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Anal Virgins, The

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 8/13/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Directed by Oliver Brand, Lesbian Provocateur’s Anal Virgins delivers seven scenes, all of which more or less follow the same formula, that being hot chicks make out and then fuck one another up the ass. If girl on girl anal action is your kink, sit back and relax as this one is rather well done and feature some great camera work and a very foxy cast of girls, most of whom you probably haven’t heard of. Girls are named, scene by scene, but there’s no way to identify who the performers are, so you’ll forgive in advance this review’s use of vague terms like ‘blondie’ and ‘dark haired hottie.’ You do the best with what you have.

Chapter 1 – Inna & Karen: A cute petite blonde and a foxy dark haired girl with Bettie Page bangs are on the couch when they start to feel the itch. Lots of kissing and groping ensues and before you know it the clothes are coming off and tits are being sucked rather righteously. Once the girls have warmed one another up they pull out a dildo of Holmesian proportions and go to town, first deep into blondie’s snatch. She rolls over and gets a small pink vibrator up her ass, which is then spread wide and tongued. From there, our dark haired friend takes the dildo into her pussy and then gets on all fours for some wide gaping shots as her friend gives her back end a massage and some licks.

Chapter 2 – Ava & Inna: Inna comes back for a second round, this time with a blonde playmate in place of a brunette. They eat some cookies and then take their tops off and rub one another’s tits for a bit. A good bit of kissing here, these two are good friends from the looks of things. Clothes come off and pussies are rubbed and fingered before it’s time to spread Ava’s legs and let Inna eat her out. She does her best then heads further south and eats her ass for a few minutes, some great camera work here. They girls trade places and Inna gets her snatch fingered and then her ass fucked with a glass dildo.

Chapter 3 – Lillian & Brooke: When this scene starts a pretty blonde is in the bathroom shaving her pussy bald. Her cute dark haired friend comes in to give her a hand, or more accurately a finger or two. They fool around and the blonde gets her twat loved up and they start making out, really kidding like they mean it which is a great way to get a girl on girl scene hot. They suck one another’s tits and our blonde girl takes her friends clothes off so that she can bend her over and spread her cheeks a bit before playing with her ass and giving it a pretty serious tongue bath. A glass dildo works its way up her back door and then it’s blondie’s turn to get down on all fours so that her playmate can stuff that same glass dildo way up her asshole.

Chapter 4 – Alisha & Kelsie: Once again we get a blonde girl and a dark haired girl hanging out on a couch. Evidently hot lipstick lesbians love couches. Regardless, the blonde is the aggressor here, rubbing her friend’s crotch through her shorts and then, after some face time, getting her and herself buck naked for some titty sucking. They move into a sixty-nine which is nice to see – everyone should be happy, right? – and then a big black strap on comes into play with our dark haired hottie the first to give and the blonde to receive, up her ass. They switch it up and blondie fucks the dark haired girl up the ass with the strap on and then with a big glass dildo. They finish things up with a finger session, blondie’s cheeks spread with a digit up her rump and looking considerably more satisfied for it.

Chapter 5 – Emuna & Meggy: This time we get two dark haired hotties with similar slender builds. They make out, on a couch of course, and then they get naked. You’re probably noticing a trend here but at least things are done well and the sex is hot. Back to the scene at hand, however, and the clothes come off and nipples find their way into hot, eager mouths. There’s some great, steamy foreplay here, these girls are in no rush and would rather enjoy themselves, so let’s let them do just that. Fingering leads to oral, for both parties, and then they fuck each other with a big plastic flesh colored dildo before fingering one another in the ass. There’s a lot of gaping and slobbering towards the end and it gets more aggressive as the scene builds to its conclusion. Hot stuff.

Chapter 6 – Collie & Bethsabe: When this scene starts the two blondes aren’t actually on a couch – go figure. Instead, they’re in a kitchen where they’re chopping up some cucumbers. Well, as we all know hot girls are apt to do when no one is watching, they start making out and taking each other’s clothes off. After they suck on their respective other’s tits for a bit they take turns sitting on one another’s face, shaved pussy is the order of the day. A wooden dildo comes up and makes its way into the first of the two beautiful butts on display in this scene, and then into the other. Nice pink toenail polish if you’re into that. From there, well, you knew that cucumber had to come into play sooner or later right? First it gets Blonde #1 in the pussy and then in the ass, which was impressive as it’s a sizeable vegetable and not to be taken lightly, and then the scene ends with it being withdrawn, at which point you can cue the obligatory gape shot.

Chapter 7 – Anne & Marya: Lets finish the disc off with a pair of exotic looking brunettes who are standing near but not sitting on another couch. They giggle and ham it up for the camera a bit and then they make out for our amusement – they seem very curious, intrigued and amused by each other. They show off their bodies and then start to strip, sucking nipples and licking tits, and warming one another up for the main event. They make good use of a window sill and spread some legs and lap some gash, before getting on the floor and fucking one another up the ass with a pink vibrator and then a big pink flesh colored faux-cock.



The 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen image was captured with digital video recorders and overall it looks quite solid. There is the occasional trace of mpeg compression in the blacks but other than that the image stays pretty stable and pretty consistent. Flesh tones look natural, the reds stay distinct without bleeding into the other colors, and edge enhancement, though present, never dominates the scenes.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix is of pretty decent quality. Background music is mixed in properly against the recorded sounds from the sex scenes and I didn’t notice any hiss or distortion present on the track at all. This mix is very good, free of any noticeable problems.


Extras are slim, limited to a still gallery, trailers for a few other of the label’s releases, menus and scene selection.

Final Thoughts:

This one sticks to a formula and doesn’t deviate from that formula very much at all but it does manage to succeed in delivering some pretty hot and heavy girl on girl ass munching and toy play that will definitely satisfy those who enjoy and appreciate such things. The audio and video quality are quite good and the three hour running time of the seven scene feature more than make up for the lack of any substantial extras. Recommended.

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