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Dear Abby

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 7/11/11

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Dear Abby

Release Date: June 14, 2011

Running Time: 1:52

Condoms: None

Written By: Jacky St. James

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Alyssa Branch, Ash Hollywood, Giovanni Francisco, Michael Vegas, Natasha Nice, Ramon Nomar, Xander Corvus & Zoe Voss

 About The Movie

New Sensations in their ongoing “Romance Series”, delivers their eleventh dvd. As with all the others, you will not only enjoy watching great sex, but will see strong non-sex performances delivered by the same performers. This dvd in its entirety, makes a great adult movie for couples and singles both. You will enjoy the story of a young couple, who have broken up and eventually through advice, find their way back together.

Opening Comments

When I first saw the title “Dear Abby”, I thought immediately the story would be about a female columnist answering letters from her readers and giving them advice to their problems. Wow, was I wrong. Writer: Jacky St. James in a very unique and creative way, puts a different twist on not only who the columnist is, but also Abby herself. Once again, New Sensations in their powerful “Romance Series”, bring us not only strong sex scenes, but a story that goes with each one. Then in such a perfect way it is all caught on camera by Director: Eddie Powell. As I write this review, I will honestly tell you that the overall enjoyment and pleasure I had in watching it, was not only stimulating with the sex scenes, but also very captivating in the story too.

Ash Hollywood & Xander Corvus

Ash Hollywood, writes in that she has begun to feel her boyfriend, Xander Corvus just doesn’t find the time to be with her and even though she realizes that he is always very busy with his work, she also wonders if he is still fully attracted to her. The reply she receives explains to her, that maybe she should be the one to initiate it and to try morning sex as a way to get things going.

If you enjoy a stimulating sex scene, which hell who doesn’t. You will enjoy immensely, both Ash Hollywood and Xander Corvus as they deliver the the very first sex scene in the movie. You will not see two people just jump on each other and fuck away, but will see a sensual build up with creativity and a realistic performance that will have you jerking off from the very first moment.

In the beginning segments, you will enjoy oral shared between the two that will have you wishing it was you sucking on Ash’s erect button nipples, to pulling on her sweet pussy lips with your mouth. Her responses to receiving oral were not only strong, but awesome as she naturally moved her body. When it was time for Ash to return the oral favor to Xander, she worked her way down his chest in a sensual and teasing manor, until she arrives at his cock and magically worked it with her mouth every way possible. When, Xander rolls her over and mounts her jockey, you can not only see the pleasure in her face, but from her expressions feel the tightness of her pussy. From taking her beads and tieing up his hands, to pushing her panties in each others mouths, she adds stimulation to strong fucking in every position. The intensive fucking continues right up to having her pussy and belly covered in cum. Awesome, scene that not only delivers, but one that will have you stroking away from the moment it starts.

Positions: Oral, Jockey, Spooning, Cowgirl, Missionary

Alyssa Branch & Ramon Nomar

Even though Abby (Natasha Nice), brings Ramon to the party, Alyssa can’t wait for the moment to slip him away and have him all to herself. Once that opportunity comes, Alyssa plays out her role perfect, as the young lady that wants him for one thing and one thing only. Yep, a good hard fucking.

Once in the bedroom, they begin what turns into not only a strong, but a very powerful sex performance, with so much believability, you will be pouring on the lube and jerking off non stop. Alyssa fucks like there is no tomorrow during the entire scene. She is sensually aggressive as she works him over orally. From teasing the head of his cock to licking top to bottom. Ramon, starts off on her, by licking and grinding his mouth though her panties and when they come off, Ramon has her body quivering and biting her bottom lip.

As they start off in missionary, the pace of fucking picks up, the heavy breathing grows and her sounds are nut-busting in themselves. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a powerful cowgirl segment. It was fucking unbelievable, her grinding was dynamic and when she pounded her sweet butt cheeks as she drove his cock deep inside her pussy, I was in astounded as I watched her fuck into total exhaustion. Yes, at this point you could not only see from her face and hair, but literally feel how she was drained. When you thought they could not go on any more from this exhilarating fuck, Ramon flips her around to doggie and she slams back on his cock, till he dumps his load onto her sweet ass, at which time, I also dumped it on her ass right on the screen. This scene you will watch over and over and I will personally tell you, that Alyssa has delivered one of the most powerful scenes by a newcomer, I have watched in a long time.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Spooning, Cowgirl, Doggie

Zoe Voss & Michael Vegas

Throughout the movie, we see Michael Vegas try everything to get the attention of Zoe Voss who he has a crush on. In Michael’s character as a pretty dorky guy, and seems to be constantly unsuccessful. As you watch the movie, you will see why and totally understand. However, when a moment of truth comes between the two, he finds that she has be waiting for him to approach her in a up front manner. Once this is discovered, the two waste no time in hitting the sheets (or should I say desk).

Michael, starts off with sucking on Zoe’s sweet button nipples and then works his way down till he is sucking and pulling on her even sweeter pussy lips. Zoe’s, response was great as she had these cute chirps of pleasure and her breathing got heavier and heavier as he continued to work her over. When he begins to finger fuck her while still going down on her, you will see her body squirm and tense up in pleasure. Orally, Zoe does a nice job working his cock with lots of licking and stroking as she sucks. As she is pounded doggie, you can see her back arch in pleasure and this continues right through missionary until he lays his load across her pussy and stomach.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Missionary

Natasha Nice & Giovanni Franciscoi

I have watched and reviewed Natasha many times and she always gives 110% in delivering flawless scenes one after the other. But, this entire movie and her sex scene combined takes her to a new level that will be a benchmark for others to follow. When you combine suburb acting skills as Natasha did in playing the main character, with powerful sex, you show others what it will truly takes to make it in this whole new concept of adult movies that New Sensations brings us. Natasha, did not have to do that little skit prior to the sex scene, she had to play a character in a movie from beginning to end and then deliver a sex scene as strong as the acting skills she used in the rest of the movie. Natasha, did all of that with a passion for excellence, that she well achieved.

Natasha, plays the role of “Abby” and it is her former boyfriend, who answers the questions of the readers in his column. When he realizes, that he needs to just listen to himself, he is able to win her back. The entire story will keep your attention from beginning to end and as Natasha and Giovanni, deliver the final sex scene, you will fall into a trace in watching strong and exhilarating sex performed at its best.

The scene begins so natural and realistic of a young couple starting off making out passionately. They will get your woody rock hard as they dry hump through their clothes and work their way to some dynamic full blown sex. Natasha, doesn’t just lay back while her sweet pussy is eaten, she grinds hard into his face and you will see the pleasure lighten in her eyes. Natasha, with her oral skills, will have you busting one nut after the other. Spitting, licking and some awesome deep throating is all included when she works his cock over. I really like her touch in backing off in between working him with her mouth and just jerking the hell out of his cock. Hell, it made me cum just watching.

In cowgirl, she not only slams, but grinds with so much friction you can see sparks. From spooning to taking a fantastic doggie pounding, she goes at it strong. When she takes his load on her stomach, she gently plays with it and has that look in her eyes, that makes you bust another load as the scene wraps up. A great performance from both, strong chemistry and a outstanding male performance by Giovanni in his first role of a feature porn movie. Matching him with Natasha was perfect.

Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggie, Spooning


Audio & Video: The entire content of both the audio and video was delivered superb. The over all camera work was phenomenal as Director: Eddie Powell, not only caught moments well, but he brought them to life. Overall, you will be watching mainstream quality.

My Final Thoughts

Over the past year, I have not only reviewed five titles in New Sensations, Romance Series, but have enjoyed each one immensely. In bringing a movie like this into play with total enjoyment all around, it’s not all about the sex. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the sex in it. But, it’s a mixture of adult performers who can also act in a character at the same level of mainstream movies and then not only perform strong sex, but maintain that character right through the fucking too. In addition to the performers, there must be put into place a story that not only keeps your interest, but logically and creatively leads to each sex scene with a natural flow. Writer: Jacky St. James, delivered all of this and more. Building a script like this, is not easy and to be successful you have to have a driven passion in every aspect, including sex. You will see from the the story, Jacky St. James has introduced all of this, in her first major adult movie and this young lady has me so intrigued to see what she has next.

I have admired Director: Eddie Powell and his work for many years. He consistently delivers in everyone of his dvds, suburb quality and moments caught on camera in such a way that that he stands out from others. The scenes in every aspect are not only life like, but flawless. It is one thing for a actor/actress to perform at high levels, but it also takes getting it on camera to make it all work together. Eddie, does this and “Dear Abby”, is some of his most powerful work and results.

Thirty years ago, I was saying how nice it would be to actually watch a real movie and when it came time for sex, instead of the scene next panning to the two people waking up, it would be great to actually see them fuck. It has taken a long time for this to happen in the industry and over the years many have tried, but it never has been delivered in a way that “New Sensations”, has in their “Romance Series”. Through this, they have found a way to reach multiple types of audiences. Every one from a first time porn watcher to a veteran like myself, will find every aspect of “Dear Abby”, not only enjoyable as a story, but have some powerful jerk off scenes that you can watch over and over. To all the performers, extras, writer, director and staff, I commend each of you on your work in “Dear Abby” and have no reservations at all in putting this movie and dvd in our elite group as an “XCritic Pick”. There are no doubt at all, that there are many awards to be won from “Dear Abby”.


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