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Stripper Firefighters

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/22/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Stripper Firefighters
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Jonathan Morgan
Running Time: 1hr and 46min
Condoms: Yes
Adult Comedy


Alektra Blue
Briana Blair
Jessie Andrews
Madison Ivy
Vanessa Cage
Bill Bailey
Johnny Castle
Mick Blue
Ramon Nomar
Rocco Reed
Tommy Gunn

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene with Alektra Blue and Mick Blue from XXX Avengers (a nice 17 minute scene)
Photo Gallery
Motion Menu
Trailers (2 before main menu) and 6 trailers including a few more that were directed by Jonathan Morgan

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Before we get too far into the review, I am just going to state the obvious for me, both Alektra and Briana are very sexy, and have amazing bodies, and they can even pull off being sexy in a firefighters uniform. And one more lady that deserves a little attention, Jessie Andrews, who as stated in my review has some great energy in her scene, and I am really looking forward to seeing her in the spotlight in her upcoming big release from Elegant Angel.

 So this could be the unintended sequel to Boobwatch as the premises are the same. In this one, we get various scenarios when people are in danger and luckily we have some sexy stripper firefighters who are able to come in and save the day and then help their victims with some hot sex. And like Boobwatch there were some great one liners (talking about the dangers of a toaster and Alektra explaining that fucking a dead body is not a great thing, just to give you a few examples), as they make a simple situation seem like a much more dangerous one. And  I have to say I enjoyed this movie, I think I laughed a few more times in this one that I would have expected, but enough about the funny, how was the sex you may be asking. Well Jonathan does a great job of going from over the top cheesy to very sexy in this movie, so it’s ok to have an erection while you are laughing out loud. So much like the movie, I am going to call out for a funky beat from Jerome as I end this review and give this movie a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. But I do have to say it would have been nice to see Briana in another scene too.

Scene One: Alektra and Jessie and Rocco and Mick

Rocco brings Jessie breakfast in bed to celebrate their one week anniversary, and then some cheesy dialogue follows, cheesy but funny. He lights a candle and suddenly they hear a siren and then Alektra and Mick come in and take care of the candle. Rocco tries to defend himself and tries to explain himself and then Alektra says she can help, the music starts and then her and Mick start to dance and strip for them. Jessie seems a little scared of Mick’s cock that has a bell on the end, but soon enough both girls are working over the guys cock. Jessie gets face fucked while Alektra gags on Rocco’s cock. Mick then fingers Jessie until she is about to burst and then we get an explosion as the girls are getting fucked by the guys on the bed. Jessie seems to be the more vocal of the two as she scream as Rocco pounds her pink pussy. Another explosion and the girls have switched partners as the fucking continues. The girls get plenty of time to kiss each other as the fucking continues. Both girls scream for it harder and faster and the guys do their best to keep these girls satisfied. The girls climb on the guys cock for some tandem reverse cowgirl action, as they hop and swivel their hips on the guys. With Alektra’s amazing body and Jessie intensity this movie is getting off to a great start, see what I did there. And Rocco is the first to give Jessie a money shot on her pussy, with Mick soon to follow with one on Alektra’s pussy.

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Scene Two: Briana and Johnny

Johnny is about to impress his girlfriend with a nice hot tub and some rose and candles, and wouldn’t you know it as soon as he lights the candle, a siren starts and Briana shows up and asks what he is doing. And then after the crisis is solved, she cues the music and starts to gives him a striptease. He is scared at first but then warms up to her pretty quick. She lets him play with her boobs as she back up into him. She reaches back and grabs his crotch and can’t wait to get a hold of his big hose, as she takes a hold of his cock and begins to suck and lick it. She continues to jerk him off as she heads a little south and licks his balls, she doesn’t want to forget about them. She continues to worship his cock with her mouth and then slaps her tits with it, continuing to tease him until he is about to burst. Explosion and then Johnny is face first in her pussy and ass, giving both a good work over with his tongue. After a bit she begs for him to fuck her hard, and what do you know, explosion and she is on top of his cock for some reverse cowgirl action as she is getting filled with his cock. We follow that up with some doggy  in her pussy as she begs for him to shove it in her pussy. And after another explosion she is on top of him for some cowgirl as she shakes and bounces her ass on his cock, a real site to be seen for your own eyes if you ask me. And after we get to enjoy that amazing view, we get another explosion and they have moved on to some spoon action on the floor. And he is about to put on her fire as he cums on her pussy.

Scene Three: Vanessa and Ramon

Ramon is about to start a fire in the fireplace and can’t seem to get the wood to start burning, so he leaves and grabs a thing of gasoline and pours it over the wood. He grabs a hold of the lighter and sirens start and Vanessa walks in and helps him from being burned alive. He is still cold, so she calls out for some music and starts to strip for him, as she backs into him and grinds her hips in his crotch. She pushes him onto the chair and continues to tease him with a sexy striptease. He tells her to sit on his lap and she rubs and grinds over his crotch with her pussy, and you can tell his cock wants to be set free. So he opens his pants and grabs a hold of his cock and goes to work as she tries to get all of it in her mouth. And after an explosion he is being held up by him as he slides his cock in her pussy and begins to let her ride his fire pole. He lays back on the chair and she continues to grind and bounce on his cock. And we follow that up with some reverse cowgirl action as he spreads her legs for the camera. He pulls out and stabs his tongue in her pussy, followed by a finger, and then let’s her taste it, before sliding his cock back in her pussy. The continue the fun on the floor until he pulls off his rubber and gives her a money shot across her pussy.

Scene Four: Alektra and Bill

Bill is trying to get into a sex swing and it seems that he has gotten trapped, but the good news is that Alektra rushes in and saves the day.  But before he decides to take it back, she has decided to show him how to properly use it. She calls for Jerome and the music starts and she dances for him and takes off her uniform. She continues with the striptease and then lets him have a go with her tits. Before he can go for her pussy, she seems to want to have a shot at his cock first. So she gets on her knees and opens his pants and goes to work on his cock , showing off her oral skills, which I am sure she has either been nominated or won for. But like she said earlier, she is going to show him how to use the swing, so she ends up in it, and he ends up face first in her pierced pussy. They both end up shoving a few fingers in her pussy and then he gives her ass a work over with his tongue. Explosion into as they really start to use the swing as he slides his cock in her pussy and does his best to keep her satisfied. But she seems to help out with her fingers until she apparently squirts. Bill takes a seat in the swing and she climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action. It seems like it takes a little concentration to use that swing, otherwise I can only see it ending badly. But let’s talk about something good, like some doggy action and some nice shots of her ass and she begs and pleads for him to fuck her harder and harder. They switch to some missionary and she does her best to keep her pussy wet and then he pulls out and covers her pretty good with a money shot.

Scene Five: Madison and Tommy

Tommy is all excited about making a sandwich and puts some bread in the toaster and it seems that the toaster is burning his bread, and Madison comes in and tells him to back away from the toaster and she explains just how dangerous of an event this is. She solves the crisis and then gives him a safety lesson which reminds me a little of Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color. He is still hungry  and she calls out for Jerome and cue the music. She shakes her ass and for him and she slides out of her uniform and gives us quick glimpse of her ass and tits, great tease if you ask me. She climbs on the counter and shakes her ass in his face and then starts to get really turned on as she talks about fire safety. He helps her out of her uniform and then she leads him to her and shoves her tits in his face, and then tells him to stick out his tongue and lick on those wonderful tits. She turns around and he slide off her panties and then licks her pussy and the darts his tongue in her ass. And after she licks the taste of her pussy off his finger, she is enjoying his big fire hose as she bobs and gags on it. She lathers it up with some spit as the oral workout continues. And speaking of workout, the last time I saw her in a movie she played a personal trainer and boy it seems she can be sexy in many occupations too. Explosion and Madison is bouncing her booty on his cock as he lays on the counter. They switch places on the counter as he fucks her pussy as she lays on the counter top, rubbing her pussy, till she shakes and shivers with excitement, as he continues to fuck her. She shakes for him again and then they both end up on the counter for some spoon as she tells him to take her pussy. And he takes her pussy for a ride and then pulls out and cums all over her pussy and then she uses his cock to rub the cum into her skin.

During the credits you get some bloopers and outtakes from the first scene as Alektra tries to do her lines. Mick does a good job and trying to stay in character as she does her lines.


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