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About Jessica

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/26/11

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About Jessica
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Barrett Blade
Running Time: 1hr and 40min
Romantic Comedy
Condoms: Yes


Jessica Drake
Danni Cole
Ivy Winters
Kiara Diane
Dale Dabone
Marcus London
Seth Gamble
TJ Cummings

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene with Jessica Drake and Rocco Reed from The Rocki Whore Picture Show (11 minute scene)
Photo Gallery
Motion Menu
Trailers (2 before main menu) plus 6 more, including a few more from Barrett Blade

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

I would like to point out that it seems like they have increased the run times of their movies lately. It used to be that most of their movies were around 90 minutes, but I think the last few I have reviewed have been around the 2 hour mark (and yes I realize that this is around 100 minutes, it‘s still longer than 90 minutes though), looks like they are trying to give you more bang for your buck. Also have to point out that this movie seems to have a few new girls in it, and not just filled with the regular Wicked girls you are used to seeing, so this may be the new freshman class of ladies they are building. All I can say is that Danni Cole, I look forward to seeing more of your lovely boobs soon. Overall this was an OK release, not a great film, but not a horrible one either, I have to say the Danni and Jessica/Marcus scenes were the highlight and for that I feel pretty good about giving this a RENT IT rating, just so you can check out those two scenes alone.

Scene One: Ivy, Jessica and Kiara

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We start off with some interviews with some guys who have all fell under the spell of her and how they have been affected by her. It seems that the girls are having some troubles with guys, but it seems they have been there for each other. And it seems like they really know how to make them feel better. They start off with some kissing and then they double team Ivy, fingering and spreading her pussy with their fingers. And then the other girls realize they have too many clothes on and start to strip with a little help from each other. Jessica is the next to attention from the girls, as Kiara fingers her pussy and Ivy sits on her face and let’s her eat out her pussy. I think it has been awhile since I have seen Jessica in an all girl scene, I will have to enjoy this moment then. They break out the toys as Jessica shoves it in Ivy’s pussy, while Kiara sits on her face and rubs her pussy over her mouth. Jessica throws on a strap on begins to fuck Kiara as she hovers over Ivy, who helps out with her hands and mouth whenever she can. The girls double team her strap on with their mouths, begging and fighting for their chance to shove it in their mouths. Jessica ends up laying on the bed, as Ivy rides her and Kiara slides her pussy near her mouth. The scene comes to an end, and Jessica is determined to take them all out for a nice out on town.

Scene Two: Kiara and Dale

So the girls head out to the club, and it seems the guard uses his power to “frisk” the ladies before they can head in. Jessica and the girls walk right in and begin to dance the night away, it just seems it’s taking Ivy a little to have as much fun as the rest of the girls are. One of the guys does his best Night at the Roxbury impression, as he cleans the dance floor. Kiara spots Dale at the bar and goes over to talk to him and Jessica tries to help her with Marcus, who seems to have other plans. Ivy gets a look at Seth and heads over and sits down by him. Kiara heads to the bathroom and grabs Jessica so they can chat and talk about their plans. It seems that there is some sexual tension between her and Marcus, who soon leaves to help his buddy with his bachelor party. We meet up with Dale and Kiara as they get back to his place and she takes no time getting him out of his pants and her mouth around his cock.  And he takes no time, getting his cock inside her pussy, as they fuck on the couch, followed by some spoon action. She continues to take his cock in her pussy, with some doggy action as she braces her self on the couch. She begs for his cum as he slips off the condom and jerks himself off onto her ass and her lower back.

Scene Three: Ivy and Seth

We catch up with Seth and Ivy, and it seems she is shocked by the size of his cock and will try to do her best to take all of it inside her body. It seems to fit in her mouth as she sucks and jerks it off. So we know it fits in her mouth, next we see that it fits in her pussy as they get going with some spoon action on the bed. And she seems to like it as she begs and moans for him to fuck her even harder. You have to give Ivy some props for pulling off the school girl, rave girl look, with the cute pigtails with some pink thrown in. She ends up on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action and then back to some missionary as they continue to give this bed a real workout. Seems to be a little time where things seem to be going bad, but they do a good job of getting things back and running. And we get a money shot in the mouth as the scene comes to a close.

Scene Four: Danni And TJ

Kiara gets a call from Jessica and it seems that she can’t get Marcus out of her head and she wants Kiara to come along. They head to a gas station as they both really have to pee. In the bathroom, there seems to a glory hole and Jessica gets poked in the eye with the cock, and freaks out and it seems that Kiara knows this cock and will take care of it for her. We then cut to a new couple and it seems they are really in love by the cheesy dialogue. After some kissing he picks her up and lays her on the bed and starts to fondle her boobs and then finally gets her out of the bra and lets those babies free. She then helps him unleash his cock  and then goes to work, gagging and swallowing it, keeping it nice and wet. She ends up laying back on the bed and lets him return the favor as he slowly kicks her pussy with his tongue. She moans and purrs as he continues to focus on her pussy, before he slowly shoves his cock in her pussy for some hard fucking and she seems to have no trouble taking it. We cut as she slides his cock in her pussy for some more hard pounding as she rides him. She may flip around and continue to ride him, but he doesn’t slow down a bit as he continues to pound her pussy hard. He slides off his condom and teases her boobs with his cock and then slides it between them until he cums on her tits. It seems that she is supposed to marry Marcus, as he and Barret come busting in the room, just as they are done.

Scene Five: Jessica and Marcus

They talk and it seems that this affair has been going on for awhile and then Jessica and Kiara walk in and once they find out what is going on, she leaves. Marcus soon follows and needs to clear his head. Kiara does her best to console her and then we see the girls as they are sitting around talking love and bad relationships. But the girls have brought Marcus over to work things out between the two of them. He sweet talks her and does his best to make up for it, and she seems to be ok with him and they start to kiss. She suggests they head to her room where he is doing his best to work her body over with his hands. He slides off her shorts and dives into her pussy with his tongue and fingers. And then she lays on the bed and returns the favor with some great oral as we get some nice view of her ass. And after a brief flash, she is rolled over on the bed for some missionary action which leads to her on top for some cowgirl action in her pussy. And he gives her a few ass slaps and some hard pounding as she rides him. She reaches back and shoves a few fingers in her ass while he continues to fuck her pussy. He pulls out and cums all over her pussy and it seems the sexual tension is gone and it seems in the end it all works out, awww a happy ending.

Some outtakes and bloopers show up during the credits.


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