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Trained Teens 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 9/1/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Trained Teen 4
Jules Jordan Video
Directed by Jules Jordan
Running Time: 2hrs and 49min


Haley Cummings
Arial Rose
Cassandra Nix
Mika Kim
Lily Carter
Jules Jordan
Criss Strokes
James Deen
Steve Holmes

Special Features:

Shot in HD
Behind the Scenes: 17 minutes of footage of the movie being shot, as Jules try to help with lines and making sure everything is visible to the camera. Also some interviews with some of the girls.
Multiple Chapter Stops
Cumshot Recap
Photo Gallery
No Regional Coding
16 x 9 Anamorphic Widescreen

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So the Trained Teens series is one of the series that I always look forward to from Jules. He has given us some great scenes with Krystal Steal and Jenna Haze and that continues with this installment in the series. He once again graces us with a few lovely ladies and I think some well deserved attention needs to go to both Lily, Cassandra and Haley who give us some great and amazing scenes. We get to see Lily’s first anal, which is the scene I am really going to remember and will most likely watch a few times again. You also get to see Mika in her first DP, which was ok, didn’t quite have the greatness I was expecting, but I’m sure most will find it to be a solid scene.  Some decent special features, with about 35 minutes of footage, most of it being a 17 minute BTS segment, showing you the trials and tribulations of putting this movie together. I do have to say I was surprised by the 2 channel audio, still am surprised that more don’t give us 5 channel to take advantage of our high tech Tvs. Movie was shot in HD and did a great job of showcasing the action, even when Jules was not behind the camera.

So overall I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating and if you need any convincing, I would hope the pictures from Lily’s scene are enough of a reason to check this one out. Like I said, I was really looking forward to seeing Lily in action, and was surprised by what Haley and Cassandra brought to this movie. So there is easily 3 scenes I am sure I will watch them again.

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Scene One: Haley and Steve


Haley seems to be somewhat into her step dad. He’s been creeping on her, but she has been turn on by it. So turned on that she begins to play with her pussy while she is on the phone with her friend. Her step dad finds a condom in the trash and confronts her. He is not happy she is having sex in the house, and he notices she isn’t wearing any underwear. He says if she really needed it that bad, she should have asked him. He commends her on her pussy and then goes for her tits. She says her pussy is getting wet so he begins to play with her pussy while sucking on her other tit. He begins to lick her pussy as she begins to moan and purr with delight, even more when he moves to her ass. He finally lets her see his cock and she is amazed by the size and is not sure if it will fit in her pussy or mouth. She does a great job of teasing his cock with her tongue and then tries to do her best to take all of it in her mouth as she gags on it. He comes from behind and grabs a hold of her big tits and then bends her over on the bed and begins to lick her ass and pussy. He slides his cock and she is amazed that she can take it all, but she seems to hold him back a little at first. And of course with big tits like that, you knew some titty fucking was coming soon, but it seems she would rather have his cock in her pussy. He dives in her pussy again and then she climbs on his cock and slowly swirls her pussy on it, before he leans her back and pounds away. He pulls out and dives his tongue in her ass and then asks if he can put his cock in there, she says yes and moans as he slides it in. She climbs off and sucks and gags the taste of her ass off his cock, then double fists his cock and he gets her once again with her ass out and goes right back for some anal action. He goes back to her pussy and pounds away until he pulls out and give her a money shot in the mouth, not where I though it was going, but still a good end to a good scene.

Scene Two: Lily and Jules



So I just need to say that she just oozes sexual heat and I am just watching her little tease video, I don’t know if I can last through the whole scene, may need to take a break, or two. I have a feeling I might not have a lot to say as I watch this scene, but I will make it with plenty of pics, I think. She makes her way to the bed and shows off her pussy and ass to camera, as we know they are going to filled with cock soon. Jules is standing in the doorway and she walks over to him and he takes off her panties and plays with her pussy and her perky little tits. I guess this is one of those occasions when it’s good to be the director.  He ties a chain to her leash and begins to walk her around the room, slapping her ass and she turns around and then teases his cock and then unleashes it from his pants and licks and swallows his cock, as she tries to deep throat him. She gives him some sexy glances with those eyes as she continues to suck and tease his cock. She continues to gag and suck on his cock while swallowing his balls in her mouth too, for some great oral action. He stands her up and unhooks her from the chain and sets her down on the bed as she spreads her legs and he dives face first into her pussy. He slowly slides his cock in her pussy and begins to pound away and then she goes back to working it over with her mouth. And then we come to the magical moment as he slides his cock in her ass and begins to open up that tight ass of hers. And once he gets going, she just begs and screams for more, this is why she is one of my personal favorites and always look forward to her next scene. Back to the scene and he pulls out a few times to show how much her ass has opened up for him, and then he sets her on the ground with her ass in the air and goes back to working her ass over. She makes her way off the floor and ends up on top, riding his cock some more as it spreads her ass open. He gives her a nice facial as this anal fest has sadly come to an end.


Scene Three: Mika, James and Criss

So Jules has brought her back and can’t wait to see what she is going to do this time to outdo her last scenes with him. She seems prepared as she is not wearing any panties, so she shows off her pussy and ass to the camera and there is talks that maybe she should try having a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. She makes her way into the next room and continues to show off her pussy and ass for the camera, and he seems to have a surprise for her, as he slips a blind fold on her. Suddenly she has two sets of hands playing with her tits and helping her out of her clothes. They shove their fingers in her pussy and mouth, and then she is met with two hard cocks, and she does her best to give both of them some attention as they fight for her attention. He finally let’s her take off her blindfold and she thanks him, and says they can put them anywhere they want. But she continues to face fuck and jerk them off first. They stand her up and then bend her over and begin to fuck her pussy and then take her over to the bed and begin to double team her, keeping her pussy and mouth full. After James works her pussy over, he finally decides to share it with Criss, who shoves a few fingers in her ass, just to give her a little taste of what is coming later. James is the first to attack her ass, as he slides his cock slowly into her ass. As her ass opens up for him, it’s time to fill up her pussy and get going with that DP. They give her a break as they move to the couch and then they are right back in the DP action. She ends up on her knees, sucking and jerking them off until they blast her face with their cum.

Scene Four: Arial and Jules

So it’s a new day and new girl shows up at the door, and she has the sexy nerd look going on. She walks around his house and can’t believe how cool his house is. They head out to the pool as she gives him a few looks of her ass. She shows off her puffy nipples to him and then lifts up her skirt and shows off her pussy to him. After a bit, they head back inside the house and into the living room as she slides off her skirt and teases him with her lacy panties. She slips off her panties and then opens her shirt and is naked pretty quickly. She heads over the couch and spreads her pussy for him, and then we see he is no longer behind the camera and sucking and licking her nipples. He heads south and begins to lick and suck her pussy, and then stands her up and let’s her play with it, and then lays back and let’s her work it over with her mouth. She tries to take all of it, but he’s too much for her, but you still have to give her some credit for trying. And boy she does a great job on his cock either way, so kudos for that Arial. And after a long oral session, he finally slips his cock in her pussy and pounds away. He picks her up and lets her ride his cock, then ends up on the chair as she continues to hop and grind on his cock. She spins around on his cock and continues to ride him. So for me, she has flashes of greatness in this scene, but it seems to come and go as the scene continues, can’t put my finger on what it is. She has a sexy body, but her energy seems to come and go, that may be it. Anyways he comes from behind and goes back to fucking her tight pussy. She goes back to suck and swallowing his cock until he jerks off all over her face and mouth.

Scene Five: Cassandra and Criss

She shows up at the door and walks around the house, peeking in the windows. The guys see her peeking in the window and they open the door and find out what is going on. She heard they shoot porn in the house and she hasn’t seen any big porno dicks. They let her inside and he introduces her to Chris and he sets her hand on his cock as she rubs it through his pants. He opens his pants and pulls out his cock as she jerks it off and is amazed at the size of it. The shy and timid girl licks the tip of his cock for like a second before she goes all the way on it. She stands up and shows off her puffy nipples and Chris begins to suck on them and then they head into the other room and she goes back to work on his cock. She takes out her phone and takes a few pics to remember this moment for later. There is some face fucking and deep throating action and then they bend her over and she grabs his cock as they head upstairs. In the bedroom she continues to take his cock in her mouth as she plays with her pussy. Chris slides up beside her and slides his cock into her pussy, which seems to be pretty wet and ready for his cock. She came for some big cock and she is getting exactly what she wanted. She climbs on top and rides his cock with some good energy and still sounds like she is pretty wet as she takes his cock. I do believe that this lovely girl has gotten some attention my fellow reviewer Bill in one of his columns and I can see why, looking forward to seeing more of her soon, hopefully. There is a little finger play in her ass while she rides him. She flips around and has no problem taking all of his cock in her pussy. She climbs off and goes back to showing off her oral skills for the camera, and then gets her pussy filled once again with his cock. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock, gagging on it and ends up taking his cum shot in her mouth.


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