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Sex World

Studio: Good Night Media » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/7/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Sex World
Goodnight Media
Written and Directed Lee Roy Myers
Running Time: 2hrs and 25mins


Alexa Nicole
Ashli Orion
Briana Blair
Coco Velvett (non-sex)
Kimberly Kane
Tara Lynn Foxx
Zoe Voss
Brian Street Steam
Chad Alva
Marcus London
Ryan McLane
Rocco Reed
Seth Gamble

Special Features:

Pop Shot Recap
Behind the Scenes ( short 6 minute feature with interviews and footage from the shoot)
Trailers (2 trailers)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So let’s fast forward to the future and it’s a world where you can visit Sex World and basically play out any fantasy you may have. And this movie is just a small sample of what is possible as Coco and her fellow lab workers do their best to help out those fantasies for people. Some people need an escape from their wife, some need to learn a few lessons about what they want to help out their marriages. So if this is what we have to look forward too, let’s just say I can’t wait.

So Mr. Myers and the folks at Good Night Media, did a great job of showing us what out future may look like. He did a great job of keeping us into the scene with his work behind the camera, making sure we are always in the action. And you can’t forget about the cast and crew involved in the movie. I was impressed at the first scene with Ashi and her oral skills and continued to be impressed and enjoy the following scenes. Each girl played a certain type really well, no matter if that be the shy (Kimberly) or the very aggressive (Alexa). I would have loved to see Coco be involved in a scene at least, I was waiting the whole time to hopefully see her in action, but I guess I will have to wait on that.

So that I have talked about the good, I need to bring up a few things that were not so good, very little for extra features, a short 6 minutes of BTS and 2 trailers. And plus I was a little disappointed that it was not in 5.1 Dolby Digital, and even though it looked amazing on my TV, was still a little shocked at the numbers I was getting. But I think that overall this was a decent release which had some potential, but just fell a little flat in some areas, but still worthy of a RECOMMENDED rating.

Scene One:  Ashli and Chad

So we are going to get right into the action, but apparently something she said pisses him off, and he is no longer interested. But it seems that he is at some place where he gets whatever he wants. And after the opening credits we are back into the action. She begs for his cock and he lets her lick and suck it like she was built to do. She spends a lot of time working over the tip of his cock with her mouth, and then double fists it with her hands. She gags on his cock as she tries to get more of it in her mouth. Apparently this model is the one that has the best oral skills, cause she does an amazing job worshipping his cock and balls. And what would a good oral scene be without some face fucking, as she continues to gag on his cock. A good choice of shots and angles as she works over his cock, giving you different views of her amazing work. He reaches over and begins to finger her pussy a bit as she can’t seem to keep his cock out of her mouth. And this amazing BJ scene finally comes to a close as she jerks him off till he comes on her face.

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Scene Two: Kimberly and Marcus


Rocco is next and it seems that he is having some issues with the oral work from his girl, but it seems he can’t get it up for her. And she does a good job of making him feel like less of a man, and he seems to be doing his best for her, but she thinks she needs a new guy. But we cut to Seth after a long day of work, and it seems times are tough. Zoe comes out and they watch her TV show she directs. They mention Sex World, which is opening after an accident shut it down earlier. We see that Seth and Zoe have come to check it out, Kimberly is also there checking it out.  So Seth has a fantasy about the blonde on the TV show and it seems that he has a things for the blonde on the TV show. Kimberly is a loner, who spends a lot of time reading romance novels, but Coco and her team have an idea for her. We see more interviews as they all try to figure out what they want for their fantasy. It seems that Marcus is going to be Kimberly’s fantasy. He seems to be smitten by her and she seems to be shy about the whole thing. She loosens up and climbs on top and begins to play with his cock through his pants and then slides his pants off and begins to suck on his cock, not so shy anymore. She gets down to her red panties as the oral continues and then finally he gets her on her back and then begins to work her pussy over with some success by the sounds that are coming from her. He slides his cock into her pussy for some missionary, which makes her eyes roll back into her head. We follow that up with some doggy as she begs for more as her face is in the sheets. She then tells him to get on the bed as she climbs on his cock for some cowgirl action as she shakes her ass on his cock. She climbs off and licks the taste of her pussy off his cock as she deep throats him and then jerks him off as she begs for his cum on her tits. But she is going to have to wait a bit, as they continue with some spoon action in her pussy, and if slows down, she begs and pleads for him to keep going. She ends up on top again for some reverse cowgirl action until he finally cums on her tits.

Scene Three: Zoe, Tara and Seth


Coco and her team are hard at work, while we find out that Zoe is into the blonde chick too. They start to kiss and Tara makes her way over and they make a nice Zoe sandwhich. As the clothes come off, they get Tara on the bed, as Zoe dives into her pussy, while Seth fingers Zoe’s pussy, while giving her ass a few slaps. And when Seth finally unleashes his cock for the ladies they double team it, before Zoe goes back to fingering Tara’s pussy, as she gags on his cock. He tells Tara to turn around as he begins to pound her pussy and she begins to dive into Zoe’s pussy. But he can’t leave Zoe out of fun, so she spreads her pussy as he slides his cock in and Tara takes seat on her face. They double team Zoe’s pussy as she screams with excitement as she is about to cum. The girls go back to double teaming his cock and balls, until Tara climns on top for some cowgirl action in her pussy. But after some bed shaking action, it’s Zoe’s turn as she climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. She climbs off and they go back to taking turns with his cock, until Tara climbs back on top and let’s the booty bounce on his cock.  He then switches between the girls for some doggy action as they have their asses in the air for him. The scene ends as he shares his money shot on both girls asses.

Scene Four: Briana and Rocco


We are back with Rocco and Briana shows up and she wants to please him, but he is worried he won’t be able to perform. She shows him what’s going on in his wife’s room as Brian comes in and starts being mean and dirty with her and it seems that is enough to get him going. He pulls his cock out and Briana goes to work on it with her mouth and hands. He dives into her pussy and slowly works it over with his mouth and tongue. He slowly slides his cock into her pussy and then speeds up as she moans with every thrust. Some more oral work follows with a nice shot of her ass and then she climbs on top and rides his cock. He garbs on tight to her ass as she continues to ride his cock. I’m sure I have said this before, but this is such a great view as her booty bounces for the camera. She climbs off and flips around for some reverse cowgirl action and begins to shake and shiver with excitement.  And we get some more shots of her booty as they continue with some doggy action. And after some amazing doggy action she begs for his cum and he gives her a money shot on her amazing ass. She wipes the cum off and licks it off her fingers.

Scene Five: Alexa and Brian


Back to Alexa and Brian, and she has had enough dirty talk from him and goes over and sucks on his cock, deep throating and gagging on it. He throws her on the bed and begins to finger and lick her pussy until she begs for his cock, which he teases her with it until he shoves it in her pussy. And we find out that she likes her fucking a little on the hard and rough side as Brian continues to fuck her. He gives her a break and she licks the taste of her pussy of his cock.  He then pulls her forward and on his cock as she begins to ride him. She lets him shove a finger in her ass for a bit and then licks that clean. She spins around and continues to ride him and continues to show a lot of energy and enthusiasm as she bounces up and down on his cock. He rolls her over and spreads her pussy for the camera and then continues with some doggy action until she cums on his cock. She goes for another ride on his cock and once again cums on his cock. She wants him to cum all over her face and he pulls out and jerks off until he cums in her mouth.

And the movie ends as we get an epilogue and see that things are good for everyone as they leave Sex World and another great day for Coco and her crew.


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