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Anal Teen Dreams

Studio: Vivid » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 7/17/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Anal, Foreign, Widescreen, 18+ Teens

Director: Axel Braun

Cast: Uncredited

Date of Production: 2011

Length: 1 hr. 25 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is clear, and is accneted by moments of music. The video quality is excellent. It is presented in a widescreen format/ratio.

Overview: This DVD really pushes the limits with the 18+ teens that star in it. All of them look very young. I suppose it has something to do with their country of origin? The anal sex displayed in this DVD is extremely hardcore in nature, and features many close up anal shots.


Scene 1

Scene one starts off with a very thin blonde haired girl. Her hair is done up in pigtails to enhance the innocent look I suppose. The girl starts off with a striptease, and anal dildo play (I actually think it was some sort of buttplug?). After the anal intro the scene seems to start over with the unamed girl fully clothed once more. A guy has already joined her at this point in the scene. The actual location of the scene takes place in what appears to be the girl's bedroom. This also adds to the innocent look this scene has going for it. After watching it for a while I felt kind of dirty for observing it. This is the kind of scene that makes you question if it is really legal or not. I do realize that there was an age disclaimer at the beginning of the dvd though. The foreign couple shared several different positions with anal sex involved. There was a couple different variations of doggystyle, and cowgirl included. For those of you who enjoy the blowjob the most that part was really brief. The scene was mainly focused on anal sex, but there was some straight sex involved as well. The guy in the scene ends up shooting his load into her stretched anus. I couldn't really enjoy the scene, because the girl looked so young. For what it was though, it definitely delivered quality anal action.


Scene 2

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The second scene featured another blonde girl in pigtails. At this point I could see a pattern developing in the scenes. It was also a bedroom scene as well. The scene opens up with the girl already in the doggystyle position with her panties pulled down to her knees. She was wearing a school girl type of outfit with a short plaid dress. This was also seemed to go along with the apparent look the director was going for. The guy starts the scene  off by lickng the girl's anus. This is followed by a very quick blowjob that isn't really that satisfying to watch. Through the various types of anal positions that are performed the girl is constantly moaning. The positions included so fast anal doggystyle, anal spooning, and anal cowgirl. The finish for this scene is a big improvement over the anal cumshot of the first scene. The guy actually comes in the girl's mouth as she is performing the final blowjob. She quickly responds by letting the cum flow out of her mouth. I did like the the ending, but the girl looks a bit too young for my tastes.


Scene 3

Once again the scene opens up with a blonde girl. She is more of a dirty blonde, but still a blonde nonetheless. The scene follows the same basic formula as the previous scene with a quick striptease. This time however the girl does some solo masturbation/penetration with a vibrator device. Her young look troubles me a bit. I know I'm not a saint, but I do have my limits when watching adult films. This girl just looked a little too innocent to me. Once the girl gets through pleasuring herself she is relocated to a different bedroom. Basically the scene just switches, but you can tell they are at a different location by the bed's placement. In this scene the guy seems to tend to the girl's needs a little more. He licks her pussy a little, and seems to whisper to her from time to time. I assume it's to see if she can take it anymore. The positions in this scene includes missionary, spooning, anal spooning, reverse cowgirl, and anal reverse cowgirl. The scene seemed a lot less hardcore than the previous scenes. It also seemed to drag on a bit. The cumshot also ended up being on the softcore side. The guy ended up emptying his load on the girls belly, and chest. If it wasn't for the extremely innocent look of the girls this scene would have been enjoyable.


Scene 4

I was glad to see that the girl in this scene actually looked 18+. She was a very attractive black haired girl with blue eyes. The scene begins with her male partner offering her a glass of some alcoholic beverage (I assume). Before she even gets to take a sip the guy pops his cock out of his pants right in front of her face. She replies by giving the guy a brief blowjob. It seems the guys in these scenes get their rocks off by performing anal. The blowjob part is just get the hard so they can perform the anal penetration. The guy in this scene is really into anal it seems. he licks the girl's anus during the scene. One thing I really thought was hot was when the girl took the guy's two balls into her mouth. The anal intercourse in this scene turned out to be one of the most hardcore scenes in the dvd. The guy applied some neck grabs, and some hard butt slapping as well. After a final blowjob from the girl the guy erupts all acros her face, and onto the back of her neck. The couple shares one last kiss before the camera pans out. I thought this was kind of nasty since the guy came on her mouth. I thought the scene was good, and since the girl didn't appear so young I actually enjoyed it.


Scene 5

This is the only scene on the entire dvd that starts off in a different location. Instead of starting off in a bedroom the girl is on an apartment building balcony. She is also a brunette like the previous girl. One difference I noticed is that she wasn't dressed like a school girl like the other female performers were. She was already stripped down to her lacy white lingerie. After she plays with herself a little on the balcony the scene switches location to the usual girls' bedroom. She is sharing a bag of chips with her male partner as the scene comes into focus. This doesn't last long at all before the guy starts kissing her on her panties. Her underwear is quickly removed by the guy, and he briefly fingers her before recieving a blowjob. As with all the scenes in the dvd the blowjob sequence isn't even really that significant. The couple ends up only having anal sex in the spooning position. The rest is just common sex in doggystyle, and missionary. The girl in this scene didn't really appear as young as the girls in the first few scenes, but she still had that innocent look about her. I didn't really find her attractive, and the sex wasn't really that impressive either. The guy did end up shooting a massive load on her mouth, and chin though.



- Previews

- Vivid Extras (Vivid.com Commercial & Sex Hotlines)



To be totally honest I thought the girls in most of these scenes looked a good bit too young. The age disclaimer does state otherwise, and I know the director and producer of this dvd wouldn't make/sell stuff that was illegal. If they did they would have been out of business years ago. With that being said, I still had a hard time watching these girls perform. It made me feel bad. I do enjoy watching adult dvds, but sometimes dvds push the envelope just a little too much. With that in consideration I can't honestly recommend this video. I would definitely skip it. 


Final Rating: Skip It.

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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