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Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 5

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 9/19/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

GENRE: Public, Exhibitionism


CAST: Brooklyn Lee, Ava Addams, Ash Hollywood, Chief


LENGTH: 50 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The adudio in this video was excellent. All of the outdoor sounds could be heard clearly, as well as the audio video interviews that were included. There were also some instances of music that had excellent clarity. The video quality wasn't the best. I noticed that some of the video was badly out of focus, and at times you could really make out the female performer's face.

OVERVIEW: This is a short DVD (50 minutes in length) involving the exhibitionism of 3 different female performers. In each scene there are several parts that include the actual public exposure, as well as some outdoor interviews where the ladies expose themselves even more.


Scene 1: Brooklyn Lee

Brooklyn's exhibitionist act begins at a construction site where some workers are busy working on the new building. She practically stands in front of the site stripping, and exposing herself as the workers, and people that pass by watch. The camera guy videotapes the whole thing from across the road. In fear of being reported Brooklyn, and the camera crew leave fairly quickly. From that point Brooklyn does a short interview about her experience as she drives along with the director, and the camera guy. She pretty much states the obvious about what she had done, and that it was risky. After their extremely short drive Brooklyn, and the two guy's arrive at an outdoor cafe where they continue their little adventure. The interview continues as the sit down at a shaded table and discuss whether or not Brooklyn's breasts or real. It' turns out they are ral according to the guy who thinks he's an 'expert' at determining these things. He gropes her breasts for a bit before finally deciding, and stating that they are the real deal. In case you guys were curious Brooklyn said her breasts were a '32D'.

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After the threesome gets booted out from the public cafe (due to the guy trying to remove her panties) the camera fades to black, and they pick up their lewd pursuit at a different public location. When the camera starts back up Brooklyn is standing beside a building where cars are passing by. One of the guys removes her panties just as an SUV passes by. This session ends fairly quickly. Once again the Brooklyn and her two male companions  move to a different location. This time around the footage seems to be a bit more proffessional like something you would expect from a Hustler DVD. What follows is a slow motion striptease to music. The location doesn't seem as public as the previous ones though. I also don't recall seeing anyone pass by. I thought the scene was ok for what it was, but the video quality was lacking for the most part. It seemed to be out of focus in a lot of the scenes.

Scene 2: Ava Addams

Ava was a very busty girl. Her seen began with her walking from her house to her car as she wore a very revealing bikini. The camera guy was positioned across the road filming her as she made her way to her car, and tried to get in. Ava paused long enough to bend over and show her large ass to the traffic that was passing by. I don't recall any clothing being removed though. Directly after the car pose part the video picks up with Ava walking across a busy intersection sporting a low cut white top, and a black mini skirt. This entire part is recorded in slo-mo with music playing. The camera guy is positioned several lanes across from where Ava is located. Ava casually lets her massive tits pop out of her top as she walks across the extremely busy traffic. She actually doesn't seem to mind that many people probably saw her do this.

After she is finished waltzing topless across the busy intersection Ava sits down for a Q & A session with the camera guy. The interview takes place at an outdoor cafe similar to the first scene. Ava spends a lot of time talking about how she loves food, and how she tweets about what she eats on Twitter. She also discusses her exhibitionism a little. All the while this is going on she lets her massive breasts hang out even though she's surround by people sitting at the other tables at the cafe. Ava looked more like a milf during the interview than when she walked across the intersection. I suppose the sunglasses she was wearing made her appear younger?

When Ava finished her interview she went to a locaction near a bridge where they continued to film her in a music video sort of fashion. She started off by removing all of her clothing very slowly. I could actually see traffic going across the bridge that wasn't too far behind her. I'm not sure they could tell what she was doing though. After posing nude for a short while she changes clothes starting with a new top, and followed by some new panties. After she's dressed once again she decides to expose her breasts, and pussy some more for the camera guy. I actually thought this scene was pretty hot. Watching Ava walk across traffic bare breasted was quite thrilling.

Scene 3: Ash Hollywood

Unfortunately Ash's scene was the shortest of them all, and this was due to a couple of reasons. Ash begins her scene acting a little shy to the director, but she very quickly lossens up. It turns out that Ash is an experienced exhibitionist. She loves to go to parties without any panties on, and she even talked about an occasion when she did so. Her interview with the director is how she begins her scene/s. Ash and the two guys sit down at a table outside of a building and openly discuss exhibitionism. During this short encounter Ash allows one of the guys to unbutton her top, and exposed her small breasts. She sits there totally exposed to the world as a guy walks right past her. I'm not quite sure if he noticed her, or not but I definitely would have. Ash is a petite short haired blonde girl with a very attractive face, and body. It was a pity that her music video bit was fastforwarded, and a humerous looking.

When the director finished with the interview the scene quickly switched. At first I thought "Oh Heck! My DVD player is screwed up!!!', but that wasn't the case. The director took it upon himself to make her music video scene speed up. The music sounded like something from a black & white comedy, and one of the guys who accompanied her in this part even dressed up in an old villain type of costume with a cape and mask. At this point I'm thinking to myself "WTF!?!". They totally ruined this scene with that crap. The entire DVD was short. They didn't have to go and screw it up like this. It was definitely a disappointment.



- Hustler Trailers

- Sex Talk

- Hustler.com

- Hustler Hollywood



This DVD seemed extremely short to me. Often times I have stated in my reviews that if a director/producer is going to do a DVD with a small amount of scenes that all of the scenes need to count. When you only have 3 scenes as you do with this DVD, and one of them is bad then the entire DVD fails. I wouldn't pay for a 50 minute DVD that is totally lacking in content as this one was. Renting this DVD wouldn't even be worth it. I did like the theme they were going with, but ultimately the lack of content/length made this DVD fail epically. I would just skip this one.


"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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