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This Is Why I'm Hot

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/12/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

This Is Why I Am Hot
Tom Byron Pictures
Produced and Directed by Ivan
Running Time: 2hrs and 16min


Chanel Preston
Gracie Glam
Kristina Rose
Asa Akira
John Strong
Justice Young
Bruce Venture
Alec Knight

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes Video Vignettes- over an hour of BTS footage with each girl
Behind the Scenes Photo Galleries
Production Still Photo Gallery
5 Trailers
Phone Line/Web Site Commercials

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

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So as the movie gets going, there are some quotes saying how great Ivan’s work is, so let’s see if he adds up to the hype that they are throwing out, with a sexy cast like this, I hope he doesn’t mess this up. Early on in this film, I really wish I was watching this on Bluray and not on DVD, I have a feeling this would look amazing on Bluray on my HD 1080p TV. So I know that during this review, I did make a reference to how this looks and feels somewhat like an Elegant Angel film, and you know that it’s a compliment and not a rip on them. Ivan does a great work showing off the action and giving us some nice tease footage with different looks to each of them. Overall I have to say that I really enjoyed this film, they picked a great group of ladies to show off why they are hot, and boy they really showed us why during their scenes. Plus I would also like to point out the special features which gives us over an hour of BTS footage with time split between the four ladies. So I am going to give this one a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, and the only reason this didn’t get a higher rating, was due to the technical stuff, would have loved to have this in 5.1 and a little boost in the video quality to really show off the colors in the tease footage, so basically if this comes out on Bluray and then boost the audio and video numbers up, this will get our highest rating. But I think they should be proud still of what they put into this film, this one stands out in my mind and I look forward to seeing what they do next, if this is going to be an ongoing series.



Scene One: Chanel Preston and John Strong


After some questions with Chanel, and she brings up the thing I really love about her, her amazing legs that seem to go on for ever. During the interview, we do get some footage of a photo shoot with her. After we learn about her wrestling career, we move on to a very stylized montage of her as she shows off her stuff for the camera, great use of visuals for a tease video. And we cut right to the action as she is on her knees working over some lucky guy’s cock. She gives him a stare with those eyes as she continues to work his cock over with some energy. There is some face fucking and gagging, and even some love for his balls as the oral continues. He stands her up and bends her over and slowly slides his cock in her pussy for some doggy action. And after that she is right back to working his cock over and then leans back and spreads those amazing legs for some missionary action. And as the fucking continues there is some great chemistry coming from these two as the kiss passionately when ever they can. She climbs on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action. I just need to point out that this very much has an Elegant Angel feel to it, with all of the white color and stuff. Anyway enough about the scenery, back to the action, she swivels around for some cowgirl action, in which we get a great view of her ass as it bounces on his cock. He picks her up for some standing cowgirl and then she ends up on her side for some spoon action in her pussy. And after some more missionary she looks him in the eye once again and starts to beg for his cum, and we gives her a pretty good money shot all over her face, and then once again is all over his cock, sucking the cum off of it. She takes one last picture with her camera as the scene comes to a close.

Scene Two: Kristina Rose and Justice Young

So we start off with some more interviews and some rather candid answers to her history and what she likes about having sex and porn. She talks about what about her stands out, her ass of course, and she really shows off her personality which you know isn’t fake if you ever have met in her in person, and I mean that in a good way. We follow that up with a tease video, with a real ghetto fabulous feel to it, it’s nice these tease videos really seem to fit the girls. She’s all decked out in gold chains and really shows off her booty to the camera. And once again, we don’t mess around after the tease, as there is a nice hard cock right behind her, and it quickly is inside her pussy for a bit, and then she turns around and gives it some oral love. And she gives him a wet BJ as she continues to worship his cock, working it over with both hands and plenty of spit. And she ends up bent over once again with her booty out and he is back to working her pussy over with his cock, teasing her as he slides it in and out. He even shoves a finger in her ass, while he continues to fuck her pussy. We follow that up with some pile driver action and then back to some missionary. And about now is when she start teasing with the dirty talk she brought up in her interview. He grabs on to her and sets her on top of him, as she starts to bounce that ass on his cock for some cowgirl action. She climbs off and goes back to work on his cock and then climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. And then he starts to bite her, and she seems to enjoy it, and then on to some spoon action, as he shoves a finger in her ass. He gives her pussy some hard pounding and follows that up with some smacks across her ass. He then grabs a bottle and gets her ass all nice and wet, and she shoves a finger in ass, and he teases her pussy again before working it over with his cock again. She ends up on her stomach and slides his cock in her pussy again and makes her booty clap as he fucks her from above. He pulls out and jerks himself off until he cums over her pussy and ass.



Scene Three: Gracie Glam and Bruce Venture

Once again, we get an interview and history of Gracie and what she likes about being in the industry. She talks about her features, which include her eyes, teeth and booty. But she think her personality is her biggest like of herself and she shows it off in her interview. We also get her history of awards that she has won and nominated for, the other girls did also, just forgot to mention it. She talks about her one of her early scenes, which was also shot by Ivan. We follow that with our tease video, as she dances on a pole and shows off her ass to the camera, these girls really know how to show off their goods for us. After her tease, she is on all fours and a cock comes into the scene and she sucks and swallows it, taking all of it in her mouth, as she gags on it for the camera. She let’s us know how much she loves his cock and that’s she glad it’s all for her. I think she may be in line for some sort of award for her oral skills that she is showing off. He grabs her and sets her on his cock for some cowgirl action, as the cameraman gets a nice view of her ass as it hops on his cock. She even spreads her ass and gives it a few slaps as the camera zooms in. And when his cock slides out, she is begging for it to be right back inside her pussy as quickly as possible. She reaches back and shoves a finger in her ass, while she continues to ride him. She goes back to work on his cock, letting him know how much she likes it, and then she ends up bent over with her ass to the camera, as he spits on her ass and then teases her with his cock before he shoves it back in her pussy. We kept getting teased for some possible anal action by all of these girls, I wonder if we are going to see any by the time the credits roll. Anyways, he continues to pound her pussy in some missionary action, and then her ass is out for the camera once again and she guides his cock back into her pussy. He keeps trying to slide his cock in her ass, but she seems to come in and guide it back into her pussy. She soon starts to beg for his cum, and after he slowly slides his cock in and out of her pussy, he speeds up a bit and then slows back down, driving her crazy as she waits for his cum. He finally pulls out and cums all over her ass, as she shakes it and lets the cum drip down her ass.

Scene Four: Asa Akira and Alec Knight

And as the previous scenes go, we start off with a brief history of her career, and what she loves about being in the industry. And don’t worry, if you don’t like the interviews, you do get some tease footage throughout the interview, so you should be able to deal with it. Asa once again teases us that she really wants to express herself and I think we all can agree that we can’t wait to see what she does next. There is some talk about her awards she has won and the whole giving speeches and stuff. And as the tease footage begins, we get to see her in various outfits, while she dances for the camera. After the tease, she is all on fours, crawls towards to an awards statue and then see that there is also a cock waiting for her. She gags and spits on it, giving it a good work over. She backs up and concentrates on the tip before slowly swallowing all of it in her mouth, and then follows that up with some face fucking. He then gets her on her back and goes to work on her pussy with his fingers and a tongue in her ass, before he slides his cock in her pussy. He pulls out and goes back to licking her ass and pussy, before he hovers above her for some pile driver action in her pussy. He pulls out and she goes right back to worshiping his cock and balls, and then bends over with her ass in the air, shoves a few fingers in her ass, while he licks her pussy. But his cock is back into her pussy pretty quick as they both take turns shoving a few fingers in her ass. And then she teases his cock as she almost lets it inside her ass, but then guides it back into her pussy. I almost thought we were getting some anal there. She is doing an amazing job of teasing us in this scene so far. And we get some more oral work as she shakes her ass for the camera, and then slides ahead and climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action, and the camera moves in for some shots as her booty bounces on his cock. There is some missionary followed by some more ass and pussy licking and then his cock is back in her pussy once again. And after some begging from Asa he gives her a nice money shot on her ass, as she rubs it all over her ass, making all nice and shinny. He then hands her award and she starts giving a speech as the scene comes to an end.

As the credits roll, you get some more BTS footage with Chanel and Ivan



(all pictures courtesy of Tom Byron Pictures)

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