the other films from Francois
Photo Gallery
Motion Menus

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So it’s kind of funny and ironic that this movie came out a few weeks before the Hollywood version of this film hit’s the screens. Even more ironic, they mention porn in the trailer for the Hollywood movie. So anyways, this is another solid release from Wicked Pictures that combines some great acting and some sexy ladies in some sexy and hot sex scenes. And all that, plus this is a great couples release that both you and your partner will enjoy. Kris and Jessica do a good job of showing off their acting skills and show why Wicked seems to out perform other studios in that category. This is an easy RECOMMENDED rating for a movie, and one I think would be a great addition to your collection, and like I said before, great movies for couples to sit down and enjoy together.

Scene One: Jessica and Rocco

It’s dream time for Jessica as she lays in bed, she dreams of her and Rocco in a romantic scene on the bed. She reaches down and begins to play with his crotch and then gets him out of his pants and begins to suck on his cock. And to point out the irony of the oral session we are seeing, considering the last preview we saw was for her Guide to Sex: Fellatio edition. But we can see that she does practice what she preaches as she continues to work over his cock. But it’s time to return the favor, as he slips her panties to the side and licks away at her pussy, which eventually leads to some spoon action, as she rubs and spreads her pussy for him. We follow that up with some doggy action as she moans and screams with delight and then after some hard thrusts he pulls out and leaves a money shot on her ass, and then more kissing as this magical dream continues, and he then proposes to her.

Scene Two: Cassandra and Kris

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But back to reality, we see Barret and Kris are talking about his last night’s exploits. Jessica walks in and joins in the conversation as they make fun of Barret’s girlfriend. Bossman Dane walks in and tries to get the troops in line and back to work. Jessica and Kris talk about their relationships and one seems to be going good and one not so good. You can sense the tension between the two, and the whole let’s just be friends attitude, but they seem to have a little thing for each other. So we cut to the dinner with Jessica and Rocco, and it seems he had different plans that she dreamed, he wants to break up with her. And as we see Kris and Cassandra going at it, Jessica is on the phone calling him to help her get through this, but he has some other things on his mind right now, mainly Cassandra’s tits and then her pussy. And as Kris said earlier, it seems that she is really more dominate than he might like. She moans and tells him what to do as he continues to lick her pussy, and then she ends up bent over and sucking on his cock. There is some gagging as she gets face fucked, which leads to some missionary as she lays on the bed. She continues to show that she is a wild one in the sack, as she screams and moans while he fucks her. He flips her over and dives his face in her and then shoves his cock back in her pussy for some doggy action, followed by some spoon action. The scene comes to an end as he pulls out and leaves a pretty good money shot all over her body.

Scene Three: Kaylani and Dane

Back to Jessica as she continues to try and find someone to talk to. She calls her friend but she is more interested in finding a guy at the bar. Back to Kris and Cassandra who are having a fight again and Jessica calls once more and just adds fuel to the fire. He goes over and tries to help Jessica out of her funk, and she mentions they should just have sex cause it’s been so long for her, but they don’t know how that work with them being friends and all. We cut to the next day and he is talking to Barret about what happened last night. Jessica gets mad after Kaylani walks in and flirts with Kris, and they plan to meet up later so he can fuck her brains out, sounds like some fun to me. Dane walks in and asks to see Kaylani in his office. And he tries to express how he feels about her, and she seems to more interested in his power. She makes her way to his desk and they start to kiss as the clothes come off, she reaches down his pants and begins to play with his cock for a bit, and then he throws on a condom and slides his cock inside her pussy. After awhile he turns her around and bends her over the desk for some doggy style action until she turns around and starts to suck and spit on his cock. After a pretty decent oral session, he returns the favor, as he dives into her pussy  and works it over with his tongue. But that is short lived as she is back to working over his cock and balls, until he throws on a condom and she hops on for some cowgirl action on the chair. She wiggles and grinds her hips on his cock until she ends up bent over once again for some doggy as she moans with delight, but she ends up back on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action as he sits in the chair. She climbs off and gets on her knees as he gives her a money shot on her tits.

Scene Four: Alektra and Barret

We follow that with a montage of Kris and Jessica as their friendship seems to be blossoming. It seems Barret has had a bad break up and he wants to go to a strip club, but Jessica seems to think otherwise, and she lays down the law and says its over if he goes there. So we cut to the strip club and it’s the sexy Alektra dancing at the club, and after a few minutes of watching her shake her stuff, we find out that this is the reason Barret broke up with her. Alektra walks over and she invites him to the VIP area and gives him a lap dance as they try and work things out, and he proposes to her and she says yes, and they decide to celebrate as he slips off her top and sucks on her tits.  He slips off his pants and she goes to work on his cock, and then slides his cock in between those amazing tits. She stands up and slides off her bottoms and she climbs on top of him and slides his cock into her pussy for some cowgirl action. She climbs off and licks the taste of her pussy off his cock and gets right back on for some reverse cowgirl action. He continues to work over her pussy with some missionary action as she rubs her pussy, she then flips around and sticks out her ass, as she tells him to take it, as he slides his cock into her pussy. She ends up with his cock in her mouth for some face fucking and then she jerks him off until he cums in her mouth.

Scene Five: Jessica and Kris

We cut to Kris and Jessica as they are getting to that point where he expresses how he feels about her and she says you should have told me, you know the normal rom-com speech. But luckily for us, it’s not going to end there, as they start to kiss and he slips her out of her top and plays with her boobs from behind, and then some more heavy kissing as he lays her on the couch and slides off her panties and begins to lick her pussy. She lays him back and goes to work on his cock, and then ends up on her back for some missionary action, as she rubs her pussy and plays with her tits. They continue with some doggy action as she leans up against the side of the couch. There is something about this scene that really reminds me of their romantic series, and that is not a bad thing, just thought I should point it out. Well back to the action as he pulls out and gives her a money shot on her ass as the scene and movie comes to a close. The only thing missing at the end of this movie, would have been a short little scene of Alektra and Barret in Vegas as they are getting married.

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