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Inside Job

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 9/18/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Inside Job
Wicked Pictures
Directed/Written by Stormy Daniels
Running Time: 1hr and 37min
Adult Comedy/Couples
Condoms: Yes


Kagney Linn Karter
Alektra Blue
Brooklyn Lee
Gracie Glam
Barrett Blade
Brendon Miller
Marcus London

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene with Kagney Linn Karter from Smart Asses (18 minute scene)
Trailer (2 before main menu) 6 trailers
Photo Gallery
Motion Menus

Technical Stats:

Audio: 5.1 Channel  Dolby Digital at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So after a little break, I am back to watching some new Wicked movies and I get to see how they stack up for you. Well the one thing that they always seem to a great job is bringing a bunch of lovely and sexy ladies to the movie, for us to enjoy and watch. Alektra, don’t need to say more, Kagney, I would love to see a scene with her and Alektra, can you just imagine it, and also let’s not forget about Gracie, who has come out of nowhere for me and blown me away. So you add in a funny script by Stormy and some great comedic timing and acting from Barrett and Brendon, as a couple of bumbling guys who like breaking into houses.

As we move on to the technical and special features, both the audio and visual specs are great and I like the 5.1 Sound, I only wish more studios would give that on a DVD release. No real issues with video quality either, everything is in focus and Stormy does a great job of showcasing the action with the camera. And with the Wicked titles, we get a bonus scene with our leading lady, Kagney. But no BTS footage included, just 8 trailers, which gives us about 30 minutes of bonus features.

So having said all of that, I feel that this movie from Wicked and Stormy deserves a solid RECOMMENDED rating from me.

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Scene One: Kagney and Marcus

Kagney and Marcus are celebrating his new place, and he has a new job for her, he wants to break in his new mattress. And by the way she climbs on him, I would think she is willing to help out. She slips off her bra and he goes right for her tits, as she grinds on his crotch and then gets him out of his pants and nibbles and sucks on his cock. He finally gets a shot at her pussy, as he licks and sucks on her pierced pussy. Have to say the way she moans and purrs through out this scene is enough to keep any man up during her scenes. She ends up on top for some reverse cowgirl action as she continues to beg and plead for more. They continue with some doggy style, with plenty of great looks at her booty, so thank you. She ends up on her back as he continues to fuck her pussy, which seems to be getting pretty wet from the sound it is making. She starts to beg for his cum and he pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene Two: Alektra and Gracie

After a hard day of work, she comes home to her man, played by Brendon, who got her a gift she can’t believe, some crotch less lingerie. He wants her to model it, but she seems to have a headache. After she leaves, he  gets some info from one of her books, and then calls his partner in crime and it’s time to get the plan going. He does his best ninja moves and meets up with Barrett with the codes for some houses. The next day he is asleep on the couch as she leaves for work and meets up with Brooklyn as they are showing off another house. She feels bad about cheating on her boyfriend, but Brooklyn tells her she needs to move on. Alektra and Gracie show up and start trying to steal all the free food, and then disappear. Brooklyn leaves and warns her about the girls, and then Kagney tries to show off the bathroom, but it seems that Alektra and Gracie have decided to have a little fun in there. Considering my love for Alektra and my new found love for Gracie, this should be a sexy and hot scene. Gracie works over Alektra’s boob and then slides off her panties and dives into her pussy. But she wants to taste Gracie’s pussy as she ends up bent over and Alektra dives right into her pussy with her mouth and a few fingers. Gracie returns the favor as she fingers her pussy while Alektra fingers her ass and pussy. She shakes and shivers as she cums for Gracie and then they go back to some heavy kissing as they are done. They leave and it seems they are part of the crew as they leave the windows open for the guys.

Scene Three: Kagney and Brendon

Alektra meets up with the guys and it seems they can’t seem to work too well as a group. The guys head off to one of the house and make their way in and seem to find some jewelry and stuff. Seems like all is going pretty good. They head into one more house and start digging around the bedroom and find some drugs and try to find his hidden stash of money. They find a pic of his girl and the doctor and after a touching moment between the two, it seems the doctor is still home. They run off as he finds one of their wallets. They make it back in time for the pizza guy. Marcus comes in and confronts the guys and Barrett smashes a vase over his head. Kagney comes back and is ready to confess everything to him. She realizes his cast isn’t on any more and is happy, and they need to celebrate apparently. He opens her top and then hikes up her skirt, so he can play with her pussy and tits. He licks her pussy as she starts up with the sexy moans and chatter once again. He seems to hit a few sweet spots as she shakes and shrieks as he continues to work her pussy over. She ends up on all fours and goes to work on his cock as she bobs her head on it. She gags a little as she tries to get all of him in her mouth. She ends up on her back, and grabs on to her tits as he fucks her pussy. And like last scene with Kagney we are graced with some shots of her ass as she ends up on top for some cowgirl action. She grinds her hips on his cock and seems to drive him crazy from the look on his face. But the love continues as they switch to some doggy action. He pulls out and cums on her ass, so much love for her ass in this scene, and I am happy reviewer.

Scene Four: Alektra and Barrett

She leaves to take a shower and he finds Barrett and the doctor in the closet. Kagney is in the bathroom and tries to call the doctor and leaves a message as Brendon hears her. The guys shove him in the car and then the girls show up and they are pissed. Later on we find out that Barrett had to use sex to make sure that Alektra doesn’t stab him. But she wakes up and wants round 2. She slides off his underwear and gives him a wet blowjob, once again showing off her oral skills. She begs for him to fuck her, and then we cut to Alektra as she is riding his cock in some reverse cowgirl action. With both Alektra and Kagney having some amazing bodies, I can only imagine how hot and sexy the two of them in one scene would be. Hot enough to melt your TV I’m guessing. Anyways he pulls out and cums on her tits and then she licks the cum off his cock as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Five: Brooklyn and Marcus

Back at work, and it seems that the police are looking into some robberies that have happened at the homes she just has sold. Back to the guys as they deal with their hostage. They make a deal and then we are back to the girls as they try to figure out who is breaking into the houses. So Kagney has a plan also. So they show up at the house and wait for the robbers to show up. And guess who shows up, our bumbling idiots. They get into a fight and Brooklyn gets knocked out and he tries to explain himself. They bring the doctor in and they take her to the hospital. The next day she call and makes sure she is ok, and it seems she has gotten a little of the doctor’s loving too. It’s time for another treatment as he rubs her pussy and then slips off her gown. She pulls her panties aside as he licks and sucks her pussy. She returns the favor with some oral work on his cock. And after she is done, she ends up on her back as he gives her a pussy a pounding. And then they move to some spoon action as she guides his cock into her ass. She shoves a few fingers in her pussy as he continues to fuck her ass. And she likes it a little rough as she tells him to slap her ass. The treatment ends as he pulls out and cums all over her ass.

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