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Massage Creep

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/18/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Massage Creep
Red Light District
Directed by Brother Love
Running Time: 4hrs and 17min


Kourtney Kane
Chanel Preston
Cindy Hope
Ella Milano
Madison Parker
Johnny Castle
Mikey Butders

Special Features:

Cumshot Recap
Chapter Index
Photo Gallery
Web Site

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3.5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So as long as there has been porn, one of the most common scenarios is the massage that turns out with a happy ending. There are a few web series, including this one, and even an ongoing series from Digital Playground. So there is something very sexy about the massage, it must be the touching and rubbing, and you really get to appreciate the figure of the girls as they get their massage. And you know something is going to happen, but the anticipation is part of the fun. And I think if you are a fetish fan of certain body parts, these types of movies are for you, considering they focus on certain areas for a long period of time before the sex starts. So this is one of those movies that comes along and really surprises you, I figured by the second scene I would be tired to pretty much seeing the same thing over and over again, which is somewhat true, but the girls each added a little something to the scene, by the way they acted (shy or forward type) or just the way they showed their interest in him as the scene went on. There were some slight focusing issues pop up at random times, and some noises from the camera, as it moved around. And they don’t seem to really concentrate on the up close and personal shots as the fucking goes on, so there were no, hey I can see her liver at this angle. But I have to say that I overall impressed by this film and I think in the end I am going to give this a better rating than I expected.  But I think the special features, which there is basically nothing, plus the quality of the video and audio are going to be the thing that bring this movie down a little. I loved the scenes and all of the girls were amazing, I just can’t let the poor audio and video pass, in my mind. With some better stats, this could have been a great movie, but I think I feel pretty good about a RECOMMENDED rating for this, you may be willing to look past the audio/video, and the sex is that good it may happen.

Scene One: Chanel and Johnny


He comes in and sets up his table and they get to the small talk, and it seems she kind of knows what she is getting into with him. He leaves and let’s her get naked and slips under the sheet. He creeps around the corner with the camera as she undresses. After she is ready, he comes in and starts with the massage, with the sexual innuendos popping out every once awhile. After some work on her back, he moves down to her legs and ass, and gets a few close rubs around her pussy, testing the waters, to see what she is into and how far he can go. Some attention to her ass and he gets to really check out her pussy, as he spreads her ass for the camera. He gets her to flip over and she says she likes getting her breasts rubbed, so he has to satisfy the customer. After her tits, he head south to inner thigh and his crotch seems to be excited and she notices that and seems to think she can help him out.  So we have gone from a message to pretty much foreplay before the sex starts. She spreads her legs and he dives his mouth into her pussy and gives it a massage. And by the sounds of her moans, he seems to know what he is doing. He takes off his clothes and she takes a hold of his cock and begins to give it a massage with her mouth. She leans her head back over the side of the table for some face fucking as he continues to rub her body. He then slides her to other side of the table and shoves his cock in her pussy, in which we get some POV shots as he rubs her pussy while he continues to fuck her. He flips her over and gets her ass in the air and fucks her from behind, and she moans for him to fuck her hard and he gives her some hard thrusts, with plenty of clapping as they fuck. He gives her a cushion to enhance the sex as the doggy continues, and she even screams for him to grab her hair, but that is short lived as she flips over on the cushion as the pussy pounding continues. The fucking continues in various positions on the table until he prepares her for his money shot, which most of flies past her face and she rubs it into her skin.

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Scene Two: Cindy and Johnny

This time it seems Cindy, with a sexy foreign accent, is a little more timid than Chanel was, and she is not sure what to expect. She slips under the covers and he walks in, and she seems to really try hard to hide her body, and even leaves her panties on. She may be shy, but she purrs as soon as he starts rubbing her back and shoulders. She gets the giggles for a bit and gets control as he continues to work her over. She seems to opening up a little to him and gives him a few glances as he works her arm and hands. He pulls the cover down and starts working her legs, starting at her lower leg and feet, and then heads to her upper thigh area, getting a few glimpses of her pussy as he works her ass a little. He puts the cover back over and her and tells her to flip over and he covers her breasts with a towel, and then goes back to her neck (she seems to be some what sensitive around that area) and shoulders. He mentions his clients enjoy a breast massage and convinces her to give it a try, and she keeps giving him some glances, like she wants to make a move, but isn’t quite sure yet. After her breasts he starts to head south to work her thighs over and then asks if he can slip off her panties so he can work her inner thighs, she goes back to the shy phase as he puts a towel over to cover her up a little. He changes oil and then begins to work her pussy over a little, and gets a little adventurous with a massage toy that he brings out. She seems to be a little freaked out and worried, but he assures her it will help her relax. He teases her pussy as he goes back and forth between her legs. And then he forgets about her thighs and just concentrates on her pussy and she tells him not to stop. She begins to moan with excitement and then he says he has one more technique for her, pulls out a foam tube has her lay on it, so he can work her ass. He spreads her ass for the camera and once again gives slight teases to her pussy, and then busts out the massage toy again on her pussy. She grabs onto the sheet as he continues and tries to contain her excitement, and then he wants to try out his tongue massage on her pussy and she really seems to be enjoying it. This is getting pretty hot as you watch the look on her face. After his tongue is done, he tells her to relax, he takes off his shorts and climbs over her and begins to fuck her pussy., while kissing her neck. After awhile he turns her over on her back and spreads her legs and goes right back to working her pussy over. And then he gives her the toy once again to let her use as he slowly fucks her pussy. She cranks up the power on the toy and screams as she cums for him, and then tells him to fuck her hard. We follow that up with some hard dogging action, then he dives back in for some tongue work on her pussy before the doggy continues. He tells her to lay on her back and then lets her massage his cock with her mouth and hands. After some face fucking his is back to work on her pussy in some missionary action until he leaves a money shot on her face and mouth.

Scene Three: Kourtney and Johnny

It seems she has just finished working out, and it seems that she was referred by Chanel, so she knows exactly she is in for. So that kind of ruins the surprise and anticipation a little. But I’ve been surprised so far, so I have a good feeling about this scene. She mentions she has a boyfriend and is very happy, so maybe he won’t be that needed for his extra services, but I feel he will change her mind after the massage gets going. He leaves and let’s her get undressed and the camera peaks around the corner to give us a view as she gets undressed. She leaves her white panties on and then slips under the sheet and calls him in. He busts out the baby oil and goes to work on her back and then moves on to her arms and hands. She doesn’t seem as chatty as the others and just seems to be relaxing and enjoying her massage, too bad the creaky camera gets a little annoying during these quite times. He pulls off the covers and goes to work on her legs and then heads a little north and this is where he usually starts teasing her pussy a little as he works her inner thighs. He convinces her to take off her panties to make sure they don’t get all oily as he works her booty area. He covers her with a towel, but that really doesn’t cover her too well as he massages her. He finally moves in and teases her pussy while working her butt, but nothing more just yet. He flips her on her back and covers her up and goes back to work on her neck and shoulders. He then brings up the chest massage and she is ok with it, as he oils up her boobs and rubs them down. After her boobs he heads south and goes back to working her thighs, with some teasing of her pussy. But he wants to break out the toy to help her loosen up. And like before he spends more time on her pussy than her thighs and you can tell by the change in her breathing that she is starting to get turned on. But the toy breaks down, so he goes for the finger play in her pussy. He then grabs her hand and brings it towards his crotch and she pulls him closer and pulls down his pants and begins to softly lick his cock. And after she works him over, he slides her on the table and begins to slowly fuck her pussy with his cock in some nice POV action. He gives her pussy a massage with his tongue before he slides his cock back in. He oils her ass up while he fucks her on her side with some heavy and hard thrusts. He moves around to her face, as it hangs over the side for some face fucking as she plays with her pussy with her hand. But he wants back in her pussy, so he leans her over the table and begins to really pound her pussy from behind. We follow that up with some missionary before he ends up top on her as she lays on her stomach and fucks her from behind. And then he talks about the free facial that comes with the massage, and he delivers a pretty good one all over the side of her face.

Scene Four: Ella and Johnny

She is house sitting for her uncle and she couldn’t figure out what to do and decided to try and get a massage. She seems a little more chatty than the last girl. She plays the sweet and innocent girl, but she does seem to like what she sees as she gives him a few glances and flirts with him. He leaves and lets her get undressed and we get to watch as she undresses and strips down to her panties and then slides under the covers. He starts off with her back and she really seems interested in his job and asks and talks a lot as he works her over. Ok, by this time you have heard these stories a few times, but give it a few minutes I am sure it will be worth it soon. He once again starts off with her back before he heads to her legs. She offers to take off her panties as he starts to work her booty, which means we are going to get some nice glimpses of her pussy. She asks if he works every part of her body and he says he does what the clients want. She flips over and seems to be really trying to turn up the flirting as she works her shoulders and then her breasts. She starts to moan a little while he rubs down her breasts. You can sense some heat as he is enjoying his view and wants to make a move, so he heads down to work her legs over and then begins to tease her pussy and inner thighs. He uses the other lotion as he really works her pussy over with his fingers and then shoves a few in. He pulls out and she gives a look of why did you stop and then pulls out the cushion and leans her over it and then teases her a bit before he slides his fingers back in her pussy. He tells her he is going to give her a deeper massage as he pulls his shorts down and slides his cock into her pussy. We get some nice shots of her booty as we get some POV shots during the doggy action. He walks around and she starts massaging his cock with her tongue and mouth, very slowly, as she grabs his balls and juggles them. While she is working on his cock, he fingers her pussy and then repositions her on the table for some missionary action. He pulls out and gives her pussy and ass a work over with his tongue, which she seems to enjoy, but then slides his cock back in her pussy. And he is giving it to her so hard, she is worried he is going to push her off the table. He gets her bent over the side of the table with her ass in the air and continues to fuck her from behind as they make the table move. He really seems like he has to guide her a little through this scene, can’t say I have seen her before (but she has a great little body, so hopefully I will see her again soon), so she may be a newbie. But either way he gives her a good pounding from behind as she moans and screams with delight. He asks if she is ready for his facial and she says she wants it all over her mouth, so much for the shy girl routine. So he pulls out and walks around and gives her facial on her side of the face.

Scene Five: Madison and Mikey

So it seems that Johnny has finally a day off and we have Mikey giving the massage today, and he is getting pretty lucky with the lovely Madison, another cute girl with an accent. She is not playing the shy type at all, as she gives him a few looks while she helps him set up the table. He leaves so she can undress, I am sort of surprised she didn’t let him stay and watch. She strips down to her panties and then slides under the blanket and then he comes in. He gives her a pre rubdown so her body can get used to his touch. He jumps up on the table and stretches her out and then breaks out the oil and then says she should slide her panties down so it doesn’t get soaked with oil, which is apparently cold. He climbs back on top of her and works the oil into her back. Mikey has a different technique with his massage than Johnny, but I have a good feeling they will end the same. He moves down to her legs and oils them up and rubs them over and then heads towards her ass and thighs. He starts teasing her pussy a little while he rubs her shoulder and inner thighs, before going right for her pussy. He goes back to her legs and butt for a little bit  and then has her roll over and then starts off at her feet (this is for you foot lovers out there) and then moves to her stomach and waist, while his crotch is right in her face. She licks her lips, as she is starting to get turned on a little, but he slides her underwear off and cover her pussy with a towel and then goes back to work on her legs and thighs. He slowly heads towards her pussy and starts to rub and pinch it a little with his hands. You can hear the moans start to come from her mouth as he continues. He goes back by her head and leans over her body and continues to rub her down and then shoves his crotch in her face and then pulls down his shorts and tells her to open wide as sucks and licks his cock. He reaches over and begins to finger her pussy as she opens up her legs for him. He shoves his cock as far in her mouth as she can take it  and then walks around and climbs on the table and slowly slides his cock in her pussy.  All the time he is fucking her, he is still making sure she is breathing properly and stretching, what a great masseuse. He then gets her on her side and slides in between her legs and works his way to her pussy. He moves behind her for some doggy action, in which he really turns up the energy, had to slow down, I’m assuming to make sure he didn’t cum too soon. We get some POV action as he continues with the doggy and then keeps stretching her out as he brings her closer. He climbs off and bends her over the end of the table for some more doggy and then comes around and let’s her go back to work on his cock and then grabs her hand so she works his balls too. You have to love the way she purrs and moans as she works his cock over. But he ends up back on the table behind her for some more doggy and then missionary and back to doggy (seems to like that position) and then pulls out and gives her a pretty good money shot on the side of her face. She licks and sucks the cum off his cock as the scene comes to an end.



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