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Crib, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 9/14/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Crib
Digital Playground
Directed  and Written by Robby D
Running Time: 1hr and 49min


Bibi Jones
Indigo Augustine
Bridgette B
Gracie Glam
Manuel Ferrera
Charles Dera
Erik Everhard
Nacho Vidal

Special Features:


Bonus Trailers - 8 trailers
16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes - 8 minutes with some candid interviews and rehearsal footage
Charles Dera Bonus Feature - 90 seconds of him trying to convince himself he can do this


Bonus Trailers-14 trailers
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes - 8 minutes (same as DVD)
Charles Dera Bonus Feature- 90 seconds (same as DVD)

Technical Stats:


Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps


Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 640 kbps

Video: AVC at around 14-17 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So they really have turned down the brightness on this movie, usually expect some bright colors on the screen but it seems that they have gone in a different direction this time. I am not saying it is really dark, just not as bright as it usually is, you also have to realize I also just got done watch a Elegant Angel movie too, which is always bright and sterile at times. So let’s move on, so my love/hate relationship with the Digital Playground movies seems to continue. I love the fact that we get to see Gracie and Indigo in this movie, still a little luke warm on Bibi right now, so we shall see where that goes the more I see her. And you get the same great audio and video quality you expect with their releases, but it does suffer from the normal focusing issues every once awhile and the few times the camera seems to stay on something that doesn’t really show any of the action.  I am also so-so on the special features at this moment, you get 10 minutes of BTS footage and then trailers (although still kind of bugs me that they don’t really seem to showcase newer titles) . It may seem like I am complaining a lot, but I have been known to really like their movies at time, I just wish they would fix a few things that seem to keep showing up. I love the fact that they have a combo pack, and I give them a little bump for that in the special feature score.

But overall for me, I think this is worth checking out for the Gracie and Indigo scenes, which are the standout scenes in my opinion. So looking at the numbers and figuring out the averages, I think this is going to get a solid RECOMMENDED rating from me.

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Scene One: Bridgette and Charles

It seems that Mick is trusting Bibi to watch his house while he is gone, but he makes the mistake of saying no friends and no parties, now you know she is going to have both. And as soon as she closes the door, she calls her friends, who show up (Gracie and Bridgette) and chat about their guy problems. I have a hard time believing one of the girls, I just don’t feel the need to say who. They take a tour of the house and find a stripper pole near his bedroom. Bridgette wants some guy dancers, Bibi wants a massage, and Gracie can invite Manuel over and see what happens. Charles shows up and tries to convince himself he can do this. He starts to shake his stuff for Bridgette and she tries hard to not laugh as he does, but she stops him before he hurts himself. She gets up and tries to get him to loosen up, so she kisses him and he goes for her tits, and sucks on her nipples and then her neck. He begins to play with her pussy, as she moans purrs with delight, he seems to be better at this than dancing. He leans her up against the pole and licks her pussy. He slides off his duckie underwear and flips her around and begins to fuck her from behind. That is short lived, as she gets on her knees and works over his cock. She gags as he face fucks her, and then he slides his cock in between her tits. She ends up bent over again and after his face in her pussy, she leans him back on the couch and climbs on his cock and goes for a ride. He seems to like doggy and she seems to like riding his cock. But he must not mind the cowgirl as he screams he is about to cum, and he leaves her a money shot in the mouth.

Scene Two: Bibi and Erik

Bibi tries to convince Gracie to call Manuel, but she is worried he won’t like her. But there was ring at the door and it seems that Erik is here for her massage. She gets down to her pink panties and shakes her ass for him as he tries to cover her up. He starts to oil her up, working her legs and she seems to be a little turned on by it. As he works her butt, she kind of gives him a look, but he works her top and then she grabs on to his crotch, and then he asks about her and Mick. But they agree not to tell on each other and then kiss as he grabs on to her tits. He starts to play with her pussy while she starts to open his pants. She bends over and shoves her ass in his face and he dives in and licks her pussy. He seems to make her shake and tremble as he continues to lick her pussy, and then she returns the favor and begins to work her magic on his cock. After some face fucking,  and then she is bent over and he teases her pussy with his cock before he slides it in. He flips her over and continues to fuck her pussy and gives her foot a little attention for all you feet lovers out there. He lays on the table and she hops on his cock and goes for a ride, but that doesn’t seem to last as they switch to some missionary, until he ends up cuming in her mouth. I think this is my first scene with Bibi, and I guess it’s a decent start and you can see why she is with Digital Playground, she seems to fit their group of girls.

Scene Three: Gracie and Manuel

Manuel is over and playing some pool with Gracie and after some awkward talking he asks her out and then they start to kiss and all their nervousness seems to go away pretty quick. He leads her into the other room and she climbs on top of him and he slides off her bra. She stands up and lets him slide off her shorts and then presents her ass to him, as he slides her panties down and dives in. She can’t keep her breath as he continues to work her pussy over, as she grinds it in his face. He lays back on the couch and after some more kissing, she takes both hands and works over his cock and then shoves it in her mouth as she really goes to town on his cock and even some love for his balls. And after some great face fucking and gagging, he slides beside her and slips in for some spoon action. She climbs on top and goes for a ride on his cock, as he continues to pound her pussy. She climbs off and goes back to work on his cock, and then climbs back on and shows off her ass to the camera, as he goes back to work on her pussy. And my god, the view right now is pretty incredible, I am a little late to the Gracie party, but I look forward to seeing her more and more. And before long she is back to working her oral magic on his cock, and then ends up back on top for some cowgirl action, until he can’t take anymore and stands up and gives her a pretty good money shot on the face.

Scene Four: Indigo and Nacho

So Bibi is relaxing watching some TV, and then decides to invite her friend Indigo over, and then order a pizza with a lot of meat on it. Bibi goes next store, to grab some money and Indigo waits for the pizza guy, and then starts to tease her pussy a little with the remote. But the remote is quickly replaced with her hand, as she goes to work on her pussy.  And soon there is a knock at the door , and then soon enough she is about to get some meat, only the male meat in his pants. He lays her on the couch and rips her panties off and licks and sucks her pussy. He sets her on her side and spreads her pussy with his finger and then sticks her ass out and dives right in as she bounces her ass on his face. He pulls out his cock and she starts to suck and swallow his cock, and he seems to be into being the dominant one, as he makes her stick arms behind her back and grabs her hair and face fucks her. After not seeing Indigo for awhile, it’s very nice to see her on the screen. She has a great body and some pretty awesome tats and I am sure that Joanna is proud of her for making it into a Digital Playground movie. Any back to the scene, we get a pretty long oral session before he picks her up and tells her to jerk him off, as they kiss some more and then bends her over and slides his cock in her pussy. He pretty much manhandles her as they continue to fuck on the couch. For the foot lovers, she jerks him off with her feet, before it goes back in her pussy. She once again goes back to work on his cock, as she double fists it, and then climbs on and lets her booty bounce as she rides him. And once again I hope you are enjoying this view as much as I am right now. So that lingering issue with most Digital Playground movies is really popping its head during the scene, which sucks cause I really like this scene. He stands up and jerks off and cums on her face and mouth.

Scene Five: Bibi and Mick

So Indigo ends up leaving with the pizza guy and Bibi comes back and makes her way back into Mick’s room, and checks the place out. He seems to have a lot of pictures of himself around his room. She goes through his drawers and starts to sniff and rub them all over her breasts. Mick walks in and she tries to explain herself and Mick joins her on the bed and doesn’t seem to bad, as they start to kiss. He gets out of his clothes and works over her tits and then slides off her panties and dives face first in her pussy. But she wants his cock in her mouth. She gags as she tries to get all of it in her mouth. We get some brief titty fucking  before she climbs on top and goes for a ride on his cock. She confesses her love for him as they continue with some spoon action, until she shoves his cock back in her mouth, teasing him as she works him over. She climbs back on for some reverse cowgirl action, and she lets him know how great of a job he is doing. And after some doggy action he cums inside her, wow haven’t seen that in a Digital Playground movie, is this something new. And after he is done, he shoves his cock back in and gives her a few more thrusts.



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