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Website Wives

Studio: Penthouse » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/27/11

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Website Wives
Penthouse XXX/Cams.com
Directed and Written by James Avalon
Running Time: 1hr and 54mins


Jazy Berlin
April O’Neil
Jenna Rose
Sasha Heart
Daisy Marie
Misti Dawn
J Jay
Brian Street Team

Special Features:

Bonus Scene with Kiera King and Chris Johns from Confessions of a Cam Girl (20 minute scene )
Picture Gallery
Trailers (6)
Internet Access via DVD

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So a little irony is the fact the last movie I reviewed for my movie blog (link at the bottom of the review) was for a movie all about product placement, and this movie fits right in, as it is presented by company in hopes to help drive people to their product.

So let’s move on and start to talk to about the movie, me personally I was excited to see Misti Dawn, it’s a rare occasion these days, so you had my attention right away. Plus the fact that the also nerdy and lovely April O’Neil is also in the movie, I am invested and waiting for this one.

So this movie had some overall potential, but in the end just seemed to fall a little flat, which was kind of disappointing for me. Some decent sex, had some bright spots, but it seems the girls had flashes of greatness and I know they can give us some great scenes, so I am going to chalk it up as a bad day or whatever. Some audio and video issues that popped up that helped in that disappointment.

So it pains me to say that this is going to get a RENT IT rating, it has some good moments that make it worth a rental. Like I stated earlier it had potential, just fell a little flat.

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Scene One: April and J Jay

So we don’t mess around, as we start right up with April O’Neil giving our guy a web show, as she teases us with body as she slips her tights pants off and on, and then takes off her bra and unleashes her boobs and then her guest comes in and they start to kiss and then she heads to her knees and opens his pants and begins to suck and swallow his cock. After she is done, he helps her out of her stretch pants as she shows off her ass and tits to the camera and then slides her pussy on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, nice and slow at first and then speeds up. She climbs off for some more oral attention, but is quickly back on his cock as her breasts go a bouncing as she rides him, don’t stare at them too long, you may become hypnotized by them. They make their way over to the bed for some doggy action, nice and slow once again as she purrs and moans with excitement. And after she comments on a job well done, they move to some spoon action and once again he seems to know how to hit the right spot on her. And the camera angles kind of keeps you in the whole vibe that you are watching this show via your computer, at times. Back to the action as she is about to fall off the bed, but she doesn’t seem to care, she is way into him right now. She keeps talking to camera, it’s like she is talking to you as you watch her, as she shakes and shivers as he continues to fuck her. But we are not done just yet, as he slides his cock in her tits and fucks away until he jerks off on her tits.

Scene Two: Jazy, Jenna and Brian

The show is over and Misti comes down and it seems she needs the table, as she invited the neighbors over for dinner. And what to you know, the neighbors are the same couple he just got done watching fuck on his computer, how awkward. He leaves and gets joined by the neighbor and they have a conversation why enjoying some cigars. They talk business (at least that is what I think they are talking about, it’s hard to hear some of the conversation, the mic must be far away. Back inside and decides to check out the site once again, and this show has Jazy as our host, and she has a new girl to bring out, and a boy, so we are getting a threesome for this show. It’s Jenna Rose, wearing a tight black dress and shows off her rose tattoo and then we find out that this is going to be first experience for many things. First up, is some girl on girl kissing and then she shows off her ass to the camera. They make their way to the bed and she starts to suck on her tits and then starts to take off her top. And then soon enough, Jazy is trying to finger her tight pussy. But Jenna is not shy as she dives right into Jazy’s pussy and begins to lick away. She brings in our lucky guy as Brian walks in and gets introduced  to Jenna and then her pussy. Pantless Brian jumps on the bed and Jazy goes his cock as him and Jenna kiss. But she is all about sharing his cock, as Jenna slowly works it over with her mouth and hands. Jenna climbs on his cock and slowly rides him as she takes all of him in her pussy. Jazy sits on his face as he licks her pussy, while Jenna continues to ride him. Not a great angle at this moment, but we do get a better angle eventually. Jazy finally gets her turn with his cock and he seems to be more intense and rough with her. As Jenna tries to move in to get some of the action, it really seems that maybe she is new to whole thing after all, she needs a little guidance. Miss Rose, you may seem really new to this whole thing, but with a body like that I can say I can only wait for more, as you get more comfortable and experience. The scene ends as he jerks off on the girls and they lick his cock clean.

Scene Three: Sasha and Richie

That guy seems to spend a lot of time on his computer, and it seems that Misti seems to know about the webcam stuff and is all in. She wants them to try it, but we are watching Sasha Heart as she is just starting her show. But first we see that they are going to talk to their neighbors tomorrow. Richie seems to have Sasha on his mind as he dreams about her show and then he ends up showing up and gives her a spanking that she deserves. He slides his fingers in her pussy as she moves her body back and forth on his fingers. But enough with the fingers, as he slides his cock in her pussy for some doggy action with some more spanking thrown in of course.  I’ve said this a thousand times, but it’s still true, I love me some girls with accents. She takes his cock and gives it some great attention in her mouth and slaps and slides it in between her tits.  I know this is sort of off track, but if they ever make a Ferris Bueller parody, this guys needs to be Cameron. Back to the action, and she really shows some great energy in this scene as she hops on and begins to ride him. And apparently she really likes to get spanked during sex, just a guess. He pulls out and jerks off until he gives her a load on her stomach.

Scene Four: Misti and Daisy

But it seems that Misti is also dreaming, but her dream involves Daisy Marie, who is on a bed, playing with some toys, showing off her body as Misti is in the background dancing in the shadows. Daisy begins to play with her pussy with a toy, and then Misti starts to walk in, wearing some black lingerie, and surprises Daisy and let’s her watch as she plays with her pussy. Misti grabs a hold of the toy and begins to play with her pussy.  Misti leans over and begins to lick her pussy. But Daisy finally turns her attention to Misty as she begins to play with her pussy, and then slides her panties to the side, and uses the toy on her. And for those that love to see some tattoos on the girls, both have plenty to wet your appetite as you watch them play with each other. They end with some scissoring and kissing as the scene/dream comes to an end.

Scene Five: Misti and Richie

So the next day J Jay comes over and sets them up for their webcam show and she insists he leaves and watches the show from the next room, but he seems to be excited a little so they start to kiss on the bed and it seems their neighbors are watching them and also getting a little excited too. Back with Misti and Richie, as he plays with her tits and then heads to her pussy. Plenty of finger action in her pussy before she goes his cock and presents her mouth to it. She lays back on the bed and he slides his cock in her pussy, teasing it at first before finally speeding up the pace. They spend tons of time on the bed as they change positions and try to give the people watching a great show. And we get a great view as they go back to some doggy action. He pulls out and jerks a load in her mouth as she lets it drip from her mouth.


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