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Classic John Stagliano - Rock N Roll Heaven and Blowing in Style

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 9/13/11

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

GENRE: Classic, Feature, All Sex


CAST: Sasha Strange, Renee Morgan, Cheri Taylor, Jeannie Pepper, Keisha, Sharon Kane, Jessica Bogart, Fefe Bardot, Stacey Lords, Brandy Alexandre, Woop, Tianna, Bionca, Fallon, Peter North

LENGTH: Rock N Roll Heaven (1 hr. 31 mins.), Blowing In Style (1 hr. 31 mins.)


AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio, and video were clear for the most part. The audio still seemed to reflect it's original recording. The video quality seemed to have been digitally remastered, but there were still some grainy parts.

OVERVIEW: This is a double feature collection of two of John Stagliano's classics. The collection includes 'Rock N Roll Heaven', and 'Blowing In Style' which were both produced in the 1980's. Both movies seem to have been digitally remastered for a better quality.


Rock N Roll Heaven



This was actually the first time I had watched 'Rock N Roll Heaven'. In fact it's the first time I have ever watched 80's porn, but I was pleasantly surprised with this full length feature. The movie follows Rex's pursuit of rock 'n roll stardom, or the lack there of. When the film begins Rex is in a rundown apartment attempting to become a better guitar player. He is definitely lacking skills in that department. After his roomates show up, and get 'busy' on the apartment floor Rex decides to take himself a nap. What follows is a trippy sexual adventure into the underground rock 'n roll scene. When Rex takes a stroll through the streets of L.A. to admire a guitar he longs for he is confronted by a sexy female band singer who ends up making his wildest dream come true.



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Rock 'N Roll Heaven is full of group oriented sex, that is accented by music performed by the 'Evil Angel Band'. It follows Rex's sexual exploits as a rock star. In the movie Rex ends up hooking up with multiple girls on various occasions. He also entertains his sexual desires as he plays with the Evil Angel Band at their own private club. The movie does include individual sex scenes, but for the most part it is group oriented. There were several repeats of the band's group orgy which was shown in whole towards the end of the feature. The finale of this feature presentation is wrapped up quite nicely with a cool little plot twist. To be honest though I could tell what was going to happen in the end, but it was cool nonetheless.



I was actually quite impressed with this movie/feature. The 80's were definitely my favorite years, and the nostalgiac trip this tale offered payed homage to the lifestyles of that time period. I really liked Rex (Woop) in this movie. He brought the story to life. I noticed that the guitar that his character longed for in the movie was a B.C. Rich similar to one my father owned which was cool. Aside from the rock 'n roll theme, the sex was fairly good. The orgy parts were a little drawn out at times though. I think my favorite part of this movie was definitely the rock 'n roll music. I'm not sure if Woop (Rex), or the female lead singer/performer were actually singing/playing in the movie, but they certainly appeared to be. In the end I was glad I got the chance to review this DVD.


Blowing In Style



Blowing In Style is a 1989 Evil Angel feature that follows the sexual exploits of four girlfriends. The movie starts off as one of the girls offers her 'oral' services to a male hairstylist as pay. From that point on the scenes skip between three of the girlfriends, and the girlfriend who remains at the hair salon. Most of the sex scenes involved flashback stories that are shared among the three girlfriends. Lori, the only girl in the group who hasn't given a blowjob is strongly persuaded by her friends to do so. In the end Lori discovers the pleasure of giving blowjobs, and shares her new found talent with her own husband/boyfriend.



This feature is full of various types of sex. Some of the sex is hardcore, and often times includes deepthroating. Lesbian, bi-sexual, and straight sex scenes populate this movie's entire length. There are also some fairly impressive facials given. Peter North's finishes were definitely some of the best. For the most part Peter North was the only male performer I really recognized, but I'm sure some of my readers here may recognize the names I've included in this review.



Once again I was quite impressed with the nostalgiac look at 80's porn. I wouldn't say that 'Blowing In Style' was better than 'Rock N Roll Heaven', but it still had it's own good points. I really liked the hardcore sex that went on in it. The fact that there were several different sex scenes was definitely cool. I do believe that there was a wider variety of sex included in this one feature than in most of the DVDs I have reviewed thus far. It was definitely neat to see how porn in the 80's differed from the porn of today.



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Up until this point I had never watched classic porn, or even porn from the 80's. It was a new experience for me. I definitely noticed how little porn has changed over the years. For the most part porn has remained the same. The only noticable changes have been to the clothing, and music styles of the time period. I think 'Rock N Roll Heaven' was definitely my favorite out of the two DVDs in this set. It was more of a manly adult movie. Blowing In Style seemed to be geared more to the ladies. Both films definitely had something to offer when it came to enjoyable sex scenes, but for the most part they contained only a nostalgiac quality about them. While I did enjoy the look back at porn of the 80's through these two John Stagliano classics, I feel that they are only worth a rent. If you loved the originals, and they hold some sort of memory for you then they're probably worth a purchase though. Since I never got to see the original when it was released, this set of movies just offered me a peek into classic porn of the 80's.



Recommendation: Rent It!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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