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Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/29/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Jennaration X Studios
Jules Jordan Video
Directed by Jenna Haze
Running Time: 3hrs and 34min


Jenna Haze
Monique Alexander
Faye Reagan
DanI Jensen
Charmane Star
Sophia Santi
Carmen McCarthy
Capri Anderson
Zoe Britton
Karlie Montana

Special Features:

Shot in HD
2 Disc Special Edition
Behind the Scenes: 41 minutes  (candid interviews and stuff with the ladies during the shoot)
Bonus Sex Scene: Jenna Haze 19 minutes (a solo scene)
Multiple Chapter Stops
Orgasm Recap
Photo Gallery
No Regional Coding
16 x 9 Anamorphic Widescreen

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So this was another one of those movies, that my fellow reviewer Don Houston was nice enough to give me his extra copy so I could check it out for myself. I have slacked a little on reviewing those movies, so it’s time to get cracking on those again. So this movie has been reviewed twice already, one by Don Houston and the other by Dr Jay. And it seems that both of them agree that this movie deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating. So now, it’s time to see what I have to say about this movie, but I have a feeling, I will most likely agree with them.

And because a few reviews have been done already on this movie, I will try and keep this pretty short and simple. We shall see if it ends up that way. I think I will make sure and at least include more pics than normal, so hopefully that will make up for the short review.

So overall I have to say that this is a pretty solid review, there are some great scenes with some amazing ladies, ones that I will replay in my head many times (Faye and Dani, I‘ll be thinking of you the most). The sex is pretty hot considering there are no toys involved, just a lot of fingers and tongues (which kind of adds to the overall sexiness, you can‘t only take so much of the giant dildos and various toys just shoved in the girls. . And I think with the current trend of the all girl movies increasing, I can easily see that this series, if it continues, will be one at the top. And the camera work is pretty good as it makes sure and gets the whole action, as it goes from a wide shot, to a somewhat up close and personal shot. There were a few moments that popped up here and there, that somewhat ruined the scenes, some talking and the chemistry not being good between a few of the girls, but overall, I have to say that I agree with my fellow reviewers and I think this deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, but with a jump in the picture and sound quality, I could see it getting a higher score overall.  So there you go, three of us agree on something, that has to mean something. A message to Jenna, if you do decide to leave us and spend your time behind the camera, it’s good to know that we can still expect some sexy stuff coming from you in one way shape or form.

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Scene One: Jenna and Monique

Great tease footage, and the girls look amazing in their outfits. Jenna tends to do well in the wardrobe department in her movies, she knows what looks sexy. They start off nice and gentle but have a few instances of getting a little rough with each other. They spend a lot of time on their boobs before moving on to their pussies. Lots of finger and tongue play from each of the girls as they work their pussies over. Great pairing as these two really know how to work each other. Some footage of the girls in the 69 position, some great shots of their amazing bodies in the natural light coming from the windows. Some four finger action from Jenna in Monique’s pussy.

Scene Two:  Faye and Dani

So let’s just say that being a huge fan of redheads, I think I need to thank and thank Jenna for giving me this scene. I may not say a lot for this scene, for the simple reason I may be too busy watching and enjoying to type anything. Girls outfits have a very 40s feel to them. Dani does a good job of being sweet and also dirty and rough at the same time on Faye, seems to be the dominant of the two in this scene. They both seem to like getting their nipples bitten. Also some foot lovers footage for you folks. To say this a great pairing is an understatement. Some 3 finger action in Faye’s pussy, and she begs for 4. Lots of leg humping from Dani and some scissoring too, followed by some 69 action. And they do a great job of making each other shake and twitch with delight throughout the scene.

Scene Three: Charmane and Jenna

We start off with some solo tease time with Charmane, before Jenna makes an appearance. She has a blindfold and I think she intends to use it. This is Jenna’s time to be the boss and she does her best to tease the hell of out Charmane. Jenna proves that just the slightest touch can be just as amazing as being rough. But she makes sure that she gets plenty of attention too. Once again lots of leg twitching from both girls, as they seem to know what makes each other feel great.

Scene Four: Carmen and Sophia

Carmen just wants some attention from Sophia, but she never has time for her. She just wants to help her relax and it’s been awhile apparently, so there should be some bent up sexual frustration to let out. She spends some time admiring Sophia’s ass as she puts it on display for her while she eats her out. They spend a lot of time on the table as the lick and finger each other. It took awhile, but it finally seems that the frustration is finally coming out as they continue in some 69 love. For those who like tats on the girls, Sophia has a nice back piece. Some two finger action in Carmen’s pussy from Sophia, which seems to really drive her crazy. Carmen humps and grinds her pussy on Sophia’s leg as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Five: Capri and Jenna

Some nice tease footage of Capri as she shows off her goods for the camera. And Jenna is back from behind the camera and she makes her entrance, also giving us some tease footage before the fun starts. They start off with some heavy kissing and exploring with their hands, as they help each other out of their clothes a little. Capri takes charge and pushes Jenna back and dives into her pussy. But Jenna returns the favor with her fingers. And when Capri hits Jenna sweet spot, she begs for her not to stop. Some slight conversation from cameraman, kind of takes you out of the scene for a bit. Jenna gives her ass some attention as she shoves a few fingers in there, trying to loosen it up. Jenna climbs on her and begins to rub her pussy on her leg, and seems to get more enjoyment than Capri does.

Scene Six: Zoe and Karlie

I remember seeing Karlie once before and really enjoying her scene, and I am really hoping that this was is just as good. Start off with some tease footage, and then a short interview on the bed with Jenna and the girls. It’s party time, but no boys allowed to this party. They start off with some heavy kissing, and they invite Jenna to join, we shall see if she decides to hop in. And I am quickly reminded one of the reason I enjoy Karlie as she is down to her panties with her ass out for all to enjoy. Zoe seems to like the thumb and tongue technique she uses on Karlie. She follows that up with some grinding on her pussy as her legs are spread open wide for her. Zoe has set the bar so high that Karlie is determined to out do her. This is supposed to be their first date, but them seem to have some chemistry, I have a feeling they have done this before. These two are really playful with each other. And we get another appearance of the ladder shot from above. Some nice shots of Karlie’s eyes as they give us a nice sexy stare into the camera. Seems that there is some licking of Zoe’s ass from Karlie. They scissor each other for awhile, and the scene comes to an end, with no signs of Jenna joining in, oh well, still a pretty good scene either way.

Scene Seven: Jenna and Sophia

Jenna has been bad, and is in a time out in a cage. Sophia comes and lets her out and tells her to do down stairs and teach her a lesson. And her lesson involves a lot of slapping and choking apparently. After she bosses Jenna around, she tells her to please her pussy, and do it well or else. And I guess she did ok, cause Sophia returns the favor, but stops just short of her cumming, just to tease her some more. So Jenna once again has to prove her worth for Sophia so she can get some satisfaction too. Sophia shoves a few fingers in Jenna’s pussy and she complains its too tight, so she shoves three in there. And then there comes a point, where Jenna has had enough and she wants to be in charge, and Sophia seems to be up for her challenge. So Jenna shoves pretty much her whole hand in her pussy, and seems to show her whose is the boss now. Jenna spends some time deep on Sophia’s ass, almost getting lost in her big booty. And when she sits on her face, I almost expect to not see her face as it gets smothered by her ass.


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