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Young At Heart

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/8/11

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Young at Heart
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Brad Armstrong
Running Time: 1hr and 53min
Type/Genre: Adult Comedy/Couples
Condoms: Yes


Alexa Nicole
Asa Akira
Francesca Le
Gracie Glam
Kaylani Lei
Kelly Klass
Lela Star
Madison Ivy
Misty Stone
Brad Armstrong
Rocco Reed
Seth Gamble

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene w Alektra Blue from Rocki Whore Picture Show (15 minute scene)
Photo Gallery
Motion Menus
Trailers (2 before main menu) plus 6 other, all directed by Brad Armstrong
Promo Reel

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So we all know the power that ladies have over us, and it only gets stronger as we get older. The younger they are, the more they seem to have control of us. We all have done some wild and crazy things to impress a girl and sometimes we look like a fool, but if she was impressed, we don’t care. And this movie, is a fine example of that power, as we follow Brad as he tries to keep and stay young when time has other plans for him. But the good news for him, is that he is going to fuck a lot of sexy ladies while he learns this lesson. I think we all can agree that we can only hope and imagine this is what it’s going to be like when we go through our midlife crisis, but I’m guessing probably not. But who cares, at least we can say we got to see Brad live out some of our fantasies with the very sexy and lovely ladies in this film. They all had such great sexual energy and brought their A-game to this movie. I can’t think of a single bad scene in this movie and like Brad throughout this movie, I am sure you will have a huge smile on your face, while watching this movie. The audio and video quality were both the same quality you expect from a Wicked Pictures film and you get the usual special features, mostly consisting of trailers and a bonus scene, which was a plus for me, due to Alektra Blue being in it. Overall even though it would have been awesome to see this on Blu-ray with even better audio and video quality, I think the fact that all of the scenes were amazing and this is one I can easily see myself watching over and over again. So congrats to Brad Armstrong, you lucky basterd, and all of the sexy ladies in this movie, you have just yourself an XCRITIC PICK for this great movie. I can only hope this will get a Blu-ray release before I end up wearing this one out.

Scene One: Kaylani, Asa and Brad

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We are all going to come to that point in our life when we have to realize that we are no longer young and that we are getting older. And this is the story for Brad in this movie, and what he does and goes through as he comes to this realization. It’s his 45 B-day, and let’s just say things are going to get a little crazy for him, let’s hope the little blue pill works. At work, Rocco does his best to give him crap about getting older, and that he should go out and find a young lady to celebrate his bday. His gives him a bottle of pills to help him out. With no luck, he is eating alone at the restaurant and Kaylani is his waitress. She promises to make him a special dinner, and then she brings out Asa and a cake. He makes a wish, and she starts to flirt with him and then we cut to him as he is thrown on the bed and the girls start to kiss him, as they play with his crotch. Asa takes control and starts to get his pants off, but Kaylani finishes the job, as Asa begins to suck and swallow his cock. Kaylani dives right in and takes her turn as the girls go to work on his cock. So apparently his fortune is going to be a good one today (in bed). Asa slips out of her shorts and climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action as she hops on his cock. But Asa bends over and licks Kaylani’s pussy as she gets fucked from behind, so that no one is left out. Kaylani finally gets her shot, as she gets fucked on her back, as Asa seems to be waiting for his cum in her mouth. He finally gives her a shot in the mouth, as Kaylani rubs her pussy. The girls share his cum as they kiss and the scene comes to an end.

Scene Two: Gracie and Rocco

The next day, it seems he is feeling pretty good about himself, and decides to take the day off of work. He calls Rocco and lets him know he won’t be in, but Rocco seems ok with that, and I guess when Gracie is there in his office, he knows good things are about to happen. They start off with some heavy kissing, as he gets behind her and helps her out of her clothes, and then she turns around as he dives his hand down her panties and goes to work on her pussy. And after some finger play and some more heavy kissing, she helps him out of his clothes and then starts to work over his cock, as she gags and spits on his cock, and even heads south to give his balls some love too. She ends up on the desk as he fucks her pussy, and she moans and looks into his eyes as he continues to work her pussy over. I have to give some credit to Gracie as she does a great job of keeping the heat very high in this scene, with her overall energy. They continue with some doggy as she leans over the side of the desk. He pulls out and gives her a money shot on her great ass, as the scene comes to a close.

Scene Three: Lela and Brad

Back to Brad, he is off to work on his image, he is off to a tanning salon with the lovely Lela working behind the counter. She leads to a tanning bed and as he is about to jump in, it seems that there is an issue with the bed not working. She gives him quite the look as she bends over, and it seems that his cock still works, as it calls out some attention, and Lela seems to want it in her mouth. She works it over with her mouth and he then teases her with it by shoving it in and out of her mouth. And she doesn’t want any tan lines, as she pulls off her bikini top and continues to suck and spit on his cock, and then ends up on top of him, riding his cock for some cowgirl action, as shows off her great ass to the camera and her tits in his face. She flips around and continues to ride his cock, and then some doggy as they continue to fuck in the tanning bed, well at least they are naked, so hopefully no weird tan lines. And as he shoves his cock in and out of her mouth, she gives him that look, like please don’t stop I want more. And after some more doggy he gives her a money shot in the mouth, as she licks up all of the cum. He leaves a little redder than before.

Scene Four: Madison and Brad

Next stop is the gym, and boy does he pick a great looking trainer, the blond beauty, Madison. Talk about motivation. But he seems to pull a muscle and he gets her to work over his main muscle. She climbs on his lap and rubs his crotch as he gets a hold of her tits. But she climbs off and begins to really give his cock a tease as she plays with it through his pants. She finally unleashes it and lightly sucks and swallows it. After some deep throating and stroking it furiously , you would think he would be done, but no this guy just keeps going as she continues to gag on his cock. She stands up and he slides off her bottoms and begins to play with her ass and pussy as she is bent over. He uses his finger and tongue (which she really seems to enjoy) on her pussy and ass, and she tells him that he is such a tease and she really wants his cock inside her. But there is going to be more ass and pussy licking first, but then she is on top for some reverse cowgirl action, and she keeps begging more as she rides him. She ends up bent over the bench with her ass in the air as he fucks her from behind. She ends up on her back as he continues to fuck her and splashes some water on them to make sure they both keep hydrated. She begs for his cum and soon enough he gives it to her in mouth and on her chest. She licks off his cock to make sure she gets all of it.

Scene Five: Misty, Alexa and Brad

After the workout, he catches up with a cute jogger and tries to impress her, but it seems his age is finally catching up with him. So next up he is at the salon and Misty seems to like guys with some gray hair. She calls over Alexa and they tell him not to do it and then Misty climbs on top and they start to kiss as she gets out of her clothes for him. Alexa goes for his cock and begins to gag on it, while Misty eggs her on. But she gets her shot as the girls take turn working his cock over, and then getting slapped in the face by it. Misty ends up on the chair as he licks her pussy and shoves a few fingers in too, as she screams with excitement. He then teases her pussy with his cock, before he fucks her pussy. Misty continues to kiss and play with Alexa’s boobs as she continues to get fucked by Brad. Alexa finally gets her turn as he fucks her from behind, while she has her face in Misty’s pussy. Brad shoves a few fingers in her ass and she can’t seem to contain her excitement, and continues to finger her ass, while he fucks her pussy. And as Alexa sucks on her toes, Brad goes back and forth between the girls shoving his cock in their pussy until he does his best to share his load between the two of them.

Scene Six: Kelly and Seth

Back at work, him and Rocco talk about his last few days and they compare stories and thoughts. Rocco seems to be impressed with his exploits. He is back to work on that sexy jogger and he gets the courage to ask her out. As he goes to pick her up, he gets cock blocked by her mom, and heads home and wonders that maybe he wasn’t doing the right thing all along. But we see that the sexy jogger girl is getting some attetion from another man, a younger one named Seth. They kiss and he helps her out of her clothes and dives his face into her pussy, and then she bobs her head on his cock to return the favor. She gives his cock a great work over, before he starts to fuck her from behind, with her face in the sheets. She then ends up on her back as he continues to fuck her pussy until he leaves a pretty good money shot all over her body. Too bad from Brad, this would have been another great fuck for him. He goes back to Kelly’s house and she tries to explain what happened, but he seems to want to talk to her mom.

Scene Seven: Francesca and Brad

So talks to his mom, Francesca and tries to woo her, but she seems to think he’s just a dirty old man. He plants a kiss on her and explains his story to her, and she seems to be somewhat mad at him but seems to be coming around on him. She invites him inside and then after some drinks he is on her bed and she walks in with a strap on and they joke about it, but then get going with the heavy kissing, as she begins to rub her pussy. He gives her pussy some finger play, before he shoves his cock in her mouth and she goes to town on it. She lays on the bed and continues to work over his cock, while she plays with her pussy and says she can’t wait for his cock in her pussy. And soon enough, she is bent over and his cock is in her pussy as she moans with delight. He reaches around and gets a nice hold on her tits as he fucks her. She then slides her pussy on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, and then flips around for some cowgirl action in her ass. She really shows some great energy in this scene as she just keeps wanting and begging for more, it may not be the younger girls who kill him, it may be Francesca and her sexual energy. She ends up on her back for some more anal and then he pulls out and gives her a money shot in her mouth and all over chest.


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