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Asian Mouth Club 6

Studio: Madness Pictures » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 7/20/11

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Point Of View, Asian, Blowjobs

Director: MO

Cast: Celia Vi, Jessica Bangkok, Kayme Kai, Lucky Starr, Max Mikita

Date of Production: 8/5/10, 8/11/10, 8/21/10, 8/23/10, 8/31/10

Length: 2 hrs. 27 mins.

Audio/Video: The Audio quality is excellent, and features crisp sound. The video quality is also excellent, and seems to be of HD quality. I could not find specifications of this though. Each scene is presented in a widescreen format.

Overview: This is the 6th installment of Adam & Eve's Asian Mouth Club series. It features some of the lovliest ladies from various Asian cultures. The series focuses on the girls' personalities. The director interviews each girl before their performance in a little Q & A session about their ethnic heritage. It gives the girls a more 'human' quality instead of just making them look like sex objects.


Scene 1: Jessica Bangkok

Jessica's scene started off with a very lively interview. She had a ver excitable personality which made me enjoy the interview even more. The director asked her many different questions about her background during the rather lengthy session. I found out that Jessica's family was from Guam/Philippines, and that she was a type of Asian that I had never heard of. I didn't really understand what she said when she mention what type she was, but I think it started with a 'C'? The director went over some typical Asian stereotypes with her like bad Asian women drivers, and massages with 'happy endings'. Jessica always answering in a laughing/joking manner. She had a very fun personality, and liked to use the 'F' word a lot. After the interview Jessica did a sexy striptease to some modern day Asian sounding music. She also played with herself a little before starting the blowjob.

Jessica's blowjob techinique is one of the sloppiest/wettest I have ever seen in an adult film. She was constantly spitting all over the guy's cock. It might have been a bit excessive, but the guy seemed to enjoy it. I noticed that Jessica applied a lot of hand work to her blowjob, but her performance was still impressive. She did a lot of deepthroating, biting, and licking. She even bit down on the guy's balls! That part actually looked a little painful. Jessica ended up jacking the guy off in her mouth. She spit the cum into her hands, and then took it back into her mouth. She ended up swallowing a majority of the large load, bu some did escape. I think she spit the cum in her hands so the audience could see that she was actually swallowing cum which would make perfect sense.

I though the scene was amazing. Jessica's interview was very interesting, and it allowed me to know more about her. Both her interview, and her performance was energetic. This was truly an impressive first scene. I absolutely loved that she swallowed instead of wasting the guy's load.


Scene 2: Celia Vi

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Celia Vi's name is pronounced like the French phrase. I had to point this out, because I thought it was rather cool. Celia is a extremely attractive 20 year old Asian girl. During her interview, and striptease she was wearing what appeared to be a traditional Asian robe. She was also wearing a mesh one piece body suit that allowed you to see everything. I loved the dragon design that was placed between her breasts on the mesh bodysuit. Celia's interview went abou the same as Jessica's. The director questioned her about her heritage, which was another odd Asian culture I had never heard of. He also asked her about Asian stereotypes. She mentioned nursing, and Film producers as her reply. The director even touches base with the bad driver stereotype, and asks Celia how many wrecks she's had. She tells him she only had one. The one thing the director does different in this interview is to ask Celia about 'dirty' words in her language. She ends up telling him a phrase that means "You have the biggest cock ever". Celia mentions in the interview that she likes a guy who takes good care of his body, and mentions that she likes romance.  When the interview was finished she gave a really hot striptease. I loved watching her remove the mesh outfit.

Celia's blowjob wasn't that sloppy but she did apply some spit to the guy's cock. She did some biting as well which I was kind of surprised at. I was thinking maybe this is also a stereotypical thing among Asian women? Aside from the rough biting Celia also sucked the guy's balls, and did a lot of licking. She deepthroated a little, and gagged a bit too. I really enjoyedwatching her perform. You could definitely tell she was experienced in what she was doing. Celia ended the scene by jacking the guy off on her face. Most of the come landed around her mouth. I though the finish was ok, but I would have liked to have seen her take it into her mouth at least.


Scene 3: Kayme Kai

Up to this point in the review I think Kayme's interview was the most interesting. Kayme is a Hawaiian, Chinese, and Philippine mix. She says she speaks Hawaiian vey well, and English too. I could definitely tell she spoke English good, and she honestly looked more American than Asian. It turns out that Kayme had an extremely sexual life. She worked with her maternal Grandparents at their sex shop in Hawaii. She sorted the inventory for pay, so I imagine she got educated early on. During Highschool she admitted to having sex with the football coach as well as giving boys blowjobs in the mens restroom. If this wasn't enough she also experimented with other girls. The stereotypes Kayme mentioned were that Asians are good at math, and technology. She also said that Asian girls have the tightest, and wettest pussies. Needless to say her interview definitely held my undivided attention.

Kayme's striptease was a little distracting in the fact that her nipples didn't match up. One was higher than the other. I think the director picked up on this, because the rest of the scene hardly shows her tits. I realize it's a superficial thing, but it was distracting. Aside from that little detail her blowjob skills were amazing. she could deepthroat like a pro. I didn't even hear her really gag. One thing did bother me about her performance though. She did some major ball biting. It looks painful, and watching it made me cringe a bit. This actually made the third Asian girl on this DVD that was into biting. Maybe it's something Asian girls are into? Kayme also applied a two hand handjob, and a titjob during her performance. She ends up taking the guy's huge load into her mouth. She swishes it around a bit before finally swallowing. It was truly an amazing performance. I also loved her story about her background.


Scene 4: Lucky Starr

Lucky Starr was probably one of the most interesting Asian girls on this dvd. Her interview was filled with some very cool things about her. To begin with she wows the director with her ability to talk dirty in several different languages including sign language. Some of the phrases she said included "I want you to cum on my face", and "Fuck you!". Lucky starr is a Filipino-American. She looked a lot older than the previous girls, more of a milf type. Aside from her ability to talk dirty in multiple dialects, Lucky Starr also starred in famous musicals like 'Miss Saigon'. That bit of background info did surprise me a little. The cameraman went through the same stereotypical questions as before. Lucky Starr replied by stating that Filipino women take good car of their men, that she was good with geometry, and that she had been in two car accidents. She even went as far as to say that Filipino girls are better drivers than Chinese women. When it came to penis size she didn't really care as long as the guy knew how to use what he had. She also mentioned that big penises scare her, because they hurt.

I really liked Lucky Star's striptease. It seemed more Asian to me. She was wearing a pink silk sleeveless dress, and twirled around a matching oriental umbrella. Her solo masturbation scene was really short, and she only managed to finger herself for a second before being summoned by the male performer. Her blowjob skills were lacking in many ways. She used her hands a lot, and hardly went deep on the guy's cock. What really ruined it for me was that she was constantly talking as if the interview was still going on. I would have definitely loved to have heard less talking. The guy ends up coming into her open mouth, and she swallows the load fairly quick. Id did like that she decided to finish the scene by swallowing.


Scene 5: Max Mikita

If you're an anime fan like I am, then you'd probably notice that everything about Max Mikata appeared as if it were from 'Golden Boy (An Erotic Japanese Animation Cartoon)'. At first she seemed to be a bit cold towards the interview, but as she talked more she loosened up. My first impression of her was that I honestly thought she wasn't into doing the scene. I was definitely glad to be wrong. Max Makita is also a Filipino like Lucky Starr. I would have thought they would choose a wider variety of Asian girls, but i'm glad they did include Max. Max had to endure the same barrage of stereotypical questions that the other girls did. Some of her answers were basically the same as well. Her answer to the car accident question was really surprising. She mentioned that she was in a wreck that she couldn't remember due to the severity of it. She said that she heard witnesses say she was racing at the time. This fact doesn't stop her from riding Japanese street bikes though. When it cam to the question about Asian guys' penis sizes she agreed that they were smaller than Americans'.

Max Mikita's striptease was similar to Lucky Stars in that she wore a similar type of dress only it was red instead of pink. Her solo masturbation session even lasted a good bit longer. Out of all the Asian girls' blowjob performances I think Max's was the mosst unique. Her technique was slow, and sensual yet very satisfying to watch. She did a lot of licking, and included various handjob techniques. The only issue I had with this scene was the ending cumshot. She ended up jacking the gouy off onto her breasts. I had hoped for at least a facial finish, but was truly let down. Maybe she wasn't really into it afterall?



- Behind The Scenes 

- Slideshow

- Trailers



I had done a reiew of a previous dvd in this series, and I have to honestly say I was more impressed with this one. In fact I was greatly impressed. Everything about each scene was quality. I actually loved the interviews, and getting to know the girls more. It may sound odd, but I honestly think the interviews were just as good as the girls' oral performances. I can't truly say that I'm a fan of Asian porn, but this definietly has changed my outlook on Asian girls in the Adult film industry in a good way. You might even see me start reviewing more Asian titles. The only thing that's kind of lacking on this dvd is the extras, but that's minute in comparison to what this dvd offers. For that I give this dvd the 'Xcritic Pick'. It has been a good while since I've review an Adult dvd that's this entertaining.


Final Rating: Xcritic Pick!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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