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Culos Nacho Vidal's Biggest Asses

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/28/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Culos: Nacho Vidal’s Biggest Asses!

Evil Angel

Genre: Compilation, Rough Sex

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Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Belladonna, Fabiola, Nacho Vidal, Franceska Jaimes, Naomi, Sonia Baby, Bobbi Starr, Felipi Vernes, Morgana, Lucia Lapiedra, Talita, Joyce, Victoria Lanz, Katty, Michelle

Length: 354:55 minutes (180:09 minutes & 174:46 minutes)

Date of Production: 2011 (compilation only; scenes from previous ten years or so)

Extras: There was a cast list, company trailer, cumshot recap, trailers to other titles, photogalleries, and filmographies.

Condoms: None

Trailer Here!

Audio/Video Quality: Culos: Nacho Vidal’s Biggest Asses! is a compilation of ten scenes taken from the archives of director Nacho Vidal’s work at Evil Angel over the past ten years or so. As such, the quality varied quite a bit, Nacho being in each scene meaning that a number of camera operators (some much better than others) were used. The video bitrates were all over the place too but for the most part, the scenes presented here were not just some of his best work thematically (chemistry, heat, sexual connection) but on a technical basis too, even the older ones. The audio was fairly basic too, no separation noticed in any of the scenes & a dynamic range reserved for typical gonzo outings, but the aural components meshed with the visual elements nicely enough and the people could typically be heard in all the scenes.

Body of Review: Nacho Vidal is one of those performer-turned-directors at Evil Angel that I generally do not review a whole lot, his typical casts involving foreign gals lacking a lot of draw for me and his harsh style of roughness with the ladies often outside of my spank bank norm. That said, I picked up a copy of Culos: Nacho Vidal’s Biggest Asses! a few days ago to check in with how the director has fared of late, figuring that a compilation of scenes considered his very best by the man himself would be a good place to start, my appreciation for shapely female asses making the 6 hour journey well worth it too. With names such as Belladonna (to date, Nacho’s most perfect match when it came to extreme sex tricks), anal queen Bobbi Starr, and former bubble butt babe Naomi, I knew that this would be a winner and it was on many levels, the lack of transsexuals not hurting it for a broader audience (Nacho has carved a huge niche in porn by doing scores of she-male scenes). So the likelihood that fans of hardcore gonzo would appreciate this double disc set were very high, just keep in mind that Nacho is still very much a devotee to the idea of pushing limits being completely fair game.

The company website described the compilation like this: “From the vaults of stud/director Nacho Vidal comes a retrospective of his most intense hard-core scenes featuring sluts with spectacular butts. "Culos: Nacho Vidal's Biggest Asses" covers a decade - from the Spanish madman's passionate relationship with the legendary Belladonna all the way to the current era, wherein he entertains an amazing assortment of Latin sex goddesses - and uncovers stunning rear assets in a compilation of perverse and brutal porn. Nacho's infamous style of nasty, aggressive fucking is well documented: We get a twisted anal threesome involving Brazilian beauty Fabiola, the aforementioned Belladonna (wielding a strap-on) and hugely hung Nacho. (Porn novice Fabiola was in love with Bella!) Another menage-a-trois offers Nacho with round-rumped American beauty Naomi and Sonia Baby. The Castilian conquistador joins blonde bitch Lucia Lapiedra and voluptuous, hairy-bushed Morgana, her face encased in a latex hood, for a fetish-flavored private party. Nacho oils up the titanic ass cheeks of Brazilian knockout Talita Brandao before treating her to his giant prick. Latina BBW Katty's enormous bottom gets poked, and blonde South American sweetheart Victoria Lanz has her plump booty hole fucked until it gapes widely. Moving into the modern period, we find Senor Vidal giving bosomy, bomb-assed Colombian enchantress Franceska Jaimes a ferocious anal pounding, and the sex-crazy, monster-cock stud teams up with buddy Felipe to invade every sexy orifice of stunning XXX superstar Bobbi Starr. Ten scintillating scenes make for a fat, juicy double-DVD collection.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Let Me Breathe: Belladonna, Fabiola, Nacho Vidal: Belladonna, the well known brunette wearing the strap on dildo on the front cover (in the center), was up first with Fabiola (the gal sucking her off), and former lover Nacho Vidal in a scene that appears to have been from the vaults (it wasn't credited as such). The ladies went at one another on a blue couch until he joined them by going down on Fabiola. Bella got into the mix by taking Nacho's dick inside her pussy (later in the ass) as she ate out Fabiola, the dynamic of the scene switching around several times. Bella wore a strap on dildo and hammered away at Fabiola too but even with the routine amount of ATM done in the scene, the ladies both seemed to be having fun with each other more than with him. Nacho ended it by blowing his load into Fabiola's mouth as she jerked him off, with the scene seeming to be more of a test of endurance then anything else.

Scene Two: Colombian Teens: Franceska Jaimes, a shapely brunette with a perfect ass, was up next in neon pink mesh pantyhose and a skimpy black top as she posed for Nacho Vidal on a chair. She bent over a lot and flirted with him in an almost standoffish manner, going down on him & jerking him off before sitting on his face. The scene took on an almost grudge fuck aspect to it at times, her ass and pussy his for the taking as she rubbed her clit. I don’t think they had any real chemistry together given the way she mugged for the camera but she was good at what she did, an active performer who did lots of taste testing while getting Nacho off. It was strange that the ending wad of genetic juice jerked off by her hands all over him was so grainy but the enthusiasm was definitely top notch.

Scene Three: Let Me Breathe: Naomi, Sonia Baby, Nacho Vidal: Naomi, the hotty on the lower right hand corner of the front cover (updated), was up next with busty Sonia Baby (larger figure on the mid to upper left hand side of the cover), and Nacho Vidal after Sonia established dominance over Nacho in a semi-unique way. He was tied up and she toyed with him until she felt he should worship her rounded ass and wet pussy, soon shaving his head in a ridiculous manner. I admit that I haven't seen a lot of bad haircuts given in porn over the years and his was already looking goofy to begin with so the way she fucked him over was funny and tragic at the same time. Naomi came in and saved his day, taking over sexual duties until the middle of the scene, rubbing herself with her sweet ass as he got off to it. The screwing in her pussy and ass was as active as you would expect, with Naomi doing her best to save the movie from obscurity. Nacho took turns boning the ladies aggressively, making Sonia pay for her insolence as to mess up his hair though Naomi was the anal queen this time. The abdomen pop was small and weak, ending the scene on a down note but Naomi was still revved up and ready to go for a second round that he did not take her up on (this was her first scene with him).

Scene Four: Made In Brazil 4: Bobbi Starr, the lean American anal queen, was up next with Felipi Vernes and Nacho Vidal. She swung near some inside stairs while barely dressed in sexy lingerie, her perfect ass beckoning her partners into the bedroom where she started providing full service oral in POV fashion, slobbing knob like a seasoned champion in contrast to her beauty. She then bent over on the floor and bed, her pussy drilled hard in the traditional position as well as on her stomach, some fingering juicing her up and her mouth soon tossing his salad. They continued to actively fuck and she fingered her own ass, replacing it with his cock for more hardcore anal by both men. Bobbi looked awesome in the sunlight when they went outside, Felipi beating off a round of spunk to her ass to close things up but Nacho getting the better end of the deal by providing an anal cream pie before the latter portion of the scene took place. This lengthy scene closed out the first disc of the compilation for those who care.

Scene Five: Nacho Rides Again: Morgana, Lucia Lapiedra, Nacho Vidal: Morgana grabs a handful of Nacho while she rubs Lucia's pussy, until Nacho bends Lucia over and starts fucking her from behind. He continues fucking her as Morgana walks over to a bench so she can start playing with herself as she watches the two fuck. Eventually, they make their way over to Morgana and Nacho continues fucking Lucia, as she buries her face (well, what we can see of it) right between Morgana's thighs. Nacho spreads Morgana's legs for some missionary, before fucking Lucia the same way, while Morgana straddles Lucia to get her pussy licked. There's some doggystyle and cowgirl with Morgana, along with regular and reverse cowgirl with Lucia. After Nacho treats Morgana to reverse cowgirl, the scene ends with him dropping a shot on Lucia's latex mask. Morgana was a cutie with a nice set of full lips. Lucia had...nice lips. I'd like to tell you what she looked like, but all I could say was that she was a brunette with a nice ass, a handful of breast and a moderately hairy pussy. Other than that, despite the fact i'm not much into bondage gear, I thought this was a sexy scene and a great way to end the disc. (review by Michael Vega) Side note by Don: This was a fetish scene that involved Nacho doing two ladies, the gals engaging in some lipstick lesbian play before sharing his pecker. The blond wore a fishnet body suit to compliment her implants and the brunette kept on a latex hood, each gal providing some oral assistance as Nacho boned their active bodies. I was surprised that the action was oral and vaginal and made limited use of the fetish gear nearby but it was still interesting to watch for me as the ladies actively engulfed his rod so enthusiastically to milk his balls dry of population pudding. As a separate side note, the scenes from here on in were offered up in full frame rather than widescreen, the camera work a bit rougher too.

Scene Six: Made In Brazil 3: Talita Brandao and Nacho Vidal were up next in a tryst that began by highlighting her superior ass, a white thong pulling apart her fleshy ass cheeks as she posed for the director in a variety of positions. He oiled up her ass and played with it a bit, their chemistry together such that it sparked my interest a lot. I’m not saying they hit it off like Nacho and Belladonna (a world winning combination by any standard) but it was a very solid series of positions including lots of passionate oral, active riding and anal by a well rounded babe pushing her limits to please a guy. She tossed his salad and asked for more during some of the fucking, Nacho tossing off a huge wad of splooge all over her crotch as she regained her breath.

Scene Seven: Made In Brazil 2: Joyce, a Brazilian brunette with an impossibly large (but shapely) ass, was up next as she peeled back her jeans to showcase that rounded rump for Nacho Vidal, her thong swallowed whole as she bent over. Nacho introduced her to the camera and looked a bit haggard but she restored some life to him, his mouth and pecker almost attached to her perfect pucker unless she was sucking him clean. She was another whose enthusiasm and passion for her trade elevated her value in terms of replay and strokability, I admit to also loving her pronounced tan line as she actively impaled herself on his junk. The swell scene closed out with a pop shot of sperm to her ass cheek and crack, her respiration rate elevated as she seemed to greatly favor working with him.

Scene Eight: Room 666: Victoria Lanz, a curvy blond with a decent face, was up next as Nacho Vidal caught her on the toilet relieving herself. He adored her DSLs and her obvious implants did not faze her a bit, the man going down on her as she lifted off the toilet seat (gross!) to ready her for some very active vaginal and anal penetration positions once her wonderfully heated blowjob was given. Nacho pushed her limits by the way he pounded her at times but she kept encouraging him to do more, the guy beating off all over her ass crack before the scene came full circle.

Scene Nine: Ass Obsession: Katty, a thick older blond with plenty of junk in the trunk, was up next as she teased in her red & black lingerie, Nacho Vidal rubbing his cock all over her genitals before boning her like he owned her. She was active as they screwed in the warehouse closet and on the floor, their animal lust enough to skip any of the niceties usually reserved for porn from companies such as this. Fans of “pretty porn” need not apply here but those into anal cream pies will appreciate the load he left inside of her, going back for so-called sloppy seconds to unleash his seed onto her ass cheeks.

Scene Ten: Made In XSpana: Michelle, an adorable brunette in a sheer black body stocking and classic thong, was up last in a scene where Nacho Vidal had her begging for more. Of note this time was just how amateurishly poor this scene looked compared to the other scenes (which were not the best on technical merits to start with) but given her physical appeal and the raw energy involved, I doubt most of you would care. Nacho had his short bleached hair at the time and was just as oral with her as she was with him, their penetrative acts very well handled indeed. She liked it in any hole he picked and he mixed it up a bit, eventually tossing off a goodly wad of semen all over her sweet ass before choking her.

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Summary: Culos: Nacho Vidal’s Biggest Asses! by director Nacho Vidal’s for Evil Angel was not a compilation of his weirdest and wildest scenes but did manage to cover the thematic “biggest asses” aspect very well. Better still was that the selection had a lot of great performances, some of the ladies even showing ample chemistry with Nacho to make the scenes stand out regardless of the size of their culos. For the degree of strokability and replay value I thought this nearly 6 hour extravaganza of ass related work merited a rating of Highly Recommended but your mileage may well vary if you were hoping he would include some tranny work or his roughest scenes as part of the mix. In short, Culos: Nacho Vidal’s Biggest Asses! had a lot of fuck for the buck, his devotion to ass akin to the other directors at the company and many of us fans of the genre so give it a look if this sounds like something you’d enjoy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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