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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/5/11

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Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature, Blockbuster, Sci-Fi

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Director: Sam Hain

Producer: Lee Roy Myers

Cast: Misty Stone, Bill Bailey, Alektra Blue, Xander Corvus, Danny Mountain, Kimberly Kane, Tony De Sergio, Bobbi Starr, Kaylani Lei, Jessica Drake, Rocco Reed, Aiden Starr
Non-sex roles: Jodi Love, Anthony Rosano, Ryan Sands, Christian Cage, J. Jay, Jeremy Conway, AST, Tommy Pistol, Dora Explorer, Matthew Sobel, Chad Diamond, Will Yocum, Bustin Cyder, Amber Sterling, John Updick, Verlaine, Vanessa Tremont, Tani, Lucy Blaze, Stephen R., Mike Boody

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Length: 139:47 minutes

Date of Production: 5/2011 (5/1/2011 to 5/8/2011 or so per the clap boards)

Extras: Disc 1: The initial disc in the FOUR DISC SET had the feature and a trailer for the movie. The discs were all included in a regular case using four hubs, the slip cover having a folding front for pictures from the show. The second disc (which I am designating as the first “extras” disc, included a digital copy of the movie and three sections including a Video Log, Personnel Files, and a Database. The video log started off with a Behind The Scenes feature by Lee Snijders that lasted 15:23 minutes. It showed Producer Lee Roy Myers and other crew working with the new Red Epic camera system, on location, and some green screen work. There was then a 3:25 minute long feature called “The Crawler” which was regarding the alien species from the show (Mike Boody discussing his role), then a 5:00 minute long feature for the “Girls of Horizon” showing off the ladies during photoshoots and ending with an 11:50 minute long Behind the Scenes of the sex scenes without all the special effects applied. The data section included six trailers and a promotional reel for the company. Then the Personnel Files section had seven cast photogalleries for the main ladies of the show and a BTS gallery, as well as three bonus scenes from: Rocki Whore Picture Show, Bring It, and Party Girls.

Misty Stone with Bill

Extras: Disc 2: The second extras disc was another copy of the movie, in Blu-ray high definition. Given that the crew used some of the highest definition equipment available (the Red Epic system) and that the movie was laden with special effects, this version was actually my preferred version, the 1080p resolution looking even sharper and crisper than the one most people will buy this show for. By all means though, get equipped to see the movie in the best possible light using the high definition Blu-ray; you won’t be sorry.

Extras: Disc 3: This disc was the yearly company sampler disc, the opening 2257 statement calling it the 2011 Sampler – Get Wicked V3. It began with the usual FSC commercial about piracy, then came another copy of the promotional reel, 18 trailers, some trailers for Jessica Drake’s educational series, five more trailers for Wicked’s “Passion” line, some phone sex spam, then a bunch of bonus scenes as described below from: Sex, Lies and Spies, 3 Days In June, The Watcher, Speed, 4 Some, Hard Day’s Work, Study Buddy Booty Call, and Partly Stormy.

Condoms: Yes

Alektra Blue

Audio/Video Quality: Horizon was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Sam Hain and producer Lee Roy Myers for Wicked Pictures. If you have a high definition Blu-ray player, you will want to check out the movie using the bonus disc in that format for the upgraded experience but even the standard definition version was great to look at, the video bitrate bouncing around a lot but never impairing the intended stylized look of the show. Sam and Lee are two of the driving forces in quality features (most typically associated with parodies but also with winning awards of all sorts) these days, their chance to helm a major release for such a high end company clearly a great move by all involved. The Directors of Photography were Paul Woodcrest & Dr. Philgood (Eddie Powell I believe) with Editor Gabrielle Anex tidying up the lengthy footage shot over the course of the production schedule (not specifically listed but involving multiple days in May of this year per the clap boards in the BTS segments). To say the already winning team outdid themselves would be obvious, the accolades pouring in during the Hollywood style premiere the other day speaking volumes as to how well even a softer version of the show was received, the special effects on par with any other adult release in memory. It was not lit generically either, the mood and atmosphere directly linked to the claustrophobic manner in which many scenes were shot was necessary for the story, but the production balanced the feature elements and sexual trysts very nicely indeed. That the crew were allowed to use the latest technology (the famed Red Epic camera system with all its low light level capacity and super high resolution) was icing on the cake too, not confining the production to a handful of static shots as others using Red systems have been repeatedly caught doing. The 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track was offered up using a 448 Kbps bitrate, 48 kHz sampling rate that blended the vocals, ambient noises, and score quite well (few adult movies manage to do this particularly well, making this stand favorably out all the more). Enhancing the visual elements in a way to build upon the mood of the visuals, this aspect of the movie seemed like a lot of attention was paid to it as well, offering some separation and a solid dynamic range beyond what was expected.

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Kimberly Kane (click for interview)

Body of Review: Wicked Pictures has long been one of the most award winning adult studios, concentrating on features both before they were popular as well as now, when parodies are all the rage. Every year, they can be counted on to offer up some of the best blockbuster contenders, usually directed by their own Brad Armstrong. This year, Brad made an exceptionally strong lot of smaller titles but also the now-acclaimed “Rocki Whore Picture Show” but it fell to outsider Sam Hain to chime in with their biggest and best of the award season with the impressive Horizon. Sam has helmed some of the best parody titles in recent years, most notably the “Sex Files” features and STNG, so it made sense to bring him in to work with the beloved contract performers and an upgraded budget, giving the movie a distinctively different “look” than the company is used to offering. As a fan of science fiction myself, I appreciate the rare upscale efforts like these, so rare are the great ones that this now joins titles such as 2040 and Upload as a personal favorite. The story itself is simple enough too, set in a future time, mankind is under siege from alien invaders as Earth is imperiled. Jessica Drake and her crew are given a suicide mission to repel the invaders at all costs, the sexual tension of the crew such that they find release wherever they can. The stand out sexual performances here were courtesy of Jessica Drake, Kimberly Kane, and Misty Stone, but all of the six sex scenes were spankable; again a rarity for such a project where casting expedience is all too often a factor in the final product.

Special Effects

The company described the movie like this: “Wicked Pictures is proud to bring you the most ambitious science fiction adult film ever made. Skillfully written and directed by award winner Sam Hain, Horizon is an instant classic that embraces the genre and takes adult entertainment to the next level. The most cutting edge technology and astonishing special effects have been expertly woven together to bring you a futuristic story of love and survival. After an alien species destroys most of the human race, a lone military ship, Horizon, is sent back to Earth to exterminate the invaders. Tensions, tempers, and sexual appetites heat up amongst the crew as they realize that they may not survive the ordeal. Their mission turns into a war of survival as they engage enemy ships, fire fights, a beautiful mind-controller, vicious "Crawlers," and even each other. Who will be more of a threat: their fellow crew or the creatures lurking outside? A compelling cast of today's finest stars including Wicked Girls Jessica drake, Kaylani Lei, Alektra Blue along with Kimberly Kane and Misty Stone embark on a truly impressive journey.” While I can’t say this was necessarily the most ambitious adult sci-fi fuck flick ever made, it certainly ranked in the top five that come to mind, brushing off most competitors of the season without a fight. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Bobbi Starr and Kaylani Lei

Scene One: Misty Stone, the all natural black babe with the bushy mane of hair, was up first in her quarters after a hard day of fighting. Bill Bailey, just as sweaty and ready to rumble, made out with her in the shower as they displayed some fine chemistry together, the playful tryst including both giving each other head before they vaginally banged in a few heated positions. Misty was an active rider who showed some vocal appreciation for cock, the emphasis on doggy before he unloaded his genetic juice on her chest noted favorably.

Jessica Drake (click for interview)

Scene Two: Alektra Blue, the busty brunette seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next in a private cubicle, the hotty servicing Xander Corvus and Danny Mountain, orally (Xander was the surviving President and Danny a general). Her satin blue dress clung to her curvy physique but did not last long, the men pawing her and working on one tit each before she received some head. Alektra then alternated between the men using some hand to gland combat and her superior mouth skills to get them as turgid as possible so they could vaginally plow her pussy and mouth. There was a love connection here too and the men tossed out some population pudding to her chest to finish up, Alektra cleaning them orally before some story exposition.

Aiden Starr and Kimberly Kane

Scene Three: Kimberly Kane, a lean brunette well known in porn circles as a versatile performer and actress, was up next in her bunk with Tony De Sergio, the couple going at it on the eve of the attack. They kissed and gave some brief head, the kind that showed they wanted to straight out fuck more than anything else. While not her most active series of penetrative positions, Kimberly looked good taking a stiff one in her snatch, Tony jerking out a wad of spunk to her crotch before they kissed as lovers might do.

More Special Effects

Scene Four: Bobbi Starr, an extreme queen turned director (recently), was up next with contract performer Kaylani Lei in a lesbian tryst. Bobbi is an exceptionally attractive young lady and her accent here was amusing, her scientist role heating up quickly as she engaged Kaylani (the curvy Asian chick on the upper left corner of the front cover cast) with a series of kisses and tearing off clothing. There was a lot of muff diving and fingering here, Bobbi keeping her hairy snatch in contrast to most of the cast going very closely shaven or leaving tiny patches like Kaylani. Their enthusiasm and energy levels were solid and it ended with a kiss just as it started, some chemistry observed between the two.

lots of extras

Scene Five: Jessica Drake, the light haired hotty from the upper center of the front cover, was up next as she came to grips with her eminent demise, grabbing subordinate Rocco Reed as a means of filling the void after so much of the plan went south. She was the sexual aggressor with all the power here, pulling him into bed with her as they engaged in a series of kisses (the long, lingering kind). Her body was as tight as ever, her thong separating those fine ass cheeks of hers ever so slightly as she otherwise disrobed, his hand warming her up as she became moist from his efforts. He gave her some head and she reciprocated, the two vaginally banging as her labia clung to him tightly while she impaled herself actively on his rod. Jessica fingered her ass and soon took his round of splooge to her boob, giving some post coital head as a clean up before the story crept back in.

Scene Six: Aiden Starr, a curvy blond babe known for all sorts of sexual antics, was up last with captive Kimberly Kane, the former dominating the latter after explaining the attack. Aiden quickly made her way to Kimberly’s thick snatch, throwing her leg over to straddle her friend’s face so they could both orally pleasure each other in a very, very white setting. This was another awesome lesbian pairing, both gals getting into the action and each other with a lot of fingering and head. Towards the end, it was readily apparent that Kimberly looked great with a mustache of pubic hair but I was left wanting them to continue.

Bonus Scene: Rocki Whore Picture Show: Jessica Drake & Rocco Reed: Newlyweds Jessica Drake (Janet) and Rocco Reed (Brad) are on their honeymoon night in their car. As the weather becomes more unsettled, the couple make love. On a side note, regardless if she is in small quarters or in a more spacious setting, the blond beauty is a constant stunner on screen. When they kiss, one's heart will drop to the floor. Then, the woman applies a nice and sweet looking blow job on her honey's meaty manhood. When her husband orally delves into her tasty beauty spot, the sight of her intimate morsel is a huge turn-on and makes the viewer even more excited. Furthermore, Jessica's quiver-shaking activity along her inner thigh is cool. Next, the vaginal screwing moments give off good heat which is an effective contrast to the dreadful atmosphere on the outside of their car. Rocco's solid penile pumping rhythms are quite understandable when one is fucking a strikingly beautiful woman like Jessica. The blonde's cute rear end is a sight for sore eyes. Overall, her moans and vocal comments sound cute and charming. Both performers put in very good efforts to their appealing sex scene. At the end, he releases his warm creamy spread on her thigh. (review by George the Apache Warrior) (8:44 minutes)

Bonus Scene: Bring It: Alektra Blue & Bill Bailey: She talks about her guys and how she always go for the quarterback, played by Bill, and it seems she has a way to make sure he wins. Behold the power of sex. She grabs on to his cock with both hands and go to town on it. He wants to taste her pussy, so we cut and he is licking and sucking her pussy as she moans and purrs with delight. She slides a condom on his cock and then climbs on top and grinds her hips on his cock for some cowgirl action. And I think this scene pretty much sums up why I am a fan of hers, seems to be a another great scene for her, it could be the cheerleading uniform too. She ends up on her back as he continues to fuck her pussy, and she cums for him and then tells him not to stop as they continue with some spoon action. He pulls out and cums on her tits and then she sucks on his cock as she thanks him. (review by Sean DPS) (14:44 minutes)

Bonus Scene: Party Girls: Kaylani Lei & Rocco Reed: Kaylani Lei, resting in bed in her suburban home, was up next as she explained her nightmare to bed buddy Rocco Reed. She was stressing over an upcoming party and he wanted her to relax, his thought to use an old fashioned technique amounting to taking her temperature with his tongue and pecker. They kissed and her helped her out of her bikini undies, both giving some head to one another before an active bout of vaginal boning ensued with a condom. She was quite vocal in her appreciation of his cock, rubbing her pussy as he boffed her until he released his seed on her crotch. (18:05 minutes)

Bonus Scene: Sex, Lies and Spies: Stormy Daniels & Tony De Sergio: Stormy Daniels is humping on Tony De Sergio's manhood as the movie begins. The intensity level increases as the scene moves along as each person heightens their own individual enthusiasm. Her cocksuck technique and delivery show sensuos adoration for him and his sexual organ. The background music and darkened setting enhance the sexy and personal atmosphere. Even Tony's oral massage of the lady's love muscle bring a deliberate and personal touch to the scene. The viewer can sense a bond between them. It's all about their body language. He ends up depositing his creamy filling on her bosom. They were very convincing. (review by George the Apache Warrior) (18:51 minutes)

Bonus Scene: 3 Days In June: Jessica Drake & Dane Cross: The last sex scene in this movie, we once again see Jessica and Dane together in some hot sex. Once again the two bring a stimulating and exciting sex as they did in the first scene. In this one you will see some well shot, well performed doggie style that they spend some time in. The segment will let you enjoy even more of Jessica's great tits as they hang down and some lovely views of her pussy. You will see Dane deliver his load on her stomach, where Jessica rubs her finger in it and licks them clean. As the scene ends, you will ask yourself if this is there last romp or not. Well, I am going to leave what happens next out, so I don't ruin the end of the movie. (review by Bill the Hobbyist) (17:20 minutes)

Bonus Scene: The Watcher: Asa Akira, Kirsten Price & Brad Armstrong: In Brad Armstrong's office, Kirsten Price gives Asa Akira a personal licking and finger fucking on her special day while Brad watches on. Afterwards, he joins in on the fun as Asa sucks his manhood. The three-way action and mood of the scene are sexy and also feel personal. Also, the married couple plug her butthole and sex spot with their fingers. Later, Kirsten sucks his dick with determined energy while Asa looks on and plays with herself. The pace of the action is effective. He rubs Asa's pussy right before he fucks her. The intensity level heightens when he screws Kirsten. After going back and forth in fucking both women, he cums on their open mouths. Overall, I really enjoy Kirsten's attention to detail. (review by George the Apache Warrior) (13:41 minutes)

Bonus Scene: Speed: Sophia Santi, Sandee Westgate, Angie Savage, & Alektra Blue: Sophia Santi, Angie Savage, Alektra Blue, and Kayme Kai, were up next in a lesbian tryst on stage. The ladies paired off but also swapped partners at times, Sophia and Angie both vying for the most heavily tattooed babes of the cast. As expected, they were very vocal and ate each other out a lot, using fingers for vaginal penetration but the scene coming in far too limited for my tastes. There was some chemistry between the ladies but like several of the sex scenes, it was either edited too heavily or micromanaged too much, the flow of the action not very well handled. (6:17 minutes)

Bonus Scene: 4 Some: Jessica Drake, Kaylani Lei, Brad Armstrong, & Derrick Pierce: The movie starts at a party and we see all of the lovely people walking around, and we focus on Kaylani and Brad talking by the pool. Kaylani finds out about his wife, Jessica, who happens to be talking to Derrick at the moment. Kaylani tries to seduce him by talking about she wants to fuck him and really is persistent. Jessica and Derrick finally come over and Kaylani is still about trying to fuck him, and Derrick seems to ok with it. So they end up in someone's bedroom and Kaylani and Jessica begin to make out on the bed, as the two guys look on. Kaylani drops her top and let's Jessica play with her boobs, and then plays with Jessica's boobs. They both slip out of the their dresses and Kaylani begins to lick and touch all over Jessica's body, making her way down to her pussy. The guys start to get involved as Derricks dives into Kaylani's ass and Jessica starts to suck on Brad's cock. They girls work on the guys' cocks, and then Kaylani invites Jessica over to share Derrick''s cock. Brad uses this as a chance to finger both of the girls' pussy and then the girls end up switching partners. They continue to suck off the guys until they quickly get to the fucking. Derrick and Kaylani in some doggy action and Brad and Jessica in some missionary. The girls end up switching once again and Derrick gets some hot doggy action (with some hair pulling) with Jessica, while Brad and Kaylani work some missionary action. The scene ends as the guys jerk off into the girls mouths and chest, and then the girls share the cum . (review by Sean DPS) (13:41 minutes)

Bonus Scene: Hard Day’s Work: Gracie Glam & Rocco Reed: Another tease video as her clothes come off, and then we cut to the office kitchen and Rocco takes a sip from her drink before he begins to kiss her. He slowly takes off her top as he continues to kiss her, but he soon goes down and takes off her panties and begins to play with her pussy. They continue to keep the heat during this scene as they kiss each other while the clothes continue to come off. But she finally gets to his cock and slowly gives him a blowjob, and even in POV style. After that, he is wrapped up and she is leaned up against the desk and he fucks her doggy style, while getting a few ass slaps in. The heat seems to cool off as she flips over and he continues to fuck her while she is on her back, but that is short lived as she is on top of him riding him. The scene heats up a bit more as he fucks her while she is on the desk laying on her side, and soon enough he pulls out and cums on her ass. (review by Sean DPS)

Bonus Scene: Study Buddy Booty Call: Amia Miley & Johnny Castle: Johnny, figures if he could clear one head, it would help the other head to think better. Amia, is willing to help with this problem with no hesitations. In the beginning of the scene there is lots of making out and foreplay that will give you a nice rise from the start. When, Amia sucks, she keeps his cock well lubed with lots of spit. She has great sounds while fucking that says she loves every minute of it and adds in some fantastic facial expressions too. Amia’s, strongest position in this scene was cowgirl with lots of sliding up and down and pumping too. Brining it all to a close she, goes for the load with her mouth wide open. I think the scene across the board was good, but more of an average scene for Amia, as I have seen her in a lot stronger performances. (review by Bill the Hobbyist)

Bonus Scene: Partly Stormy: India Summer & Aaron Wilcoxxx: Aaron Wilcoxxx and India Summer show up in the next scene with India having assumed Stormy's job as the weather girl. She fucks one of the station's resident studs on the set of the evening news. This is the best scene on the disc with India just lovely and the guy, Aaron Wilcoxxx, handsome and well-hung. They kiss deeply for a long time while feeling each other up and it is a very hot few minutes. I love a lot of tongue kissing and India delivers here! She sucks his dick and then she gets eaten while laying back on the news table. The close-ups are good and India brings his mouth to hers to kiss and to taste her pussy. She flips over and he fucks her in her pussy and ass, India's rear end perfect in its growth over the years as a receptacle for big dicks. He then shoots on her face with huge load and she receives it so readily that I about blew it right there too! This was a really good scene! (review by Marine Hardcore)

Summary: Horizon by director Sam Hain for Wicked Pictures was the kind of fuck flick feature I typically associate with the company to be released this time of year. The feature elements shined, the special effects were well ahead of other titles in the field, and the sexual encounters were such that any one of them would suffice for some private inspiration, though my personal favorites here were those using Jessica Drake, Misty Stone, and Kimberly Kane. In terms of balancing out the sex and the story elements, the show was a winner too, the influences of Eddie Powell, Lee Roy Myers, and Sam Hain himself all adding in some extra push to earn this one a rating of Xcritic Pick (not hurt in the slightest by the amount of bonus material is included in the four disc package). Given the extreme amount of positive press observed ever since the public premiere last week, it seems as though it may beat down any wannabe contenders for the title of best movie of the year, though admittedly some stiff competition exists in smaller scale offerings so we’ll have to see. The only criticism I’ve heard of this to date relates to the acting by some of the cast, reminding me that most sci-fi flicks (porn or mainstream) are not known for their excellence in this area (though I think the acting by most was on par with genre, somewhat better than average for a porn blockbuster). In short then, Horizon had the look of a pirate killing brawler of a sci-fi fuck flick the likes you just don’t see much of these days, the inclusion of a free high definition Blu-ray copy on the four disc set giving this one a lot of fuck for the buck by any measure so pick up a copy today and find out why so many are predicting numerous awards appear to be on the horizon for this one (pun intended).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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