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Kick Ass Chicks 87: Kelly Wells

Studio: Kick Ass Pictures » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 9/16/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

GENRE: Compilation, All Sex, Creampie, Oral

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

CAST: Kelly Wells, Tino Santana, Chris Mountain, Sledge Hammer, Bishop, Dick Nasty, FaceBlaster, Johnny Fender, Kirk James, Lucky Starr, Mike Hash, Rick Kane, TC, Valentino, Brad Baldwin, Brandon Iron, Seth Dickens, Trent Soluri, Rod Fontana, Cuntre, Tone Capone


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 56 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Both the audio, and video quality are good. I'm not sure it's in HD or not though.

OVERVIEW: This is a compilation of all of Kelly Well's Kick Ass DVD performances. The cover of the DVD says that it contains 7 scenes, but the truth is that it holds 7 entire DVDs worth of content. The Kelly Wells DVDs included are '5 Guy Cream Pie', 'Black Guys Make Me Squirt', 'Sack Lunck', 'Revenge is a Bitch', 'Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy', '10 Man Cum Slam', and 'Inseminated By 2 Black Men'. All of these features are included on a single DVD.




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I'm honestly not really into the creampie genre of porn. The close-ups involved just seem a bit nasty to me. I know that probably sounds odd coming from a guy who's into gokkun, and bukkake though. This DVD feature involving Kelly Wells, and five lucky guys wasn't all that impressive to me. I'm not sure if it was due to the fact that I was repulsed by the vaginal close-ups, or if it was because the whole thing just seemed rather dull to me. I do think it was the latter choice though. For the most part this 'scene' involved five different guys who took turns pumping their man juice into Kelly. They did add a little variety by doing different positions though. The first guy up pumped her missionary style for about 10 minutes before shooting his load. The second guy spooned with her while another guy had her suck on his cock. The third guy did her doggystyle until his load was spent inside her. The fourth, and fifth guy each did different variations of cowgirl with Kelly. After the last guy shot his wad Kelly took the time to lap it up off of his body. As you can most likely tell by now I wasn't really into this 'scene'. the sex seemed to be drawn out, and the close-ups of Kelly's pussy were a bit nauseating for me. I do have a weak stomach when it comes to certain things.




Sack Lunch was a hardcore facefucking scene that involved Kelly Wells, and some guy with a massive cock. Throughout the entire performance Kelly was constantly talking smack, and saying stuff about polishing the guy's sausage (and other random stuff). Kelly ended up getting extremely messy during the whole ordeal, but didn't let up on her intense cocksucking. At one point in the scene Kelly was lying on her back getting face fucked and the scene suddenly skipped to another part. It actually appeared that she had gotten severly choked. Needless to say there was a lot of slobber, and even some vomit involved in this scene. I'm going to be totally honest with you guys, I don't actually think Kelly is that attractive. I have definitely seen more attractive performers in my time. She was also always trying to take control of the situation with her trash talk, but she always ended up looking and sounding silly. Aside from those issues I kind of liked this scene. The hardcore nature of it was extremely hot. I found Kelly's trash talk to be quite exciting as well.




I used to own one of Kick Ass's '10 Man Cum Slam' DVDs, and I was quite impressed with it. Unfortunately this is not the case with Kelly's contribution to the series. If you've ever watched one of the '10 Man Cum Slam' DVDs then you know that it starts off with a girl and some guys having a candid conversation about the sexual encounter they are about to have. This is followed by the girl's striptease, and a blow bang session involving the 10 male performers. The DVDs then finish up with the 10 oral cumshots which are all swallowed by the designated girl. They also include instant replays of each popshot as they happen. Occasionally Kick Ass will sneak in some bonus cumshots without the girl knowing it, and this was the case with Kelly Wells.

Kelly's '10 Man Cum Slam' was extremely messy, and she didn't look like she was enjoying herself at all. The interracial group of guys took it upon themeselves to put Kelly through some serious face fucking. There was lot's of gagging, coughing and even a moment where the screen turned black with red letters that said "Vomit Alert!". I was definitely glad I didn't have to see the vomit bit. When the oral cumshots finally began Kelly looked as if she had really been put through the ringer. With each massive load shot into her mouth she looked as if she could vomit some more, and made a horrible face while talking smack about wanting more cum. As much as I like to watch a good blow bang, this one was just pitiful. Kelly could definitely talk the talk, but when it came to walking the walk she looked like she had trouble handling it. In the end Kelly swallowed 12 loads. Kick Ass had snuck in two while she was dazed, and confused. 



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After watching the entire DVD, I found myself only impressed with one of the scenes which was 'Sack Lunch'. The remainder of the scenes were mostly of blowjob oriented with a couple of creampie scenes thrown in the mix. The '10 Man Cum slam' was probably the biggest let down of the entire compilation for me. I had high hopes for it, but was ultimately disappointed by Kelly's lackluster performance. She just seemed like she was trying to prove she was a big shot with her trash talk, but she ended up looking sort of dumb. I don't think this DVD is even worth a rent. I would definitely skip it.

Recommendation: Skip It

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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